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e-Poll: Share Opinion & Get Rewarded (Earn Amazon, Starbucks, Paypal + More Rewards!)

8:41 AM MST
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Just a reminder about this highly rated survey site!

How would you like to snag a few FREE cups of coffee at Starbucks every so often? Or shop online and pay with a gift card? Well, if you enjoy sharing your opinions and are looking for an easy way to earn gift cards every few months just by participating in online surveys, you may want to head on over here and sign up with the popular survey site e-Poll.

Check out what Hip2Save readers have said about e-Poll previously…

I love them. 10 dollar Starbucks card every 6 weeks!

I’ve been doing epoll for a few years now and even though it takes 6-8 weeks for the reward it’s still worth it. I save mine throughout the year and cashed mine out in August and now have my Amazon code and can get $50 worth of Amazon gifts for Christmas…can’t beat that!!

I have been an Epoll member for a few years. I have even won their monthly sweepstakes…back when it was $250!! :) I didn’t even know until the check showed up in the mail one day. Needless to say, it was a nice surprise. Their surveys are fun and uncomplicated. You will not regret signing up w/ this survey company. They are one of the best!

I have been a member for a few years. I like that you ALWAYS qualify for surveys they send you. It does takes a while to build up points, but it is very easy to do the surveys and it is nice to get a Starbucks or amazon gift card a few times a year. There are plenty of other gift cards to choose from also, those are just my favorites.

I am a member of e-Poll. I just took a survey this morning. They are super easy to take and I have been collecting my points until I have enough for a $25 or $30 gift card. I think this is the survey site where I even watched a reality TV pilot for Lifetime and then took a survey about it! That was fun.

They are a great company. They only email you when they have a survey for you, so you don’t have to worry about filling it out for 5 minutes than get disqualified like other survey companies. They are great to do. Payout is good too.

Some highlights of being a member of this Survey Panel are:

*Earn gift certificates to major retailers
*Get paid to evaluate new products
*Preview entertainment before it’s released to the public
*Express your opinions
*Tell major corporations what you think
*Enter to win monthly drawings

Head on over here to sign up to start receiving survey opportunities from e-Poll and be entered to win 1 of 50 $20 prizes in their monthly drawing! Good luck!

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  • J says:

    Is this legit for sure? I’ve been thinking about signing up, but that errant apostrophe in “survey’s” kills me. Seems spammy.

    • Kb says:

      They are far less spammy than other survey sites. I get an email every 10 days or so about a survey I already qualify for. It takes about 15 minutes then I’m done. I use Ipsos I-Say as well and I get multiple emails a day for them but end up only qualifying for 1. It ends up being a faster payout than epoll but I waste a lot of time not qualifying. I have the most luck with Swagbucks surveys. I make atleast $10 a week just on swagbucks surveys alone.

  • Kristie says:

    I like e-poll and think they are worth it.

  • shannon says:

    I have done over 10 or more surveys and never received anything..

  • Jennifer says:

    This is one of the best survey sites out there IMO! I’m a member of a few online survey sites and the only ones I’ve really enjoyed so far and reaped the benefits from are e-poll, Pinecone Research, and Swagbucks. E-poll only sends you surveys that you qualify for so you won’t be wasting 5-10 mins of your time filling out info just to be disqualified. Plus, they are fun surveys. Most of my surveys have been based on tv and celebrities so if you watch a lot of tv or you follow celebrities, then you should definitely sign up for this one! I’ve been a member since November and I’ve been averaging about 4 surveys a month. I have enough to cash out for a $25 gift card but I’m a points hoarder so I’d rather save them up for when I really need them or to cash out around the holidays :) I definitely recommend this one especially if you enjoy watching tv and movies!

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