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Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry Recipients – Check Your Inbox for Your $55.21 E-Gift Card

11:54 AM MST
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If you’re an Active Duty Military member and you applied and were accepted into the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry Program earlier this year, then I have GREAT news for you! Check your inbox for an email from Sears with your $55.21 e-gift card! Just search for an email from with the subject line “Your Heroes At Home eGift Card is inside”.

You’ll then be able to use your e-Gift Card for purchases at any Sears, Kmart, Great Indoors or Lands’ End location (either on-line or in-store), by phone or through the Wishbook app. If you have any questions, you can call 1-800-416-9501 or click here. Happy shopping! :D

(Thanks, Linda!)

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  • Destinee says:

    How awesome!!! I will have my hubby check! For some reason, I thought everyone got different amounts?

  • cannielle says:

    We got it!!!!!
    Thank you,Collin!

  • Amy says:

    We got it as well. Thanks so much to Sears, this will really help with christmas!

  • Sandra says:

    We got ours too! What a blessing! Thank you Collin!

  • Tilla Ham says:

    awesome for all of you guys and gals that are serving the something fun with it!

  • kathleen says:

    Just curious–why 55.21?

  • Cannielle says:

    Our Tracen Petaluma is doing Free Huggies Box give away, if u have LO, maybe u should check with your bases.

  • Johann says:

    My husband retired after 20 years and is now a civil servant who volunteered for a year long deployment in Afghanistan through a program with the Dept of Defense. Does anybody know of any offers for folks who are deployed voluntarily and serving our country but not active duty? He could sure use some Christmas cheer. And thank you to all the families of active duty personnel. They also serve who stand and wait.

  • Rebecca says:

    Thanks! Got mine today! Going to use it finish the last of my Christmas shopping at Kmart. =)

  • ashley says:

    I’ll admit the kmart and sears in my area are not necessarily the nicest places but I’m gaining MUCH respect for them after this and the hurricane sandy bonus points…I think they will be seeing more of me more often! Thanks everyone for your service and sacrifices and happy holidays :)

  • shanshan says:

    Congrats to those that got it! :-D When it was first posted in August i had problem applying (website error at their end) so totally missed it. Hubby now on his 5th deployment. Honestly over the last 10 years we hardly get to enjoy military perks of any kind, it also doesn’t help we live far from any base. I’m just glad I know how to coupon so can save elsewhere.

  • Heather Nicosia says:

    Does anyone know if they are doing more then one gift card this year? I remember the first time we did it 3 years ago they did them 3x?
    So happy they did this.. I see so many nasty comments on their fb page that its actually nice to see if flooded with some very positive ones today.

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