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FreeBizMag: *HOT!* 1 Year Subscription to All You Magazine Only $2 (Just $0.17 Per Issue!)

1:29 PM MST
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Wowzer! As I posted earlier, you can currently head on over here to order quite a few completely FREE magazine subscriptions – no credit card required! Even sweeter, reader Lisa left a comment on that post stating that after signing up for the FREE Better Homes & Gardens magazine, she was then offered up to three 1 year magazine subscriptions for only $2 per year (there are a lot to choose from!)!

This is a *HOT* deal as it means in addition to getting a FREE subscription, you can also snag 12 issues to All You magazine for only $2 – just $0.17 per issue! Keep in mind that your magazine selections will then continue annually. Each year, you’ll receive a reminder notice and you authorize the account you provided at time of payment to be charged the rate on the notice for the next year of issues until you tell them to stop (which is easy – Cancel anytime at 1-800-884-3350).

On a side note, if you are new to Hip2Save and/or a new couponer, you may be wondering what the heck All You magazine is. Well, besides having great articles and recipes, All You is filled with manufacturer’s coupons… sometimes higher value than the coupons you’ll find in the newspaper or online. You can purchase this magazine at Walmart or by subscription only. Check out a few of my favorite coupons that were found in the January 2013 issue.

*Automatic Renewal Authorization: Enjoy the number of issues shown and the credit/debit card you provide will be charged just $2 for each selection. Your selections will then continue annually. Each year, you’ll receive a reminder notice and you authorize the account you just provided to be charged the rate on the notice for the next year of issues until you tell us to stop. Your name, address, and account information you just provided will be used by freebizmag to process and fulfill your selections. Cancel anytime at 1-800-884-3350 for a refund of unserved issues. Allow 4-10 weeks for delivery. If a magazine becomes unavailable it may be replaced by another with the same renewal features. For individual use only, not for resale. Please print this page for your records. Enjoy!

(Thanks, Lisa!)

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  • lisa says:

    i havent received it yet either, but i did noticed i was charged in jan! i shall call them up tomorrow.

  • Ashley57 says:

    Anyone get this yet? I am going to call customer service in a couple days if not, because the 12 weeks are up. Thanks!

  • Cat W. says:

    I finally got mine this past week! However, around the same time 2 fraudulent charges hit my credit card, and I remember how sketchy this website seemed. It’s weird since the charge went through in January, but getting the mags this week reminded me of it. The fraud charges were this week as well. Has anyone else had an issue?

  • Kina says:

    I wish I had read these responses first before I just chose the 3 I wanted and gave my credit card. Did anyone get what they ordered with the correct charges, $2.00 for each 1 year subscription? I hope someone says yes!

    • msteebee says:

      I’ve been receiving my magazines and in order to pay, I used a rebate cc, so they don’t have my main cc info! I never trust these kinds of websites.

  • romy says:

    be very careful with this, stay on top of it – make SURE you cancel or they will charge you full price (upwards of $49!) to renew.

  • msteebee says:

    I just checked my account, but I paid with a rebate cc but I just wanted to be sure. Better to be safe than sorry. :) Thanks!!

  • Chaya says:

    I got hit with a lot of fraudelent charges from random places, and my bank closed my cc account. I think that it was from signing up for the free BHG magazine, help!!

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