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High Value $1.50/1 Marie Callender’s Pie Coupon

12:37 PM MST
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Head on over here to print a high value coupon valid for $1.50/1 Marie Callender’s Pie, including Large Dessert Pies, Small Fruit Pies, and Large or Small Pot Pies! The small fruit pies are prices around $2 at various stores, so just $0.50 after the coupon – even better with a sale!

Be sure to come back to let us know if you spot a great deal!

(Thanks, All Things Target!)

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  • shannon says:

    is there anyone out there who can give me input on why I can’t print Smartsource coupons? whenever I try to install Java, it keeps saying “Java version not supported.” Then it says the file is corrupt. I never get past that point. Any help is greatly appreciated because I haven’t been able to print Smartsource coupons in awhile.

    • Renee says:

      I had this same problem for about 3 weeks. I was finally able to get Java to update last night. Prior to that, the updates just wouldn’t install.

    • Bethany says:

      I was having the same issue. If you use Firefox, try this: Go to the “Add Ons Manager” then to “Plug Ins”. Scroll down the page until you see anything with the word “Java”. Make sure it’s not disabled. Mine was, and I don’t know why. I enabled it and now I can print just fine.

  • Thu says:

    I have the same problem until I updated java.

  • heather says:

    target has a coupon online that is buy 3 potpies and get one small pie free. Depending on how much these pies are priced at target it could be a good deal.

  • Julian Faux says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, Collin! I was literally just about to head out of the door to pick up a couple pot pies for my mom! lol!

  • Brenda says:

    thank you. These go on sale tomorrow at my main grocery store (Publix) and they also have a rebate deal going on!

  • Valerie L. says:

    Love it…and on pi day! :)

  • Ashlee says:

    I always have to install it and it never works, if you use mozilla that is where I have the problem. I was IE when I need to print smartsource coupons.

  • anthony says:

    same problem here.

  • molly says:

    I can’t print anything from or bricks, it tells me ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” and it’s Intermittent. I was able to print last week so I went crazy and printed enverything, but this week I can’t display the webplay again, it did the same thing a few weeks back. I wish I knew what was wrong with my browser because I can’t print in IE or firefox, but I can print redplum and smartsource, strange and frustrating!!

  • Lisa says:

    Was told at store (Kroger) when I went to use this (Lg pot pies are on sale this week for $2.00) that it is a bad bar code. Did this happen to anyone else?

  • Jolene says:

    I just had the same problem at my Kroger. I had 2 coupons, bad bar code, I asked to speak to the manager. The cashier said, “He won’t take it if it doesn’t scan.” I asked to see him anyway, he did a manual over-ride and took them off. I got the large pecan pies on sale for $4.99.

  • paula says:

    Would not scan at the commissary either, cashier had to go get manager to manually put it in, they were priced at $2.29 so not a bad price, will not even try to use these at walmart, I know it will be a hassle,lol

  • Lisa says:

    I am kinda concerned if this is a legit coupon since many of us have had a problem with it coming up Bad Bar Code.

  • Jamie says:

    I just tried to print this coupon a second ago. It said they were out of prints. Bummer.

  • Samantha says:


  • karol says:

    I talked to conagra and two people don’t even know about this coupon, claim they didn’t authorize it, I told them it was on the smartsource site, they took down my info and will research it, I want to know if I can use it.

  • rosie says:

    I got the bad barcode as well. Have tried twice this week to use it at kroger and they won’t even try to manually enter it, they just tell me no.

    What do we do now? Especially if they are not acknowledging the coupon as an authorized one??? I am so confused and have never had this happen before.

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