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Groupalicious: *HOT* $20 Voucher as Low as Only $5?!

11:40 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

UPDATE: Please note that there are several readers in the comment section below that have mentioned that they received fraudulent charges on their credit/debit cards as a result of a recent purchase from Tippr/Groupalicious. Although I have personally purchased vouchers from both Tippr and Groupalicious (and successfully redeemed these vouchers without any issues!), I do take everyone’s comments seriously and encourage you to read through the comments as well.

Wow! If you missed out on the Overstock deal yesterday or are looking to snag another voucher at a low price, you’ll want to hurry and snag this deal!  Currently, Groupalicious is offering up a $20 voucher for only $10!

However, this deal gets even sweeter because whenever you sign up for a new account through this link, you’ll score a $5 credit – which means you can snag a $20 voucher for as low as only $5!

Important Note – The previous Overstock deal on Tippr only allowed the usage of sign-up credits for a VERY short time, so please note that it may not last long again.

To get in on this deal, sign up for an account here and then click on the “Today’s Deals” tab (top left) and you should see the offer. Click on it and then click on “Buy Now” and a box will pop up to complete your purchase.

Fine Print:
Limit per person: 1. Promotion Expires on January 20, 2013. Promotional value may only be redeemed through April 21, 2012, by 11:59 PM MST, except where prohibited by law; the cash value does not expire. Limit one voucher per person, per transaction
Cannot ship to P.O. boxes; certain items cannot be shipped to Alaska and Hawaii. This offer applies to U.S. orders only. May only be used to purchase goods or services under the “Shopping Tab”. May not be used to purchase gift cards, cellular telephone plans, or for international orders. Offer excludes orders comprising products from Books, Music, Movies, Games, and Electronics categories, as well as items within the Cars, Travel, Insurance, and Gold Redemption categories. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon.

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  • Ashlee says:

    yay thanks!

  • Melanie says:

    I didn’t see the $5 credit either.

  • Laura says:

    I got the $5 credit! Thanks Collin :)

  • Alyssa says:

    It worked for me! Thanks Collin!

  • Valerie says:

    I signed up and received the $5 credit. Thanks

  • Rebekah says:

    Got it! Thanks!!

  • Jana says:

    I got the credit also.

    • Jana says:

      also, please note that it exlcudes certan items such as books, movies, games and such. Just a heads up if someone was wanting to use thi voucher to buy those things.

  • wendyc says:

    I believe you only receive a $5 credit when you refer your friends. I would be happy to refer someone if it would help and then if you purchase I would get a credit as well.. :)

  • Amy Garman says:

    I got it for $5.00. Thank you so much!! (:

  • Robyn says:

    i had to go to the top, click on “earn $5” and sign up there – but it let me us it on the overstock deal

  • Bonoca says:

    Please vote for Collin as the top couponing Mom. She certainly deserves it. She was in fourth place this morning and thanks to so many Hip2Save readers, she has received over 400 votes today alone and is now moved up to third place. Show Collin how much you love her and love her website by voting for her below. Yay Collin–we think you’re great! Let’s get her in first place now!

  • Brittany says:

    What do you buy at overstock? I mean I know they sell practically everything, but I’ve never been able to find something worth getting with a voucher.

    • Amy says:

      I have bought jewelry, a car seat, a memory foam mattress topper. I was thinking of using this to get $20 worth of sterling silver jewelry for myself. What a deal for $5! Hope you can find something!

    • Nikki says:

      I feel the same way.

    • Laura says:

      I just bought two beautiful pillows and I am very happy with them!

    • Steph says:

      My very favorite thing that I’ve bought from them was our motion detector trashcan! Sounds silly, but it has been a great purchase. It’s lasted for 2 years without a battery change, you throw things away without having to touch the trashcan, the kids love it, it’s a novelty to visitors and it looks great (stainless steel). What’s more, it was cheaper than they sell the regular trashcans for at Bed, Bath and Beyond!

    • Amy says:

      Brittany: they have really nice homegoods – like carpets, curtains, lighting, decor, etc. I need to update our area rugs and light in the entryway and I’d like some curtains for dining/living room.

  • Savings Viking says:

    Site seems to be running very slowly now, it’s having trouble processing my payment. However, I did get the $5 credit (and I did refer friends, so maybe that has something to do with it?).

  • Michelle says:

    Got it thanks

  • Anne Quinn says:

    It worked for me. I signed up through Collin’s link. I didn’t invite any friends. Then, I went back to the link mentioned in Collin’s posting. That’s how you get the $5 credit for this deal.

  • Brittany says:

    Can this be applied to shipping?

  • Ana says:

    Can this deal cover shipping if we spend under $20?

  • JenS says:

    Don’t forget to go through for your 4.5% cash back at

  • Leslie says:

    My bank blocks all charges by Groupalicious because they fraudulently use card numbers. Just thought I would let you know what my bank had to say when I called in to ask why my card was being declined.

  • Amanda says:

    Can’t redeem until after deal ends, Jan 21st. FYI

  • charm says:


  • Rose says:

    Thank you for reminding us all to vote for Collin! Collin, you have helped our family sooo much. I can never thank you enough. Our Christmas for the kids would not have been so wonderful without your help!! Thank you again!!!!

  • Rashida says:

    I was able to purchase for $5. Interesting to see that Groupalicious is “powered by Tippr” and has a Tippr email address.

  • serena says:

    Not seeing where you sign up. Not giving me the $5 credit. How did you do it?

  • CB says:

    Purchased mine! $5.00

  • rose says:

    I just voted for Collin & put her into 1st place! Go Collin!

  • Rose J says:

    Woo-hoo! Go Collin Go!! Please vote everyone.

  • liz says:

    FRAUD!!! please don’t buy…..i purchased the overstock voucher 2 days ago and my bank just called inquiring about the “fraudulant” activity on my account. They said they have been seeing lots of activity with this company and their no good. I ended up having to cancel my debit card (so they couldn’t charge anymore off my account) and now have to wait 2 weeks before my new debit card comes in the mail!!! What a hassle! Please save yourself the trouble….and pass on this “deal”!!!

    • liz says:

      Also, I called to see if they were indeed offering up this $10 for $20 voucher….and the guy on the phone had to go do some research….but he came back on the phone and said that NO!!! OVERSTOCK.COM is NOT OFFERING THIS AND WILL NOT HONOR ANY VOUCHERS FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

    • Erica says:

      Yikes…I already bought mine before you posted. I’ll have to keep my eye on my AMEX.

    • liz says:

      I also tried to call the 2 different 800 (or 866…whatever) numbers from the website and was not able to reach a live person…only a recording with an answering system to leave a message. When I was unable to talk to a person….thats when I called and heard what they had to say (not honoring this offer)!!! Scary stuff!

    • Laura says:

      Wow. I am really glad I didn’t buy it. Thanks Liz.

      • Jared Hart says:

        Hi all,

        This is Jared Hart from

        I can assure you that this is not a fake deal with I cannot account for why someone on their Support team would not know about this offer but it is very real and very live. I have personally tested one of the codes provided by and promise that when the deal ends on the 21st, you will be able to go to the site and use the code.

        We have a very small support team at Tippr and here in Seattle, we are having winter storm warnings for severe ice storms. Half of my team wasn’t even able to make it into the office today to be available to take calls. So my guess is that you reached voice mail because the rest of my team was on the phone.

        I know that I cannot do anything to change your minds about this deal but I encourage you to email me directly if you like.

        Thank you.

        Jared Hart

        • liz says:

          Thanks for posting here! I just sent you an email to let you know what my bank said and my experience! Hope it helps you guys!

  • Ann says:

    Collin, is the fraud charges true? Sounds crazy but I trust what you post and go for it.

    • liz says:

      I would like to know also? Have you (collin) ever talked to somebody from this co? Have you ever dealt with them before? I have followed your site/deals for along time and this is the first time I have ever run into anything like this!!!

  • Kim says:

    I wonder if we can use this voucher with the other voucher from the other day…that would make for a good deal. :)

  • Lisa A says:

    I looked up reputation of this company. Many complaints of merchants not honoring vouchers bought through this company because vouchers were not validly issued. I just cancelled my Debit Card to prevent further fraud on the card. Beware!

    • liz says:

      Interesting that I’m not the only one this has happened to!!! Just extremely curious now if Collin has ever talked to anybody (REAL, LIVE, person) from this company?? How frustrating!!

  • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

    I just finished reading through all of the comments on this post. I am sorry to learn that some of you have had issues with fraudulent charges on your credit/debit cards.

    Please know that I have personally purchased vouchers from both Tippr and Groupalicious (and successfully redeemed these vouchers without any issues!). I take all of your concerns very seriously and would never want to promote a company that is not legitimate and/or that provides poor customer service.

    Please note that Tippr has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau:

    If you have other concerns and/or information about these companies, please feel free to post them in the comment section here.

    • liz says:

      Glad to hear you’ve had good dealings with them in the past. If this voucher is legitimate….then why did tell me they would not honor it when I called to verify it? Not trying to undermine all of your hard efforts! Or cause problems…I’m just really curious about this! Raising a family, $ is too hard to come by to have fake charges on our debit cards!!:)

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

        From my personal experience, I have not had any issues. I cannot tell you why that particular Overstock employee was not aware of this promotion…I can simply speculate that Overstock has thousands of employees that are probably not aware of many of the special offers that are taking place.

        If you are not comfortable making this purchase based on the comments and experiences of others, then I would encourage you not to make the purchase.

    • Ann says:

      Thanks Collin! I’ve received everything you’ve posted with no problems, even if people posted issues about the companies… so I’m trusting you 100% again! Thanks for replying!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks for filling us in on this. It had me a bit concerned, but then I knew you go above and beyond to make sure all the deals you post are legitimate and I thought even if their happen to be a problem I feel very safe in knowing my bank protects me from this kind of stuff..

  • Jana says:

    Tippr has had 12 complaints on the past year through the BBB. Also, groupalicious has no file with the BBB. Tippr and Groupalicious have two seperate, even dfferent states, addresses. even though I see at the bottom of the groupalicious page that it is “tippr powered” I can’t figure our their relationship with one another.

    Side note – I purchased this earlier and it shows as “payment pending” Do you know if I can call my credit card company and have them cancel it? I’ve read that no one has been able to get a live person on the phone from groupalicious.

    • ketsy says:

      No credit or debit card can cancel a “pending” authorization. Once it goes through then you can claim fraud or dispute the charge with your company and they will ask you to contact the merchant first before opening a case.

      • Jana says:

        thank you! I didn’t know what the protocol was with a pending transaction. I know the merchant can cancel on their end, guess I will wait and hope it is legit.

    • Jared Hart says:

      This is Jared Hart from

      Our deals are live for several days so the transaction status stays “pending” until the deal closes. Once the deal closes on the 21st the transaction will be “completed” and at that point you will be able to either print your voucher and redeem the deal, email Tippr Support and ask for a refund or request a charge-back from your bank. Hope this helps to alleviate any concerns.


  • Anthony says:

    you have to be careful with tippr, i told one of my friends about it and he got charged and the voucher they gave him was invalid so he had to take it up with his credit card company, so be careful

  • Nathan says:

    I have purchased multiple things from this company and I never had any problems…sorry for all of you who did but I’ve gotten some great deals from tippr. I got in on the $4 for a Fandango ticket fiasco and I’ve been a solid buyer ever since!

  • Karen says:

    I hope this works out….I just bought the Tippr deal today. Gonna pass on this one though based on comments.

  • nina says:

    They changed it again now you cannot use the $5 credit with this offer :(

  • Jared Hart says:

    This is Jared Hart from I run the Support team for Tippr.

    I am VERY sorry to learn of the issues that you are discussing in these threads. Please permit me to address as many of these issues as I can…

    1. I can assure you that the $10 for $20 at is a genuine and real offer. If you are apprehensive about purchasing this deal because of what you’ve read in these posts, I encourage you not to purchase the deal. However, I wish to reiterate that this is not a scam and if you purchase this deal, you will be able to redeem your voucher on
    2. Originally with this deal, people were not permitted to use credits for it. Due to a technical issue, some customers have been able to use their credits to purchase the deal. We have subsequently fixed the problem and credits can no longer be used to purchase this deal. For the folks who were able to use credits to make their purchase, WE WILL HONOR that purchase and not penalize customers for our mistake.
    3. We have a very small Support team, of which half are located in Seattle, WA. We got 6 inches of snow yesterday and it has now turned to ice. This is a severe winter storm that we are experiencing. Half of my team was not even able to make it into the office today so we have been doing our best to man the phones with a fraction of the team available.
    4. If you are seeing unusual charges on your bank statement, I want to know about it. This is something that we do not take lightly and wish to fix immediately. If you are seeing charges on your card please send me an email with more details. My email address is

    Again I am very sorry to learn of the issues you all have been having. If you have further questions I invite you to email me directly at the email address above.

    Thank you,

    Jared Hart

  • Ann says:

    I want to keep reposting due to my pains…
    Alright ladies… after the scare about Tipper and the other Overstock thing… I had to check my credit card balance. Tippr appears to be charging fraudulent charges all over my account. 1 dollar charges here and there spread out over the days. I did buy both overstock stuff that was posted and I’m having serious issues. Please check your accounts… I will never do Tippr or Groupilious whatever their names are ever again!!!!

    • Karen says:

      Are they possibly temporary charges? Many businesses will temp charge a modest amount to make sure the credit card is legit before they charge the “real” amount. The temp charge eventually falls off and you are never actually charged….?

    • unhappykathy says:

      Thanks Ann!!!

  • am says:

    i checked my card and they charged only a $1 im thinkin like any other company they do charge that till it is completed– thats normal not alaming people– many companies do that.

  • Melody says:

    Anyone else not able to get the code to work on Overstock’s site? I just got it today in my email for usage? Thanks.

  • mary says:

    I got an email saying that my voucher is ready to use but i have not used it yet cause i dont know what to get, havent really seen anything worth getting. Anyone seen any good deals on overstock?

  • Traci says:

    I received my email and code today. It worked fine. I used it to buy The tempered glass bathroom scale. The total with shipping and tax was $3.94. I was able to get the certificate for $5 so the total out of pocket was $8.94.

  • lee says:

    I got my code by email today and used it without a problem. I didn’t have any unusual charges either. I got a temple thermometer and a toddler helmet for $1.95 after using the code (shipping was free for anything that shipped with the thermometer).

  • Jana says:

    I got my code yesterday and used it today with no problems! yay!

  • unhappykathy says:

    No Thanks….Re Groupalicious: I have written to them multiple times and filed a BBB complaint to find out they have an “F” rating and horrible reviews all over the web. I bought from them because I thought they were affiliated with Groupon (probably why they chose a similar name). I have had products never come – which took them 3 months to reimburse me for, and now the current issue: They will not respond to emails from me re the “3” Just Sports Vouchers I bought from them. The company (Tami in Customer Care at Just Sports) says they have new policies re Voucher use, and if we are not satisfied, we can get our money back from Groupalicious (Just Sports Has Lots of Hoops to Jump Through – I Don’t Think They Really Want Anyone Using The Vouchers). I just want my money back for the vouchers, – but I am sure Groupalicious is waiting for them to expire before they respond to me. They did cancel my account with me – (took me one e-mail and two minutes not to get anymore e-mails from them), but they will not respond re my money back!

  • unhappykathy says:

    And, since I have bought vouchers from them, I have had to cancel my Discover Card 2x, Due To Suspicious Activity From What Discover Called Tippr….I did not put that together until now. That is them. Good ridence!!!

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