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  View changes → FREE Father’s Day Greeting Card Through Tomorrow Only (New Customers Only)

5:40 AM MST
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Through tomorrow, May 28th, (Tiny Prints’ newer brand of greeting cards!) is offering new customers only one FREE Father’s Day card + FREE shipping to YOUR home (or pay $0.46 to have it shipped to the recipient). Just be sure to use the new promo code TREATDAD at checkout to score your free card.

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  • alisha says:

    I have never used treat, so I made a card put it in basket, added promo where it moved my total to 0.00, but still required a credit card…. I was hesitant, but put it in and once submitted I went into my orders and voila, they charged me the whole $3.78. Of course no one is available in customer service today either. I’m so frustrated! BEWARE.

    • amy says:

      same thing happent to me on mothers day card offer! i tried to call them but no help… :(

    • Tricia says:

      Same here!! And I have done this before and never been charged. Signed up my husband today and was charged the $3.70 after telling me the order was $0! Ugh! No customer service available so I emailed them…we shall see.

      • Marie says:

        I just created a Fathers Day card and it was a $3.49 card for free! I did use the promo code and had to enter a credit card number and my total was still free! Love it!

    • Tricia says:

      I just go through to live chat and they credited me back the money and still gave me the card and it took a minute! Fast and nice customer service…give it a try if you have not already :)

  • Amber says:

    Just so others know: Mine went through as free. I, too, was hesitant to put in my CC# when there was no charge, but just went and checked and the total charge on my account information was $0.00 – I signed back in and deleted my CC from my account information page (makes me feel “safer”). Anyway, just my experience.

  • Tina Johnson says:

    I used them for mothers Day and it took them 10 days after I ordered to get the card to my mother in law – of coarse it got there late. I used tiny prints in the past. But won’t use treats again because of this.

  • Alyssa says:

    I ordered my mom a card through Treat, and it got there two days late. I emailed them about it, and they credited my account with three free card tokens. I thought they had great customer service. Hopefully this card gets there on time!

  • Ira S. says:

    My website offers the same service, and is absolutely free. No credit card information requested. Just go to the website by clicking on my name and then click on the “Send a Card” button – totally free. The card then gets snail mailed so please use it before June 5 so that you allow enough time.

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