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New Deal Shopping Video: Let’s Go to Target…

2:14 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

It’s time for another video in my “Weekly Deal Shopping” series!

Once again, I head to Target! :D Enjoy…

If you can’t see the video, go here.

(To see the deals referenced in the video, click the link below “Read More / Post Your Comments”.)

Target Deals Referenced in Video:

LeapFrog Touch Magic $10.99 (Reg. $21.99!)
Use the 10% off Girl’s and Boy’s Toys Target Cartwheel (will deduct $1.10)
Final Cost $9.89!

Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off All Puzzles, Card Games, and Board Games

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 Angry Birds Go! Small Jenga Games $4.99 each
Minus the buy 1 get 1 50% off sale = $7.49
Use the 10% off Girl’s and Boy’s Toys Target Cartwheel (will deduct $0.75)
AND use two $3/1 any TABOO or any JENGA game from Hasbro coupons here Gone :( or here
Final cost ONLY $0.74 for 2 – just $0.37 each!!

Play-Doh 4 pk Colors $2.79
Use the 10% off Girl’s and Boy’s Toys Target Cartwheel (will deduct $0.28)
Plus, use the $1/1 Play-Doh Compound Purchase of $2.50 or more coupon here Gone :( or here – manufacturer’s coupon found on
Final cost only $1.51!

Palmolive Dish Soap 25 oz $2.24-$2.87 (Reg. $3.19) – Price Cut thru 4/12
Use the $1.25/1 Palmolive 25oz+ Target mobile coupon (text SPRING to 827438)
Or use the $1.25/1 Palmolive 25oz+ Target mobile coupon (text THANKS to 827438)
Plus, use the $0.50/1 Palmolive Dish & Sink 25oz coupon found here
Final cost as low as $0.49!

Buy 3 Select Unilever Products = FREE $5 Target gift card
* Note that this gift card offer may be regional.

* Please note- there is a limit of 2 “like” Unilever coupons per transaction.

Deal Scenario #1
Buy 3 Suave Kids Body Wash Products, 12 oz $1.89 each
(There are select other Suave items priced as low as $1.89 too)
Pay $5.67
Get back a $5 Target gift card
Final cost only $0.67 total, just $0.22 each AND NO coupons needed! :D

Deal Scenario #2
Buy 2 TRESemme Shampoo $3.99 each
Buy 1 Axe Deodorant $3.89
Total =$11.87
Use the 10% Off Axe Deodorant Sticks & Sprays Cartwheel offer (will deduct $0.39)
Plus, use two $2/1 TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner coupons found in the 3/23 RP
And use the $1/1 AXE Peace or Harmony Product coupon here
Pay $6.48
Get back a $5 Target gift card
Final cost only $1.48 for all, just $0.49 each!

Deal Scenario #3:
Buy Q-Tips Swabs 625 ct $3.29
Buy 2 Suave Natural Infusions $2.89 each
Total = $9.07
Use the 75¢ off Q-Tips cotton swabs 170-ct. or larger Target store coupon here
Plus, use two $1.50/1 Suave Natural Infusions product coupons found here
Pay $5.32
Get back a $5 Target gift card
Final cost only $0.32, just $0.11 each!

Buy Old Spice Shampoo or Conditioner 3.99 = FREE old Spice Travel Size Product
Use the $1/1 Old Spice Hair Care Item Target mobile coupon (text BAREURHAIR to 827438)
Plus, use the $2/1 Old Spice Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Product coupon found in the 3/30 PG
Final cost $0.99 for both items!

Trident Gum 3 pk 2/$4 or $2 each
Use the $1/1 Trident Multipack Gum Target mobile coupon (text SPRING to 827438)
Or use the $1/2 Trident Multipack Gum Target mobile coupon (text THANKS to 827438)
Final cost as low as $1 for a 3-pack, just $0.33 per pack of gum!

Buy 4 Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets 2 pk 4/$8, Get 1 FREE
Deal Scenario:
Buy 5 Hot Pockets 4/$8
Total = $10
Minus the buy 4 get 1 FREE sale = $8 for all 5
Use the $1/4 Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets frozen sandwiches Target coupon found here
Plus, use the 10% Off Hot Pocket Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.70)
And, use two $1/2 Hot or Lean Pockets coupons found here (scroll down – Facebook)
Final cost $4.30 total, just $0.86 each!

Buy 2 Yoplait Greek Blended Yogurt Cups $0.89 each
Used the $1/2 Yoplait Greek Blended Yogurt Cups coupon here
(void in CA, LA, NJ, ND, NV and TN)
(OR use the $0.50/1 Yoplait Greek Blended Yogurt Cup coupon here)
Plus, use the 20% off Yoplait Greek Blended Cups Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.36)
Final cost only 0.42 total (makes each cup only $0.21!)

Bought 2 Nabisco Wheat Thins (Select Varieties) $2 each
Total = $4
Used the $1/1 Nabisco Wheat Thins 5.5oz+ Target mobile coupon (text SPRING to 827438)
And, used the $0.75/1 Nabisco Wheat Thins 5.5oz+ Target mobile coupon (text THANKS to 827438)
PLUS, use the $1/2 Nabisco Wheat Thins Popped Chips or Snacks 4.5 oz+ coupon found in the 4/6 SS or here (Facebook)
Paid $1.25 total, $0.63 per box!

Market Pantry Pasta (select varieties) on sale for $0.78
Use the $1.50/3 Market Pantry pasta sauces Target coupon found here
Or use the $1/2 Market Pantry Pastas or Pasta Sauces Target mobile coupon (text SPRING to 827438)
Or use the $1/3 Market Pantry pastas Target coupon found here
Plus, use the 5% Off Market Pantry Pasta Cartwheel Savings Offer
Final cost as low as $0.28 , plus 5% off with Cartwheel offer!

Market Pantry Sauce on sale for $1.14
Use the $1/2 Market Pantry Pastas or Pasta Sauces Target mobile coupon (text SPRING to 827438)
Plus, use the 5% Off Market Pantry Pasta Sauce Cartwheel Savings Offer
Final cost only $0.64 each, plus 5% off with Cartwheel offer!

Happy Shopping! :D

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  • leanne says:

    cotton swabs coupon no longer available :( darn, would’ve been a good deal!!

  • Toni says:

    I got a coupon that says $5/ 1 Jenga game could I use it on the angry bird games?

  • Lisa says:

    Is there any reason why you couldn’t get 2 of the Suave Natural Infusions and 1 Suave kids body wash for $4.67 after 2 $1.50 off coupons and then make $.33 after giftcard?

  • Daisy says:

    What exactly is cartwheel deals and how do I sign up?

  • Joanne says:

    Love your site and your videos Colin! I like mobile coupon screen shot idea, but if you download the Target app, you can add all your mobile coupons to a “passbook” and have them ready to go at check out too.

    • Pat says:

      I just printed out my text coupons and showed them to the cashier to scan. Worked great. I also kept up with my coupons that way.

      • Tracey C says:

        Hey guys, I use the Target mobile app. for all my Target Mobile coupon codes. When you get the mobile q’s, you can click at the top to “add” the mobile q’s to your Target passbook(which is within the Target App). Then, when you need to access them, you simply go to your Target app, open up the menu, click on deals, on coupons, then you just scroll from coupon to coupon. I mean, the “Spring” is a coupon with bar code scanner at top, you would just be able to scroll from Spring, to Beauty, to..etc. They are all right there and you just swipe between them…so fast! Here’s how. First, you need to download the Target app. So, when you get a text from Target, click to go to the new coupons. Once you do, you can scroll down to the bottom and look for the red bar that says “add to passbook.” You click this and it will take you to your Target App (you have to have this on your smart phone first, and you need ios6 at least, I think). Once it take you there, just click on the ADD button in the right upper corner and that’s it! It will remain there ready for you to use! So at checkout, I have my Target Mobile App open to my mobile coupons, and my Cartwheel open. I just open each to have cashier scan. Once I’m in the Mobile Coupons, all the coupons I’ve added are right there, just scroll left and right to get to each different one. Then I go to Cartwheel and she/he scans that. So much easier! I hope this isn’t confusing! Collin, this would be a great tutorial for your readers, maybe even the next video how to!! You’re the BEST!!!

    • Maja says:

      GO Collin GO :) You are so funny:)
      It’s much easier when you screen shot mobile coupons and cartwheel, they scans perfect and no mess at check out. :)

  • Angela V. says:

    Love the Target tips! Heads Up to other hipsters, the cashier told me the jenga coupon wasn’t valid on the Angry Birds sets. I had to point out the box said jenga and the coupon said any jenga game.

  • Harlow says:

    Cant wait to see the deal on the cute tee shirt !!!!!! :)

  • Michelle P says:

    Thanks for all of your hip advice Collin! You are awesome :) I had fun at Target today!
    I do have a question for all of you cartwheel pros out there. What do you do if the cartwheel doesn’t come off on some of the items you know qualify? I purchased the Play Doh and some Littlest Pet Shop sets and the only cartwheel that came off was on one of my Littlest Pet Shops. Thank you!

    • Maja says:

      Go back to customer service and let them know that your cartwheel didn’t came off, show them receipt and cartwheel on phone. They should give you money back.

    • kk says:

      hi michelle….this scenario just happened to me last wk!
      after a not helpful call to target customer service 1800#, i went back to the store where it was refunded at the customer svc desk.
      it was very odd as some offers on cartwheel and various mobiles did and did not scan.
      in my case it was an easy cash back refund. have your items, receipt, cartwheel & target mobile ready and hopefully it will work for you as well.
      on a side note, the only semi-helpful thing the call got me was that it needed to be w/in 3days of the purchase to be done.

  • Sara says:

    I can’t find the Taboo/Jenga coupon either. There is a different Angry Bird coupon for $5 off/1, but it’s for a specific game :(

  • ihearthip says:

    I have a non related question for hipsters: I want to go ahead and start buying school supplies for next year, when I can catch them on sale. My son is going to kindergarten. I see a list from last year on the school’s site, but I am wondering if there are certain items that are typical for kindergarten? Could someone chime in and let me know what kinds of things you have had to buy?

    • crystal says:

      My daughter is starting kindergarten in the fall too. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I agree too that you should wait. There are always hot deals in July.

    • Becky says:

      How exciting for your little one to begin Kindergarten. I work as a kindergarten assistant and would agree with everyone else – wait until late July, early August.
      Prices are so much more affordable and better deals also. We have students running out of supplies and with only a few months left, prices are currently higher.
      Quick reminder to stick with brand names such as crayola. The brand speaks for itself. The colors are true and not faded – but I understand if you are on a budget – purchase what you can afford. I know that I purchase extra supplies for the classroom during late summer. We always have someone each year that is missing an item or two. Its easier just to provide rather than send a note home.
      Best of luck to your family :)

      • Lauren says:

        Isn’t there also with some of the students being allergic to contents of some school supplies? I remember that from one of the conversation threads from last fall. I’d wait- a lot if teachers are very specific!

    • mel says:

      Off the top of my head, mine needed crayons, markers, pencils, writing tablet, marble composition book (needed 4, 1 per quarter), construction paper, plastic pencil box, glue sticks, safety scissors. .

      • ihearthip says:

        OK thanks! This gives me an idea. If I catch some of these things on sale I won’t mind squirreling it away. I might wait for some stuff and see what the sales are going to be close to August. When he started PK I had a bad experience due to waiting to the last minute. Never again! lol I found that some hot items become scarce.

        • Dawn says:

          School starts in August my area, therefore school sales begin in mid-July. I have found the best sales are at Target, Office Depot, and Walmart. It’s kind of fun and exciting to grab those awesome deals. ☺️

          • Margot says:

            Also Staples and Office Max. Be sure to check the Staples site for additional coupons. In our area (NorCal) the loss leader ads start in mid July. Some are limited to 3 or 10 items, but they beat Target and Walmart.

    • Megan says:

      It’s really worth waiting until the fall. The stores will work hard to compete with each other and offer up some great loss leaders on school supplies.

      My kids needed (will need) crayons, pencils, water color paints, safety scissors, and a metric tonne of glue sticks. :/

      • Angie says:

        I agree with Megan–wait!!!! Not only are the prices better, but lots of teachers are very specific about the brands and even the scent.

  • VF says:

    I don’t see the $3 off jenga games coupon at What zip code should i use? thanks!

  • Melissa says:

    The play-doh coupon isn’t coming up for me. What zip code are you using? I’m only seeing the $5/1 Play-doh Playsets.

  • kate says:

    i went there today and some lady had taken ALL of them… the employee wouldn’t give me a rain check either :(

  • kelle says:

    so love your videos and i will be at target getting all my stuff for 10 dollars THANKS AGAIN

  • Ben says:

    Did anybody have trouble using their mobile coupon for Palmolive on that new dish & sink Palmolive. My stores wouldnt take it. the computer wouldnt take the mobile coupon. Please let me know if anybody else had problems. You can email me at

    • jill w says:

      Yes but I didnt catch it until after I left since I was using multiple coupons and 4 different bar codes on my phone-

    • Angela V. says:

      I’ve tried using mobile coupons several times and it’s never worked, even when I have the exact same item listed in the mobile ad. :(

    • Rosana says:

      Mine didn’t work either but the cashier made sure I had the right item and it thru. Love my target cashier

    • mel says:

      I couldn’t get it to work on the green bottle pictured on the mobile coupon! I had a different scent and the cashier said it will only work on the green one. I said, it says 25 oz or larger, not original. She called someone, who brought the green bottle up, voided and rescanned and the mobile STILL didn’t work. Manager priced modified it $1.25 off the selling price.

      • Ang says:

        Mine didnt come off either, I just went to customer service after I checked out and she gave me 2.25 cash (I purchased two and showed her both the THANKS and SPRING mobile coupons)

    • JulianFaux says:

      Ben, I had trouble has well!! The cashier ended up just typing them in manually as target store coupons.

    • Stacy says:

      My cashier had to call a manager over who pushed them through. I just figured it wasn’t going to work on the dish and sink variety. But they were kind.

    • Kay says:

      One of them worked (either Spring or Thanks, I don’t remember which) and the other didn’t, but they went ahead and pushed it through after verifying it was the same size.

  • Michele says:

    Just a reminder that you will receive the lowest price game at half off. I bought several for our school for fundraiser.

    • Kay says:

      True, but they do kind of sort them together to give you the best deal automatically. I got two of the $4.99 Jenga games, then Chutes and Ladders and Candyland priced at $7.99 and $7.79. The two Jenga games were put together for $2.50 off, then they also took off half of the $7.79 one.

  • Kelly says:

    I take a screen shot of my cartwheel barcode and mobile coupons and then put then on one page using the pic collage app

  • Tricia says:

    I ended up getting two of the bigger Angry Birds GO! Jenga games (the ones that are on price reduction for $9.99 each.) I used two of the $5/1 Angry Birds GO! Coupons on and the BOGO 1/2 sale and Cartwheel for 10% off all toys. For both of them, it only cost me $4 and change. And these are big toys, great to use as the main attraction for an Easter basket. I was really happy with my deal.

  • mel says:

    How do you screen shot? I did it once by mistake when I was playing Candy Crush a long time ago, and I don’t even know what I did!!! I’m using a Samsung Galaxy 3. I use the Target app, and normally don’t have any wifi issues, but last week I when I would try to open the app it kept giving an error message and force closing.

    • katie says:

      Hold your home and lock buttons down at the same time :)

      • Edie says:

        Apparently my phone doesn’t (didn’t…) like screenshots. I wasn’t sure how to do it either, and after seeing this comment I tried it twice on my phone. Only twice, because after the second time, my screen went black and won’t change or do anything.

        Yay for faulty, expensive technology…

  • Ang says:

    They had elefun and hungry hippos price cut from 19.99 to 12.99 and with the B1G1 half off and the 10% cartwheel came to 17.53 and there is a $5 off coupon on or if you use 2, total is 7.53 for both or 3.77 each!!!!

  • Lucky says:

    A little OT here: hope you guys can help. Recently one of the person who doesn’t work directly with my hubby but is in different dept at hubby workplace , his wife passed away due to cancer :( leaving two twins daughter 4 years old and they are planning a basket full of goodies to cheer up the kids any ideas what should I put in the basket. Thanks

    • Brindha says:

      Candy of course…. Some games… Toys…

    • TeresaS says:

      I’m sure busy game item would be a help for a dad who now is on his own. Something like barbies or make believe items will keep their mind on play and off other things. Also things like crayons and coloring books or maybe a stuffed animal they can hold. My son had surgery last month and the stuffed animal was a huge comfort to him for weeks. When my mom passed away last year they also got a stuffed animal she had picked out right before she passed, it was a very soft cat, which was her favorite animal. He always drags it around with him and still remembers she gave it to him.

  • Donna says:

    Hey Collin! Not sure if you already know about this, but it’s a great tip for Cartwheel offers! Just open cartwheel, click on the menu button, at the top of the list is a search field and next to it is a barcode, click on the barcode and scan the items in your cart to see if there are any cartwheel offers!! Makes it so much easier than looking thru all the offers!

  • Regina says:

    Hi Collin, I was wondering where you got the coupons for the Hot Pockets, and how do you know it is B4G1?

  • Amber M. says:

    Are the wheat thins still on price cut? I assume you shopped on the 6th or 7th but it says price cut is thru 4/5???? Just curious if i should put it on my list too!!!

  • steph says:

    We start right after the holidays and anytime we see deals like these on toys, games, trinkets, and even childrens toiletries we start buying them. We put them away and then do a big donation to both toys for tots drives before the holidays and also a local organization that has tags on Christmas trees with requests from children/families in need. These deals will be great for that.

  • Shana says:

    Collin, you truly are a ray of sunshine! Thanks for helping my little family save so much. (And I’m a gum addict, so I’m running to Target right now!)

  • Meghan says:

    Is there a limit of the text coupons that you can use? I used the wheat thins target mobile coupon last week for a deal, can I use it again this week? Does it disappear if you reach your limit or just not scan the amount off your total? Make sense?

    • mel says:

      Mobile coupons are one time use. Once you use it, It will say redeemed on xx date.

    • Roxy says:

      Yes. Each coupon can only be used once. After you use, it will say redeemed. Ask a friend / family member to sign up for the coupon then you can print screen the barcode as mentioned above and send the picture to your phone and then you can use it. Hope I wasnt too confusing :)

  • Guest says:

    LOL “I don’t know if their car is being burglarized”… Collin you are soo funny! Love the video!!!!

  • magz03 says:

    Is the Q-tip coupon still available?

  • Michele says:

    Anyone see the q tip or yo plait Greek coupon on targets website?

  • AmyC says:

    Thank you ! You make it so easy to understand

  • april says:

    Ok is there any chance that I can get mobile coupons and cart wheel on a tablet?
    I don’t own a cell phone.

    • Roxy says:

      Cartwheel is an app so it will work on tablets as well. You need Internet connection so if you don’t have service make sure to connect to Target’s WiFi when you get in store.

      Mobile coupons only work if you have a cell phone number. Ask somebody with a phone to sign up for the messages and then just print screen the bar code for each offer and send it to your tablet.

    • Kay says:

      Also don’t forget than you can do these at home and print them to take with you! You can print the bar code for Cartwheel at home, and you can enter the web address from the text messages Target sends you for mobile coupons into the computer, too.

  • Jacki says:

    Love it! Thank you!

  • Karen says:

    Love the new video! I wish I had the time to get to target this week but I don’t, without children anyways! Also, I love the ‘gift closet’ idea and do have a few things myself but the last party my 7 yr old went to he was the only kid that brought an actual ‘gift’. All the other kids gave money…and I mean like $20 bills! Ummmm, what the heck is going on with kids parties these days?? I was totally surprised at this. I can understand for a teenagers party, like when my 16 yr old goes to a friends birthday party he’ll ask me for a $20 for the gift. I grit my teeth and give it to him, lol! But for little kids, what happened to giving a toy present?? Does this happen at your kids parties too??

    • Lee says:

      My 7 year old is going to one this weekend. I’ll be curious now to see. Needless to say, we are bringing a gift, not cash. ;)

  • Pam says:

    Love the price is right “loser” sound effects…so funny!

  • Stacy says:

    fyi = the peace and harmony axe deodorant fragrance is not in the Unilever deal. My store would not push it through. The signs were only marked on the other fragrances, apollo and phoenix. I ended up just getting three of the suave infusion hair products.

  • Patty says:

    Anyone else hate the Target receipt? It’s so confusing! Wish they would make it easier to read! :(

    • Guest says:

      YES!!! I can NEVER figure anything out.. Ever!! Lol so I always just hope they did it right because I can’t read their dang receipts

  • Melissa says:

    Love the Target deals!! Though, wish target would stock up on things!! Hate going to 4 diff targets to catch a deal, because the shelves are always out :( :(

  • Nadia says:

    My mobile dish soap coupon didn’t scan…ugh :(. And yes I hate target receipt, it is way to confusing :(

  • hgflores says:

    my mobile dish soap didnt scan either, i went to store and she was clueless, i just returned it, i did take advantage of 7th generation soap

  • Melani says:

    I couldn’t find the text offer info for Old Spice? :-/

  • Rachel Jokela says:

    Pretty much obsessed with your videos. Highlight of my couponing week!

  • amyr says:

    I found all the Hasbro coupons in Smart Source 4/6. Look there before printing! Also, Walmart has washable Crayola markers on sale this week for 97 cents. That’s a good deal, especially with the $1 off $5 in the Red Plum 4/6.

  • Pat says:

    I guess I can say something now but I did a survey about the deals at target. they asked about different deals wanting to know if it would make me interested in buying items. I did one on the unilever products for sure. Can’t remember if I did any of the others. I did do one about the one normal size and a free sample size product though.

  • Deanna says:

    Can you use the play-doh coupon from with the target coupon on

  • Vanesa says:

    Hi I love the breakdown but since I am just starting with couponing I would like to know what items you got on each transaction. Hope you can help and thanks for your time.

  • Kallie says:

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but I was looking at all the toy coupon on the link provided and there is a $5.00 off and one Angry Birds Go! game from HASBRO. The picture shows Angry Bird Go! Jenga. I’m wondering if this will work too….so 2 more free! I’m new to couponing so if I’m wrong I apologize!!

  • pau says:

    Hi, I want to do the hot pockets deal but don’t seem to find the facebook coupon did someone has the link or the date it was published TIA.

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