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Emailing Companies Really Does "PAY" Off!

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Remember the post I did on emailing companies to score coupons and freebies? Well if not, you’ll definitely want to check out the post here— and make sure to read through the comments for even more great tips!

I challenged you all in the previous post to set aside time each day to email a few companies. Well, I’m happy to report that it seems like lots of you are doing just that! I’ve gotten so many emails from readers excited about the FREE coupons and samples they’ve received in the mail! What did they do to get these? Just emailed a company and gave them a compliment or two about a product or products they like and some readers even emailed companies letting them know why they didn’t like a product. There is nothing wrong with emailing companies to try and score some free coupons or even free products. Just be honest in your emails. That’s it!

Mary, a reader, emailed tonight and was very pleased with what she found in her mailbox today (pictured above):

“I have been emailing a few of my favorite companies every week since you posted about doing so and today in my mail I got this wonderful surprise from Splenda! I told them how much I love using the Splenda in my coffee EVERY morning and complimented them on their web site (splendid life) and how I always love the goodies that are on there. They sent me a package today with the following-

-$3 coupon off any Splenda product
-Coupon booklet with $24 in savings for companies like Listerine, Tylenol, Rolaids, Splenda, Lactaid, Benedryl, EPT, etc.
-Recipe for Pineapple Yogurt Dip
-Helpful Hints and Tips booklet with Sweet Cheat sheet (shows sugar to Splenda conversions,etc)
-5 samples of Lactaid FastAct
-Koolaid/Splenda yellow stirring spool

I also received this week a coupon for a free 32 oz. bottle of Coffee-mate creamer by telling them how much I love their creamers every day in my coffee and look forward to all the holiday flavors that are available!”

Here are a few other reader emails and comments I’ve received below! I hope they serve as some great inspiration and motivation for you!

“Hey Hip! I just wanted to share with you my success in writing to companies about their products! I wrote to Huggies and told them that I wasn’t really happy with their diapers. When I used them they leaked too much. I’m a pampers girl, but they sent me a $6, $3 and two $1 coupons to try their product again! Plus, I got about 10 other companies that sent me coupons… it does pay off! Woohoo!”

“I emailed Wise Chips just to let them know how much my kiddos and hubby love their chips! Within 2 days they emailed me 3 high value coupons! I was so excited! Thanks again!”

“I emailed Draino (with all our pets our drains get clogged often and Draino is our staple!) and Sally Hansen (love those nail art pens!) last week and got a free product coupon from Draino in addition to a coupon book… And 2 coupons each for $5, $3, & $1 from Sally Hansen! I never thought anyone actually read those things, but someone really does! :)”

Are you motivated?… maybe a little?;)

(Oh and a huge thanks to CouponingToDisney–you’re awesome!)

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  1. Nicole

    I thank you also for posting about this. I have tried it and have received a few coupons with wven more companies e-mailing saying coupons are on the way! (Got coupons for free glade candle and free stretch island fruit company product. Both worth aroung 4 dollars) Love this! can’t believe I did not know a person could do this before now…

  2. Katie

    I also started emailing complimentary emails (truthfully of course) and just today I received coupons from Sister Schuberts, Starkist and Splendid. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Bekah

    Ok…I have a few questions. How long are your emails? A few sentences or really elaborate? Also, do you include your address in the email so they can send coupons/samples if they choose? This sounds great…I think I will start..right now! Thanks for all the great info!

  4. amy

    I sent a complaint to Palmolive a few months back, for no reason except to complain because i was VERY dissatisfied with their Eco-Friendly detergent. They sent me a $4.50 rebate check, a free coupon (to try their product again) and a TON of high value coupons for the colgate-palmolive products)

  5. Michele

    I had sent a few emails and received tons of coupons. I was really shocked at Schwarzkopf. I received 4-$1 coupons for Got2be and 4-$1 for Citri Shine.

    Bekah…mine are only a few sentences and I mention specific product lines I have tried.

  6. Mary Beth

    One of my favorite companies is SC Johnson — they not only make great products, but they truly seem to care about consumer feedback.

    Over the past few months I’ve sent them a couple of thank yous, including one for the free glade candle & tin that I got through their Right At Home program. In neither e-mail did I even request anything (because I thought they had already been generous enough). But in response to my first e-mail, they sent me a coupon for free Ziploc bags (up to $4), and the next e-mail they gave me some advice on how to place the Sense & Spray automatic sprayer to make it more consistent, and sent a coupon for a free spray refill.

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about that company, and I can’t say enough about them either!

  7. CJ

    I emailed Kahiki and Sobe Life Water complimenting their products. I received 3 .50 coupons from Sobe and 2 $1/2 coupons from Kahiki. Not bad but I was hoping for some free coupons.

  8. Sara

    I’ve been meaning to do this since your last post about emailing companies… but I’ve been motivated. I just sent off three emails for products I use at breakfast. I figure I’ll just go through the day and email for the products I use regularly (and love)…. one of which is Coffe-mate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. AC

    I sent Glade an email telling them how much I liked the Fragrance Collection Reed Diffusers, but that I was having problems with the 3-wick candles waxing over the wick. They sent me some tips on how to burn them better AND four coupons for FREE reed diffusers or the 3-wick candles. The retail price of these were $8.99 (x4), but I only had to pay tax. They also sent me another coupon booklet with lots of Q’s for various products. So awesome!

  10. Anonymous

    Amy…what eco friendly detergent does Palmolive make? I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

  11. Linda

    I wrote Al Fresco about their sausage. I love those sausage, but they are pricey. A coupon and a good sale makes them affordable. I also wrote Silver Spring about their chipotle mustard. I can’t find it around here anymore. I mix it with mayo as a sauce for my chicken burgers. Thanks for the reminder!!

  12. Heather from jville

    woahhhhh! ive gotten so many coupons from companies! its insane. ive gotten freebie food items and very high coupons! I was going to send you a list of the ones i got when i got around to it to inform all the other readers ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Anonymous

    I have been doing this every eveing just thinking about prouducts that I buy and use often and write a quick note.. and I am having so much fun getting these high value coupons in the mail!

  14. Nicole

    I agree with Mary Beth. SC Johnson is fantastic with deals and coupons… def. my favorite.
    I was confused about Frito-Lay though. I saw some people got free coupons from them, most of them with complaints though. I complimented my favorite product and asked if they had current coupons for it (though I normally don’t ask for coupons) and got an email saying thanks for your compliment and to keep looking on the store shelves for good sales…basically;no coupons

  15. amy

    “Amy…what eco friendly detergent does Palmolive make? I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

    Thu Nov 12, 07:07:00 PM 2009″

    They make a dish washing detergent. it’s horrible though. my dishwasher was leaving this thick nasty white residue on my dishes, PLUS my soap dispenser was getting all crusted over and to this day no longer “pops” open as it should. it just gets stuck.
    All this happened when i started using their Eco-Friendly liquid dishwasher detergent.

  16. Anonymous

    I decided a few months ago that I wanted to go a bit more “green”. My garden this summer was totally organic and wanted to start shopping a little more organic at the grocery store. Amy’s Orgainc products are never on sale or have coupons so I decided to email them and tell them my delima and OMG did they really mail me back. They gave me so many $1.00 off different products of theirs. It was awesome to be able to pair these coupons with my Krogers mark down deals! Emailing really does work!


  17. Leesa

    Amy- I agree with you about the eco-friendly Palmolive . I hate that stuff! It did exactly the same thing to my dishwasher and dishes as it did to your’s. I still have a bottle of it half full in my cupboard. I should just throw it out, but I feel guilty doing that. Funny though… because I will never use it. I just may email them about it. Thanks for that reminder.

  18. Anonymous

    I emailed Monster energy drink about how much I loved their drink and received 2 coupons (no expiration) for a free Monster…Plus, I also emailed Raid (yes) asking about the best way to use their product and received a coupon for a free Raid product as well as a coupon booklet for SC Johnson products….YIPPPPEEE!!!!

  19. Anonymous

    I am doing this as well…so far…2 free Michelina entrees, free 2oz Glade candle, and Renuzit coupon book. what a great post! Love it!

  20. Anonymous

    if you don’t like certain products, why do they send you coupons to try them again??? lol. funny.

  21. Rebecca

    Haha funny you do a post about this. I have been meaning to do this since you posted it..and I finally got around to it yesterday! Ive sent out about 45 emails to different companies. It goes SO FAST if you have a program that autofills all the forms for you!! I use RoboForm. You ladies should try googling it. its free and has no spyware or anything. I LOVE it!!!

  22. Anonymous

    signed up for the always sample from walmart. they asked if i could do a survey and i did had time anyway. for that i got my sample today and a coupon for a free always product.

  23. Anonymous

    Like someone asked earlier but no answer, do you out your address in these emails or are they printable emails that they send you?

  24. Anonymous

    I’d like to know that information as well (:

  25. Rebecca

    In order to submit a comment to the companies you will need to give them your email, home address etc. They send all coupons via snail mail.

  26. Anonymous

    Thanks for the info (: Now to start hunting down some companies…

  27. Mary Beth

    Anon 10:44 p.m. — if you search Collin’s post from about a week ago on this subject, or look at Kristen 7:14’s response, there was a spreadsheet link for companies & their contact info. In fact, I think it was Kristen who put the spreadsheet together, posted it on her blog & gave Collin permission to link to it. So it’s a great and VERY easy start, plus you can see which companies responded to her with what coupons.

  28. Sarah

    hmmm I wonder if I email the treasury department…will I get coupons from them for some free samples? ๐Ÿ˜› LOL

    I have also found that writing to chain restaurants that you dine at can be rewarding too…good or bad feedback. I did that once for Olive Garden and got some high dollar coupons in return. Also, I contacted Bath and Body works once because a bath soap I was using caused an allergic reaction. They not only had me return the unused bottle (on their dime) but they also sent me a replacement bottle of my choice and a couple of coupons!

  29. Anonymous

    Hehehe. Wonderful spreadsheet. Thank you for the info (:

  30. AC

    In many cases, if you go to the company’s website, you will see a “Contact Us” type of link which is usually a webform that requests your address and other info to begin with.

  31. Anonymous

    when i emailed frito lay they told me they didn’t have any coupons either but then a couple days latter they sent a survey wanting to know how helpful their customer service was and for filling it out they sent me a coupon for a free product

  32. Jennifer

    I have contacted Thomas’s English Muffins, Bay’s English Muffins, Ghiradelli baking mixes and Aunt Jemima. I received 2 $1 coupons from Thomas’s, 1 $1 coupon from Bay’s, 3 $.30 coupons for any Ghiradelli baking mix through snail mail. Aunt Jemima emailed me back a bricks link that could only be used 2xs (tried on different computers) for $1 off any product made by their parent company.

  33. Anonymous

    Received a “Free up to $5 off” coupon from Pledge! Yaaayyyy!


    I recently contacted Red Vines and told them how much I love their Sugar Free Red Vines (because I am a diabetic), but that they are hard to find in the region where I live (we’re Twizzler country!) They ended up sending a package to my house with 10 bags of sugar free Red Vines! I’m still trying to work my way through them. What a FANTASTIC company.

    I’ve also recently received coupons from Michelinas (2 free entrees), Pepperidge Farm ($1.00 off Peppridge Farm product), Welches ($.50 off), and Chiquita ($1.00 off). Companies love feedback on their products, good or bad, to use in their marketing research, so don’t feel shy about extending your opinion.

  35. Anonymous

    To Amy- Are you sure it isn’t your dishwasher? I use the Palmolive eco friendly soap and have never had any of those problems, in fact I think it does a good job on the dishes plus I can usually find good coupons for it.

  36. Anonymous

    thanks cant wait to get my coupons

  37. Karen

    I emailed a couple of brands owned by P&G and it seems that they only send you coupons when you have a complaint. I emailed Cover Girl about my lipstick breaking apart and they sent me a coupon for a free cover girl product. I don’t know if anyone has gotten a different response from them.

  38. Anonymous

    I emailed P&G the first time I emailed companies – about 6 months ago – and they basically told me to look in my paper for coupons. This time when I have been emailing I have not even mentioned coupons, just complimented the products and companies and have gotten great results!

  39. rbabe1

    I started doing this a few weeks ago thanks to Couponing for Disney. I’ve only sent about 20 e-mails, but here’s the result:

    – Nylabone, $2 coupons
    – Michelina’s, 2 free products
    – Amy’s Organics, free soup and TONS of coupons
    – SC Johnson, coupon book
    – Smart Balance, recipes and coupon book
    – Mrs. Grass soup, 2 free products
    – Egg Beaters, .50 coupons
    – Pepperidge Farms, .50 coupons

  40. Jennifer Singer

    I emailed Atkins and commented on their products (which I love because I’m on a low carb diet). And they’re sending me coupons!

  41. Anonymous

    Splenda is poison. Seriously, do not use it. Free toxic powder is nothing to be excited about.

  42. I'm So Pretty

    Anon 12:35 – exactly what happened to me! My hubby loved the free Scoops from that ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Julie in KnoxTN

    I’ve done this in batches here and there; I’ve changed my method to complimenting and asking for coupons to just complimenting them for creating great products and to keep up the good work. Only a couple have responded via email that coupons were on the way; the rest have replied “Thanks for the kind words”. No mention of coupons, but that doesn’t mean they won’t show up in a couple weeks (I hope).

  44. Pat

    When I read about this in previous posts I shot off a positive email to Hunts. I had just used a can of their tomatos at dinner. Sure enough I received a nice letter and a .50 off coupon. Not a huge score but I’m one for one!

  45. jamie

    I emailed Frito Lay, Budding, and Simply Asia last night! Frito Lay I told them how much I love Doritos and got an email today, thanking me for my comments. I really hope to get some coupons for Doritos though! I have never tried any of the Simply Asia products, so I told them that I would like to try their product and asked if they had any coupons available!

  46. Anonymous

    Has anybody that emailed Buddig received any kind of response?

  47. Shian

    I’m definitely trying this!

  48. Celia

    I emailed Tofutti because we LOVE their products. I received TWO free product coupons!

  49. Anonymous

    i’m so silly for not thinking of this. I’ve actually gotten free coupons from calling restaurants and complimenting their servers and a free night at a hotel when i had a bad experience. You have me on a roll especially since emailing doesn’t take more then a couple of minutes. Thanks!

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