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Zapiddy iPhone App: Make Money While You Shop (Current Users Share Their Experiences!)

1:20 PM MST
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Just a reminder to check out Zapiddy if you have an iPhone and/or iPad…

Zapiddy is a free iPhone app that pays users to answer questions. After downloading and registering the app, Zapiddy users (called Zappers) may accept Jobs — brief, easy surveys. Sometimes a photo is part of the Job. Usually these Jobs include surveys about retail store activity or conditions. As an example, a recent Zapiddy job asked Zappers to photograph a video display at Walmart and answer a few questions; and each completed survey earned the Zapper $4. Some Zapiddy jobs can even be done at home – like a recent assignment to photograph the pantry and count the containers of soup on-hand. Awesome!

Keep in mind that Zapiddy Jobs are usually more plentiful on weekends, but there are Jobs any day of the week–like this week at select McDonald’s, Zappers could make $7.50 for buying and reviewing a McDonalds Premium McWrap.

Check out some of the comments from current Zapiddy users…

This a legit money making app. I get paid to do small jobs at stores where u usually shop for everyday necessities. The only downside is u get paid after 5-7 days. Otherwise, I recommend this 100 percent.

This app is easy to navigate. No crashes or glitches that I have found. It is fun to complete reasonable tasks in every day places. Love it!!

Who knew you could have fun and make money! I love that I do the jobs that are convenient and the instructions are so concise. This is my favorite app!

Note: Zapiddy is activating accounts on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the number of jobs available in a given area. The sooner you create an account, the sooner you’ll have access to the jobs near you.

Do you currently use Zapiddy?! If so, share your experience with us in the comments below!

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  • Deanna Z says:

    I have used Zapiddy. The jobs are usually easy to do. I do find that they take their time approving your job so the payment usually takes a few days.

  • Jess G. says:

    If you see a job in your area- do it right away!! The jobs disappear after 24 hours or so.

    • Rebe says:

      Thanks for the info Jess. I saw jobs in my area for the 1st time but waited to do them until the following day. I guess it had been posted for a few hours by the time I saw it. When I was ready to go, they were gone! :(

      • Jess G. says:

        Yeah every time they have a job in my area (which isn’t often since I live in a small MS town) I don’t make it in time :(

    • Andrea says:

      Lol, no kidding! No way to truly reserve a job and even when you try, its still gone in minutes some times. Kinda slow to pay, as well.

  • pat says:

    app store does not have it even though it says it is available for ipd2

    • Yen says:

      I tried to download it for ipad 2 but it said it requires GPS and would not let me. I just have the wifi capable one not the one with 3G.

      • Jenn says:

        Thanks for posting this, Yen. You saved me the headache of trying to download this app and try this out. I love my ipad2 but it frustrates me that it lacks capabilities for these sorts of things. For example, I can’t do anything on ibotta because it won’t work at CVS or Kroger, basically the only 2 stores I shop at.

        • Jess says:

          you don’t have to have a wireless connection at the store to use ibotta. You can buy the stuff you want at participating stores and then when you are at home with a wifi connection download your receipts, etc. I have an iPod touch and use ibottta. I love it.

          • J says:

            I can’t use my ibotta for CVS either and I have an ipod, they told me the reason why was because of the barcode I have to scan is not supported by the system? I have ios5. I can’t do every store but that CVS and Kroger also.

  • D says:

    Jobs disappear very quickly…sometimes within hours…or when you are en route…

  • Jamie says:

    I just deleted this app..It was just a waste of space on my iPhone as there are NEVER any jobs available where I live…even on the weekends! Cool idea though. Maybe one day…

  • Mary Beth says:

    The jobs are super easy and only take a couple of minutes. The definite downside is a job can and will disappear while you are on your way. Recommend accepting jobs that are very close or somewhere you were already planning on going so you don’t get upset if it goes away. I have made $59.00 in the last couple of weeks with approx $50 pending. Max you can earn in a year is $570

  • michelle b says:

    you do get money and if you live in a big city like ny, i imagine the money can add up really quick. the jobs are easy and the questions are quick and easy to understand. and like others said, if you see a job, do it cuz they disappear pretty quick. however, if you live in a small town, you’re probably not going to see a lot of jobs. i’ve had a few shown up and only have done one. i visited ny one weekend and saw tons, like pages full! so keep that in mind. also you need an iphone, not a ipod. not sure why, i don’t have service on my iphone and only use it with wifi just like my ipod but whatever. it’s pretty cool if you can actually get jobs and the lowest amount i saw was for $4, which may not be alot but it’s $4 more than i had before!

  • adwagner613 says:

    just joined – looks fun! one job already to get $1 for answering questions during the voice tonight. I’ll be watching it anyways, so I might as well make a buck :)

  • silvia says:

    does any one know any similar app for android phones?

  • melony says:

    Another great app is Shopkicks. I just joined and in 1 day going to the stores listed and scanning the items, I had enough for a $5 gift card!! Super easy and you don’t have to buy anything :) Here is my link if you want to use it :)

  • Glenda says:

    I love this app … In just a couple of weeks I have gotten around $30 .. So in between Pinecone Research surveys and this app I’m getting a little extra money! Thank you!

    • rebecca says:

      Are you still getting money from Pinecone? I was until a couple of weeks ago and then they switched me to their new payout of credit towards items in their “shop” online. I was with them for over two years and I just told them to cancel me. It’s sad because I really enjoyed doing it but if I was going to end up getting things that I didn’t really need, then what’s the point? I hope you get to keep earning money instead of switching to this “new” way of doing payouts.

      • Jenny says:

        Actually you can still cash out to get the $3 every time you do a survey, but you have to login and choose that option each time. They won’t automatically send you the $3 like they did before.

  • Momoffive says:

    I’ve found that the field agent app is much more reliable in terms of “saving” a job. They reserve it for you for 2 hours, which is great! I would live to see that improvement for Zapiddy. (I know someone from Zapiddy is reading this! Please address this issue!!) what is the point of placing a job in “your jobs” if there is no guarantee it will be available for you when you get to the store??? That being said, I have made money with this app. I just signed up about 3 weeks ago, and I’ve already earned. $31.00!

  • Jenny says:

    I use
    Made 75 dollars in a week, not much but it takes as little time as pinecone did…

  • Samantha Morse says:

    As others have commented here the jobs most of the time disappear quickly, and from what I’ve seen lately the jobs are posted later in the evening and gone by morning! I mean what the heck…I’m not going to rush out to do a job at night.

    I wish I would get a push notification on my iPad 2(which is what I use) when new jobs are posted as well, I have to constantly check throughout the day and “refresh” to see if anything is there. I have done about 4-5 jobs successfully and they are super easy and quick but the time frame to complete them is just too short, I literally was getting ready to go out, hit refresh just to make sure and the job was gone…

    I have written an email asking about the jobs disappearing so quickly but have yet to receive any information directly from them.

  • Rosi says:

    This app is fun. The only downside is only one user can complete a job per store. My husband and I were doing jobs together and we got a nasty email from them saying we were “gang zapping”.

  • Emily says:

    I got paid for a job once. I don’t bother checking it unless I’m already out because all the jobs are 20-30 miles from me so I’m not going to drag my toddler around on a wild goose chase for a possible payout. I don’t mind the slow pay time, it took about a week.

  • Dawn says:

    Every time a new job appears, it’s gone within a couple hours. I can’t usually get there that fast…

  • Mel says:

    Nothing for Android? :(

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