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  View changes → Frigidaire 12.9 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer Only $266.49 Shipped to Your Door

2:53 PM MST
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UPDATE – Darn! The 10% off code below no longer works, but you may want to head on over here and try the codes to see if any of them work for you.

If you’ve been searching for a great deal on a freezer, then today may be your lucky day! Hurry on over to where currently you can snatch up this Frigidaire 12.9 cubic feet Chest Freezer in White for only $296.10 (regularly $479!) + FREE delivery. Even sweeter, you can use the promo code 470011506922654 at checkout to save an additional 10% making your final cost just $266.49 (+tax) shipped right to your doorstep!

If you’ve never had an additional freezer at your home, I would highly recommend one. I use mine to store meat (this allows me to stock up on meat when I find a great sale! :) ), butter, milk, pre-prepared meals and more!


*ENERGY STAR® qualified chest freezer uses less energy and saves you money
*2 Store More organization baskets provides convenient lift-out storage for easy access to most small frozen items or items that are most frequently accessed
*Power on light so you can easily identify when the unit is powered
*Secure contents easily with a pop out key that automatically ejects after locking the door so you don’t leave it in the door
*Interior lighting makes it easy to see what’s inside
*Manual defrost with defrost drain to conveniently remove water during defrosting

* Be sure to go through to get 3% cash back on your purchase!

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  • Bethany says:

    Promo code says it was already used. It was a one time code.

  • Jessica says:

    a little off topic, how do you go about freezing milk? does it have the same quality after frozen?

  • april says:

    The promotional code has already been redeemed on

  • Jana says:

    yea, wasn’t able to get an extra 10 percent off…bummer

  • jean says:

    I don’t see how having a freezer can save you money when the amount you save stocking up on meat,etc. ends up being spent on the electricity to run the freezer.

    • molly says:

      Jean, I think everytime someone orders something from a website h2s posts, there is a kickback to h2s that allows it to operate and produce revenue. So it may not benefit you to have an extra freezer but it does benefit h2s and all it’s readers, because without the revenue this totally awesome website might not be possible, make sense! Also, for some having an extra freezer if you have a large family is a necessity. Great deal, thanks for posting!!!

    • cdawnt says:

      I love having two freezers! It’s so nice to “shop” from my freezer instead of having to go to the store and pay whatever price it is that day.

    • Melissa says:

      According to a freezer of that size would typically cost $31-$39 per year to run. So we are talking about approximately $3 a month. Being able to take advantage of a great sale because you have freezer space can save you far more than $3 a month!

      • jean says:

        Wow! I wouldn’t have thought running a freezer could be that cheap.Thanks!

        • Jesse says:

          My hubby (TOTAL “mathlete” aka nerd) did this math years ago, and as cheap as he is, still felt it was worth it. I’m sure that as energy efficiency has become more popular, that $31ish annual cost has probably dropped even more. In addition, I believe that max freezing time is extended when using these as opposed to standard fridge freezers. Im all for Less freezer burnt meat! :-)

    • Jessie says:

      I felt the same way, but hubby ensured me I was crazy and we got a freezer similar to this last year. I haven’t noticed any change at all in our electric bills. Wish we had it sooner!

    • Carrie says:

      I also freeze fruits (blueberries, cherries, homemade applesauce) and veggies from my garden in my extra freezer. Definitely worth having (though mine came with the house…)!

  • Rebekah says:

    If you go to you can request a 10% off coupon.

  • The New Mrs. Rowe says:

    10 percent off for military all the time!

  • indiandogwasher says:

    I think I would pay extra to have an automatic defrost. I can remember my mom having to defrost hers and it was a pain :(

    • Sophie says:

      We really went back on forth on this when we purchased our upright, but went with a manual defrost. Everyone has a different view on why one is better than the other, but the automatic defrost works by pulling moisture out of the air. This in turns also pulls the moisture out of your food, which can degrade the quality of it once it is defrosted, even if it is extremely well packaged. We defrost ours twice a year and I personally think it is absolutely worth it!!!

  • Rachael says:

    I got the smaller one (5ft cubic feet) and the code worked for me. Ended up paying $162. Thanks H2S! :)

  • Cindy says:

    Just bought this! Code listed WORKED FOR ME!! THANKS COLLIN!

  • Kayla says:

    The code worked for me, but it is not available to ship to my area :'(

  • Lori Davidson says:

    It’s $296 before code here. $282 after. Wonder why so much more.

  • pharmchick says:

    We live in a small town which doesnt have halal (kind of like kosher) meat so our mini deep freezer is awesome for stockpiling meat when we get it from the bigger cities! Dh cant live without meat lol or else we wouldnt need to get a big batch everytime.

  • Stacy says:

    The code just worked for me!! I bought the exact freezer Collin listed.

  • Megan says:

    6% back through Ebates.

  • Shelly says:

    I was able to use the 10% off code as well that was listed here.

  • emilytwinmom says:

    I just love my chest freezer. I bought it over the summer, put it in my garage, and haven’t noticed a change at all in my electric bill. Since purchasing it I grabbed a foodsaver and started buying chicken breasts from Zaycon foods, at $1.69 per lb. It has been SO NICE! I have a family of six, and wow is it nice to only buy meat when it’s on sale and supplement our pile fo chicken. My mom lives with us, and loves being able to stock up on her lean cuisines and such during a sale. It’s also nice to only shop for meat once a month. Even though our side by side fridge is huge, the freezer is very small and limits how much meat I can buy at a time. Not anymore!!! I can’t say enough good things about having a chest freezer for a larger family :)

  • Ashley says:

    I just bought this! The coupon code worked for me! Plus it’s fast delivery…. I bought it Friday night, and they are coming the next day ( Saturday) for free! The freezer seems like a great deal! It came to $291 with tax for me.

  • Stephanie says:

    I got it for $215.86 + tax (233.67 after) and free delivery! Plus, I got $17.77 back through ebates (6%)! Good deal.

    • Leah says:

      I have the freezer in my cart but cannot find a 10% off. How did you get your total down to $215.86 + tax?

      • Stephanie says:

        Make 8 or so duplicate tabs on the checkout page (to account for codes that are no longer active). Then type a code into the first promo area in the first tab. Close the tab, and repeat until you get three of the codes to work in subsequent tabs. It should take off $29.61, $26.65 and $23.98 for a total of $80.24 off!

        • Stephanie says:

          My other comment is awaiting moderation because there are links in it. Here is a link-free version so you will not need to wait for the other comment to show up:

          Don’t forget to go through ebates for the extra $17.77 back as well! As part of their New Years Deals, they have doubled the cash back to select stores, so Lowe’s 3% back offer has become 6% back!

          These are the promo codes that still seem to work:


          or any of these


          Don’t forget to duplicate the tab 8-10 times! Also, if your local store will not accept more than one or two promos, switch to a different store until you find one that will accept three promo codes and then switch back to your local store and the discount will still be there. If there are none that will accept three, two promo codes still make for a good deal!

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