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Walmart Black Friday Deals (11/24-11/25)

5:00 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Walmart’s Black Friday sales will start Thanksgiving Day at 10 p.m for toys, home and apparel. At Midnight on Black Friday, sales for electronics will start and finally at 8 a.m on Friday, 11/25, the sales for gifts for the entire family and more will start!

* Be sure to head on over here to see an extensive list of Black Friday ads (including Walmart’s)! You can also head on over here to preview the Walmart ad and a Black Friday store map!


Black & Decker 20-volt lithium ion drill with bones 100 accessories and carry case $60

Emerson LCD TV 40″ 1080p $248

Samsung 32″ LCD TV $278

Samsung Plasma HDTV 51″ $498

HP AMD Dual-Core laptop $248

HP AMD Dual-Core desk top with 18.5″ LCD monitor and integrated speakers $298

Wii limited edition blue console $99.96

Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect $199.96

Playstation 3 Console $199.96

Select DVD’s only $1.96


Cool Fusion 2″ memory foam topper $28.99

Microfiber sheet set $6.88

7 Piece reversible comforter set $34.99

4 Piece character bed set $24.88

Cotton bath towels $1.28

2-Slice Waffle Maker $2.84


Boys Character short sleeved tees $2.97

Boys character hoodies $4.97


Mongoose 26″ $99

Razor Sole Skate $12 and Switchkix Scooter $12

Jeep Wrangler or Barbie Jeep 6-volt ride on $99

Select Children’s Games $3.88

VTech Tote n’ Go laptop $10

Playdoh Fun Factory Maga Set $10

VTech pocket learning system $20

Select Barbie dolls $5


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  • Kristin says:

    Can we get these toy deals online or just in the store?

  • Beth F says:

    i thought there was a $50 gift card with the xbox+kinect deal?

  • Amanda says:

    Will the store be open before the 10PM start time? I am hoping to score a bunch of the outdoor toys(scooters, skateboards and such). Should we get there before 10?

    • Sandy says:

      Last year they put it out way before time. You just couldn’t pay for it until the time it starts. So I would get there early. I think you can go on Wal-mart’s Facebook page and print a map out of where everything will be.

    • Carrie says:

      Last year, when they were open 24 hours but Black Friday deals started at Midnight, we got there at 10:00pm, hoping to do the same thing. Little did we know that many of the Black Friday in-ad items were wrapped in exclusive pallets, with different SKUs that would be unwrapped at Midnight. Basically, we wandered around inside for two hours then had to wrestle with everyone else once it struck Midnight.

      I have no idea if they have the same game plan for this year.

      • Lisa says:

        My shopping buddy and I hit up Wal-Mart when our TRU was lined up 2 hours before opening (plus they did 100 in to start, then one out, one in like a club!) but Wal-Mart kep the pallets wrapped until about 11 and then people starting digging in, so they stopped guarding the pallets, let us fill our carts then not ring up our orders until Midnight. Call your store on Wednesday to ask these things ahead of time, when they open, when you can get the items to fill your cart, etc. Good idea to have a shopping buddy (or many) to divide and conquer. Good luck to everyone!

    • Jordyn says:

      I was told that my Walmart will not open until 10PM. I do live a smaller community though so it may be different in other areas!

      • andrea says:

        Ours is open all day, the deals just don’t start till 10pm. Definitely call and check. I am not brave enough to fight the crowds, lol!!

  • nikki says:

    does anybody know if walmart will price match other black friday ads? i see meijer and target have ipod touch for 195 plus you get a $40 gift card …just wondering if walmart would honor that?

    • becca says:

      Not a gift card deal. If target had advertised ipod touch for $155, then yes, but they won’t match a gift card deal. I think that’s why so many stores offer GCs and RRs, ECBs and such. They know walmart won’t match it.

    • Tanya says:

      You can purchase an iPod today and return it on Friday and they will give you the gift card on Friday. If you save the 10% off Target coupon, you can use it when you repurchase it on Friday . This was cleared through my store manager so I suggest you specifically ask before you try this deal. I have a signed piece of paper!

  • Shelly says:

    FYI not all of Wal-Marts Black Friday deals are “deals”. The LGBD640 that they have advertised for $89 is available to buy on Amazon for $84.99 and you can get it shipped free to your door!!!! Think of all the poor suckers that think they’re getting a great deal and they’re not.

  • Teri says:

    The HP AMD Dual-Core laptop $248 is only a $40 off of the HP site. HP Offers free shipping as well. Just a heads up. Not a real Black Friday Sale IMO.

  • Jess says:

    I agree that all black Friday deals are not deals….but then again they have alot of great deals like the cotton bath towels,choper,slice waffle maker & so on so IMO it’s worth going.

  • Jess says:

    I am hoping to get the 32″ tv for $188 but I don’t think I’ll have a sitter this year.

    Does anyone know what kind of deals Walmart will have on Cyber Monday? Anything comparable to that 32″?

  • Janey says:

    i want a new tv for under 300 dollars you think cyber monday will have good deals as the black friday ones? Ive never done the black friday shopping thing….kinda scares me lol… but i saw best buy has one for 199.99 and here in walmart there is another for 188.88 the differnce is the size i would like the best buy one but… will not wait in line for it so i do not think i have a chance at it….. oh well….

    Any advice?

  • Barbara says:

    Just purchased the LEGO XXL bucket (1600 pieces) for $30!

  • Nicole says:

    We were excited to see Walmart’s ad price of $264 for the Ford F-150 PowerWheels (reg. $349) and I was EXTRA excited to see that it was actually only $229 when I came online this morning!!! Went through ShopatHome (7% cashback) so the toy will only be $204!!! WTG, Santa’s Helpers!!!

  • Amber says:

    Are Thursday’s 6pm Event 1 sale available online as well or only in store?

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