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Target: General Mills Monster Cereals As Low As $0.29 Per Box (Part Of Halloween Clearance)

4:53 PM MST
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Check out the email I received from reader, Erin…

I just got back from Target where the General Mills “Monster” cereals (Franken Berry, Count Chocula) are ringing up for $0.79 as part of the Halloween clearance! And, a Catalina coupon for $1.50 off 3 Big G cereals printed when I purchased 2 boxes! I didn’t have a chance to run back and grab 3 more boxes and use my coupon because my kids were ready to go, but I’ll be heading back tonight :)

If you also receive the $1.50/3 Catalina coupon when you buy 2, you could do this:

Transaction #1
Buy 2 Boxes of Frankenberry or Count Chocula Cereal $0.79 each
Total = $1.58 for 2 boxes
Possible get back a $1.50/3 General Mills Cereals Catalina Coupon

Transaction #2
Buy 3 Boxes of Frankenberry or Count Chocula Cereal $0.79 each
Total = $2.37 for 3 boxes
Use the $1.50/3 General Mills Cereals Catalina Coupon
Final cost $0.87 total – $0.29 each!

Also, see my post here for more Target Halloween Clearance deals. They may have gone down even further in price! :)

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  • Lisa e. says:

    actually, it’s $2.57 for 5 boxes..or $.51 per box.

  • Jamie says:

    our target had them yesterday for $1.33 per box. no Catalina :( But I still filled my cart with them lol…my son LOVES it

  • Jesse says:

    Also, I had a $1/3 GM Target coupon in my paper a month back…I almost bought them out at $1.33 per box, but decided to wait and see if they go down any further.

  • Kristin says:

    My Target marked down 70% on Saturday, so I’m really hoping everything (but candy) goes to 90% off tomorrow. Anyone think it will?

    • melissa says:

      employees at my target have been saying they will never do 90% ever again. They didn’t not go 90% with toys, or Christmas or back to school. But there is always a little hope.

  • Wendy says:

    Yea they are $1.33 at my store, too. Took the last two boxes of Count Chocula today.

  • Heather says:

    If you have a Wegmans near you, I saw they had them marked .99 per box.

  • Mindie P. says:

    Anyone in the Salt Lake city area find any at their stores? The District didn’t have any when I was there a couple days ago.

  • cacee says:

    Walgreens in St. Louis had them for 1.50 and another Catalina printed for 1.50 off four boxes. So I got them for 1.00 a box. Not to bad. And they have shelf life until summer 2013

  • snoopymom says:

    I had to buy Count Chocula for full price last week because my store only had 9 boxes left and it is my husband’s favorite.

  • Andrea says:

    Can we use the $1/off any three any flavor GM big G cereals coupon on these?

  • yvonne says:

    Jersey City NJ is still $1.33 a box @70% off

  • Erin says:

    The scanners at my Target were showing $1.33, but they rang up $0.79 at the checkout! Nice surprise!

  • Shanna says:

    Hope they have some left at my Target and at that price! I have been stocking up on cereal left and right the past few weeks!

  • faith says:

    Are these with the regular cereal, or with the halloween stuff?

  • Holly says:

    I found a ton of these last year in the 90% halloween area. But when I scanned them, they were 50% off. When I went up to the register, I told the cashier (who then called up the manager) if they could honor the 90% off considering there were over 50 boxes in that section. He said okay but only for 6 boxes.

    I guess they have should been in the food section, rather then the halloween section.

  • Aimee says:

    The $1/3 Target GM Cereal coupon is in the 10/21 SS. For some reason, there are 2 coupons in the SS both for $1/3 GM cereals. I already had a $1.50 off 3 MQ so I bought 5 boxes at .79 cents each, used 1 $1/3 TQ and the $1.50/3 MQ, paid $1.45 and got back a $2/5 MQ from the Catalina machine. I then bought 6 boxes, used 2 $1/3 Target q’s which my store allows and the $2/5 MQ, paid .74 cents oop and got back another $2/5 MQ. The food bank in my town hasn’t had cereal in months, so I loaded up.

  • sarah says:

    wow, i guess ive never thought about them being marked down. i was at kroger and didnt see them marked down…as i checked the halloween discount area at the front of the store, it was a quick run just to get some cheap jello and dove body wash. but you think they would’ve had them over there with the discounted candy.

    • Alea says:

      Count Chocula is sold year-round so most stores don’t mark it down. It wasn’t marked down at my Target either – just the BooBerry and FrankenBerry.

  • margaret in seattle says:

    always check the price with the price scanner rather than the signage. i got some pillsbury cake mix at $.38 ea. (70% off) even the sign says 50% off. using target coupon printed last night online ($1 off on any 2 pillsbury baking items) there will be NO overage since the coupon will automatically take off total price of 2 boxes. what i did was buying 3 boxes in each tranaction with 1 coupon and only paid $.38 for 3 boxes. expiration on the cake mix is Jan “2014”!! even good for next halloween!!

  • Luann says:

    If I hadn’t read this website I would never have gotten this deal. The sign said $2.66 at my store but I took the boxes up anyway and made them check the price. Yes it was $0.79. I bought three, but I should have gone back for a few more. thanks for the tip!

  • MalibuBeachBum says:

    90% off at my Target! $.26 a box for each of the three types of cereal. Plus, I got the $2.00 Catalina for more. I did the deal a few times and paid almost nothing. My store had tons and we (me and another lady doing the same deal) left plenty for others. I was also able to get several packs of large size 40 count Solo cups (in both orange and black) for $.29 cents a pack! I got Halloween themed hand soap (Softsoap pump) for $.29 as well. Large 18 count variety boxes off full size candy bars (Snickers, Twix, etc) were $3.00! Same for large sixe boxes of variety packs of full individual size bags of M&M’s. I mopped up today at Target! I didn’t get any but many were getting costumes at 90% off. Thanks!

  • Stefanie says:

    I got bags of chocolate covered pretzels (24 pk) for 89 cents, Halloween cereal for 26 cents a box (free after catalina), and a BUNCH of frosted sugar cookies (Lofthouse style), chocolate dipped sugar cookies, and mini-cupcakes (all Target brand) for 29 cents per package (these were not even marked on sale at all but rang up for 90% off!). SCORE! Candy was still 50% off today, though. The rest was marked 70% but rang up 90% :)

  • Jessica says:

    $.26 a box today! Bought 4 and it triggered a “buy 5 get $2 off” so I bought 8 more and only had to pay $.08 plus another coupon printed! 24 count mini packs of Pirates Booty were $.79 a case! Tons of costumes, Halloween tees, cake mixes @ $.19, many great deals to be had….candy still only 50% off

  • Janet says:

    At my store they also were .26. I bought 17 boxes! Then a coupon for $2 off 5 spit out so I got 8 more boxes for .08. SCORE!

  • Ayssa says:

    We bought five “dress up” costumes for dd for $2-$3 each…and two for ds, one was a ninja and one was a star war character, also each either $2.50 or $3. 2x ninja play set with sword, star, mask and two other weapons for .60 each! And m&m small boxes for ten cents, a black spatula for .39, some socks for dd for .40 each, and cupcake liners for .40 a pack. Everything was 90% off. We don’t even celebrate Halloween but these are great for at home play and for playdates :)

  • jason says:

    So I bought two costumes at Target on Nov 1st around 3:30 on clearance for 50%. I was thinking I’d have my son look them over and decide if he wanted them for Halloween 2013. He already had his costume for this year. The costumes were too big and I just tried to return them today with receipt and was told no.

    I was told that there were signs saying no returns after 10/31. This is news to me. The halloween aisle was a mess. I’m wondering if the signs were not in the costume area or if the signs were even there on 11/1 when I went shopping. The employees had not broken down or merged the rows when I went. I never would have bought these if I couldn’t return them. I want my $27 back.

    I’m sure every store is different. Can anyone confirm they saw these signs “everywhere” before 11/1? Did anyone else not notice these? I think I’ve returned costumes the same way in prior years cause he’s never with me when I’m shopping. I buy what I can and return what he doesn’t like.

    I can sell them on craigslist next year but I’m super angry and don’t know if my feelings are justified or not.

    • Erin says:

      Not sure about signs after Halloween, but I do know that Halloween items purchased before Halloween had to be returned by Halloween. I don’t know where I saw it, though. Might have been a sign or on the receipt. I shopped November 1, too, and I bought some decorations that possibly were broken (the “try me” function wasn’t working), so I asked if they could be returned if broken. I was very surprised that they could be returned. I assumed that costumes couldn’t be returned, and I actually put one back because it was $12.50 and missing the accessories. Today, I got the complete costume for $2.50! Honestly, I would not expect to be able to return clearanced costumes, so I wouldn’t be too upset. I bought a skeleton from Spirit Halloween on November 1, and it was broken right out of the package, but they stopped taking returns October 21! You win some, you lose some.

      • jason says:

        Thanks. I’m almost 100% sure I’ve returned clearance costumes bought after the holiday to Target before. I get my yard deco at Spirit and those stores are temporary so that makes sense to me. But I have doubts about these return signs being posted at my Target before I made my purchase and that’s what makes me angry. I think this is mostly do to the hurricane. Cause any other time anything bought on 11/1 would not be suspicious of being used before returned but many kids ToT’d after 10/31 this year. Guess I’ll have to wait and sell them next year.

    • Ayssa says:

      Friend bought a $3 costume yesterday and returned it today bc she didn’t realize it ran small. The store took it without hesitation, but she had her receipt and it was already after halloween.

  • Erin says:

    Got five boxes for .26 each today and used a $2/4 Q, so made .70.

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