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Amazon: Great Deal on Quilted Northern Ultra Plush, Double Rolls Bath Tissue (Available Again)

9:43 PM MST
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Yay! I posted about this awesome toilet paper deal previously and it now appears to be back in stock yet again…

This is a sweet toilet paper deal for all of you who like to shop from the comfort of your own home, but it probably won’t last long so I would encourage you to make your purchase now if you’re interested! Currently, Amazon has this Quilted Northern Ultra Plush, Double Rolls 48 pack priced at just $22.74 shipped when you choose Subscribe & Save (on the right)!

This is a great price, as 48 double rolls equal 96 single rolls, so basically you are paying $0.24 per single roll. Not too shabby… especially for highly rated toilet paper!

AND if you are a MasterCard holder this deal gets even sweeter…Receive an additional 10% discount off select Subscribe & Save items when you use your MasterCard card. Offer valid through November 30, 2012, or while promotional funds are available. The additional 10% discount you receive from using your MasterCard® card is only applicable towards your first shipment of select Subscribe & Save items. Enter code MSTRCRD1 at checkout.

I would hurry to get in on this deal if interested, as these toilet paper deals never seem to last long.

(Thanks, Clip & Follow!)

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  • Beth M says:

    Decided not to purchase it when shipping showed up as 13.84…..brought the total way over the top for me…..

    • Edie says:

      Yeah that seems a tad ridiculous for shipping TP. Collin forgot to add to her post it’s only that low price shipped if you’re Amazon Prime or have $25 worth of eligible product for free shipping. :)

      You could just find a cheap eligible item to add to your cart to bring your total over $25 and get the free shipping, though, if that’s worth it to you.

      • Jan says:

        There is no shipping charge when you choose “subscribe and save” over on the top right of the amazon page. Then on the pull-down menu, choose 6 months. When you receive your email that the order has been shipped, simply cancel your subscribe and save automatic reorder. Just keep in mind that subscribe and save orders don’t always ship freaky fast. Might have to wait a few weeks to a month to receive it.

        • Keely says:

          I have never had to wait a month to receive an S&S order. It is definitely not as fast as prime or standard Amazon shipping, but I would say 7-8 days at most.

          • Renee says:

            I have to wait on my S&S orders now, as they now ship all S&S orders on a specific day of the month for me. I ordered this deal the last time it was posted, Nov 14, & it just shipped, for delivery on Dec 6th. I ordered wipes 2 days ago & they are shipping w/the tp. I guess it depends if amazon has assigned you a specific day. For me, they have.

  • Patricia says:

    What is the price?

  • Patricia says:

    Nvm. I so misread!!! Oops I feel dumb

  • Tilla Ham says:

    how is quilted northern toilet paper? i prefer cottonelle, i hate charmin, how does it rate between the two?

  • stacy says:

    I just got my shipment the other day.. Yes it took sometime but its worth the price :) – People laugh at me when I tell them I get my tp delivered.. ha

  • christine says:

    Anyone else have any issues with clogged toilets while using this tp? Ever since we started using this our toilets are clogged at least twice a week. My house is only ten years old, so its not like our plumbing is really old. We don’t have little ones either that use too much. I think its too thick & probably not the best for a septic (which we have) so I’ve stopped using it.

    • mkraft305 says:

      This is my fav TP. My parents have problems with clogging and it is because they have a low flow toilet. It flushes with water to conserve water.

    • Kim says:

      Me :( I dont buy it anymore

    • Eiko says:

      Yes, it happened to me with both this one and Charmin. I tested them both for at least 4 rolls to make sure. I think they are too thick for my small toilets. I can use a little bit to avoid clogging, but my boys just can’t help getting too much all the time, so I now only buy Scotts Extra Soft. That’s as thick as we can go.

    • Edie says:

      Yes, the super soft toilet paper is terrible for septic tanks. They’re such touchy systems, unfortunately.

  • Roxanne says:

    Amazon Prime has a free one month trial so you can get free 2 day shipping on most items for a month and then cancel the trial. :)

  • Eileen says:

    I ordered it about a month ago and I received it in 2 days. I am not even a prime member. It was super fast!!

  • elly says:

    Wasn’t the Staples tp deal a better price than this?

    • Ashley says:

      Yes :)

      • thejrallimans says:

        Note that, that was also a HOT Cyber Monday deal. TP doesn’t get that cheap very often. I live in Oregon, so we don’t have sales tax, so I scored two 30 count (double roll) packages for $20.98 for the Staples deal. Awesome price! This is also very good, too (but I would only consider it if using a Mastercard to get that 10% off).

  • melissa says:

    if you continue to enroll in the subscribe and save do you get this price when the next order shipped?

    • Jan says:

      No, the amount charged each time will reflect the price of the item on the day the order is processed less the Subscribe & Save discount.

    • Angelia says:

      No, you get whatever the current price is at the time you order. But you can always place the order sooner (like now-if it’s a great price) or skip the next order if the price is too high.

      • Jan says:

        Please note, if you choose to receive an extra delivery outside of your monthly Subscribe & Save delivery day, you will not qualify for the Subscribe & Save discount and all applicable shipping charges will apply.

  • Mary says:

    Thanks for the deal! I am getting 48 double rolls of Northern delivered and I don’t have to pay anything for it thanks to Swagbucks! I used my Amazon $5.00 gift cards to pay for it so it is free! Yeah! Thanks again!

  • Carol W says:

    The subscribe and save program has CHANGED and I’m not a fan. Used to be that when you initiated a subscribe and save item, it would ship to you as soon as you put in your order and you’d start your subscription based on your order date. I think they got savvy to everyone subscribing and then cancelling because now A) your subscription doesn’t start until your predetermined “subscription date” and B) if you want a delivery sooner than your subscription date, they will send it, but you forefit all discounts/savings.

    My subscription date is the 26th of the month so all these subscribe and save deals that came up this past week wouldn’t have been shipped to me until after Christmas. No thank you!

  • Debbie labinski says:

    the master card code says not valid

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