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CVS: *HOT* FREE Advil Migraine 20 Count

10:14 PM MST
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For a limited time, head on over to to print an in-store coupon valid for a FREE Advil Migraine 20 count product! This coupon is only valid 12/18 and 12/19… so you’ll need to make plans to use it soon.

**Maximum $5.49 value. Valid in-store only. Your ExtraCare card must be presented to get these savings. Tax charged on pre-coupon price where required. No cash back. Offer not valid in Hawaii.<

(Thanks, Kyle & Devi!)

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  • misty says:

    can it combined with the $1 off coupon that was in one of the papers?

    • Shayla says:

      Hmmm, per policy you are allowed one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item; however, not sure if the store coupon is for free if you can combine (if they treat it like a store sale, then yes). YMMV, but I’m going to try; couldn’t hurt to ask =)

    • Julian Faux says:

      I just returned from my store and bought the 40 count instead of the twenty count. It was $6.99 minus the $5.49 CVS coupon and $1.00 off manuf. coupon for a total of $.50 (plus tax) for double the product. Not bad. All coupons scanned without issue.

      • Lisa says:

        Wow!! Isn’t that basically coupon fraud? You can’t just decide that you wanted a higher count than what the coupon said. It’s essentially the same thing as buying a trial size item when a coupon has a higher count or excludes trial size written on it. Now I haven’t printed this yet myself, but based on what’s said above you knowingly misused this coupon.

        • AlexG says:

          Omg… Really Lisa?

          • Claire says:

            I do have to agree with Lisa. Coupons are supposed to be used in the manner for which they were designed. If the coupon does not specify a size, then by all means use it on whichever size you want. But if it is specific, you really are supposed to use it as described even if it scans for a different product. Strictly speaking, taking advantage of a faulty scan is fraud.

            Now, many people do such things unknowingly and so I don’t blame them for accidentally getting a great bargain. But for those who knowingly abuse the system, it reflects badly on couponers as an entire group and what will end up happening is that companies will tighten up their coupon offerings (or maybe even eliminate them!) and stores will change their policies.

            Bottom line is this: use the coupon as directed in the fine print. It’s just the best policy for many reasons.

          • Erin says:


        • Shayla says:

          CVS reserves the right on their own coupon to make adjustments (ie: if product is not available). Don’t assume she did something incorrectly, as my store has substituted before.

      • Cynde Rogers says:

        No fraud or dishonesty committed. Coupon is for free 20 count which has a $5.49 value. Value was used instead of free product. End of story.

  • Shayla says:

    I am so excited about this! It’s stinks that my poor hubby has to suffer through migraines but can’t beat free product for him (may just have to put it in his stocking). Thanks so much for the heads up!!! We have been out of them for the past two episodes, finally some relief =)

  • a says:

    thank you so much!

  • Kidsallgone says:

    Pays to stay up late on the east coast :) :) :)

  • Jennifer says:

    Arg ink should be here tomorrow. Hmm to unwrap the wireless or not lol

  • Jennifer E. says:

    Another thing that excludes us who live in Hawaii :(

  • erinlinthicum says:

    So excited to have grabbed one!! I always miss these offers!!!

  • Florence Hui says:

    Is it the samebar code for everyone?

  • Cindy says:

    Awesome, thanks Collin! I plan on going to CVS tomorrow to spend the last few ECB that I got from Black Friday… This will come in handy!

  • Carol_R says:

    Thanks Collin.

  • Melissa says:

    Darn it! My ink is out and I am waiting to see it target has another $10/50 q tomorrow before I get more ink! My husband will have to print that at work but I would feel bad if I made him do this one too! :-) oh well! My fault for running out of ink!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Stacy says:

    gone! :(

  • Kitty says:

    Out of prints :( I didnt know there was a deal of the day. Is it always a free item?

    • Shayla says:

      sometimes it’s for free items, sometimes it’s for a special sale price (ie: one week was Folgers coffee for 2/$5.99, one week was pot of gold $2.99). Just depends. CVS sent me an email to sign up for alerts, check their website.

  • Polly Gaju says:

    Did anyone save it as a pdf?
    If yes, I would like to get it on


    • Jessica says:

      I too would love to have this coupon if anyone saved it as a pdf? if so, please email me at
      I would really appreciate it.

    • Shayla says:

      unless someone is not using theirs, it would not be legit to print to pdf since it does have a different coupon code for each one. CVS runs these daily deals each week, hopefully next week you can take advantage of it.

      • Claire says:

        Agreed. Also it might not even work for your card anyway if technically you are using a coupon intended for another customer. I’ve heard of situations of coupon sharing where the original user didn’t get around to using her coupon right away and then found that when she did try, it came up as “already used”.

        It’s just one silly coupon. There will be others.

    • Stephanie says:

      Yeah if they saved it as a pdf (which I did so I could print it later because I was trying to get my Lindt order to go through properly and having trouble) it will only work one time because it is one-time-use…

  • Heather says:

    I just tried to print it out and the website said it reached it max for prints for the day. :(

  • Conswalla says:

    All gone!

  • Tracy says:

    Anyone have a PDF? civicsista@ please!

  • Melissa VieBrooks says:

    I went to this site to get the advil migraine, signed up, only to get a message back from this company stating they have reached their maximum on coupons. Gee, would have been nice to know that before you got me to sign up.

  • Stephanie says:

    Does the cost of the Advil Migraine go toward the $20 needed to use a $4 off $20 coupon? If I have $15 worth of stuff plus the $5.49 Advil and my total is $20.49, can I use the $4 off $20 as well as the free item coupon, handing them the $4/20 first then the free item coupon?

    Any clarification on this is appreciated.

    • Tarri says:

      if you give the $4 off 20 before the free coupon it should work.

    • Kidsallgone says:

      No clarification needed :) :) :)
      And thus the reason why I love my CVS :) :) :)
      PS: I know the Advil will be free, and I’m not meaning to be greedy (OK, so maybe I am lol), but has anyone tried to use a manufacturer’s coupon along with the CVS coupon and have the extra amount go towards other items in the transaction? Thanks for any (nice) replies :) :) :)

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