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Purchase 2 Select Schick ST2 or Slim Twin Disposable Razors = Free Fandango Movie Ticket

9:25 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

UPDATE: Please read the comments regarding this offer, as it seems that many of you are having issues receiving your movie ticket claim codes. How frustrating! :(

Here’s a deal for all you movie-goers! Through February 28th, head on over here to snag a FREE Fandango Movie Ticket (up to $14.50 in value) when you enter 2 codes found inside specially marked packages of Schick Slim Twin or ST2 Disposable Razors. To redeem this offer, simply go here to register. Then enter your promotional codes and your Movie Ticket Claim Code will be emailed within 3-5 days.

Walmart sells the Slim Twin 12 pks. for just $6.27. Plus, use the $2/1 Schick Disposable Razors coupon found in the 12/2 SS to get each pack for just $4.27! Or, you can snag this deal at Rite Aid coming up on 1/6:

Any Schick Quattro 3 ct., Xtreme3 4 ct. or SlimTwin Disposable Razors 10-12 ct.: Get a $3 +Up Reward (limit 4 offers)

Buy 2 SlimTwin Disposable Razors 12 ct. $8.79 each
Total = $17.58
Use 2 $2/1 coupons
Pay $13.58
Get 2 $3 +UP Rewards
Final cost $7.58 total – $3.79 each!
* Remember, this deal doesn’t start until 1/6.

Fine Print: Limit 2 Fandango Movie Ticket Claim Codes per person, using only 1 email address. Keep the original Download Code Cards (the cards with the unique code included in participating specially marked Schick Slim Tiwn or ST2 products). Schick reserves the right to require that you send in your original Download Code Cards in order to receive your Fandango Movie Ticket Claim code.

(Thanks, Clip and Follow!)

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  • ccre_21 says:

    I did this deal about 5 months ago and followed the instructions on the package but never got the fandango codes on my email. I tried to send an email to them, didnt get any reply either. :(

    • nursesb says:

      I didn’t get my email with the codes either. I sent an email to them also but got no answer. I ended up calling them from the number in their contact info at the bottom of the page, got a hold of someone and they sent me my codes by email in the next few days after that. Hope this will help you & you can do this too!

    • roxy says:

      Keep harassing them. It took many emails and posts on their Facebook page, but I finally got my code. In my opinion, not worth the effort. There are not too many good deals to get the razors very cheap and their quality is not very good.

      • jen says:

        Which facebook page/link did you use for Schick? I have had 5 emails and 3 phone calls to Schick (although the emails came from Energizer), still no movie codes/vouchers. I am logging a complaint with the BBB. I called Fandango, and they had no idea what I was talking about.

  • Rosa says:

    I tried redeeming these codes after purchasing 4packages several months ago. When I entered the codes two of them showed up as already redeemed? I located a number and called them- They took my information and they said they would refer it o their Fandango contact but that it could be a while. This was a couple of days before Christmas. I am not too confident that I will ever see anything from them. They said the Fandango rep was back logged. I redeemed codes from GMAIL cereals with no problem. I think next time I will not bother with Schick—–Way too much trouble!!

    • Rosa says:

      Sorry-GM General Mills

      • AnaBanana says:

        What’s the deal with General Mills? Is it still ongoing?

        • Ada - Lovin Him says:

          Yes, the General mills cereals that are participating are Cheerios – the big boxes and several sweetened cereals – the medium boxes – Cocoa puffs, Resses , lucky charms, Trix, cinnamon toast crunch… They must be specially marked boxes that say Free movie with codes from two boxes. I’m in MI and have bought many boxes at Meijer – getting 2boxes of cereal and a $12 value movie ticket for under $4 after coupons :) Best of all, the codes are good until Dec 2013 and are valid for 2 months after printing! Go to to see the theaters that take emovie tickets. HTH

  • Debbie says:

    I still have yet to receive my fandango code from the last time. I’ve contacted them twice but still no email with the code.

  • squarejellybean says:

    I also did this deal awhile back and never received my email also, so I tried to email them 3 times and they never responded. I noticed that the emails were going to the energizer page. I even called them and they were no help. It wasnt until my 4th try I emailed them again and it took me to the schick page then they responded the very next day and i received my email with my movie code…. So keep trying thru email….

  • SusanB says:

    I am also having problems redeeming the codes. I entered my razor codes at the end of October and still have not gotten my movie codes. Like others, I emailed the contact they provided (Energizer) and got nowhere. I finally emailed Schick directly and received a response back: they forwarded my email to their Fandango rep (this was in mide-December). I still haven’t gotten my codes though. I’m going to follow up with the email contact Schick provided. I never would have purchased these razors if not for the movie code and now I will certainly not be purchasing them again. I’ve spent too much time working on this.

  • Sarah says:

    I redeemed my codes in November and it took 3 phone calls and a month later. Then they only sent me two movie codes and I was owed 4, back on the phone and another week and I got 4 more codes.

    With all the frustration and time it took I wouldn’t do it again, even though I got a bonus 2 codes!

  • AnaBanana says:

    Somewhere between then and early Dec, they decided a person’s email could only redeem two fandango codes — not unlimited that was originally promised.
    And yeah, I also gave them calls and emails and finally got mine – no bonus codes, though.
    Bottom line: not worth it

    Btw, has anyone’s codes actually been worth $14.50? Mine is coming to $7.75 or something like that….

    • Steph says:

      I wonder if the value of the code adjusts to the price of the ticket? I used two codes yesterday to purchase two matinee tickets. I think the tickets were $7.50 apiece, plus a total handling fee (I think) of $2.50. Anyways, the two tickets with the codes wound up being free. Maybe the codes would have taken off more if I had purchased two evening tickets instead. Makes sense…the rebate is for one “free” ticket, regardless of price (up to $14.50). That way, Schick doesn’t wind up going back and automatically reimbursing Fandango the full amount for every ticket purchased with a code.

  • Jill says:

    same here. entered codes on 11/6 and no movie ticket yet. called customer service over the holidays cause we were going to the movies & they said my problem would be reported & resolved after the first of the year!

  • lauren says:

    I got these razors and entered my stuff probably 3 months ago now, and haven’t recieved a thing!! I wouldn’t bother buying them just for the movie ticket, not worth it if you never get it.

  • Shayla says:

    I did this deal twice in June with no problems (received my emailed codes within a few days); however, tried to do the deal four times in November and had no luck until I contacted/harassed both Energizer and Fandango for weeks. Finally sent me the codes, however have yet to use them so who knows if they will work =( Highly advise against doing the deal, as it is not worth it for the products quality nor the hassle.

  • matt says:

    i did this offer a few months ago and never got my codes either, i have been emailing and calling for months with no luck! can someone post the number or email they had success with??

  • Ada - Lovin Him says:

    I bought 12 packs of razors and was able to get and use five tickets over the holidays. I had to use 3 different emails but was able to get & use the fandango codes with the exception of one – I haven’t called on it yet but plan to call the number listed on the contact pg – “Thank you for visiting our website. Please contact our Consumer Affairs Department with any questions, comments, or concerns at 1.800.SHAVERS (1.800.742.8377)”

  • catherine says:

    I called (again) and they were very nice at Schick. They said to wait another 5-10 days as there have been problems with this deal. I’m in a queue. It seems to me like the problem is on Fandango’s end.

  • SusanB says:

    I had commented earlier about the problem I’ve had obtaining my movie codes. I was going to contact them this week but I just received an email with my missing codes. Better late than never I guess.

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