My Top 10 Couponing Tips

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1. DON’T be brand loyal…try new products and be open to purchase products you wouldn’t normally use.

2. Stockpile— which basically means if you’re getting a product at a rock bottom price STOCK UP!  Great things to stockpile are canned goods, cleaning products, toothpaste, paper goods… and pretty much anything with a long expiration date.

3. Buy at least a few Sunday newspapers. You will start building up a nice stash of coupons and that way when a good deal comes along you can stock up (this will help with rule #2)!

4. Buy the smallest size possible that the coupon will allow. For example, if you have a $1/1 Charmin coupon (with No size restriction), buy the smallest size–which is usually the 4 pack. Why? Well, sometimes the 4 packs go on sale for $1, so FREE after the coupon! AND, if you have a few coupons, then you can STOCK UP and get a couple 4 packs for FREE! I did this previously with Old spice body wash coupons. I had four $2/2 body wash coupons. The coupons didn’t exclude the travel size (which some coupons do), so I went to Walmart and bought 8 travel size old Spice body washes that would have cost me $1 a piece for FREE!

5. Always check manufacturer product boxes before throwing them away. A lot of times there are different rebates going on or other promotion where you might need the UPS. Also some products have coupons on them as well…sometimes hidden inside the box. I cut out the UPC’s from my Colgate toothpastes purchased previously (which were FREE by the way) and sent them in to get FREE Sponge Bob automatic toothbrushes for my kiddos!

6. Coupon organization is key when it comes to finding unadvertised clearance deals. There are several coupon organization options, but my favorite by far is the binder method. Basically I have a binder with dividers and baseball card inserts for coupons. I use dividers for different categories such as dairy, snack foods, canned goods, personal care, cleaning supplies ect. The baseball card inserts are great because you can see all your coupons laid out in front of you! I talked more about this method in my Coupon Organization Follow Me Monday video!

7. Sometimes you have to buy products you don’t need to get products you do. Now this rule might seem like a hard one to understand. Here is an example: Lets say Walgreens has a Register Reward promotion going on–Buy 10 Gillette shaving products, earn a $5 Register Reward. The least expensive Gillette Shaving Gel products are $2. Buy 10 for a total of $20. Plus, Walgreens has $1/1 coupon and there are also $1/1 manufacturer coupons, so if you stack these together you can get 10 Shaving Gels for FREE + score a $5 Register Reward to use on your next purchase! You can buy Diapers, newspapers or any other items you may need with that Register Reward! So the point is, you may walk out of Walgreens with 10 FREE shaving Gels you don’t need, but $5 worth of products (from the $5 Register Reward) that you do need!

8. Make couponing work for you. I clip and sort through expired coupons while watching TV or movies at night. I like it because it keeps my hands busy! You can also have your kiddos help with organizing coupons. My kids enjoy sorting the coupons into the right categories and putting them inside the inserts. There are lots of ways to make couponing clipping more enjoyable! I think the main thing is to get your family involved and make it a fun activity!

9. Bring cash when you shop! I don’t know about you, but when I slide a credit card at the store it’s well, so easy! Makes me want to keep on spending! BUT, when I have to actually take dollar bills out of my wallet… well, it’s not so easy and definitely makes me think twice about what I’m purchasing!

10. Coupon overage is Great. It lets you get other products you want and don’t have a coupon for at a better price. Example: I buy the travel size clean & clear at Kmart for $1, but have a $2/1 coupon (that doesn’t exclude travel size)…so the additional $1 goes towards other products I’m purchasing. This also is another reason for rule #7.

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  1. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Is rule #10 what you refer to in your blog as a moneymaker?

  2. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Im not really understanding your question. Do you want to know what items you can purchase to create overage(make a little extra money on)?!? If so, check out the Walgreen’s and CVS weekly deals.

    Feel free to ask me any other questions!:)

  3. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Hey there,
    I am new to clipping and I have been using multiple coupons for single items. ie 2 manuf. coupons and another from internet all for a single item. I figured, if they were not right they wouldnt work. They always go through, or there is a beep, but the cashier reeds it and puts it through, i just thought they were making sure I got the right item. Only today as I was clipping did I bother to read them and noticed they said only one per purchase. My store has been accepting them this way, are they making a mistake? I just dont want to find out one day that instead of owing $20, I owe $100!
    And when you have an internet coupon that says $1.00 off two items and that coupon cant be used with another coupon, how are you able to save as much as you save? Even with the sale price, I dont know how you are getting them for free?
    Please educate me!!!
    Just found your site and am a fan already!!!

    • Sarah

      If you buy ten things and have a coupon for $1 off one you can use ten coupons. It’s not limit one coupon per customer it’s one coupon per purchase and each item counts as a purchase.

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        I think what they meant was that some coupons say “not valid with any other discount” If they say that how do you use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item? I’m curious too!

  4. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. To clarify, You can ONLY use one manufacturer coupon per item purchased. I’m surprised your store was excepting your coupons since they usually would beep if you were using more then one manuf. coupon on a single item. Also if you have a $1/2 coupon, then that manuf. coupon will cover both items and you will ONLY be able to use one. Hope that makes sense!:)

    I promise you still will be able to score some sweet deals. If you check out the CVS, Walgreen’s and Rite Aid deal posts, you will see lots of items you can get FREE and even make money on too!

    Oh ya I forgot to mention you can pair a manuf. coupon with a store coupon on a single item… so Walgreen’s coupons can be paired with manuf. coupons for an even sweeter deal!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      accepting is the correct spelling

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        Kind of a snotty post…

      • maria

        She’s helping us out and you correct her grammar??? WTF?

        • Christina m

          wow yeah that was the complete wrong way to go about doing that. Let me make sure I’ve spelled everything right before posting!

          • Erz

            I was thinking the same thing, Anonymous from Dec 23, 2009. “Excepting” the coupons would make it a completely different sentence. There were a couple other things I noticed, too, but I must say that the advice is still quite good.
            I never thought to buy something I didn’t need to get something I do want/need for free. Than, I can donate those things that I didn’t need. Very cool! I’m going to study these rules. Thanks!

      • Erz

        And it won’t let me correct my own typo, so I feel like an idiot! Of course, I meant, “ThEn, I can donate…” ugh.

      • Nikki

        Well there anonymous. Im guessing your probably not the most active person ever. I am a complete grammar freak, but uh, when you have kids running around, dinner boiling all over your stove, the phone ringing, the computer going of, then the piercing scream as one of those kids gets hurt, while your mother in law is telling you what to do, THEN are finally able to answer a question, online, to a complete stranger that needs help, Im gonna assume grammar isnt gonne be a major issue. As long as its legible and understood, the job is done…..therefore one can get back to scouring the net, running baths, answering more questions, starting wash, reading stories, shopping…you get it. I hope.

        • Di

          I would disagree. Many times a misspelling doesn’t interfere with the meaning and it would be respectful to overlook it. However, if you know the meaning to both accepting and excepting, this sentence would be confusing especially for those who are new to coupons and are trying to learn how this coupon business works. The person simply clarified to help keep down any possible confusion. Nothing else was said to imply snottiness. It was only implied by the reader who felt the need to point out their opinion. Unwittingly, that opinion encouraged others to do the same and thereby a major ordeal has ensued making the situation way worse than it needed to be. Needless to say, it also took everyone away from the intended purpose of the originial post.
          Yes, most of us are very busy mothers and we appreciate the great lengths to which the blogger has gone to help all her readers. No one has ever said the contrary.

    • Christie

      how do you get walgreen coupons

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        You can find Walgreen coupons in their weekly ad. If you don’t get them in the mail or Sunday paper, you can usually find them at the front of the store.

      • Di

        you can also get the little booklets at Walgreens with coupons in addition to the coupons in their ad. I have used a ad coupon+booklet coupon+manf coupon all on 1 item.

  5. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I see a question on this thread that I was wondering as well! About doubling your savings on a certain product.

    I understand the using a coupon on say a sale item. Say a pizza is usually $3.00 and is on sale for $1.50 and you have a coupon for $1.50 off that pizza making it FREE. But the overage is if you have a different coupon for the same item (say the stores own coupon) then you just made money.

    My concern was if it was even possible! It sounds great, but I never know what the rules are for certain stores. I for the most part because of the short distance shop at Walmart. I’ve noticed the cashiers there are more likely to examine the coupon with a magnifying glass and tell you why you can’t have it. I once used the comp option with a coupon and the cashier said I can only have it one way, not both ways. Not sure who was right there. And now they have informed me that they no longer will except coupons printed online! I guess I need to shop somewhere else.

    I do though, wonder if you can double your coupons no matter what the coupon says, or should I stick to the ones that have say no limit per transaction? I fear the beep and the learing eyes of the cashier as she thinks I’m trying to be sneaky lol.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Di

      Wow! I have a very similar shopping experience at Walmart as you do!
      It is absolutely ridiculous the way I am treated whenever I try to use a coupon. I even had an assistant mgr try to help once. He called the front office to find out which code to use to override the beep they told him not to accept my coupon because it was for $1 off and the item was 88 cents. They seemed to be quite inept since they would have still gotten their $1 from the manufacturer

    • Ron

      Maybe its your store that doesnt take printed coupons which recently Counterfeit coupons have been showing up so yes….we do have to scrutinize so not to lose our jobs. My store excepts the comp. and coupon and we still except the printed coupons. In your case where the cashier didnt allow the comp plus coupon you should have directly asked for a CSM to approve it. The coupon is the same thing as cash so as long as its not counterfeit its not really a problem. We have to scrutinize flyers for comping as well….alot of people like to save them and lie about it and cashier do get tired of that. Save money but legititmately, dont try to steal. We see it every day ALOT. It gets old seeing that many folks trying to steal. We get paid very little and have our jobs on the line to catch it constantly.

  6. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    i know this is an old post but i still have a question . . . what if you have two manufacture coupons but they are different – for example a $1.00 off coupon and then a $0.50 off coupon for the same item – should you be able to use both of them?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      No, you wouldn’t be able to use both. You have to choose ONE manufacturer coupon to use per item.

  7. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    C and G,
    You can only use one coupon per item purchased, so you’d have to choose between the two coupons.

  8. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was wondering about the cash thing? Why bring cash? My husband will not let me have cash since we get points back on our credit card so I have to use it for everything. Can you explain that part to me?

    I love your site! It makes me want to get out and start right away…especially since I live in an area where NO ONE doubles coupons ever…and we just saw a coupon for double a manufacturer’s coupon at Albertson’s AND my husband works there so we got an extra 25% off. It was sweet!

  9. Kristin

    Jon and Christine… using cash is the best way (for some) to be accountable for how much they spend. All she is saying is if you have $100 cash for groceries that week you are more likely to watch your spending. Where if you had just a card the the little additions to your cart add up and can blow your budget quickly. (ie things not on sale, an 20oz coke bottle and candy bar for yourself, items that just look good but aren’t on your shopping list )

    Try it one month and it’s possible the savings you gain from sticking to a cash budget are better then the points on the card.

    • Di

      I completely agree with Kristin. We did that w/ AMEX & Costco due to the % back. It was causing us to go in debt and the money we made back was extremely minor in respect to the amount we overspent. I paid off the card and cancelled it immediately!

      • lilminky

        I have to add here that while I agree with the idea of shopping with cash to keep your budget intact, I also love the perks of using our Discover card cash back program. We just cashed in our cash back points and “bought” a brand new camcorder for free. We use the card for most things we buy, pay it off right away, and earn points. K, I sound like a paid sponsor for Discover…I’m not! I just like the free stuff! But, like I said, I agree that using cash is the best idea for keeping within your budget.

  10. Melissa

    On the extra Sunday newspapers thing, here’s a tip for readers who may not know: I’m not sure how many states have a Dollar Tree, but they sell EVERYTHING for $1…so, you can buy extra Sunday papers there at $1 a piece.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      does dollar tree take coupons??

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great tip! Thanks!

    • Shawanda

      Yes. Stealing does save money.

      • Christina m

        lulu, that may not be something to be proudly spreading around. saving money that way for you is costing someone else money. And that was an awesome tip melissa, I never though of the dollar tree for cheaper newspapers. $2 here is a but much!

    • Kristin

      Our Dollar Trees stopped selling Sunday papers here in MN – the paper company hiked up the cost too much for them to sell 🙁 Back to paying $2 an issue.

      • Sara

        I’m in MN also, and noticed that Dollar Tree stopped selling them too. But one of our grocery stores has the “Early Sunday” Star Tribune for sale on Saturdays for $.75 and all the same coupons are in it as the fat sunday paper. Also, the Sunday Pioneer Press is only $1.

    • Erz

      Sunday papers for $1, Thanks!

  11. Penny

    Regarding DOllar Tree mine in Northern Illinois does NOT take any coupons. Bummer

  12. jrhenry7

    I know you are not allowed to use 2 manufacturers coupons at the same time, but at my WalMart I do it all the time and they never say a word. I actually didn’t even realize I was doing it till my husband was shopping with me and I had him holding my coupons and he told me I couldn’t use the two coupons but I did and there was no beep or anything. I’ve used 2 manufact. coupons before and a coupon from Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid or CVS at the same time and they go along with it. Very rarely is there a beep and when there is they just put the amount in manually. I guess I’ll quit doing it when they catch it, if they ever do.

    • Damien B

      You can use two manu coupons in one TRANSACTION… just not for the SAME ITEM… i.e. if I buy 2 pillsbury crescent rolls, then I can use 2 manu coupons on my two items purchased.

      • Damien B

        Oh and if you are using 2 manu qs for the same item (not buying multiples of the item) then it is wrong and you should stop doing it… but I was getting the impression from your post that you were talking about having multiple items, which is perfectly ok.

  13. amanda

    If you use 2 manufacturer coupons on 1 item then that is coupon fraud and is a serious offense. You CAN get in A lot of trouble for this. I am NOT trying to be rude, just letting you know incase you didn’t already

  14. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I believe some are getting confused between per purchase and per transaction.

  15. alanna

    I’ve had WAG’s refuse to accept MQ or WAG Q if the coupon $ is higher than the item, for example, using a $1 and the amount left due for the item is 99c… the coupon beeps (not for other reasons like coupon/item count, etc.)… have you experienced this before? and also, some WAG Q’s in the WAG booklets like Diabetes and You mention “manufacturer coupon” in the fine print. Some clerks/mgrs even have refused to take them with a MQ, too, saying that it’s counted as 2 MQ because of the text. experienced this? I really love the look of your site, thanks!!!

  16. Wendy

    Many of the store coupon booklets at WAG’s do say “manufacturer coupon”; however, if you look at the barcode you can tell it is actually a store coupon. The barcodes on manufacturers’ coupons start with 9 or 5. So, even though it says on the coupon that it is a manufacturer’s coupon, if the barcode starts with a different number, it is actually a store coupon. Also, when using a manufacturer’s coupon and a WAG’s coupon on the same item, hand them the manufacturer’s coupon to scan first, then the store coupon. This will prevent the beeping.

  17. Anna

    I come from a family that was raised on coupons…..but I just have to get my rear end in gear and get back into the swing of things. I know coupons really do work – my mom is still getting stuff for unbelievable prices. Love this site too!!!

  18. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I clip coupons and plan my shopping trips at work as I work Security and spend a good part of my night just sitting in the Security booth monitoring the front of campus.

    Oh and for me using a debit card is no more tempting than cash and has the added value of being easier to enter into my budget (as I can just check the bank statement) which oddly enough keeps me more accountable than the cash, which later on I will either have to check the receipt or guess how much I spent. An added bonus is that I rack up rewards on my debit/ credit card towards getting FREE GASOLINE!!!

    Oh and I personally don’t agree that it is ALWAYS best to go with the smaller size… namely if I only have 1 coupon and I can get a 14oz box of cereal for 99 cents, I would much rather do that than get 1 free 3oz trial box (not sure on the sizes here); I know I saw this in your latest follow-me monday video. Now if I have a bunch of those $1 off coupons, then yeah I would just grab a bunch of free trial size cereals for free and they would eventually add up to a full box of the regular cereal and I would not have to pay anything. Though I do agree that going for the smallest size in GENERALLY the best idea!!!

  19. Penny

    May I repost these tips if I link back to your site??

  20. Shelia

    I am just getting started with the coupon frenzy. What is the easiest way you have found to track your savings, so you can see your hard work paid off.

    • Kira G

      I save my receipts in an envelope, but some have spread sheets set up.

  21. jen

    at kroger it’s really easy because they itemize your savings at the bottom. wag and cvs are the same. at walmart, i give all my coupons at the end so they are all together. that makes it easier for me to put it on my calendar (put each shopping trip down in the bottom corner). i put the monthly totals in my checkbook when i balance. saved 623 so far this year!!! good luck coupon-ing!!!

    • Amanda

      You are correct that a lot of stores show coupon and sale savings, but they do not always show the amounts saved from clearance items. I know this is true at Kroger and Target. I think with Walgreens and CVS the receipt adds up clearance savings though. It depends on the store. I keep an Excel file with all my receipt savings. This includes, date, store, item descriptions, original price, sale savings, coupon savings, additional savings, rebates, flexible spending total and notes about the purchase (ie. earned RRs, ECBs, OYNO Qs or sale info – $10/10). I like my detailed Excel file because it gives me an accurate total of savings, especially the clearance deals like I mentioned above that may get missed in the savings total. It can also help you track sales w/o using a price book. I love seeing my original price total and the actually cost! You just need to keep up with this method to remember clearance deals and coupons earned from CVS & WAGS. I hope this helps some people find a way to realize their savings!

  22. Lynn

    I get my mother in law to save me coupons from her Assisted living facility – I rake them in! Ask relatives to save coupons too!

  23. Sophie

    I am not in your area locally (i live in Boise, ID), but I love your site. You have such great tips for newbie couponers! Thanks!

  24. Lisa

    Alright I am confused and just started couponing.

    Here is the situations I have multiple coupons for $1.50 off 2 boxes of cereal. If I buy 6 boxes of cereal can I use 3 coupons or 6? Thanks for helping me clear this up, I have been told both ways.

    • heather

      you can use 3 coupons

  25. Krystal

    i am a newbie at this, this is my problem, I feel SO excited about starting this and saving for my family (single mom of two toddlers) so i need all the savings i can get lol, BUT at the same time i feel very scared about this, like i dont even know how to start. Is that normal lol? and any tips on how to get past this feeling and start saving ??? you can e-mail me at if you could help a rookie 😉

  26. Meagan

    I tried to use a buy 1 get 1 free coupon last night at Meijer for ziploc bags and then I also had a $.40 off coupon for any ziploc bag. They would not let me use the $.40 off coupon with the buy 1 get 1

  27. Meagan

    I tried to use a buy 1 get 1 free coupon for ziploc bags at Meijer and also use a $.40 off any ziploc bag on the one I purchased. They would not use the $.40 off coupon, they said they could not accept any other coupons with buy 1 get 1 free. I am sure I have done this before, but I was not going to argue with the cashier last night. Who is right?

    • Pru

      The cashier is right. However, depending on the cashier you get, you might get by with it. Some cashiers care less about what coupons you use and will override the register if it rejects a coupon. Other cashiers will scrutinize your coupons closely. I have found that the younger the cashier, the more likely they are to let things slide by. Example: I had a coupon from Coke for a free 12-pack. The 12-pack of Coke was on sale for $3.00 and the coupon credited my $5.99, the suggested retail price, I suppose. The young cashier didn’t bat an eye and let it go. Another time, I went through a check out line that had a manager (middle-aged lady) running the cash register. The same thing happened. However, she voided the $5.99 and credited me with the price that rang up on the cash register.

      • Kathryn

        Also, always make sure to give the b1g1 before the $ off q. The b1g1 will attach to the free item, leaving the other coupon open to be attached to the $ off q. If you switch them around, the register will only see that there is one item purchased (because the money off q attached to the other) and will reject it. That is just my experience.

      • Ron

        uh if you have any coupons for a free coke up to like 4.99 value, free six pack or liter its counterfeit- period. Wherever you are getting them its a FRAUD. Walmart checked with Coca-cola and they not give out coupons for that much free coke! at most they would give out for a free 20 oz only. Walmart checks these things and teach the cashiers to be on the look out for these fraudulant coupons. Its stealing!

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          If you use mycoke rewards, or recyclebank, they may have cashed points in for it, or maybe they won it on a facebook thing, dont jump to conclusions, theres a chance that its a real coupon.

  28. cashierheather

    Just found out something that hadn’t occurred to me until today…My local grocery store often does the “buy one get one free” sales..and I happened to have two coupons(one for the one I was buying, and one for the one I was getting for free), and they accepted them both…It makes sense, although I never thought of it before, since I was technically only buying one…(ie. Buy one get One free on 64 oz Northland Juice, @ 3.99 each. So after the BOGO, I still owed $3.99 ..well, I pulled out my two coupons, each for $1.00 off, and I ended up paying $1.99 for both juices, and I got a shocked look from the cashier, who, I am sure, learned a new trick also)

  29. Q~Queen

    Which works better, the file system or binder? I started out with the binder but it just got too big and honestly it takes up too much time so I started the filing system. The only problem is now I have to take both the big binder and filing box everywhere I go which is a pain. So, I started another smaller bindser for the trip to store but so far, it has not worked out because either they don’t have the product and I don’t have all my coupons to do alternate or I fi dmyself soerting through 2 binders and file box to locate one coupon and its really time consuming especially when you have to buy an alternate because they are out of stock. I hope I am making sense here. I would appreciateany suggestion. Thanks!

    • Pru

      I have been using the filing system for years. Question is how to file. I file the coupons in order of the way the store is set up where I used coupons the most. If I go to another store, then I still know where to go in the file to get the coupon I need. I also file coupons that can only be used at certain stores in the front of the pouch I file them in. By the way, I used an old electric razor holder that is pleather with a zipper around three sides, to file my coupons. It’s great. It fits in my pocket easily. I keep one divider in it that comes into play when I am shopping. Coupons I will be using go behind the divider so I can easily pull them out when I get to the cash register.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I use, you are able to create a shopping list for each store and it gives you the date the coupon was printed. I put all the coupons in a folder for that day, and cut them after I create my shopping list

  30. Pru

    Another tip: ask your relatives and good friends for their coupons out of the Sunday newspaper when they are finished with them. My father-in-law gives me his discarded coupons and two friends at work routinely gives theirs, too. One of the girls will make a copy of the coupons she clipped before giving them to me and asks me to give her those coupons from my paper. I gladly oblige only if I am not planning on using the coupon.

  31. Reepa Singh

    I want to know how to print coupons from the internet. Another way to print without the message for coupon printer. Is there a simple way?

  32. lsw

    *i never clip coups ’til i need them. i keep all the red plums , per date , together. if a great sale pops, then i clip them. many bloggers post lists of red plum/smart source coupons per week. i’m thinking of printing these lists to put in front of my ads.

    *i recycle envelopes to use as shopping lists per week. i use one envelope for CVS, writing the list on the outside and putting the CVS coups for the wk on the inside. i cross off items as i buy them. unused coupons go back in a stack at the end of the week. i do the same for walgreen’s, publix, and a miscellaneous.

    *i have a coupon “tote travel bag” i got free from sephora. i have two smaller bags inside, one for restaurant offers and one for mall/shop offers. i rubber band my weekly envelopes and put in travel bag as well. this has been most efficient for me.

    *always check for “bonus sizes” in stores. example, 20 oz herbal essence may be on sale, but if you look carefully, you may find a 40% extra bottle that will scan the sale price.

    *i am lucky to live in a metropolitan area. i buy several papers per wk, depending on how good the ads are. st pete times is 50 cents a wk compared to the tampa tribune at $1

    *check receipts and alert cashiers immediately if you notice a problem.

    *our local florida publix will honor coupons AFTER you’ve left the store and on another day. this is great if you see an unadvertised clearance item or forgot your coupons at home.

    *pay attention….. find out which friends “coupon” and trade tips! i spoke to a couponer in CVS today who was using lots of coups on trial sizes…. getting them totally free.

    *be polite to store staff!

  33. Shannon

    How do you stack coupons? I get the store coupons and manufacturer coupons, but multiple mfg coupons? How??!! TIA! =) Shannon

  34. natp1982

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your coupon organization technique!!! I am sooo stealing this idea from you. I started couponing about a year ago but I was doing it completely wrong. A few months ago I stumbled upon your site, and some other coupon/bargain/freebie sites as well, and I have learned how to do it much better. I think by stealing your organization technique it will help me take advantage of more deals because then I won’t have to dig through every single divider in my organization book to see what I have left.

    These sites have actually helped me a lot, yours in particular. I don’t know if this would make any sense to anyone else, but I had worked from the time I was 14 (through work study program). When I got laid off my job 2 years ago and involuntarily became a stay at home mom, I actually got really depressed because I had always worked, and I am a workaholic. I felt so useless and helpless and, even though I cooked and cleaned and cared for everyone, I didn’t feel I was contributing. It may sound weird to other people, but this has actually helped me get over that. I save my family money. I work hard to do it too. And although I haven’t been able to find another job (and to be honest, now I’m crossing my fingers I don’t find one for a little while longer) I started taking advantage of the survey panels to make a few extra bucks.

    Thank you so much, and keep up the good work. We really appreciate it.

  35. sims

    Yesterday, I bought Tide Acti Lift from CVS and used $3/1 Tide Stain Release Liquid from 9/26 P&G. I am wondering, if I used the right coupon. Pls let me know.

    • Tiffany

      No, if the coupon said Tide Stain Release then that is what it is for… The Tide Acti-Lift is a different product. Most coupons have a picture on the front. Sometimes the coupon include other products or varieties that are not pictured but you can get the idea from the picture. If the coupon had been for “any Tide product” but it showed a picture of the stain release, that would have been fine because of the wording. But if it says “Save $3 off any Tide Stain Release product” then the bottle or package must say “Stain Release”… Sometimes if the cashier is not paying attention (or doesn’t care) it will scan through, but I wouldn’t intentionally try to do that ever again if I were you. If you ever want to ask questions or chat about coupon/shopping experiences you can e-mail me at

      -Tiffany =)

  36. Lucy Einstein

    FYI-CVS accepts expired date coupons;Walgreen’s does not accept them.

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