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  View changes → 70% Off Holiday Cards (Last Day for Guaranteed Christmas Delivery)

10:38 AM MST
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Today, December 17th, is the last day to snag 70% off Holiday Card & Invites + FREE Shipping from with the promo code CCP2147 at checkout. And to guarantee that your holiday order is delivered by Christmas, you must complete your order by tonight at 11:59PM PST. Just head over here to begin creating and customizing your holiday cards with your own photos and text.

With individual holiday cards priced as low as $1.09, you’ll pay as low as only $0.33 each after the 70% off code CCP2147 is applied. Plus, take advantage of the Buy More & Save Offer (pictured below) to get an even sweeter deal! For example, buy 100 of the 4×8 value cards for a total of $69, so only $20.70 after the code CCP2147 making each card just 21¢ (to find these low priced cards quickly, just type “value cards” in the search box). Awesome!

Plus, choose the “Mail it to the Recipient” option and will print the return and recipient address on the envelope and add a Stamp for FREE.

You can even choose to have the card(s) sent right away or you can schedule delivery for any time within the upcoming year. What an amazing deal! :D

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  • mamasweetpea says:

    wow, this seems like a really awesome deal especially if it includes shipping to the recipients? can we mix and match the 100 and send to different people with some sent directly to us?

  • Liza says:

    I bought some cards during the 75% promotion and scored an amazing deal! Bought 100 cards (75 shipped out for me and included postage, and 25 to my house), and only paid 18 dollars! That’s an incredible value. I was also surprised by the cards… they were on hardstock and beautiful! I highly recommend these cards!

  • Casey says:

    I did this deal a week or so ago. It’s an awesome deal! I paid for my cards (with free shipping)less than would have to buy just the stamps on my own. I thought the quality was decent.

  • Melissa says:

    Just got my cards in the mail – they came out great and were a steal! A card, envelope (both addresses printed), and a stamp for cheaper than the price of a stamp!! :-)

    • Ann Dee says:

      How did they send you all the cards with a stamp on each? I can’t figure out in the check out process how to make sure they come with a stamp on them.

  • Jjw says:

    I ordered mine at 75 percent off…. Came to 47 cents each, stamp included. I was not impressed atvall with the quality, but I guess you get what you pay for. Doubt I’ll ever use them again. I cold have printed better quality at home on my ink jet.

  • k3lllyb says:

    the ten free card promo a while back yielded some nice matte cards on heavy stock paper. I didn’t think the print quality was as clear on my uploaded pictures as other cards I’ve ordered from other sites but it looks ‘rustic’ and overall is a good value for the cost. I think it’s just a matter of preferrence tho about the quality since it’s not glossy and not printed on photopaper

  • Suzanne says:

    I did this deal and I thought the quality was really nice and I am still in shock on how little I paid to send out 100 cards. ONLY $17. I have already rec’d many compliments and I have really picky friends :)

  • Tonia says:

    How do you find the $1.09 cards? Everything is coming up 2.99 for me.

  • Tonia says:

    Hmmm…says it will be delivered by 12/26.

  • Stephanie says:

    I did this deal last time too, I was so happy with the cards, highly recommend this site!

  • cacee says:

    My family has started to receive our Christmas cards today. Many compliments. I was a little nervous about having them sent directly to family but so glad I did….29 cents each…CANNOT bear that;)

  • Becky says:

    I placed the order last week 12/12. I sent one to myself, so I could see how they turned out. It arrived today 12/17. I’m quite pleased for 29-cents each, considering it was super easy and no stamp cost. It was cheaper than mailing a boring card.

  • Lindsey says:

    Where do I find the ones priced at $1.09?

  • Mary says:

    They are certainly a good deal. I used them this year and last year. Their printing quality does seem to have gone down and is inconsistent this year, though. Still – a great deal though and free, mediocre printing is better than premium, expensive printing when sending to the masses!

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