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Viggle: Free App that Rewards You for Watching TV (+ Reader’s Experiences!)

10:13 AM MST
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Earlier this month, I posted about Viggle, a FREE app for the iPhone, iPod Touche, or iPad that rewards you for watching TV regularly. I was amazed at all the positive comments and emails that I received and so I thought that it was worth mentioning again…

If you watch TV on a regular basis and own an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you may want to download the Viggle App. With Viggle, you will earn points just for watching your favorite TV shows and can then redeem your points for rewards! Some of the rewards include FREE music downloads, Fandango movie tickets, gift cards to stores/restaurants like CVS, Target, Chili’s, Starbucks’, Best Buy, Old Navy, Burger King, Sephora, and lots more!

Check out some of the comments and emails that I have received since posting about Viggle last week…

Viggle rocks. Since you posted about it we already have gotten 2 $5 Target cards and 1 $5 CVS card. Although it looks like the CVS cards were out for now. Guess we watch too much TV. :)Thanks so much!!

I’ve been using the app since the day after its release and have earned over $75 in just 2 weeks. They have specials on different gift cards, the first few days it was amazon for 4,000 points and yesterday they offered best buy for 4,000 for $5. So you should watch out for specials if there is a certain gift card you want. Best app ever.

I started using Viggle less than 72 hours ago and I already have 16,400 points! Tonight is the first night I’ll be home during prime time to get bonus points so I’m really excited about that. Aiming for that $25 Amazon gift card to add to my Christmas fund. Thanks so much for posting about this, I never would have found it on my own! I do love that I can do it on my iTouch as I don’t have a smart phone so there are a lot of point earning apps I can’t get.

How about you?! Have you used Viggle yet?

(Thanks for the reminder, Roy!)

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  • John Johnson says:

    Im up to 75$ in gift cards, but they took away the opportunity to watch ads and get points so I’ve slowed down tremendously. Does anyone know y or when the ads will come back

    • Penny Jones Cothran says:

      was wondering if it was just me or if all the extras were taken out…. guess they are giving away too much… and the $25 amazon card i was aiming for was taken away the same day i got the 35000 points to get it… so guess i am aiming for the kindle lol… dont know if i will be as obsessed with it if i cannot earn points as fast…it isnt as exciting that way…

    • Michael Sannito says:

      Now the shows are only worth 50 pts. And most of the good store’s rewards are gone. I hope some good ones come back!

  • myfavoritebarbie says:

    The Ads are coming back within 48 hours is the latest response, Hold Tight…

  • Kristi says:

    I can’t wait until the app comes out for Android!

  • Asha says:

    The ads seem to be back but no points…..

  • Kathleen says:

    Still no points back for any games!!! I’m very disappointed! It was great for awhile!

    Also, I was very disappointed over the Grammy point awards!! I played the games and answered among others the last two questions for 22,000 POINTS correct!!!! I NEVER received my points!!!! I wrote them right away about it but I still have not received my points!!

    Did this happen to anyone else?!?!

  • Melony says:

    Figured out how to check in when watching DVR shows. Manually check in under DVR. I have UVerse so my channel would be 9999. If you have a different provider your channel number would be different.

  • cin says:

    I have been using Viggle since day one. In my family we have 5 devices and i just line up em and click with very little effort. We have over 300,000 points to date. However like the user above with the Grammys I did correctly guess the Oscar winning movie and didn’t get my 10,000 (2,000 points per device) so kinda bummed about that. Also notice they took both Target and Amazon off for redemption.

    • Penny Cothran says:

      using multiple devices for one account at the same time is against the rules. you will be lucky if they dont catch you and suspend or delete your account. but i had fun last night… i did pick alot of the individual winners, but at the last minute changed my best picture guess to the wrong one… i had the right one to begin with, that is why you should always go with your first instinct.

  • Jodi says:

    My viggle stop working. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Leo says:

    Check out Viggle Boy… I grab the daily check in schedule from and earn maximum points daily. Combination of Viggle and ViggleBoy has helped me earn so many Viggle Rewards and gift cards in the last 1 year

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