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Kohl’s: 2012 Black Friday Deals

8:09 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Kohl’s opens at 12AM on Friday, 11/23.  Doorbuster Specials are valid from 12AM – 1PM. Plus, get $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend from Wed., 11/21 – Sun. 10/25! Kohl’s Cash is redeemable from 11/26-12/3.

(To see the Black Friday deals, click the link below “Read More / Post Your Comments”.)

Here are the best Black Friday deals at Kohl’s…

Fisher Price Imaginext Pirate Ship $19.99
*As a price comparison, this toy is currently selling for $49.99 on Wow!

All Toys from Fisher Price, Playskool, Little Tykes, Barbie, Disney princess, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Nerf, Tonka, Crayola, Play-Doh, Dollie and Me and Step 2 50% off
– Note that there are a few Barbie coupons available on if your local Kohl’s accepts them.

Barbie Pinktastic Barbie Dolls $12.49 (reg. $24.99)
*As a price comparison, these are currently selling for $24.94 at

Barbie Glam Vacation House $39.99 (reg. $69.99)

Vivitar 16.1 MP Camera $49.99 (reg. $129.99)

Polaroid 8″ Android Tablet with Front Facing Camera & 4GB Internal Memory $89.99 (reg. 199.99)

Sonoma Life +Style Knit & Microfleece 2-pc. Sets for Misses $9.99 (reg. $32)

Fisher Price Activity Walker $12.99 (reg. $29.99)
*As a price comparison, this is currently selling for $19.99 on

George Foreman Jumbo Sized Grill  $29.99 (reg. $59.99)
*As a price comparison,  this is currently $46.00 at

Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Popper $12.99 (after $10 mail in rebate, reg. $29.99)

TRU triple Slowcooker -Three 2.5-qt. pots $34.99 (after $10 rebate, reg. $69.99)

Pyrex 20 pc. Storage Set $19.99 (after $10 mail-in rebate, reg $69.99)

Food Network 3-tier Bowl Server, Tiered Chip and Dip or Lazy Susan Chip-Dip $19.99 (reg. $49.99)

Norelco 6955XL Rotary Razor $24.99 (after $5 mail-in rebate, reg. $79.99)
Use the $10/1 Norelco Razor coupon found here (if your Kohl’s accepts manufacturer’s coupons)
Final cost only $14.99!

Polaroid 10.1″ Tablet  Android 4.0 OS,  Front and Rear Camera $149.99 (reg. $259.99)

Destinations Multi-Packer 30″ Wheeled Duffle  $19.99 (reg. $99.99)

The Big One Bath Towel $2.99 (reg. $9.99)
These towels have awesome reviews!

Croft & Barrow Quick Drying Bath Towel  $3.99  (reg. $11.99)

Croft & Barrow Misses Coats  $49.99 (reg. $150-$200)

Boots for Juniors $19.99 (reg. $54.99-$89.99)

Bella Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker or Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddle $9.99 (after $10 mail in rebate)


Beware of the Black Friday Hype

There are a ton of great deals to be had on Black Friday. However, as I mentioned in my Black Friday Shopping Tips post (#6), be sure the deals you snag are actually great deals. I wanted to point out a few deals in the Kohl’s Black Friday ad that may not be the best deal you can get…

Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer 5.5 Qt. $319.99 (after $30 mail in rebate)
The Kitchen Aid 5.5 Qt. Artisan Mixer is being advertised for $319.99 after $30 mail-in rebate, which means you will pay $349.99 for it out of pocket. After the rebate and $60 in Kohl’s cash, it ends up being $259.99. However, several weeks ago I posted a deal where you were able to score this for just $251.99 shipped (no rebate or Kohl’s cash involved), plus an offer for  a FREE FREE 5-Quart Glass Bowl or Food Grinder Attachment with purchase.

Melissa and Doug Easel $49.99
This is being advertised at $49.99 at Kohl’s on Black Friday (reg. $89.99). However, you can currently get this for just $46.93 on, plus free shipping since it qualifies for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25 or with an Amazon Prime membership.

* Head on over here to check out the Kohl’s ad scan and all the other deals available.

Also, go here to check out my Top 12 Black Friday Shopping Tips! And be sure to click here to browse through all the Black Friday deals that have been posted thus far.

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  • Anjela says:

    It says $10 Kohl’s cash on $50 spent.

  • Theresa says:

    I totally recommend the Melissa and Doug easel! We paid $60 for ours. It’s adjustable for different heights, lowest setting is perfect for my 3 year old. It comes with clips for holding paper and a dowel to hold a roll of paper. It’s all very sturdy and secure. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  • becki says:

    Okay, am I just dense? How do I see the ad? I clicked on a link and it took me to a discussion board?

  • mer says:

    Great deals! Not sure if I’m braving Kohls this year. Last year, lines were wrapped around the store and I watched two “ladies” get in a fist fight!

  • Lacey says:

    $15 for every $50 spent is pretty good but I am most excited about the 15% off coupon along with the $10 off any $10 or more purchase coupon I received from Kohls in the mail. (I know other card holders have received them too!) The $10 off coupon has to be used first and then you can use the 15% off coupon.

    • kayla says:

      Can I ask when you received the 10 off 10 because I have their cc and never get those

      • Lacey says:

        I got it in the mail a couple days ago. It was in a flyer with 3 coupons total. One coupon to use before BF and the 15% off and $10 off to use for the door buster deals.

    • Karen says:

      I got one in the mail 2 days ago also but…. last year I went to Kohls in the early afternoon and the lines were still COMPLETELY wrapped (overlapping even!) around the ENTIRE store!! Maybe it was just me but I didn’t find anything worth the wait :P

      • Steph says:

        Same here. I will NEVER do it again. I will just shop online. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that I need that much to where I will go through that. My time is just to valuable.

  • Gina says:

    So do the deals start Wednesday? or are there certain things for each day?

  • Kristen says:

    Kohls is the worst store here on black Friday! Even over best buy! The line wrapped around the store twice last year- it was crazy! But I guess that’s just all part of black Friday lol

  • Bridget says:

    If you get Kohl’s mailers for having their credit card some of the deals are even better… You should have received in the mail a 15% coupon and a $10 card… I will only factor in the 15%… I will use the mixer as an example…

    Sale Price $349.99
    15% off takes $52.50 off
    Price after coupon – $297.49
    If you spend $2.51 on something else, you will hit $300 to be at the next Kohls cash level…
    You will get $90 back in Kohls Cash
    Plus the $30 rebate…

    Final price if you consider all discounts would be $177.49 (again this is if you get the 15% mailer and don’t forget to use the kohls cash later…)

    • Diana says:

      I was eye-ing the mixers for a while debating if I should get it yet, but it might just be a better deal to buy it when you have a 30% off code.
      Sale price: $349.99 – $104.99(30%off) = $245 (get something around $8 factor in the 30%off to make it a little over $5 after discount) and get $50 Kohl’s Cash for spending $250. So now it’s down to $195.
      I’m not aware if there’s still a $30 rebate, but if it does, it’s gonna make it $165 for the final price (including the $8 item you purchased)

    • Sandy K says:

      Order on-line and get 3% back from ebates.

    • Sandy K says:

      Order on-line and get 3% back from ebates.

  • Jen says:

    Kohls cash is horrible! Last year I bought 3 Android tablets from Kohls on Black Friday, and so I received over $150 in Kohls cash…well they put it all on one certificate, so when I went back a few weeks later and wanted to use it I had to spend that much ($150) or more before any of the current sale prices (40% off) even kicked in…so basically because I used Kohls cash I paid full price…way more than I would have if I just paid out of pocket….the discount doesn’t kick in until after you have spent all the kohls cash (didn’t used to be this way, I know, I used to work there) NOT a fan of Kohls anymore, way too many loop holes they can snag you in! Plus their prices aren’t really that fabulous. SOrry to be a downer….just wanted to give you black Friday shoppers a heads up: If you are earning a bunch of Kohls cash from your purchases, ask them to put them on multiple Kohls cash certificates….you have a better chance of getting to take advantage of the sales later on!

    • Tilla Ham says:

      i’m not sure what happened with you but ia lways use my kohls cash and get the sale prices and i shop there multiple times a week

      • Jen says:

        I explained it wrong…you get the sale price, but no other discounts (all those fabulous 20-30% off coupons, etc) until the Kohls cash is used up….. not a fan of the system personally! Would rather not play the games and truly save cash shopping somewhere else :) Just one of those things that left a bad taste!

    • Bridget says:

      I agree with Tilla. I always get whatever the sale/advertised price is…. but it does take the Kohl’s cash off prior to being able to use another coupon like the extra 15-30% you get sometimes in the mail.

  • Tarri says:

    Just to let you know, if you return anything that you got Kohl’s cash on the deduct that from the refund if you have used the Kohl’s Cash, so if you are getting a gift for Christmas and the person returns or exchanges for something else they will only get back the price after the Kohl’s Cash is deducted. :( I no longer like to do buy stuff and Kohl’s cash and possibly loose money.

    • Tarri says:

      I meant to say and get Kohl’s cash in the last line.

    • Mona says:

      when you return something that you had received kohls cash, they offer you a store credit instead of a return on your card for the full price paid. They do not credit your card the full price. so you have the money to spend on something else.

      • Nicole says:

        That was the old policy it changed a couple months ago so that when you return something and you have already used the Kohls cash it’s deducted from the return you no longer get the store credit.

        • sweet says:

          Yes, the same thing happened to me. I needed to return a shirt that was the wrong size from my original transaction, but they would not let me get store credit since I already used the Kohl’s cash that I received from that transaction. This makes no sense to me!

        • Lori M says:

          I also know this to be true. Happened to me recently. Shop with wisdom!

    • MommySpendsLess says:

      That sounds fair to me. If you (collective) could buy merchandise, earn Kohls cash, spend the Kohls cash then return everything, a lot of people would be doing that and probably in large quantities. How else should they account for the free money you got and spent?

      • JoAnna says:

        It would be fair if they would give that Kohls cash back as store credit.

        • sweet says:

          I agree! It would be fair to receive store credit. In my case, I bought a shirt for somebody else and it was the wrong size. I wanted to exchange it for a different size, but they didn’t have any. I had already spent the Kohl’s cash on stuff I didn’t even want/need (not realizing I was going to have to return part of my purchase)…I just felt like I needed to spend the Kohl’s cash before it expired! Won’t be doing that again!!!

          • Julia says:

            Stores like Macy’s and TRUS give you a discount on each item you purchase so when you return something you just lose the discount on that one item. I do not like Kohl’s return policy when you bought things with Kohl’s cash. It is not to the customer benefit.

        • Susan says:

          You are “unearning” the Kohls cash once you start returning items you purchased to receive the kohls cash.

  • Christina says:

    I have a Kohls card and never get the mailer with coupons, just the ads with 15-30% off that expire on the 14th. Does anyone know if the online toys will be 50% off too? I am wondering if the Imaginext castle will be 50% off regular price of 99.99= 49.99 and does it have to be exactly 50 to get the Kohls cash or would I have to buy a small filler item. And does anyone know if they offer free shipping on Black Friday online?

    • Jennifer says:

      I just found this in the “help” section of the Kohl’s website:
      If you make a purchase within $2 of the Kohl’s Cash earned criteria, you will receive Kohl’s Cash. For example, if you place an order of $48, we will round that purchase up to $50 and distribute $10 Kohl’s Cash.

    • JanaGad says:

      You’ll need to grab a filler item to make it exactly $50. Oh yes it does have to be $50 after promo codes too.

  • CJ says:

    I always shop Kohl’s online on Black Friday — great deals from the comfort of my own home:). We do go out to other places, but we don’t have a Kohl’s nearby, so online it is, and it sounds like it’s a good plan given how long the lines apparently are!

    • Jennifer says:

      Maybe this is a silly question, but I didn’t see it anywhere in the post… Are these same deals going to be available online as well starting 11/21?

    • Sarah says:

      I do the same since the closest Kohl’s is an hour away so I have absolutely no desire to drive down there at 9 pm just to stand in line for 2 hours and then drive back an hour…….online is sooooooo much easier!! And I think most if not all of the deals are online. I know about 4 years ago I got diamond earrings online on Black Friday and they were the same price as in store :)

    • Whitney Bretana says:

      How does it work online? Do you have to put the items in your cart after midnight or can you have them in your cart and just check out after midnight? Considering doing this to get all of the things I want since not everything is in the store.

  • jen says:

    Are these deals available online also??

  • CopperKitten86 says:

    Shop Kohl’s online! I worked retail for 10 years and believe me, Black Friday deals are more than likely not the best deals you can come by! Last year I shopped at Kohl’s A LOT online! I had to drive a half hour to forty five minutes just to get to a lot of those stores, so I did not bother. Also the closer it gets to Christmas Kohl’s does 30% for folks even if you DO NOT have a Kohl’s card! Most of the time they have a free shipping code around then too. I would also chain Kohl’s Cash on as many purchases as possible!

    Target clearance is one of the best “hidden gems” of retail. Granted most of us know by now it is pretty awesome, but try to have the patience and wait until it goes 75% off. Also, do not forget to search the very back of the store for great clearance items! I will dig through the make-up clearance baskets too searching for great deals. I have gotten Pixie eye shadow for $6.60, down from $24.99. I also get nail polish for around a dollar. The last “Clearance Binge” I did at Target I bought $356 worth of items for $108! I found the sheets I had been waiting on (2 sets 450 thread count and higher!), photo frames (I always give pictures for Christmas), a new shower curtain, the 2 Pixie eye shadow pallets, a latte maker, coffee maker, large floor rug, a spoon rest, and a t-shirt for my boyfriend! I also checked out the 90% off Halloween clearance too. I found baby clothes that can be worn year round as well as a cute flower tutu costume that my friend’s baby girl can have her photos take in (if mom and dad want to, that is. :)). Do not believe the 15%, 30%, 50%, or even 75% off signs! They put EVERYTHING on those end caps, you never know what deals are there!

    Also, if you have a “big ticket item” per family member type deal every Christmas ($100-$200) check out Coach Factory! My sister and I get my mom a Coach bag every year for her birthday. I found her a raspberry patent leather bag at Coach Factory for $170 after tax, and the retail price was $378! It was a bag that came from the Coach retail store too. I love Coach because not only are the handbags high quality, they also are something pretty much any girl is going to LOVE! :-) I also checked out Zales Outlet for my mom’s Christmas gift (again, my sister and I generally pool our money together to get her something really great!). I found a 14k yellow gold blue topaz bracelet for $170, usually $599 at the outlet, and the best part is the only bracelet I found that matched was at Kay’s for $2,905! I just keep my eyes out, you never know what you may find!

    I usually start Christmas shopping in September, if not before if I see something special. That way I can take my time, and score some wonderful deals and budget well enough that I do not go in to a large amount of debt. I make sure I have my Christmas gifts paid off by Christmas. :-)

    I love all of these Black Friday posts, everyone’s comments give me a lot of great ideas too! Thanks Collin!

  • Melissa says:

    I generally avoid doing a lot of in-store Black Friday shopping because I hate the crowds. But I have gone to Kohls in the mid-afternoon and not had a problem. I have actually been surprised at how quiet the store is by the time I get there.

  • Cizzle says:

    I was third in line at Kohls last BF. I already knew exactly what I wanted, found the items right away, and was so fast there wasn’t even a line yet. My sister was dying laughing because she turned her head for a second then saw me sprinting up the stairs :) That being said, Kohls is having the exact same sales online starting Wednesday…so once that turkey’s in the oven, get some doorbusters (and $15 KC) from the comfort of your home. Happy shopping everyone!!!

  • CopperKitten86 says:

    Also, a lot of stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and I am sure Kohl’s too will put a lot of their “bigger” items or even some big ticket items over in the clothing department! I remember going in to Bergner’s last year looking for the bedding on special for my sister. They had ROWS and ROWS in the clothing department! I had no problem at all finding colors and sheets that I thought she would like (and she did!)!

  • Sarah says:

    any idea if there will be a 30% off coupon for black friday?

  • Sarah says:

    Re: Kitchenaid mixer. I got that same mixer on Amazon last year like three days before Christmas for $199.99. No rebates or anything, just $199.99. Something to keep in mind. The prices on Amazon fluctuate A LOT. I put several different colors in my shopping cart and clicked on “save for later” so that every time I opened my shopping cart, it told me if the price had changed.

  • Valerie says:

    If you are planning on buying a lot at Kohl’s for Black Friday, you may want to go 1st to a local Rite Aid. This week you can get $5 ups for every $50 Kohl’s gift card you buy :)

  • Tracy says:

    Do you get Kohl’s cash if you order online? If so, does it come by mail?

  • Jae says:

    This is my first holiday season since I began couponing. Does anyone know if the early bird specials are available online for

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  • lisa says:

    Does anyone know if you need to wait until midnight to put items in your cart or can you have them in your cart early and checkout once the prices change online tonight?

    • momof4spoiled1s says:

      I had my stuff already in my cart yesterday but when the site finally came up the stuff wasn’t in the cart anymore. I think they did a system reset or something.

  • Sarah says:

    anyone else waiting on to work?

  • momof4spoiled1s says:

    I got the 6 qt Kitchenaid Pro for a total of 139.77 after all the discounts, kohls cash and cashback from shopathome and I haven’t even liquidated the magazine subscription yet so that will bring the total down more. I’m giving this to myself for Christmas. I haven’t bought for myself in years and I still feel guilty. Hope everybody is getting some good deals tonight.

    • CopperKitten86 says:

      You absolutely deserve to give yourself such a wonderful gift! My mom is the same way. :-) My sister and I try to spoil our parents as much as possible for Christmas, since they usually will not do it themselves. Not to mention, that mixer is a wonderful INVESTMENT! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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