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Best Buy: New Price Match Policy (Starts 3/3/13)

2:06 PM MST
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Heads up! Starting March 3rd, Best Buy will price match all local retail competitors, along with 19 major online competitors for new, identical, immediately available products! You will need to ask for the price match, and I would also be sure to take the ad with you or be able to bring up the online price you are matching on a mobile device.

Additionally, if Best Buy lowers a price on a product (online or in-store), they will allow price-matching for up to 15 days following the original purchase. However, they will NOT allow price matching after the fact if the lower price is from a competitor (this applies to all customers including Reward Zone Premier Silver members).

Along with these changes, Best Buy will be changing their Return/Exchange policy from 30 days to just 15 days (Reward Zone Premier Silver members will still have the ability to make returns for 60 days).

With all that being said, here is a list of the online competitors included in Best Buy’s new Price Match policy: (now

See the article here for more details.

(Thanks, Suzy and Emily!)

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  • lynne says:

    They’ve always given me better than “price matched” when I’ve asked. I’ve scored a printer, video games, gaming system, camera, memory cards, and large appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, d/w, washer & dryer) at Best Buy just for asking if they’ll beat the lowest prices I’ve found. Plus you can use your BB rewards card to earn gift cards for purchases!

  • Emily says:

    Oo this was supposed to be confidential until the march 3rd. Someone somewhere is gonna be in trouble!

    • Tia says:

      There was an article on Yahoo with quotes from the CEO so I think it’s ok! Plus, they want to get the word out before it starts.

    • kidsallgone says:

      No it’s not, because the manager told me he would beat online prices months ago. The only thing I see that’s changed for me is the 15 days to return.

  • kidsallgone says:

    Cool! Thanks Collin!
    Just curious….was I the only one who got to Silver Premier status for no reason? Not complaining but just curious …and I certainly did not come close to spending the required amount!

  • Nikki says:

    They have already started this. My husband got a cell phone price matched from amazon a couple weeks ago.

  • Ebony says:

    I agree with the other posters I had a great experience at best buy we purchased a tv, stand and theater system they price matched everything down I the hdmi cords we didn’t have to go Walmart for anything! This was about a week ago so I don’t think it’s confidential, they will even lookup the item for you

  • Steph says:

    They obviously want to stay in business given all the recent “trouble” they have had. It’s about time they did something. We used to live at Bestbuy. It was the go to store for games, music, electronics. Hopefully this will help so they don’t have to close more stores.

  • Susie says:

    That’s awesome. Best Buy always has the best staff, now that they will have the best prices too there’s no reason to shop Walmart & I hope others will feel the same and shop Best Buy so they don’t go the way of Circuit City.

    • ItsFee says:

      thats pretty sad that we have gotten to the point to best buy’s staff being considered elite or the best. they have always been considered the worst, not only that but contributed to the lower standards of employees across the industry, want good employees then go to radioshack where their employee’s are actually required to possess certain knowledge and learn a certain amount before ever stepping on the sales floor, they used to be even leagues beyond what they are today, but there is a limit to what they can ask employees to know and learn when not paying any commission, a move which best buy/box stores was directly responsible for, still though, even after all that, RadioShack has the most educated staff, this is not debatable. I have known more than one Best Buy regional manager who constantly preached to store managers to have their employees advise customers to check with Radioshack employees for specifics and then “come on back for our low prices”. I was a little discouraged, and obviously didn’t employe this technique, but many did, and it worked about 50/50, we lost many customers who were thankful and willing to pay a little more for the help or in a few circumstances pay less and still get the help, but just as often they went and spent an hour with a RadioShack employee getting every bit of info they could want to educate themselves and ideally avoid paying geeksquad for a setup, and then ducked out under the veil of “checking with the wife” or whatever, and returned to BestBuy for that cheaper price. I worked for both companies for multiple years each and maintained relationships with sales associates and upper management of the retail force alike, so I feel I’m in a unique position to speak to it.

  • Cindy says:

    My hubby & i just scored the samsung galaxy s3 for $49.00 each by price matching to Radio shacks price of $99 & then we got to use the $50 GC for registering to get a new cell phone, so we got 2 phones for $111 & the regular price was $149. each Yay!

    • Kidsallgone says:

      Did you have to sign a 2-year contract to get the $49 price?

    • Brooke says:

      Their policy is showing that they don’t price match cell phones but was wondering if if you still go armed and ready to purchase somewhere else that they would still do it. Did they give you a hassle doing it or just stick firm and they will agree?

  • Stacy G says:

    Reward Zone is back up and working but you only get 10 points for the daily poll instead of 25.

  • I Love Shoes says:

    I have taken the HH Gregg Circular to Best Buy to price match a cell phone before. This information is good to know due to their poor cusomer service in my area.
    Thanks Collin for posting the update. I want to purchase the Galaxy Note II. Best Buy is a tad bit higher, but I like shopping at places where I am rewarded for spending my money.

  • E says:

    ugh they must not have expected so many people coming every day for 25pts. that sucks.

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