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  View changes → $75 off a $100 Purchase = Cards As Low As $0.17 Each Shipped

4:08 PM MST
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Wow! is at it once again with the new code CCN2355 valid today only for $35 off a $50 purchase or $75 off a $100 purchase + FREE Shipping! Keep in mind that the $75 off $100 offer will give you more bang for your buck. Plus, you can customize each card by adding your own photos and text!

With individual holiday cards priced as low as $1.09, you’ll pay as low as only $0.27 each if you order $100 worth (which would be a whopping 92 cards!!) after using code CCN2355. Plus, take advantage of the Buy More & Save Offer (pictured below) to get an even sweeter deal! For example, buy 145 of the 4×8 value cards for a total of $100.05, so only $25.05 after the code CCN2355 making each card just 17¢ (to find these low priced cards quickly, just type “value cards” in the search box). Awesome! And if you don’t know what you’d do with that many cards, consider making a card you could use both this year and next.

Plus, choose the “Mail it to the Recipient” option and will print the return and recipient address on the envelope and add a Stamp for FREE.

You can even choose to have the card(s) sent right away or you can schedule delivery for any time within the upcoming year. What an amazing deal! :D

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  • smellyann says:

    Great deal!!!! I love exchanging holiday cards, so I did the deal you mentioned with the 145 value cards, and they look great. I’m going to post on Facebook and my blog to see who wants to exchange cards – I always get a lot of interested people who are like-minded, to use them up. Perhaps some of your readers would like to exchange cards as well? :D

  • Caroline says:

    Is this valid only on Christmas/ Holiday cards? I am going to try blank cards so they can be used at anytime for any reason -I’ll let you know how it works. I love Cardstore deals!!

  • lauraS. says:

    i just got my thanksgiving cards today….20+ days after i ordered them- and a week AFTER thanksgiving!!! They did not get my christmas card order this year no matter how great a deal

    • Robyn says:

      I still haven’t gotten my Thanksgiving cards! The service rep says they are way behind on filling orders due to an overwhelming response to all their promos lately. I don’t think I would count on them getting Christmas cards to anyone on time!

      • Shayla says:

        I got my 10 free cards that my mom ordered for me and also got shipment notification that they shipped my scheduled cards (for delivery 12/3). I was very pleased – hoping to reorder some more so hopefully it’s not too far behind.

  • Laura says:

    Thanks – this was an AWESOME deal for me!

  • QL says:

    Crossing my fingers that they get here on time. I order 64 cards for $15.56 :). Thanks Collin!

  • QL says:

    And 10% cashback from ShopAtHome!

  • rebecca says:

    I order cards a lot, and have ordered from before, but I just wanted to warn everyone that we received our Christmas cards from this deal and we were incredibly disappointed! The printing looks like I printed it from my home printer onto card stock. In the future I think I’ll stick with Tiny Prints, or Shutterfly.

  • Shayla says:

    code has expired =( and just got the hubby to approve me to order. Glad I didn’t waste my time entering recipients and their addresses.

  • Shivanee says:

    Try using the promo code THANKS4U for 75% off! =)

  • marie powell says:

    The promo for the $ off is done, booo! Thanks to Shivanee the THANKS4U is working at 75% off!!! WAHOOOOO!!! I love this company and have been so very pleased with their quality and timeliness so far, fingers crossed that this shipment will come in quickly! Thanks everyone for your input!

  • Anna says:

    thanks4u still working!! thanks everyone!

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