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Rite Aid Weekend Warrior Offer = Free Bengay + More

3:08 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

UPDATE: My contact at Rite Aid just emailed and stated that he was misinformed and that the Weekend Warrior does indeed have a limit of 2 this week (not a limit of 4 like I originally posted). I sincerely apologize for the confusion.

Many of you likely know that Rite Aid is offering up a Weekend Warrior +Up Reward that is valid through June 25th. Simply purchase $25 worth of Motrin PM Caplets 20 ct., Aleve 80 ct. or Aleve PM 40 ct, Advil 80-100 ct, Excedrin 24 ct., Tylenol Precise patch or cream, or Bengay 2 oz. or Patch 4 ct. and Get a $10 +Up Reward (limit 2 offers per Wellness Card). Keep in mind that this offer usually has a limit of 2 per household; however, the limit has been increased to 4 for this week only (I confirmed this with my Rite Aid contact). And the best part is that this offer is tracking meaning you do not have to spend the $25 in one transaction. Your purchase will be tracked via your Wellness Card and you will receive a $10 +Up Reward once you have spent $25 on these select products.

Check out how you can snag FREE Bengay this week at Rite Aid (valid through May 28th):

Buy 1 Bengay Cream 2 oz. $5.49
Use the $3/1 coupon from the 5/22 RP or found here
Use the $2/1 in-ad coupon
Pay $0.49*
* Do this transaction 5 separate times (since the Rite Aid coupon can only be used once per transaction). You’ll pay a total of $2.45 out of pocket after coupons and Get a $10 +Up Reward so your final cost will be FREE + a $7.55 moneymaker!

And here’s another great deal that you can snatch up this week…

Buy 1 Lamisil Gel 0.42 oz. $8.99
Use the $3/1 coupon from the 5/22 SS
Pay $5.99
Get a $1 +Up Reward
Get a $5 Single Check Rebate #19
Final Cost FREE!

* Head on over here to check out the rest of Rite Aid weekly deals.

(Thanks, I Heart Rite Aid, Aimee and Don’t Make Me Nuts!)


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  • Tori says:

    My rite aid is super strict when it comes to coupons! They only let us use the in-ad coupons to 1 per customer not transaction. =[[

  • Rebecca says:

    Just an fyi – the in-ad Bengay coupon is regional – We don’t have it in OR & I’ve seen reports that CA didn’t get this either. We RNVS! ; D

  • Sunny says:

    bengay coupon is not there is RP

  • D says:

    It’s not in the PA (Philly area) ad either.

  • Linda says:

    I got the Bengay coupon but the product is priced at $8.49.

    • Derek says:

      There is the one in the yellow box that is 5.49 at my store (that is included in the picture on the store Q). The other two pictured were like 7.99-9.99 so I chose the cheap one…so maybe you didn’t see the yellow box (which wasn’t right next to the other two, they were a few rows up on the shelf…I almost missed em myself.

    • Anonymous says:

      The coupon is good for ANY Bengay product. There are 2 kinds priced $5.49 another is $5.99 and the product pictured on the coupon is $8ish. We also have the in ad coupon in Maryland!
      My Rite Aid is awesome! They let me buy 3 in one transaction and on another purchase at another location they also let me get 2 in one transaction!

  • Jehmie says:

    We didn’t get the in-ad coupon in KY either :(

  • Joanie says:

    What zip code did you use? I can’t get the bengay in red plum. HELP>

    • Jay says:

      Rumor has it, the Ben Gay printable coupon on is now unavailable. There were a ton of issues printing this coupon out yesterday and when Red Plum seemed to fix it this morning, the prints were already exhausted.

  • Jannie says:

    Wait isnt the Bengay Coupon in the ad an MFC???

    • Jay says:

      Technically, yes. The coding on the UPC is different then your typical mfg coupon though. RA’s coupons will start with a rc48/rc49 which means it can be stacked with a mfg.

  • Jay says:

    I can confirm that the weekend warrior $10 up did print for the 2oz (mine was a bonus size I think) Ben Gay. My store had them price at 5.99-8.99 and your wellness discount will apply. Those that were able to get the coupons and are at the 20% level can get these completely free and possibly with overage if your store allows it. My store limited the RA coupon to one per customer so thankfully I was close to the $25 to begin with. Also, I’ve read reports that the limit was raised to 4 a week or two ago and can again confirm this since I was at my limit right when the program started and was able to snag one last week and one more this week as well.

  • Emma says:

    If anyone happens to have extras of the Lamisil coupons to spare,, I can really use them… le85 @ hotmail .com


  • bconghaile says:

    No Bengay coupon in my RP insert, no prints either. Next time I hope. :) I’m in NorCal, Bay Area.

  • Andrea says:

    I got one Bengay today – yellow box and green box were priced $5.49. This is shelf price so if you have the 10% or 20% discount it will kick in as well. I’m up near Scranton, PA.

  • Jodi says:

    Did the Weekend Warrior UP restart this week? I bought the Tylenol patch and a few other things but when I bought the Bengay today, only the Bengay showed up in the tracking! Anyone else have this happen?

  • bucksaver says:

    Could some one who sees the Bengay coupon in their Rite Aid ad please post your zip code? Thank you,

  • Brandon says:

    We didn’t get the coupon in San Diego. Will Rite Aid let you give them the UPC code to type in if you don’t have the regional ad?

  • Charlene says:

    I am assuming the weekend warrior means it has to be purchased on the weekend?

  • Anonymous says:

    I do not see the ad in coupon for the bengay coupon. Where can I find that?

  • krista says: – theres a printable lamisil coupon here for $2 I didn’t get the one in my ss so glad to have this!

  • anyonomous says:

    The limit for the Weeknd Warrior is NOT 4. If you started the program before the national roll out of May 15th it would be possible to receive 4, however the limit for this week is NOT 4! You will not get more than 2 and the only way you could receive 4 is if you had already completed 2 of the Weekend Warrior deals prior to May 15th. Since you posted I went and gave it a try, as I still showed tracking on my last receipt, but after I purchased 25.00 worth of Ben Gay I rec’d the message that the Weekend Warrior limit had already been reached, not a 10.00 UP…………so not sure who your source is, but you might want to do th deal 4 times yourself or talk to corporate Rite Aid before you tell thousands of people who follow your blog information that is not correct and in turn will call Rite Aid demanding something they are not entitled to, thus making Rite Aid look at couponers as crazy extreme coupon people who are not informed. :( The stated limit for the deal is 2, therefore if you have done 2 sinve the 15th of May do not expect to receive another one and do not call Rite Aid and complain if you don’t since the stated limit for the promotion is 2. I too wish they would do another reset, but they have not done that, at least as of Monday afternoon.

    • merideth says:

      Wow, you were kind of mean!!! I appreciate Collin and she’s only human (if she in fact did make a mistake)! Back off mean person!!

    • Lisa says:

      Well, don’t YOU have a way with words?!
      Miss Congeniality? Mmmmmm, nope!

    • Emma says:

      Someone needs chill pills

    • Collin says:

      I sincerely apologize that you did not receive the number of +Up Rewards that I stated in the post. I contacted Rite Aid directly this morning (prior to writing this post) and was told that the +Up Reward Weekend Warrior offer had been increased to 4 per Wellness card for this week only. Apparently, this is not the case since it does not to appear to have worked for you. I just emailed my Rite Aid contact regarding this and am awaiting a response. I will update the post as soon as I know more. Thanks!

    • Collin says:

      As I mentioned previously, I contacted Rite Aid corporate prior to posting this deal. Apparently, my source at Rite Aid (Eric H.) was misinformed about the limit. For further questions, Eric has asked that you contact him directly at eharkreader@riteaid(dot)com. Thank you.

  • Mistercheap says:

    Weekend Warrior HAS not been increased to 4 yet. Did the Ben Gay deal tonight and still showing I’ve maxed out on the offer (which I did 2 of, 2 or 3 weeks ago).

    Collin, please advise. Is your contact certain? I don’t want to call the customer service number without more info to go on to get credit for my missing WWarrior ups. THANKS!

    • Collin says:

      Hi MisterCheap-

      As I mentioned previously, I contacted Rite Aid corporate prior to posting this deal. Apparently, my source at Rite Aid (Eric H.) was misinformed about the limit. For further questions, Eric has asked that you contact him directly at eharkreader@riteaid(dot)com. Thank you.

  • volleystrawn says:

    anonymous: sometimes deals do not work out due to your region or circumstances beyond your control, and it is frustrating. Can you return your items to the store for a refund?

    I just came back from Rite Aid and got 2 deodorants, one lotion, one body wash, 2 packs of heavy duty Dixie plates, Ben Gay gel, Rembrandt toothpaste, and Carefree pantiliners all for $5 and i have a $3 UP to use next time. Thank you Hip2Save!

    I’m grateful ~

  • Jennifer K. says:

    I’m in southeast Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia) and we have the $2 RA coupon in our circular as well as the $3 MC in our Red Plum! Thanks for the heads up! I am going to give this a try tomorrow – try to make a little money at Rite Aid! :)

  • anyonomous says:

    I wasn’t being mean. I was hoping to save people from trying to obtain 4 Weekend Warrior deals between now and the end of the week to be disappointed. I was suggesting that she contact her “anyonomous” source as the information is incorrect and could cause a lot of out of pocket expense for people who think they can get 4 10.00 UPS. I was actually trying to be helpful. :) Many of the blogs test the deals themselves before causing a bunch of readers to run to the stores, but apparently she does not always do this so I was trying to inform her and the readers that her source was wrong and put factual information on the site. I understand she is human which is why she should infrom people that she made a mistake and her source (unnamed) was not correct. Why the heck is that mean? No, I don’t need to return anything, Rite Aid is good to me and I already rec’d my 2, but thought since her “anyonomous source” said it was now 4 I would give it a try with coupons. It was still free I just didn’t receive 10.00 back, all ig good, Sorry I posted to let people know that is was not factual information. :( I thought I was being helpful, but if she doesn’t change it I can almost guarantee you people will be on here compalining that they didn’t receive 4 and then somehow many of them will believe that Rite Aid owes them, which they don’t. You might want to read my 1st post again there was factual info. there and there WAS NO ATTACK on the information posted, just a helpful post to let her know that the information, as currently posted, is not correct from whatever “anyonomous source” she rec’d it from, nor have I read this anywhere else. So……..take it for what you will, but I didn’t need to post that 4 was not correct, but I thought I’d save people hunting for items to be disappointed if they already maxed out their limit of 2 since the 15th of May.

  • lauryntia says:

    I’m in NY and I don’t see the weekend warrior promo on this week’s circular (5/22-28). Does that mean it’s won’t work in my area or is this an ongoing unadvertised deal for this week? I saw the weekend warrior promo on last week’s circular though.

  • Kathy says:

    This Bengay thing is driving me crazy. I have the coupons from my Sunday inserts but what I don’t have is a coupon in my Rite-Aid store ad! I feel like I’m the only one experiencing this.

  • Nicole says:

    I unfortunately did not get any bengay coupons in my inserts this Sunday. Can someone please provide me with a zip code for redplum in which the coupon is available?! TIA!

  • loo says:

    I hope you would verify your sources first!

  • SavvyGirl says:

    I can confirm also that I DID go to Rite Aid tonight to try this “extended” +UP and it has NOT been changed. The limit is STILL 2.

    I received 2, WW $10 +UP rewards several weeks ago when they started the reward. My receipt still had some sort of tally on the bottom and the Ben Gay was inexpensive, so I tried it, but once I purchased only one, the tally cleared out and I got the “limit received” notice on the receipt. So, I am agreeing with all those who have posted before that there were some reasons why the first people could have gotten more +UPs, but RA has changed/fixed those.

    I, too, am interested in how the information was relayed/released. I love hearing about the deals, but it is frustrating when things are not as posted!

    • Collin says:

      Hi SavvyGirl-

      As I mentioned previously, I contacted Rite Aid corporate prior to posting this deal. Apparently, my source at Rite Aid (Eric H.) was misinformed about the limit. For further questions, Eric has asked that you contact him directly at eharkreader@riteaid(dot)com. Thank you.

  • anyonomous says:

    I think there is still a bit of confusion. You say the limit for the WW for the week is 2. I don’t believe that is correct. If you earned 2 last week, unless there is a glitch, than you will not earn 2 more this week, right?

    Why would someone from corporate tell you there was a reset and then retract it? Are people who did this based on your post supposed to contact him? What can he do? Will he issue the UPS or will he just have a very full inbox? :0 Just curious………..

  • susan says:

    Enough already! A mistake was made and now corrected on the website. Where is your post thanking Collin and Hip2save for all of the deals she has helped you score? Just curious…

  • anyonomous says:

    This is not an attack on Collin, not at all. This is about getting factual information to the followers on this board. If people believe that they will get an additional 2 Weekend Warrior UPS this week, even if they rec’d them last week than that still is not correct. I like to get information to people so they aren’t disappointed or frustrated. I’m trying to be helpful and I think Collin may still be slightly confused on this particular promotion, as it has spanned over the last coupole of weeks. I make mistakes too, but I try to correct them and move on. If I read the post,as is and wasn’t well versed in Rite Aid I would think I could go to the store this wek and purchase qualifying products for the weekend warrior and receive 2, even if I rec’d them last week and that is not the case. I’m not sure why I’m being attacked. :( I just don’t want people wasting their time and gas to chase a deal if they have already rec’d the limit, that’s all. :) Collin is fine and hopefully she’ll get this cleared up with corporate today so the post isn’t misleading. Perhaps she doesn’t have a RA in her area and isn’t able to do these deals herself and has to rely on others for the information. I am curious why someone from corporate gave her missinformation though? We can hope with the confusion they go ahead and reset the limits, but if/until they do the information posted here isn’t as written. There was no reset this week to the promotion. If you did it last week twice——you can not do it this week twice.

  • Kelly H says:

    The BenGay coupon is in Salisbury, NC 28146. I was able to do 5 different transactions but the cashier had to clip the Rite Aid coupon each time, which means I had to use 5 papers. The items that I bought had a $2 peelie on each of them. Keep a check on the peelies. The peelie is an Manf. coupon so you will not be able to use it with your $3 coupon.

  • Nancy says:

    If anyone is interested I have 2 survey codes I will not be using for the 3 off 15. The survey has to be completed today since the receipts are from 5/10 and exp today but the actual coupon can be used till 6/7. Email me if you are interested ramirez147@yahoo dot com

  • pam says:

    Hi everyone… I was wondering is the Bengay Cream in-store Q regional b/c i dont see it in my RA aid circular….

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