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Olive Garden: Buy One Take One Entree Just $12.95

10:04 AM MST
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Wow! If you’re an Olive Garden fan and are looking to save on family dinners during the week, you’re going to love their new promotion! For a limited time only, Olive Garden is launching a Buy One Take One promotion where you can enjoy two affordable meals during the week.

Just choose one of the five participating entrees listed below for dinner today (served with unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks!) and you’ll be able to take a second entree home for dinner tomorrow – all for only $12.95!

Entrees include:

*Mezzaluna Ravioli with Five Cheese Marinara
*Smoked Mozzarella Chicken
*Spaghetti with Four Cheese Meat Sauce
*Five Cheese Ziti al Forno
*Fettucine Alfredo

Be sure to contact your local Olive Garden to verify participation in this promotion or go here for more details.

(Thanks, Jennifer!)

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  • Ashley57 says:

    Love this – and you can use a coupon with it!

  • Dawn says:

    I remember we were in Seattle last Fall and maggiano’s little italy did this promo and we LOVED it because we kept the other meals in our hotel fridge and ate for “free” a couple nights later. Very cool

  • Emily says:

    And the first meal that you get will likely be too much anyway, so you’ll have left overs for a 3rd meal too! You can’t lose!

    • Ann Dee says:

      I know, right? When my hubby was in school we’d go and just eat the salad and breadsticks at the restaurant with just a nibble of pasta, then take the 4 meals home. (2 each) Ha ha. Just an idea for those on a super super tight budget. I’m telling ya…eating out does not have to break the bank. I do the same thing at Texas Roadhouse. Fill up on all you can eat rolls and honey butter and the side salad. Then take the meal home for the next day…

      • lb says:

        Not very healthy though

        • Lynda says:

          my sister who used to work at olive garden told me to order another salad and they will even pack that up for you so you will have a salad with your next meal. check olive garden facebook page for coupons. my ss usually have coupons ever several months so use collin’s database and see if they are in there.

  • tiffany says:

    This is a fab deal!! Going to combine it with the q’s that are in the SS inserts for even a greater deal. I hardly ever finish the full meal so this is a great way to get several meals. Like the others, we mostly fill up on the salad or soup and bread sticks and sometimes an appetizer we usually end up bringing most of the main dish home.

  • KittyK says:

    Told my DH about the two entrees and he said, “But you have to pay another $12.95, right?” So I said nope – each person gets TWO entrees for $12.95! So we got 3 orders TO GO and you get a LOT of salad and breadsticks with the to go orders. Just so everyone knows – the second entree is frozen and marked as to what it is. GREAT!

  • lb says:

    Not all olive gardens give an extra salad and breadsticks …last time they told me manager said only the dinner to go

  • laura says:

    coupon in SS 3/17! My favorite place to eat!

  • dev says:

    Yesterday I ordered a buy one take one from Olive Garden Matteson, IL. One item was warm the other one was stone cold. Called the olive garden manager and got this answer : “We guarantee buy one item warm but the take one item can be old and cold.” So it is better to buy frozen italian food from grocery store which is 1/3 of the regular price than olive garden and more tastier. Now the food quality of the buy one take one is extremely sub standard. After tax it came to$14.95 which is totally a waste. This is my last trip to olive garden. I would highly suggest not to get into olive garden buy one get one food trap.

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