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How do You Pay it Forward?

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With the holidays fast approaching, it is impossible not to get into the spirit of giving. Not only does it make you feel great to give to others, but I honestly believe that the more you give, the more you get back. Plus, don’t you love demonstrating to your own children the significance of giving to others?! One of my favorite things to do is to give my kiddos spare change to drop into the Salvation Army’s red buckets at Christmas time when I am leaving the grocery store. With that being said, it is often more fun to come up with things to give to others that do not necessarily cost you anything out of pocket. For example, consider donating several hours one night to babysit the kids of a friend or neighbor who never gets any “me” time, bake cookies and surprise a neighbor for no reason at all, or even consider handing over some coupons to a fellow shopper. I also love to be a “coupon fairy” by leaving coupons next to products at the store for an unsuspecting shopper to use later! Check out this email I received from reader, Liz, who appears to be a fellow coupon fairy. πŸ™‚

Today I was in Target, picking up my free cat food and free red potatoes (I got my free dog food yesterday). While in the cat food aisle, there was a woman with her daughter (around 8 years) buying some Meow Mix. I heard her adding up the items and thought…. hmmm, I bet she would appreciate a coupon or two! I immediately opened my book and pulled out a Meow Mix coupon for $1 and tapped her on the shoulder and asked her I she would like to have it. She recognized me as a “real couponer” and began to ask questions. As I answered her questions about stores and finding deals and how to get coupons, I noticed that most of her food was filler staples (high in filling up and low in nutrition); she also had 3 or 4 dozen eggs. While we spoke, I handed her 2 BOGO egg coupons from the Good Egg Project and she was both shocked and happy. I gave her your website as a good starting place to get her feet wet and also told her how to get ink cartridges for about $2 and paper for free.

I guess the cashier took the coupons because she searched me out while I was at the register and asked me again for the name of your website. It felt good to get another person excited about saving money, especially someone that obviously needed the savings. So, I ask you to challenge all your readers to give away a coupon or two to a stranger as an opportunity to be a good egg! After all, isn’t that what the good egg project asked us to do?

How do YOU Pay it Forward? Have you ever shared your coupons with a shopper? How do you give to others without spending money?

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  1. Tammy

    Me and my family went to Lake Winnie during the summer. The lady line in front of us in line asked if i had any coupons. I didn’t so she handed me 8 coupons for $5.00 off. Since each person had to have a coupon, I took 4 and gave the man behind me the rest of them. I was thrilled that someone did that and it saved me $20.00. The man I gave the coupons to looked shocked but happy.

  2. bali

    πŸ™‚ There’s not a lot of other couponers in my neighborhood so I know better than to walk up to people and hand them a coupon… I do like leaving coupons I don’t need on the shelves, though. Oh, and I share my free stuff with family and friends, too, and donate to Goodwill.

    • Deniese

      OMG a few times I have been finding coupons stuck to an item on the shelf and I get totally excited. It is nice people like you who help others out. THANKS!

  3. Elaine Connell

    I have actually been to special store sales or restaurants and had coupons I would not be using so I would pass them on to someone else! Sometimes they would not even be aware that a sale was going on and it would be an added bonus to them. I definitely believe in sharing and I give out info for your site almost daily. Love it!

  4. Melissa R.

    I recently gave coupons to a man perusing the B1G1F vitamins at Walgreens…I had already decided I wasn’t going to buy them and the coupons were about to expire, so why not share them?! πŸ™‚

  5. Deniese

    I have some family and friends and with most people money is tight. I often give them tampons, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, razors, shave gel, etc. which can really add to the budget. Since I have started putting a lot of my stuff on the basement shelves and I call it my grocery store, I tell people to come over and pick out what they need. I usually give them a bunch free but after awhile I ask them to pay like a $1.00 each for most of my items because it takes a lot of my time and well sometimes I do pay for items. Everyone jumps at the chance. I figure if they pay me $1.00 for a $6.00 item I am still saving them $5.00.

  6. Xenia

    Always. πŸ™‚ I always share my coupons, there is a very sweet lady at CVS (cashir) who was always so coupon friendly with me so i always give her my diapers/baby coupons, coz i dont need them πŸ™‚ as well as box tops. I also donate pet food to the shelters, when i get it for free and I always give this www when i chit-chat with other buyers at a store πŸ™‚
    it feels so nice when u see ppl getting surprised that it is so easy to save πŸ™‚
    and yeah, both wags and cvs know me pretty well, so does Kroger πŸ˜€
    thanx again for sharing great deals, Collin

  7. Toni S.

    Last Sunday, while in CVS, I saw a lady with about a dozen Renuzit air fresheners in her cart. I asked her if she like like a buy 3 get 3 free coupon. She was thrilled. I would have given her more , but that’s the only one I had with me. When I was in line at the check-out a lady noticed I had 2 of the Purex. She said she wanted to get it if she could find another coupon. I handed her one and she kept thanking me. I figured she needed it more than me (I have at least a years supply in my attic). When I’m in the grocery store and see someone buying something that I have an extra coupon for I ask if they would like it. I’ve never had anyone refuse and a lot ask about where I get all my coupons. It feels good to help even if it is only a few cents.

  8. Sean

    I love giving the “free” products I get to our food pantry. Our church has a very successful food pantry that serves around 300 families each month. We do not collect personal care or cleaning items and things like that so it is lots of fun for me to give extra hair spray, dish detergent and other necessities! I’m excited to contribute tons of toothpaste and toothbrushes to our shoe box project next month. Thanks to your website for helping me find all these gems.

  9. Annette

    I would like to know where Liz gets ink cartridges for $2!! The best deal I get is $6 and that’s with a 50% off coupon from Walgreens on a refill.

    • Courtney

      I would also like to know about the ink cartridges. My black is all gone and cant afford to buy new ink

    • Mary Beth

      I’d like to know, too — in fact, that’s why I started scrolling thru comments.

      • Sophie

        I get refillable ink on ebay. super cheap !

      • Anonymous

        me too! that also why i started looking at the do u get free ink?!

        • Jen@FrugalFreebiesandDeals

          We did this for quite some time and had trouble with the ink clogging and breaking the printer. I know printers are the cheap part and the inks are expensive- but still, I did not want to be buying a new printer all the time.

          anyone else have a problem with this?


          • StephanieS

            Yes, same problem here. I tried to save some money and puchased some non OEM cartridges on Ebay and they were terrible. The print was faint and patchy, cleaned the print heads several times and printed the test pattern with no improvement. We have Epson printers and it’s one of the brands that Wags do not fill. They have electronic chips in them that has to be reset or they will always read as empty. I will never buy non OEM cartridges again.

  10. Angie

    I love doing good deeds as well!!
    I would love to find out where to get ink cartridges for about $2. What’s the secret…..anyone want to share?!?!?

  11. Meghan

    Last year I got a free pass that admits 4 people to the New England Aquarium in Boston from my local library. The cost is $19 per adult and there were 3 of us, so we still had one admittance left. There was a young couple behind us and I asked if they would like it. They were thrilled since it saved them almost $20 – I told him that he could now buy his girlfriend lunch!! It made me feel good to do that and it cost me nothing!

  12. Anna

    I love being a coupon fairy – sometimes I have fantastic high-value coupons for items I have no need for. I always walk out of the store feeling great. I have offered coupons directly to other customers too – Vocalpoint coupons are the best. They always send so many that it is always nice to share! My 3 year old daughter is already understanding the value of coupons too. I really have no issues with her asking for things in the store because she always asks if it is on sale and if I have a coupon for it! I think having little ones understand the value of money is very important.

  13. Angela

    I thought I was crazy since I found myself looking over others carts. Great stories. In addition to coupon fairy moments, I often find myself buying GC’s and radio dining deals in the area. I handed parents with a family of 4 kids an β€œextra” coupon/GC I purchased at 90% off since we were at a restaurant that was quite a hike from home and didn’t expect to return anytime soon. Also, I had actually purchased a $50 dining deal gift certificate for my hair salon, only to notice when I received it that the specific stylists that WON”T take the coupon was my own stylist. It was on the verge of expiring and I knew my friend, who has been struggling a bit financially, saw a different stylist there so I swung by and dropped it in her mailbox. I got a call a few hours later telling me how I just made her day. Warm fuzzies!
    I also love sharing my stock pile with family…they love β€œshopping in the hall closet” when they come over!

  14. Christina

    These comments make me feel blessed~ I love my fellow couponers!!! Good hearts abound. πŸ™‚

  15. Courtney

    If I have any extra coupons that I know I won’t be using before they expire or at all, I will give them to a person I see purchasing the item. Why let a perfectly good coupon go to waste? On the other half, you get a feeling of satisfaction knowing you helped somebody.

  16. Elizabeth E

    My family knows I coupon and they all think I’m nuts. Nobody was ever interested in learning to coupon, but they didn’t mind me filling up grocery bags with products for them. I think it upset me that they would poke fun at me, but didn’t mind me doing all the leg work for them to get free products. I did quit giving my stock pile to family members. Most of them are extremely well off and every one makes alot more than my husband and I. I help out a few of our brothers and sisters who are in colledge, but I quit helping out our Aunts and Uncles. I have kits made up that include every thing: dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors, shaving cream, laundry soap, body wash, personal hygine products, lotion, chapstick, bar soap, OTC medications, toilet paper, ect. I keep a few of these kits in the trunk of my car and when I am shopping or at church and I see some one who looks like they are in need and could use a little help I tell them about my couponing quickly and I give them one of these kits. I have had some small OOP expense on some of the items in the kit, but it makes me feel good to give it to some one who truly appreciates the help.

    • Aleshia

      I know how you feel. My family is the same way. They get annoyed at me for even talking about coupons, so I stopped. Little do they know that I have thousands of dollars worth of things we use everyday for free. Instead of giving it to me family I gave a lot of my stuff to the church and homeless shelter. I DO NOT donate to thrift stores, goodwill, or salvation army because these places sale items. I’d rather give back by giving for free. Salvation army is the worst. They sale used item at wholesale prices and sometimes even more. I stopped donating and shopping from them years ago when I noticed they were trying to sell used twin sized mattress for 300$ or more.

    • Selene

      I feel the same way. I have family members who can’t afford to pay heat bills, but wouldn’t use coupons!! What is wrong with them? I can never understand. I tried to send them offers, freebies, coupons, etc but now I give up because they never take advantage of anything I sent. I rather share with others who would appreciate, even if they aren’t family.

    • Mary

      I love your idea!! Thanks for being such a great samaritan!

  17. Courtney

    Anna, I think that is wonderful and so true with your 3 yr old, I have a 4 yr old and I am doing the same thing with her. She understands when things are on sale and when they are not, and she helps find coupons in my binder for them. If you ask her “what do coupons do?” She’ll say “saves us money!” It is the cutest and greatest thing ever, she is learning so many lessons to use in life.

  18. Kelli

    I find myself looking into other peoples carts when I’m out shopping- no I’m not a stalker lol! I always go to my local stores, grocery, Target etc a few days before my coupons are going to expire and leave them everywhere. I get 10 or 20 of every Sunday insert so I share share share!
    Once at Wal-Mart I gave a $10 Good Start formula check to a woman who looked at it like she had never seen it before. Turns out she hadn’t!! We then spent some time chatting it up about where she can go to get registerd for TONS of baby saving coupons.
    And like another poster said, I share my stockpile. We are a military family and whenever I get a great deal- like a few months ago when Rite Aid had the FREE Nivea for Men + $2 up rewards, I got dozens and dozens (from different stores) and gave them all to the soldiers in our unit.
    I could go on forever, but I won’t. IT IS GREAT TO SEE SOOO MANY GIVING PPL OUT THERE THOUGH!!

  19. Sommer

    I homeschool so couponing has helped my children in greatly in Math. They are learning we need to be a good stewart with our money. Recently, several other homeschool moms I am friends with have started couponing – we trade coupons and even items that we don’t need and/or use. This Saturday I will be showing moms how to do a coupon binder during my sons basketball practice. I usually use that to fill and sort coupons and all the other moms started asking about couponing. I guess the way I pay it forward is by helping other s save money to. I often hand people coupons in the store and a lot of times I make baskets for friends who have been sick, or just need a pick me up.

  20. candace

    I almost always give out coupons when I’m at the store. There is always standing there looking at something I know I have a coupon for and will never buy…so I just give it to them πŸ™‚ They are usually very thankful…every now and then I run into someone who looks at me like, what am I suppose to do with this πŸ™‚ ahhaaha!! Amazing some people don’t even know “how” to use one…not that you need to know how πŸ™‚

  21. Vee

    I love playing coupon fairy! Another way to do this is to send just expired coupons overseas to military bases. The “Overseas Coupon Program” even lets you choose where you would like to send them. We chose a base in Turkey. At the end of each month my DH takes the Qs I didn’t use plus those I didn’t clip from our inserts (but have just expired), sorts them by food and non-food, and mails them to Turkey. Overseas military bases are allowed to use coupons for up to 6 months after expiration. This is estremely satifying as well as being a way to involve both of us in “paying it forward”.

  22. Amanda N

    I have a huge stockpile of razors and toothpaste and whatnot (don’t we all?) and our church has a shower ministry, where they open up one of the churches houses that they use for meetings, small groups, etc., and they allow the homeless men and women in the area to take a free shower, get a free change of clothes, and a free haircut. They are constantly needing toiletry items like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors and deodorant. So to help out, we give a lot of our stockpile to them.

  23. Barbara

    My favorite way of paying-it-forward is making others aware they shouldn’t pay full price for anything. Most of the time I tell people about couponing and the blogs I find deals at and they seem only mildly interested. They say, “I don’t know how you do it.” but they don’t want to search for the deals themselves.

    I have offered to some of my family for them to come over and help themselves to some of my items I have stockpiled. No one has taken my up on it yet.

    Also, I got really excited the other day after finding several good sources for organic brand coupons. I told someone I know who shops lots of organic and I got a funny look.

    I don’t know…I still feel like some people see coupons as something embarrassing?

    • Jen@FrugalFreebiesandDeals

      I can’t say this for every situation- but time is money, too. And while I am a huge fan of spending my time saving money and doing doing things to save money- not everyone is. For some, the amount f money they save is simply not worth the time and effort it takes to do it.

      I think you are right about the “embarrassing factor”, too.


  24. Tara

    I gave coupons to a lady last night at the grocery store. she had 3 4 packs of activa and I had some coupons that were close to expiring. Knowing i wouldn’t get around to using them, i gave them to her. She was very appreciative and I felt good about helping her save some $$.

  25. Stephanie M

    I am new to couponing, but the way that I pay it forward is to bring in all the coupons that I don’t use/clip to my co-workers. This month will be the second time I’ve brought them in and it’s usually a 1/2 a Target bag full (I go to a coupon swap for my extra ones). I figure why not share the savings if I can. I’ve even shared what little tid bits of information about couponing that I know to them.

  26. Nicole

    My family has season passes to Six Flags and with our passes we get free visitor passes on certain days. I had a friend that was supposed to come with us but her daughter was very sick. Instead of throwing away the passes I brought them with us. I scoped around and found a young girl in line with her boyfriend. She was getting ready to purchase tickets with her dicount coupon. I pulled her out of line and got her and her boyfriend in for free. I tend to seek people out who use coupons or people I see comparing prices. I would rather pay things forward to people that are money conscience. For example I was in Food Lion and this girl was raving about the cheap sale on Maxwell House. She was SO excited. I handed her a $1.00 off coupon to sweeten her deal. You would have thought I gave her the world. I love people that are appreciative and keep an eye on their wallets!

    • Nicole

      I love when people are appreciative too!!!!

    • Annette

      That may explain this story that happened to me:

      I was in line at Albertsons with a full cart and a stack of coupons, and three kids. A sweet lady behind me started to chat with me about the good deals the store had at the time. She offered me a coupon for a free 2-liter of soda! I was very, very grateful, and I let her know such. Suddenly, she offered to buy all of my groceries!

      I knew that to accept her offer would be wrong, as there are many people who could benefit more from her kindness. I thanked her profusely, but declined.

      I’ve been stumped ever since about what prompted her to make such an incredibly generous offer. Now, Nicole, reading your post I feel like maybe I understand where she was coming from.

      One thing is for sure: I will never, ever forget that lady. I still tear up thinking about it. I am determined to pay it forward every chance I get.

  27. Claire

    COLLIN or LIZ or anyone else,

    Seems like many of us don’t know about the $2 ink cartridges and that many of us are searching for the answer to get in on the deal. At $30-$60 for replacement cartridges, I would love to know how to get them cheaper. It seems like the Walgreens refills don’t really work well with my printers. Anyone have the answer? Anyone? Anyone?!

  28. fairydust

    I love being a coupon fairy! Just last week I had a couple $1/1 Morningstar coupons in a store that doubles $1 coupons (but only one per transaction), so I handed my other coupon to a nice young man who was scoping out the MorningStar selection – he was very appreciative. I usually just lay extra coupons on the shelves by the products but will also occasionally pass coupons to the cashier for the person in front of me in line if I see something obvious, like they’re paying full price for shampoo! It’s fun to spread the wealth πŸ™‚

  29. Sarah

    I love to play coupon fairy! I leave coupons with products on the shelf, or give them to customers in line when I notice certain items I have coupons for. I pass along coupons to friends/family and/or print, trade and search for coupons for specific products they are looking for. I have a cousin in college near me who is far from her family. Every couple of weeks I put together a package of “goodies” for her that I’ve picked up using coupons.

  30. Jan

    My employer has encouraged me to blog about couponing to our staff of over 150 people for over a year on our company’s internal website – during my regular work hours! The majority of our staff make less than $10 per hour (human services work). I even led an all-staff meeting and talked about couponing and showed them the results of a $50 challenge from the company. (Yes, the company gave me $50 to spend!) All items were then given to the staff. The staff are now letting me know when they see a good deal or a great sale around town so that I can post it for everyone.

    • holi

      WOW! This is a great idea & how fun it would be to go to work & do couponing/teaching/saving! I would love do that for a job.
      Be sure to let them know about WIC too if they have small children or are pregnant. I work for Michigan WIC and we are always trying to get employers to give out WIC info. A family of 4, here in MI, can make $40,793 per year & still qualify.

  31. Connie Powell

    Wow, what inspiring stories from everyone! I too give away to friends and family, also to our local food bank. This past weekend I took a bag of my freebies to an older lady on a fixed income. Sometimes I forget about the older folks that have such a limit on their grocery spending. It really touched me to see how excited she was to receive dish liquid and laundry detergent! In addition I found out that Columbus Home houses quite a few teenage boys so they got 2 shopping bags of free body wash! Thanks hip2save!

  32. Nicole

    I passed a young couple in the grocery store one day and they were digging through an giant gallon sized plastic ziploc of coupons, none of which were organized and really looked like they were struggling… so I pulled out one of the extra little coupon folders I keep in my bag and gave it to them. They looked really surprised and kind of bewildered when they said thank you as I turned the corner of the aisle. It made me feel like a coupon fairy. πŸ™‚

  33. Traci

    yeah, the ink thing????

  34. EMNM

    I enjoy being a coupon fairy, too! Recently, I took my kids to Chick-fil-a for lunch. There was a man there that looked homeless. He was eating sugar packets. I felt compelled to give him my coupon for a free sandwich, so I did. The man didn’t say a word, but went right up to the register to get his free sandwich. I think I helped someone that needed it and showed my kids an example of showing kindness to others πŸ™‚

  35. Latasha

    I have left coupons on the shelf before and tell people about this site daily. Just last week I had a co-worker as me to show her the ways of couponing. She went to CVS over the weekend. . . she had a $4 ECB and saw that Sparkling Cider was 2/$4 and used her coupon to get two bottles of cider for $ .20! She even called and left me a message on my cell phone because she was so excited. I’ve decided to take a small break from couponing to spend more time with my family and gave my co-worker my extra coupons. She just bought a small organizer today and is exitced to sort them out.

    I work for social services and we are partnered with a group that runs a battered woman’s shelter so I regularly donate a box of shampoo, makeup, body wash, etc to that shelter since most women go there with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Its nice to know I’m helping them out with necessities so they can focus on getting a safe home for themselves and their children
    Its fun to save money and pass on the savings.

  36. Selene

    I have been sharing coupons for a long time, but they are usually small stuff like $1 or $2. But recently I just started a “big share”. It started out by accident. My daughter is almost 4 years old but somehow Enfamil believes that she’s only 1 year old. So they started sending me those $5 formula checks in the mail. I offered the checks on Freecycle ($20 worth). A lady wanted them. Then I realized I can print Enfamil coupons on as well. So I had my coworkers printed extra copies for me (because you can only print one copy per computer). I ended up giving the lady an envelope full of formula checks and coupons worth $45. That was last month. This month I gave her $20 more (2 checks and 2 coupons). I am going to continue this for as long as her baby takes the formula.

    • Leah

      I worry about giving people printable coupons that I’m not going to use, because the coupons can be traced back to you if they are photocopied, and you will be prosecuted! It’s so sad that I have to worry about something like that- I only give my printables to people who are good friends of the family. πŸ™

      • Selene

        Wow…. That’s scary. I never thought about that. Thanks for making me aware of it. I will email the lady to make sure she doesn’t attempt to do that. But I think I’ll still share with her because that’s a lot of $$ she can save. Formula is so expensive.

  37. Megan

    A few months ago, I was in line at Walmart with my (then) 4 month old son.
    A man in his mid 50’s in front of us was buying a LOT of stuff for a BBQ, he had a huge 100sq ft + roll of foil. I happened to have a coupon for $1 off foil. I handed it to him & he was like “Oh, thank you”

    I think he was just in shock at first. Took him a minute to register it, because next thing I know.. He’s saying how cute my baby is & that it was so nice for me to give him that coupon
    So after he paid, he turned back around to me & pulled out a $5 bill & said “This is for his piggy bank, thank you for your kindness today. It was so nice.” It made me cry! I love that there is still kind people in this world!!!!! :D:D:D

    • Selene

      Awwww!!!What a nice guy!

  38. Jen@FrugalFreebiesandDeals

    What a great story!!

    Last year we used our Entertainment Book Movie coupons right before they were up- but there were still several left over in the book. I stood there and ripped them out and handed them to people in line. I felt a little silly and good at the same time πŸ™‚


  39. Laura

    I don’t seem to give as many coupons out at the grocery or drug store but where I do give my coupons is at the mall. If I ever buy anything at Macy’s, The Children’s Place, The LOFT, New York and Company, etc.. I always ALWAYS have a coupon. Most of those coupons can be used multiple times. When I am done with my shopping I find someone with a big armload of stuff or someone with kids or just anyone standing in line and ask them if they have a coupon for their purchase. Most of the time they look at me like I’m crazy so I tell them I have one and am not using it anymore if they would like it. People are so HAPPY, most of the time it’s a savings of 10-25% and boy that adds up!

    • Heather T

      I do the same with re-usable coupons and when I dont I feel really guilty that its going to waste.

  40. kimberly

    I love being a little coupon fairy in the grocery store. πŸ™‚

  41. Beth

    Right now my daughters are collecting food for our local co-op. Several people have given me small donations to buy food for them. What a wonderful feeling to be able to donate almost $200 in food and toiletries that I spent $45 on! Plus – my daughters have learned a lot about giving and saving and they are super excited about it! Also, every time I go shopping I try to pick up something either free or for a small amount after coupons that I can donate. When I get a really good deal I pass it on to my friends who don’t think I’m crazy so they can get the good deal as well.

  42. Nikki Zang


  43. Heather T

    At Kohl’s I was stocking up on Playschool toys that were 40% off and I had coupons for all of them (yes kohls takes Manu Qs, but they will often just say they dont) and an older couple was looking at the same toys for a Halloween gift for their grandson. The husband thought it was ridiculous she wanted to buy him a gift for Halloween and was making a fuss about the prices. She picked up the sit and spin and said it looked like so much fun for him, but the husband was leaning towards a pack of weebles. (which I had a coupon for too πŸ™‚ ) But I could tell she loved the sit and spin so I took out my coupons and said she was more than welcome to have my coupon for 5 off to make it a really great deal and that I already purchased one and my son really loves it. She asked if I was sure and the husband said I was an alright gal and that I really had my coupons in order. I wanted to see if the cashier would make a fuss about the Q but couldnt see without looking odd so I really dont know but they did get the sit and spin and I know they were grateful for the Q. Is it too nosy to acknowledge you’ve overheard a convo about price and offer a coupon…I sometimes feel awkward because some really appreciate it and others see a stigma with couponing.

    • Nicole

      I soooooo agree that some people like it and some people think you are crazy or could care less (and then you wish you would have saved it for yourself). I like someone’s idea in the comments about looking for some one comparing prices or with coupons – such a simple but good idea.

  44. Cheryl

    I always give people coupons. I even did a tutorial in RA telling a lady what items were on clearance and giving up rewards. I also gave her a $3/1 huggies q. She thanked me so many times and said she hopes she will run into me there again.

  45. Elizabeth M.

    I do share coupons and, happily, have had coupons shared with me. However, saving money means we get to go throught the McDonalds drive through every so often (3 little ones who love happy meals). Once every few months, I pay for the person’s order behind me, regardless of their total. I just tell the cashier to put in on my tab. It’s fun to watch expressions in the rear view when people realize what’s been done.

  46. lacymarie21

    I have gotten 2 of the girls I work with to start couponing and they LOVE it! They both visit this site often and it has taught them what I left out or didn’t think of. I can’t even start to imagine how much money they have saved and it feels so good to be one that helps another person out that needs it. –On another note, though! I went to target the other day to get a scrubbing bubbles automatice shower cleaner and was so shocked to see 2 $3.00 off Q’s stuff in one of the boxes! I had a coupon with me for it so I just left them in the box for another person and took the machine behind it! I’m so happy to see that even in our times where people can be so cold hearted that strangers are thinking about others! πŸ™‚

  47. Nicole

    I had a $10 off $50 and a $20 off $100 purchase Weis grocery store coupons that expired that day so I used the $10 (since I didn’t need that much) and gave the guy in front of me the $20 off. He was very thankful but he kept looking back at me like I was expecting something back so I said, “I didn’t want to waste $20 and I wasn’t going to use it so I’m glad you did.” He said “thanks” but kept looking at me like why did she do this. lol lol It was kind of funny! People can be nice!!! lol

  48. Kara

    I was at the grocery store yesterday morning and noticed a lady putting some Glade items in her cart. I pulled out some coupons that I wasn’t going to use and gave them to her. I ran into another couponer and she asked about my binder and the baseball card holders. She had her daughter with her.
    I take all the coupons I’m not going to use to my volunteer work with me and leave them for everyone to look through. I LOVE my volunteer job, it gives me some much needed mommy time, Ds gets to play all day, I get socialize with other adults and I get to help out other military wives. I’m waitin on my application to be processed, to volunteer with hubby’s unit. I am not able to work, due to school and childcare; so this is my way of giving to my family and community.

  49. natp1982

    I came here to post, wanting to find out about the $2 ink, then saw many other posts asking the same thing, but there’s no answer, lol! If anyone knows how to get $2 ink, please let us know. The cheapest I’ve gotten is for $9 at walgreens for a refill with a coupon.

    • Susan

      Reply #168.

  50. Sherrie

    I love this coupon site! It’s my very favorite. People stop me in Walmart, CVS, Target, etc and ask me what I’m doing ………..they really want to know how I do it when they see my total go down at the check out line! Cashiers all ask me where I get all these coupons. I ALWAYS ALWAYS give them this website. I wish Collin had a little printable business card on her site we could click on and print and then just hand it out when people ask. It would be much faster and easier. I get asked weekly and sometimes daily depending on how much time I have left after working at my real job (teaching music) and taking care of my family. Couponing is such a destressor for me! I love it and Collin makes it so easy for me!
    Thanks, Collin!

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