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Domino’s Pizza: 50% Off ANY Pizza at Menu Price (Online Orders Only Thru 3/24)

1:40 PM MST
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UPDATE: Also keep in mind that if you have a ShopRunner account or sign up for a FREE ShopRunner 30 day trial, Dominos pizza delivery is free. If you don’t have an account, consider signing up for ShopRunner through to earn up to $5 cash back! (Thanks, Sara and Stephanie!)

Yum! Through March 24th, you can score 50% off ANY Dominos Pizza at regular menu price when you enter the promo code 9413 at checkout! Keep in mind that this promotion is only valid for online orders and ends Sunday, March 24th. Go here for more details.

(Thanks, Homemaker Hand Guide!)

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  • sara says:

    Plus, shoprunner means free delivery! :)

  • Stephanie says:

    I just ordered a few minutes ago. I was actually wondering if/when you would post about this promotion. Great deal, and free shoprunner shipping! YAY!

    • Stephanie says:

      *delivery, lol

      If it was shipped I don’t think it would arrive in very good condition…. or in under 30 minutes…. ;)

  • Jennifer says:

    This is probably for 1 pizza, right? I’m guessing it will charge regular price for more than 1, or I’d have to do separate orders? Does anyone know for sure?

    • lj says:

      Nope, we’ve done this in the past. We order 12+ for our kids club and VBS and it applies to all the pizzas on your order. :) awesome way to save your church some money. I just checked for our kids club next month and I can get 13 one topping pizzas for 77.79 including tax. And the bonus is you can order in advance. I’m going to wait to order until thurs or fri. so I can get my order for april 11th. (it looks like you can order 3 weeks in advance)

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks! My son’s 1st birthday party is this weekend, and I was hoping to order from Domino’s since they offer a gf pizza and my daughter is on a gf diet.

  • Lisa K. says:

    Thanks for the tip! It was perfect timing since we were planning on having Domino’s pizza for dinner tonight anyhow. :)

    • Mel says:

      How do you get free delivery using Shop Runner?

      • San says:

        When you are on the Domino’s homepage, click on the coupon for half price pizza. Then on the next page you’ll see a little prompt above where you put in your address, asking if you want free shipping with shoprunner. From there you can log in or sign up for shoprunner. I hope that makes sense.

  • San says:

    I ordered several pizzas for my family as well as a separate order for some friends, which included two gluten free pizzas. They were each half price and I got free delivery with shoprunner. Thanks Collin!

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