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Staples: FREE Paper (After Easy Rebate) + More

8:20 AM MST
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Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 8.12.30 AM

Wow! In addition to the Staples weekly deals I posted about here, you can also head on over to the Coupon Page to print off a few new coupons that will score you even more deals through 1/26! Here are the best ones that I see…

Staples® 8.5″ x 11″, multipurpose paper, ream (item no. 513099) $6.99
Submit for the $6.99 Easy Rebate with the coupon found here – limit 1 per household
Final cost FREE!

Staples® 8.5″ x 11″ pastel colored paper $8.99
Submit for the $8.99 Easy Rebate with the coupon found here – limit 2 per household
Final cost FREE!

Keep in mind – Staples Easy Rebates are just that, easy! Go on over here to read more about them. Basically you’ll be able to submit all your info online. You won’t even have to mail anything in– the best part in my opinion! You’ll receive your rebate/rebates within 4-6 weeks after submitting them.

Falcon Dust Destroyer Duster 7oz., 2/pack (item no. 326196)
Only $4.99 with the coupon found here – just $2.50 each!
* Limit 1 per customer. While supplies last.
And keep in mind that these 2-packs regularly go for $13.29, so you are getting way over 50% off with this coupon! Awesome! You can also order these online here for the $4.99 price with FREE store pickup! Just use coupon code 19623 at checkout. Note that the discount won’t be applied until the final stage of checkout.

(Thanks for the heads up on some of these deals, Mister Cheap!)

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  • Karen says:

    Yay! Let’s hope these go smoother than the paper deals of last week :)

  • Kathy says:

    In my email I received a coupon for 15% off entire in-store purchase and a coupon for $15.00 off on on-line or phone order of $100 of more. Both expire 1/21 and both cannot be combined with any other coupons.

  • Heather says:

    Deal scenario:
    (1) staples multipurpose paper $6.99
    (2) staples pastels paper $8.99 x 2
    (2) photo paper $14.99 x 2
    Total: $54.95 tax

    $10 off $50 Office Depot competitors coupon (most Staples allow competitors coupons)

    $6.99 easy rebate
    $8.99 easy rebate x 2
    $14.99 easy rebate x 2
    = $10 mm – tax

  • kabby says:

    I have $12 in Staple Rewards…can I pay with rewards and still get the rebate? Still trying to master Staples and rolling my rewards. Thanks for any response.

    • Kathy says:

      Your forthcoming reward total would be minus your $12.00.

      • Lori says:

        Rebates aren’t affected by Rewards. You will get the full amount back. If you pay with Rewards for something that earns Rewards, then it will be affected. Make sense?

        • Ketryna says:

          My rebate was rang up as a coupon so it did affect my rebate total. Hmmm….

          • Ketryna says:

            Sorry, my reward was rang up as a coupon so it affected my rebate total.

            • jac says:

              Coupons or REWARDS don’t affect REBATE totals. If you look at the rebate form that printed at the register, it will tell you the total value of your rebates.

              Kabby, here is the way to use your rewards on REBATE items:
              Give the cashier your items and rewards card.
              Give the cashier your coupons.
              Give the cashier your rewards. (Use them as payment).
              Finish paying, if there is a balance left.

              When your receipt prints, you will also receive rebate forms. The dollar value of those rebates will NOT be affected by any coupons or rewards you used.

              If you are buying any items that offer a REWARD back, be sure that you don’t pay for them with previous rewards. They should be done in a separate transaction.

  • JenK says:

    Thanks, I’m thrilled about the colored paper!!!

  • LisaR says:

    dang i wish I had a Staples near me!!

  • Carissa R. says:

    Thank You, Collin! My daughter’s teacher is going to love me when I walk in with 3 reams of paper for her!

  • Molly O. says:

    Mine printed without a barcode!?

    • jenn says:

      So did mine. This happens with chrome for me and all staples coupons/rewards. There is a SKU number in the fine print the cashier can type in or try a different browser and reprint.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I’m printing from Firefox, no barcode. This is the first time this has happened. All other coupons I’ve printed from them have had barcodes.

    • jac says:

      They don’t have a barcode, but there is a code number on them for the cashier to type in. They were this way last week, also. You should have no problems if you show the cashier the code.

  • Jessica says:

    If I did this a few months ago when this paper free after easy rebate, can I still do it again now? Like its not one per household per year, is it just one per household per time they offer this?

    • Molly says:

      Every week is a different promotion, so yes you can get more.

    • jac says:

      Molly is right. The form says that the dates of this promotion are 1/20 – 1/26. Also, each rebate offer has a different promotion number, and most of them change each week. They only exception that I’ve seen recently is for some of the software offers; many of them have very long promotion periods.

  • NIcole says:

    Mine also printed without a barcode, but it does provide the number the cashier should enter so I assume it will be okay??
    I have a $10 off of a $20 purchase coupon. I am assuming that can be used??
    Pastel Paper 2 x 8.99
    White Paper 6.99
    Total $24.97
    Less $10 Coupon = $14.97 OOP
    And then receive $24.97 in easy rebates??
    Do we think that will work?

    • Molly says:

      I am pretty sure that will work. Where did you find the $10/$20 coupon?

      • Kelly says:

        Yeah, I want to know where you got that coupon too! Sounds like a good deal!

      • NIcole says:

        I received these sorts of coupons every once in a while randomly in the mail addressed to the previous tenant or “current occupant” (which is me). I assume the previous guy must have run a business or something out of the house and did a lot of work with Staples and now they are trying to get business from me as well?
        I’m sorry no one else is getting these!

  • Katie says:

    Can you combine these coupons with the 15% off order one?

  • Heather M. says:

    If I plan on buying 2 of the reams of pastel paper, do I need 2 of those coupons? Or will the 1 take off whatever amount for both of them?

    • Karen says:

      No, you don’t need 2 coupons to buy 2 reams…..the coupon says 2 per household. I have done this before….but always double check your receipt :)

      • Ketryna says:

        On some of the coupons it states that even though there is a limit of two, only one coupon can be used per item. I printed two just to be on the safe side.

  • Carol_R says:

    Thanks Collin!

  • Debi says:

    In case you thought “What do I need canned Air for?” Here’s a good reason to have it on hand: KIDS! When my tinies get cuts or scrapes I want to spray it with bactine, but they FREAK OUT! They think it is going to sting and I just can’t bring myself to NOT spary it. So…I hold the bactine in one hand and the “Owie Spray’ (canned air) in the other. They LOOOOOOVE it! It also works for the “I need a bandaide” when, obviously hey don’t. I say, OH, I’ll get the owie spray! LOVE!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Do NOT, I repeat do NOT use this on human skin! It contains a bitterant to discourage inhalant abuse. I don’t buy canned air with bitterant because if you spray it on anything that will touch human hands, and then you touch your mouth at all, it is disgusting. I had some canned air with bitterant and used it to clean my laptop…never again. I got the bitterant on my hands from using the laptop (yes, it sticks around) and then touched my mouth and wanted to throw up b/c it was so gross. I know they want to discourage inhalant abuse, but c’mon.

  • Julia says:

    Just an FYI, the Staples I just went to couldn’t get the pastel paper rebate receipt to print. The one for the multipurpose paper went through, but when I entered it on the website, it said the rebate was for last week; I hope I get my check.

    • Karen says:

      Aaaargh! What is Staples’ problem? The paper deal last week was a mess too :(

      • jac says:

        Yes! Last week’s Hammermill paper coupon didn’t work and was replaced by a Staples paper coupon mid-week.

        I was able to use both of this week’s paper coupons with no problems this evening, though. Julia, your rebate form for this week’s Staples multipurpose paper should have a rebate offer number of 13-43946, and the Rebate Begin/End Dates should be 1/20 and 1/26. Is this what you see on the form?

        This week’s coupons have codes of 866957 (regular paper) and 117308 (pastel paper).

        • Chrissy says:

          No wonder! I had Hammermill paper on my list and when I went to checkout, coupon on my phone wouldn’t go thru cause I had wrong paper??? I was sure I had it right but had to run to back of store to switch for ataplea brand.

        • Karen says:

          thanks for posting!

        • Julia says:

          I received an e-mail stating that my rebate won’t go through because of the date issue. I tried to submit that offer number posted, but it keeps saying it’s not valid. I guess I’m going back to Staples; I spent a while there yesterday while they tried to figure it out.

    • shannon says:

      I lucked out-for some reason today I got the multipurpose and 2 colored papers FREE on the spot without submitting for the Easy Rebate. That has never happened before but it was a nice surprise!

  • Chrissy says:

    Anyone else having trouble subscribing to posts? This is my third attempt.

    • Karen says:

      You do have to click on a link in an initial email confirming the subscription. Until you do that you won’t be notified of subsequent posts…..

  • poppy says:

    Pastel Colored Paper no rebate —i guess take it back tomorrow !!

  • Michelle says:

    I went to use the coupons yesterday and the cashier couldn’t get the system to recognize the coupons. They didn’t have bar codes, but she did type in the number and it still wouldn’t work. I put the paper back.. :(

    • Karen says:

      I just did the deal and got easy rebates for all 3 reams of paper.. There is something different about these coupons and what they have to type in……My deal didn’t work either initially and a manager had to void the whole thing and start over. Do not leave the store unless the register spits out all of the extra receipts indicating that you have your easy rebate. He tried to explain to me what needs to be done special, but I had no idea what he was talking about….sorry!

  • nin says:

    Hold onto your receipts and don’t open your paper yet. I bought the two pastel and 1 multipurpose on Monday. Everything printed fine, then entered rebate online and on Tuesday got an email saying the multipurpose was invalid. I tried to email chat yesterday and they said they would email me back.

    Also, question on the pastel. I purchased two, but did only have one coupon because it said it was a limit of 2. When the rebate form printed it did say 8.99 for reward, not 17.98. Do other folks’ say 8.99 or 17.98 when they bought two???


    • Karen says:

      Good grief….glad I read your post. It looks like they have to enter a code for each item that has to get a rebate w/ these coupons. On my receipt, they *did* enter the coupon # 2x for the pastel so that one is OK, but they didn’t enter it for the multipurpose paper.

      IMO, the only reason staples is doing this is to create an “extra step” (= the coupon) before the rebate triggers. Previously, you just scanned your card, got the correct items and you were good to go. This gave a lot of people rebates who, just by dumb luck, bought an item that triggered a rebate. Now you must print a coupon, scan your card and they have to enter extra junk CORRECTLY to trigger your rebate.

      If they don’t want to do the rebates b/c it costs them too much money, that is fine. I get it. But if Staples is going to do this, then don’t make it a PIA. There were problems last week too…..

      Rant done ;)

    • Carmen says:

      I only got 8.99 as well. I called and was told its bc I used the 15% coupon. So that coupon voids one rebate. I don’t know. I’ll have to pay closer attention next time.

      • Nancy says:

        I only got 8.99 as well, but I purchased two pastel papers. I called customer service and was told that it was a buy one get one free offer. I looked at the coupon and it does not say any thing about BOGO. I plan to call back and maybe return second package.

        • Nancy says:

          I called the rebate center back and was told the coupon had to be entered two times for two packages of pastel paper. They made an adjustment to my rebate submission so I will get two 8.99 rebates back.

          • juanita says:

            Oh, thank you for that update. I did NOT use a 15% off coupon and only got $8.99. I will call about the second pastel paper today, but from these posts, there’s no telling what kind of answer I may get from customer service.

  • Lisa says:

    Does anyone have the REBATE NUMBER (not coupon code) for the pastel paper? My rebate receipt did not print. Store manager and Rebate Center have not been much help. :(

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