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Rite Aid: Up To 75% Off Grocery Clearance

8:21 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If you have a Rite Aid nearby, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for possible clearance on various grocery items! At my local Rite Aid, I spotted select items as much as 75% off! Here are a few of the bargains I spotted:

50% Off Kellogg’s Rice Krispies (Reg. $3.49!) – only $1.75
75% Off Fruit Me Up Pouches (Reg. $4.29!) – only $1.07
50% Off Chase & Sandborn Coffee (Reg. $6.99!) – only $3.50
50-75% Off Bigelow Tea Bags (Reg. $3.49!) – as low as only $0.87
50% Off Wolf Brand Chili (Reg. $2.39!) – only $1.20

Plus, check out the email & picture I received from reader, Mary…

Rite Aid has 75% off Kellogg’s Gluten-Free Rice Krispies, making them only $1.18 a box! And when you buy two, $1.00 off your next order Catalina pops up, making your final cost $0.68 per box with no other coupons needed.

(Thanks, Mary!)

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  • Dara says:

    You can sweeten that cereal deal if any of you got that $15’s worth of Kellogg’s coupons through the rewards program this week!

  • cheryl lister says:

    Last week I found numerous Kelloggs cereals marked 75% off, and some also had the little green Rite Aid coupons stuck to the boxes for another 50 cents or $1 off . I bought 8 boxes of cereal and received a $3 off my next purchase.

  • meg says:

    FYI..always check the expiration date on the food at rite aid. I have purchased clearance items in the past and they had expired over a year ago. Yuk!

  • lauren says:

    I scored some Goya products for all 50¢ and under!

  • Amy says:

    Yes expiration check stat! I found most expired they should just give that away the month it expires to those in need. I just did the Kroger deals and being a rule follower, lol I made a bunch of trips in a couple week span paid under eighty cents a box on cereal one week got six gallons of free milk. I am set for cereal until Christmas at least woohoo!

  • Rose says:

    Was able to score large chase & sanborn DECAF coffee in large can (reg 13.99) for 3.30 or so per can here in Southern Calif.

  • esther says:

    when is the RR deal good til?

  • Andrew says:

    Isn’t food clearance at Rite Aid if it’s not seasonal, just a fancier way of getting rid of short date merchandise?

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