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Redbox Instant Beta: Check Your Emails for Possible Access Code for Free 1-Month Trial

3:51 PM MST
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As I posted previously, Redbox recently launched their new Redbox Instant program where they are offering up a FREE 1-month trial of their new Redbox Instant Beta. With this trial, you’ll be able to score 4 FREE one-day DVD rentals + unlimited movie streaming free for one month (afterwards pay just $8 per month). Keep in mind that you can cancel anytime during the 1-month trial to avoid any charges.

If you signed up for this trial when I posted it previously, be sure to check your emails for an exclusive access code that you can enter here to activate your free one month trial. If you have not signed up yet, you can still go here and sign up to be placed on their waiting list.

*One month free trial offer for new subscribers only. You can cancel anytime during the 1 month trial to avoid charges. If you like our service and don’t cancel during the trial period, your subscription will continue automatically at the then current monthly subscription rate. Streaming required minimum 500 kbps connection. Rental and movie purchases are excluded. Additional rental nights beyond the 4 DVD credits a month will be charged at the standard daily rental rates at the box. Use of the 4 one-night DVD rental is subject to additional terms. No separate Verizon service required.

(Thanks, Brittany!)

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  • mary says:

    ot: check your email if you are a member of bzzAgent, got an offer for a free schick hydro silk razor :-)

  • Rach says:

    I actually tried Redbox Instant through BzzAgent for free. honestly, I wasn’t too impressed. I cancelled the service. I think netflix is better, IMHO.

    I wish I got the schick hydro razor!! No email for me :( lol

    • Alea says:

      I agree – poor selection, poor customer service. I read a lot of people had trouble with being charged for the free movies at the kiosk too.

      NONE of the new BzzAgent campaigns for me – so sad about it.

  • katie says:

    i got the trial from bzzagent, too. i haven’t really done anything with it though.

    • Rach says:

      I did the trial because i said I would when i signed up for it, but I cancelled it a week later. They obviously still have some kinks they need to work out in it , in order for it to be as successful as netflix

  • Meggs says:

    Not impressed with it at all.

  • Ashley57 says:

    I am doing a trial for bzzagent, and I think it is pretty good. I like that I can get 4 redbox movies a month, making the streaming service $4. It does currently have less than netflix, but for the same price, I like the rental option. You reserve your rentals ahead of time through your account and then go pick them up at the machine. I also got to join a “club” called Redhead Nation for select beta testers, and for giving my opinion, I can win prizes. So far, I have gotten a free rental, but I am close to getting another prize. I think over time they will build it, and it will be a competitor for Netflix.

  • Gina says:

    also with buzzagent, not a fan, movies are all old and no TV shows. Although I do like the credit idea, just swipe my CC at the actual red box and having free credits is nice. Also got an email last night for a free halfway decent newer release movie – that was nice. But seriously, try if for free make your own opinion. Would not pay for this service but maybe it will be for you, just not so much for me.

  • Hilary says:

    I have already tried and cancelled my free trial. *sigh* When will someone come out with a $10 to $15 a month streaming video service that has new release movie selections for no extra cost! The movie selection was “eh” for Redbox Instant; same as it Netflix.

  • yadi says:

    how do you cancel redbox?

  • Cathy says:

    How do I cancel redbox instant streaming I cannot find it anywhere

  • Tim says:

    I cannot find where to cancel either. Do I have to call and cancel? Please help, this service is not good.

    • Tarquin says:

      I just found it, really easy, login to your account, select account in the top menu bar, select manage my subscriptions, then select cancel. It is buried deep in the online help. Finally I am rid of the cured Redbox

  • Lee Ann Smith says:

    Same thing, I singed up for instant – created a user name, and password and now can’t log on without re-entering the access code (which I no longer have the access code for so I cannot cancel) uggggggggggggggggggggggh!!!

  • mckeeversmom says:

    To cancel the redbox you can go online to an online chat and whomever is on the redbox end can cancel the subscription for you.

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