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MyPublisher: Free 20-Page Photo Book for New Customers (Just Pay Shipping)

1:44 PM MST
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If you’re looking to make a special personalized Mother’s Day, Wedding, New Baby or Birthday gift, you may want to snatch up this great offer! For a limited time, MyPublisher is offering up a FREE 20-page Photo Finish Pocketbook (or $19.99 off a Classic or Deluxe photo book) for new customers only.

You’ll just need to pay shipping costs, which start right around $7.99. To get started, just head over here and enter your email address to receive your unique code. Then you’ll just need to download their software to start creating your book, enter your unique code at checkout, and your book will be completely FREE… just pay shipping! :)

*Note – Your personal coupon code will expire 7 days after it is emailed to you.

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  • Lisa says:

    Anyone know how this company compares to shutterfly?

    • Darcey says:

      My mom made a book from this company once and the quality was much better then shutterfly in my opinion. More options for layouts and text. It really came out beautiful. It was a little more difficult to make the book though I think.

  • casey says:

    I made a paperback book with My Publisher. It fell apart in less than a year, even with careful use. I contacted customer service to see if they could give me a coupon code to reorder it. They refused, but gave me a 20% discount code to order another one. Not happy with the quality of paperback photobooks with this company. Shutterfly’s paperback photobooks are much better. My publisher doesn’t not stand behind their guarantee.

    • rebecca says:

      I’m very sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with their customer service. I however have the exact opposite story and can’t rave enough about them. I had recommended to all my friends to buy the $10 Groupon deal for a hardcover book with shipping included. Everyone ordered but I had difficulty with uploading at 11pm the night of the deadline before the Groupon codes expired. There were 12 codes between the eight of us and they re-issued every code without a problem and allowed it to be for the same value! I was so impressed and couldn’t have been happier! The book itself is hardcover and although I have yet to receive it, I believe I will be happy. I’ve heard only good things and other then your review, haven’t heard a complaint about MyPublisher before. I wonder if it is only the paper back books that have issues. Once again, I am sorry they didn’t fix your problem.

  • missy says:

    Its really not free if you pay shipping.

    • rebecca says:

      I agree that it’s not costing you $0 but MyPublisher has to pay to have it shipped. If they are offering a product for nothing, I think asking us to pay shipping is completely fair. You make the choice whether or not to order it if the shipping is too much for you. Saying it’s not really free is like saying concert tickets you win from a radio station aren’t free because they didn’t pay for your gas money to drive there.

  • Ana says:

    I had a horrible experience with MyPublisher! The quality is a so-so for standard photo books and OK for photo paper books. The customer service is HORRIBLE! I talked to at least 5 different people and everytime was asked to email/call back next day (and my promo code was expiring within few days). I couldn’t upload my book due to “session past due” massage on their web site and tried it for a week!!! Customer service made no effords to help me with my issues!
    My experience with ordering Christmas cards was horrible as well. I was mailed fewer number of cards than I ordered and whatever I received was mixed with somebody’s esle invelopes (somebody’s names and address instead of mine). When I contacted customer service the representative didn’t even appologize for that and just said she will be mailing remaining cards to me… By the time I got it it was too late to mail anyone, the holiday season was over and I am talking about Christmas cards.
    Be aware MyPuslisher is a HORRIBLE company to deal with!!! No wander they offer “free ($20 value) books” and promo codes… otherwise noone will be using them!

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