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$2/2 Glade Coupon (Back Again?) = Free at Walmart

4:47 AM MST
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I posted about this coupon twice previously, but thought it was worth mentioning yet again as it appears to be back?! This means you can possibly score even more FREE Glade Air Freshener Sprays or Solids at Walmart (and possibly other stores too)! Here’s how…

Buy 2 Glade Air Freshener Sprays (9oz) or Solids $0.98 each
Use the $2/2 coupon found here
Final Cost – 2 FREE!

(Thanks, Free Stuff Times, Freebie Shark, & Tasha!)

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  • Ms. T says:

    Nope, hasn’t reset for me….

  • andrea says:

    Never printed it and yet it says I have : (

  • Angela says:

    Missed it the first time. Printed two. Thanks, Colin.

  • mary says:

    i couldn’t print using the same email but i tried a different email and it worked! :)
    btw i picked up a couple at walmart and it did beep but the cashier pushed it through

  • CynthiaE says:

    Okay, I have a question about this coupon. I printed it off, but it doesn’t have any numbers like on the bottom barcode thing. Can I still use it? It happens when I print off the Target coupons, too. At the top right corner there’s a barcode looking thing that has numbers, But the bottom one doesn’t?

  • Lucy says:

    Missed it before but got it this time! Thank you!

  • melissa says:

    Says I already printed, which i did. worth a try!

  • Cynthia99 says:

    Okay, I have a question about this coupon. I printed it off, but it doesn’t have any numbers like on the bottom barcode thing. Can I still use it? It happens when I print off the Target coupons, too. At the top right corner there’s a barcode looking thing that has numbers, But the bottom one doesn’t?

    • Jacquie says:

      my walmart wouldn’t take it, but somethimes if you get a good cashier they will key it in for you. When walmart would not take mine then went to Kroger and they took it no problem :)

      • Cynthia99 says:

        Okay. Thanks!

      • jen says:

        My walmart also will not take these “new” type of barcodes. The biggest retailer around still is not up with technology, unbelievable. They even refuse to key them in anymore.

        • Sharon says:

          I’ve just plain quit shopping at Walmart. Not worth the hassle, and even after the hassle, they still don’t take half the coupons. No problem at Target.

            • a says:

              funny how places vary from one region to the next. i have so many problems at my target with old style and new style coupons. half the time i have to go to customer service afterwards to straighten things out. but at walmart, no issues with any coupons and all are coming off. i make a list of what coupons i am giving to the cashier and that way can double check on the check out screen before i pay. easier to catch any mistakes or coupons sticking together. :) best wishes to everyone

  • suszy says:

    Woohoo! Thanks – last time I was too slow

  • nickyb says:

    thank you! Finally got it

  • dinochi7 says:

    Did not reset for me.

  • Bridgette says:

    Not reset for me and used different email and still not reset

  • charis says:

    The whole situation with Walmart and their new coupon policy is sooo wrong. If it won’t scan they won’t take it. My Walmart scanned this coupon but it did aske to verify that it was a $2.00 coupon. They wouldn’t take my Color Wonder coupons last week because they wouldn’t scan at all. I wonder what the most effective way to get them to resolve this issue? Contacting Walmart or the manufacturer(s) to let them know that they are refusing their company’s coupons? I can’t imagine they would be happy about it. *sigh*

  • Tammy says:

    did not reset for me

  • Maria says:

    I wonder how much the Glade solids are at Dollar General. Will have to check it out!

  • mar says:

    thanks Collin will be using this along with my candle yankee coupon :)

  • Marcia says:

    I used my husband’s email address and his computer and was able to print 2 more. Didn’t work when I used his email on my computer as obviously my computer was registered as having already printed them.

  • Cherry says:

    Does it have to be a different computer or just a different e-mail address? Thanks!

  • Suzy says:

    Did not reset for me. :/ Used different email addresses.

  • Kara says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of CVS’ have started to clearance some of their Glade stuff out so if you hang on to them a week or two you may get a good deal on the better stuff!

  • jeanie says:

    This coupon is BACK but not RESET. :)

  • Amy says:

    got it thanks!

  • Kimberly says:

    I had to run into Walmart last night to pick up something from the pharmacy, so I thought I would use these coupons while there. The cashier questioned them, but I politely reviewed Walmart’s policy of overage. He then called over a customer service manager to make sure he was doing the right thing. No problems.

    The customer service manager proceeded to read the words on the coupon to me “scanned, copied, etc” then looked at me with a hateful smirk, and said, “you got these off the computer, didn’t you?” I was astonished – he was accusing me of felony coupon tampering. I responded back with, “yes, I did. I printed them off the computer. I did not scan them. I did not copy them.” At this point, my husband intervened and asked to speak to the store manager. The customer service manager scanned the coupon quickly, then ran away.

    I am shocked and dismayed at my treatment over some stupid air freshner. There were a number of people in line behind me, because it took a bit. They all stood there watching while I was berrated for my legal use of these coupons.

    I will be notifying corporate. I spend a LOT of money at Walmart – they are the only option in my town. But I might have to be driving an hour away to ensure I don’t get treated like a thief any longer.

    • kari says:

      :( I hate it when managers do these thing you should call asap.

    • Christina says:

      I would call, managers should be ashamed of themselves…it sets a bad example to the cashier and then they think they can be that rude to a customer. I have been trying to get my friend to call on her location. It is so bad she’s giving up. Last week, they lectured her that if she had coupons she needed to tell them. She asked “where is the sign to tell a customer that”. The cashier then stated “Well I’m not supposed to take these now, It’s to late” friend reply “What, I have only 3″,”what do you mean”? Cashier..”You have to line up your items and put each coupon on the item so we can check the coupon is for that item and is correct”. Friend “What, why”? Cashier than began a rant about how couponers are using copies of coupons and a cashier got fired because she took them and didnt notice.
      Walmart needs a policy in place for employees as to NOT RANT about there customers to other customers. One customer doesn’t control another. This kind of action seems like laziness…to have a customer do an employees work. I am all for helping but I would be feeling guilty and embarrassed to have to do such craziness.
      I have been treated very poorly by walmart and have continually called. My favorite time was when a cahier gave me hard time,questioned me with nonsence,put her own policy in place…I stood my ground and stated “I have talked to the CS Manager, she says you can’t do this…and you have to do this….” Cahier “Oh, who I mean if you talked to somebody I’d love to know shouldn’t have an issue telling me her name”…My Reply “I talked to Gina”….(I’m thinking bammmm she tested me I win…NO She replied “OHHH you did, I know Gina…She would not say that”)….NOT 2 SECONDS LATER GUESS WHO CAME OVER TO GREAT ME….GINA!!! The cashier then says “Oh hi”, GINA “YOUR NOT giving my favorite customer a hard time are you?”…cashier.”She tried to tell me you said this….”..GINA “I DID”….HAHAHAHAHA I loved it……I soaked it up, ate it, reheard the comment, went on my way with a smile big as day on my face, and drove of practically whistling a tune. It was so good after all the issues I had been facing. IT is also a reminder to always speak calmly and polite to a manager,or staff member….YOU never know when they will have your back:)

  • Lynda says:

    did not reset for me… but i had printed it before and used it at the commissary yesterday so I got them for free. the cone would have been a money maker but i prefer the spray.

  • brdavis55 says:

    Got it, went back and filled out info and got another to print. Thank u Collin. :)

  • Christa says:

    Well shoot, I tried to clear cookies & then try it again – No luck. Didn’t reset for me.

  • amhale11 says:

    I can’t print anything from work that requires installing a coupon printer… I miss out on SO many coupons because of that! Isn’t there a way I can request that they mail me a coupon???

  • Jessica says:

    At my local Target in NJ, the Glade Air Fresheners are also regularly priced at .99 also. I picked up my FREE cans last night. Think I’ll go back for 2 more today. :)

  • Ali says:

    I am glad I read all these comments. The coupon was not taking at walmart, so I asked the cashier to type in the numbers on the bar code and she refused. She gave it one last try scanning and it finally worked.

  • Shanshan says:

    Says program had ended, after I went throught filling out the form and click print…

  • Diana says:

    I just used mine at the commissary on 4/2 and they scanned NO PROBLEM. Plus, they’re priced at only 86 cents each so it was 56 cents in overage :) YAY!

  • arah says:

    Walmart is the worst place to shop with your coupons. I have bad experience with their cashier most of the time specially when I have internet coupon. I just had enough of being quite and finally stand to my coupon and to walmart coupon policy. I also purchase the Glade and it beep and question and accused of fraud. Before that, The Cashier scan my manufacturing coupon for Olay Bar which is $2 off of Olay bar, wash etc. The 2 pack is $2.57and I bought 4 pack ( Shelf is full) 2 scan no problem, than the 3rd and 4th wont. He called the supervisor and said wont scan. Supervisor said you cant use this too many coupons. And this is were I said, Excuse me let me read whats written on it. 1 coupon per item. limit for 4 like item. I read it aloud so everyone knows that I’m not trying to rip the company but just want to stand on what my coupon says. I heard the cashier says that after my coupon it will only be 57 cents. So???Supervisor scan the coupon and went through just fine. She said nothing after my manufacturing coupon after she scan it. Than here she goes again with my glade coupon (internet coupon) she said this one is duplicate. And once again I said, Excuse me this two are totally different coupon with different codes (pointing it out to her the code on top has two different numbers) and just to let you know that Walmart policy states that you accept internet coupon even the black and white. And told her that you have to sign your email to get this so don’t treat me like a Thief. After that she realized that I’m right.

    So ladies, bring your Walmart policy copy all the time as most of the cashier, supervisor and even managers are not trained or not informed properly or just plainly mean to couponers. Also always check the price label and codes match to the product you buy. And check your receipts if they match. Many times I have shop at this store and found many misleading price tags and percentage sale.

    Hope this helps.

    • cdawnt says:

      What do you do when they say, “If it doesn’t scan, I’m not taking it” and then they do it real fast and crooked to deliberately make it NOT scan? I went to WM today and got my air fresheners, etc., everything was fine, I did have to prove I bought a couple of things, but I don’t mind that so much. There is a WM in another town that I will NEVER go back in again, thank goodness MY WM is good about taking them. Wish we could just get all these coupons mailed somehow, I would gladly pay for shipping.

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