Old Navy Weekly: Coupons Reset Today!!!

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Well, it looks like I haven’t missed the Old Navy coupons resetting! Yesterday We went to the beach with friends and then had a BBQ, so I was off the computer most of the day. It felt great to take a relaxing little break from blogging!

I will be listing the CVS, Rite Aid and Target deals throughout the day, but I did want to make sure I got this Old Navy post up… just in case they decide to reset sooner versus later!

Just keep checking OldNavyWeekly.com whenever you get a chance and of course lets keep each other posted with any info in the comment section! I’m hoping it may be a tad bit easier to score a high value coupon since it’s Sunday, but who knows! Remember that the high value $75 off $100 coupon is baaaack! Yay!

Good Luck!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t there ANYONE willing to share a 50 off coupon with a person who is out of work right now…? I tried but couldn’t catch the bird and there’s no blue polo either!!!! Thanks!


  2. Amy

    Granny~ Thank you so very much for the $50 Q, that was so kind of you! You’re GREAT!

  3. Gina

    Hi! I know it’s way past but if anyone still has an extra $50 coupon, I’d love it!

  4. Anonymous

    are you all looking in the right place? it’s the blue stiped polo in the bottom left screen. you have to click on the arrows and the clothes move over. do that til you get the blue striped polo then click on it. that’s the $50 off $100. i know it’s too late now.

  5. Anonymous

    hey, does anyone know where the black dress goes? the white one goes on kelly, but i can’t figure the other one out. hmm…

  6. Anonymous

    Does anyone know when they will be resetting them today? I tried lastnight but was on laptop couldn’t get the bird and didn’t see the boys polo at all.

  7. AbbyC

    Well, I missed it since I went to church, then lunch and basically enjoyed the rest of the day. Got the 15%. I just don’t have time to spend all day in front of the computer! Old Navy keeps screwing around…. :p

  8. Anonymous

    to whoever “Granny” is.. got the coupon you sent me in my email, and i REALLY appreciate it so so much! thank you thank you thank you, you totally made my week!!!!! i promise i will pay it forward!! THANK YOU AGAIN!

  9. Anonymous

    Well, I was looking all over the internet for answers to the $50 blue polo mystery. No one seems to know what happened.

    I did see a few who said that the East coast couldn’t see it..and that they were robbed the chance. But I’m West coast and I didn’t see it either.

    Hope someone solves the mystery because I’m dying to know!

  10. Anonymous

    i dont know about the blue polo either – i couldnt see it last night on my laptop, but this morning at work i can see it! i don’t understand. anyone have a clue as to when they’re resetting? (i know no one knows, but hey it may put some hope in me :-).

    is it supposed to be today for the reset?

  11. Anonymous

    I would like to give a big
    THANK YOU to whom ever sent me a 50 off 100. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
    I will be paying it forward if I am able to get one high value coupon next week.

  12. Laurie

    Ok, guys I’m going to try the whole asking/begging thing…I would SO appreciate it if anyone gets a high dollar coupon to send it to thinkpink09@yahoo.com.

    I’ve been trying for weeks!! I swear I’ll pay your kindness forward. It’s been one of those years where this would really come in handy.

  13. Shannon

    I would love a coupon. Carla if you want to share or anyone please. I would really appreciate it and my 5 kids would really appreciate it too.
    Thanks in advance,


  14. Anonymous

    I would love a 50 or 75 coupon if anyone has one they are not using. I have 4 kids and hubby is out of work. I really dont have $ to go shopping, but Kids dont fit into last years clothes. I know, I know, sob, sob. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Anonymous

    I wanted a 30% off $50 purchase or more. If anybody got extra one, I would deep appreciate it as I am going there tommorrow. My email is Bigggyrl02@yahoo.com

  16. Anonymous

    Ok so i can’t seem to get the crazy bird! If anyone can pay it forward with a 50 coupon, it would be soo0000 appreciated. Out of work now! ๐Ÿ™


  17. Anonymous

    is carla the only one that got a $75?

  18. Anonymous

    My husband found me a 75.00 off 100.00 coupon. When I went into ON today, instead of getting the 75.00 off, I got the whole 100.00 off making the clothes all free. Somehow ON made a mistake with the coupon code, which I am sure is fixed by now.

  19. Anonymous

    was it the bird one? where does the black dress go?? anyone know???

  20. brie007

    I wne to Old Navy today. With my Q’s. Instead of getting 75 off I got the whole 100 off. Sweet. @00 worth of clothes for 2.14!!!!

  21. Anonymous

    What!? The whole thing for free basically?! How?

    Did everyone who landed this coupon get the same deal?

    I have the $75 from last night but I haven’t used it yet. Waiting till I go on vacation.

  22. Carla

    Just got home from ON. Earlier rumors were right! We used two 75/100 but when scanned they gave a 100 dollar discount. So we got $200 worth of clothing for $6.38

    Made all those weeks of trying sooooo worth it.

    I offered to pay the 25 but the girl and manager said, nope we have no way of over riding the system to accept more money.


  23. Anonymous

    WoW!!! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    I also have been practicing the bird catch since I have no chance at the $50 due to no blue polo..grrrr.

    The bird has like 3 or 4 different paths it takes. I have been following each path and where it ends. This gives me a chance to click…know its path..and move my arrow to the near end of its path and catch it. I have managed to do quite well!!

    One path..the bird goes slow so you have a better chance of getting him right at flight near the tree it came from.

    2 other flights end through that black and white “splatter” dress. Mark the spot for each flight direction.

    and finally..he does almost a backward Z going up to Kelly then flies up to the right upper corner. I have caught him more times there then the others. Put your arrow near the upper (white) corner..almost off screen but don’t go all the way off screen. Wait for him to come to you.

    Its way easier then clicking all over the place and hittin the dress’ that say “not a coupon” lol.

    Practice Practice Practice!

  24. Leslie

    So was the $75 off $100 the dang bird? Tried so hard to catch him and I never had the blue polo! UGH!!! When will they reset again? My 3 kids tried on there summer clothes and all of them need new clothes UGH, and my better half lost his job and I am in LPN school, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  25. Anonymous

    I guess..also..depending on the way your screen shows when the bird goes to the top right hand..he actually runs through the scarfs information. The way my screen was..it was just the upper “white” screen.

    But it does work!

    Anyone know if they are updating anymore or is it not till next week..

  26. Shelly!

    Wow. This was a crazy week – first the change of days and then the dang bird! I keep practicing just in case they reload the Qs when I’m paying attention.

    Good luck the rest of the week ladies. I think I’ll miss having an official ON night…

  27. Anonymous

    I have been hearing around that the $75 coupon from last night is somehow giving you $100 off.

    Not sure..but I have heard this from more than one poster. I wonder if anyone has tried to use the $50 coupon and if it was more than the $50 off.

  28. Anonymous

    Use the 50 coupon today and it was only 50 off, but hey still a great deal!

  29. Delilah

    Just got back from ON and yes the coupon is in fact ringing out at %100.00 off!!!!

    We bought 115.00 worth of stuff and paid 4.50. AMAZING!!! Don’t ask me how that works out mathematically but it rocked!

  30. Shannon

    So lucky! Carla if you decide to give your extra coupons out I would love one.


  31. Anonymous

    Watch lol..I’ll be the only one that won’t get that $100 off lol. I’m surprised I landed that coupon in the first place.

    I usually don’t hunt after the opening day. When do they usually reset after the first day?

  32. Delilah

    At first my coupon was saying it had already been used so we were freaking out!

    Turns out it’s because we only spent 98.00 and we had to spend 100.00. I added a little photo album from the cash and it was fine.

    So if anyone has issues with it saying it’s been used. Check what the total is before taxes! The cashier never realized til she called corporate and they asked her what the total was.

  33. Stasia K

    So I’m a little late to the game, but my fiance needs new clothes (he only has one pair of jeans and, like, 5 black t-shirts and frankly, it’s embarrassing) so I’d appreciate anyone’s extra 50/100 or 75/100 … anastasiakral@gmail.com

  34. Anonymous

    Hey! Has anyone noticed the shooting star that goes over the text that says “click around to find hidden in-store coupons”? What is it? A red herring?

  35. Anonymous

    lol no..your just delirious from hunt lol.

    I’m a bit too.

  36. The Ross'

    Someone very kindly sent me an extra 50 off 100. So, I ended up with 2. To whoever responds to me first who hasn’t gotten one yet, I will gladly email it to you. I used my other one today and it was great!

  37. The Ross'

    kbell… it’s on its way! You are very welcome.

  38. Carla

    I updated my profile to include a email and website.

  39. Leslie

    So do you think they are going to reset on Thurs or wait until Sunday again? Really hoping to get a coupon this time, money tight and kids need clothes

  40. WIMegan

    Thank you to whomever sent me the coupon! I greatly appreciate it.

  41. Anonymous

    looks like i won’t be using my $50 coupon. does anyone WHO HASN’T GOTTEN ONE need it? i sent one to someone who i just found out got a $75 one from carla. no fair.

  42. Leslie

    I didn’t get one and could use it, got 3 kids who need clothes!

  43. Anonymous

    i went to this old navy ad and tried to click on the parrot, he is fast. The good news is as i was randomly clicking elsewhere, i accidently hit the palm trees and he came out again! So I continued to hit other things and then went back and syre enough, no matter how many times i tried i still get another chance! So keep on trying until someone gets him!

  44. poupon

    I still haven’t gotten one and have been trying hard, if anyone has one… would LOVE to have one. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


  45. Anonymous

    Would love a coupon this week or next if anyone gets an extra. Like all of us money is tight and I lost my job. Thanks, thanks, thanks, in advance.

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