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IHOP National Pancake Day: FREE Short Stack of Pancakes Tomorrow (No Purchase Necessary!)

8:26 PM MST
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Just a reminder that tomorrow, February 5th (National Pancake Day!), you can head on over to your local IHOP to score a FREE Short Stack of pancakes! There is no purchase necessary (limit one per guest)! While you’re there, also consider leaving a donation for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals or other designated local charities.

Be sure to call your local restaurant before you go to verify that they are participating. Go here for more details.

Fine Print: Limit 1 per guest. Valid at participating restaurants for dine-in only, while supplies last. Not valid with any other offer, special, or coupon discount.

(Thanks, Freebie Hoarder!)

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  • MrsNnr says:

    Thank you for posting this! My son is a Shriner’s kid, he was born with Bilateral Club Foot and has been going to Shriners, Tampa FL since he was 3 weeks old. He is 13 months now and is almost walking :) . This year IHOPs in Texas, and some locations in Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming are designating their proceeds to Shriners Hospitals for Children. For those of you that don’t know, Shriners Hospitals for Children never turns away anyone for nonability to pay. If you have a need they are there for you, no matter what. They are amazing people all around and make all the kids feel so special! No matter what organization you support know that people are affected by your generosity everyday and appreciate it SO much!

    • Em says:

      Yay for almost walking! WTG, kiddo!

    • says:

      I go to shriners hospital myself since I was 2years old and now I am 16 and I have rickets
      bone disease and when I say they really do make a change they really do. they have helped me accomplished so many thing throughout my life that I never thought would ever happen and I am very thankful.

  • Em says:

    My little sister works at IHOP. She says a ton of people just order water and these and leave nothing. If you go, PLEASE donate, don’t be a jerk.

    • Edie says:

      It’s not a requirement to donate. People aren’t “jerks” if they don’t donate. Cool it.

    • Erica says:

      I think it’s also important to remember to tip your server. They aren’t getting paid more because it’s free pancake day…they are still getting their $3 an hour (or whatever their wage is). So remember to tip on what the menu price is…it’s just like using a coupon.

  • Edie says:

    I got an email from Shari’s a few days ago that has a coupon for a free short stack of pancakes, also valid tomorrow. There is no bar code on the coupon so you may be able to google the coupon and print it out, if you didn’t receive the email. Might also be available on their Facebook?

    I have a Shari’s closer to me than an IHOP, so for those in the same boat and like pancakes, there’s an alternative. :)

  • shannon says:

    Ok I know you have an opportunity to donate today at IHOP but is that in addition to the tip? I will always tip on the value of what I get, regardless of what I pay. I just wasn’t sure.

    • Ashley57 says:

      I think you are correct. I personally would leave a tip, not sure if I would donate or not, but it would be two separate things.

      • shannon says:

        I decided to be very generous w/ my tip today as I’m sure some might not be. My total for bacon, eggs and coffee was only $6 (and I figured the free pancakes prob were about $3). I left a $5 tip and the server looked very happy about that!

  • grace says:

    Remember kids eat free from 4 to10

    • Michael says:

      Speaking as a server at IHOP, the kids eat free promotion ended last Thursday or so. Thank you for all who came out to support the charity, and thank you for those who realized that your server doesn’t make any more money on Pancake Day. I had my fair share of people (hate to say it, mostly high-schoolers) who came in, ordered free pancakes and water, and didn’t tip or donate. However, there were others who did, so thank you to those conscientious folk! I worked my butt off from 3pm to 10pm and made about $80 – I came in expecting to donate my time to charity because I heard of the hell that Pancake Day is for IHOP servers (in terms of money-making too). There will always be those people who look to score free food on Pancake Day without regard to charity OR servers. Oh yes, I also had 3 people who had tickets with a drink and/or an appetizer or something yesterday take advantage of the chaos in the IHOP lobby to skip out on paying. It is pleasant, however, to see there are those who care.

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