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Hip2Save is a nationally-recognized coupon and savings blog. Collin Morgan, mother of three and proud wife to a former Marine, began the blog in the summer of 2008 as a way to help herself, family, and friends save money. Little did she know that her hobby would turn into a full-time endeavor. Hip2Save is constantly evolving thanks to input from supportive readers and extended family members.

In order to keep up with all the deals and giveaways, Collin depends on her oldest sister, Bryn O’Kelley, and her loyal friend, Mary Farmer. Bryn and Mary are regular contributors to the website and act as HIP’s sidekicks whenever Collin needs a helping hand – which is often! Like Collin, they each have three young children so there is a lot of chaos, laughter, and “un-hipness” behind the scenes.

Susan, Collin’s mother, works behind the scenes and occasionally jumps in to help a reader in need. “Ma,” Collin’s 85-year-old grandmother, is a favorite of Hip2Save readers with her infectious laughter and spunkiness (in fact, you can hear a little bit of “Ma” by hovering over the rocking chair at the bottom right of :D) . She accompanies Collin on Hip2Save events whenever asked.

Collin’s Story:

My frugal journey started after the birth of my first child. My husband was an active duty Marine. We were young (still are! ;) ) and were not prepared for the many responsibilities that come with adulthood and parenting.

In all honesty, our focus was way more on materialistic things – making sure that the kiddos looked adorable and that we did too. Going out to buy new clothes and driving flashy cars were at the top of our list. We worked hard to make it look, at least on the outside, that our lives were perfect. The sad truth was that we had started digging a big financial hole – one that was going to be very difficult to get out of. I was depressed on the inside, but I just ignored that feeling and pushed it to the side by purchasing more and pretending. Soon enough, our credit card debt was out of control, and a vicious cycle had begun. The more depressed I became, the more I spent.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.36.08 AM

(Collin’s 3 kiddos – Ayden, Piper, and Nicholas)

I began blogging, under the name of Hip2Save, as a way to chart a new path for myself and to get my spending habits under control. My family and friends were my readers and my support base. Blogging gave me the courage to try out new behaviors, use my imagination, and explore new possibilities. At the same time, it helped me shift my priorities: Family and the simple pleasures in life came to the forefront, and material things took a back seat.

Fast forward ahead: My life has changed in so many positive ways. I have discovered that it really is Hip to save and a whole lot more fun and rewarding than overspending and dealing with debt. I have climbed out of a very deep hole and am learning to be accountable to myself, my family, and now to you too.

Who knows what’s around the corner, but, with all you amazing Hip2Savers in my life, I definitely look forward to the journey ahead.

A little about the website :

Please take your time to browse around There are loads of money-saving offers, frugal deals and steals, freebies, online bargains, and much more. New posts are added regularly so check back often: and, with that, I mean hourly! ;) Have a look at HIP’s Video Series, test out the Coupon Database, and make sure to register so that you can use the Hip List and be a part of the awesome Hip2Save community.

Every post has a comment section. This is your chance to contribute: Give us your feedback, advice, or personal opinion. Your input is what makes this blog fun and helpful to everyone. Be on the lookout for the Comment Fairy who occasionally tags a very useful comment and follows up with a gift to the reader.

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