Modnique: *HOT!* Kidorable Rain Boots ONLY $4.95 Shipped + Lots More Deals!

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Modnique, similar to some of the other daily deal sites I’ve posted, offers exclusive access to limited time sale events of authentic, hand-picked designer merchandise. Many of the items on Modnique are very high priced, however, once you scroll down to the lower items on each offers sales page, you’ll notice the prices will start to drop! In fact, there are quite a few items starting in price at right around $5.

…AND even sweeter, first time members instantly receive a FREE $5 credit when they sign up through this link. Plus, through 11/30, you can use coupon code star at checkout to get an additional $10 off your purchase!

*Note: The $5 credit you receive CAN be applied towards the $7.95 shipping cost. However, the $10 coupon code cannot be applied towards shipping.

One Modnique sale to note is on Kidorable items. They have Kidorable rain boots on sale starting in price at just $12 + $7.95 for shipping, so after the $10 code and $5 credit– ONLY $4.95 (+ tax) shipped! They also have a few very cute Kidorable hats, mittens and scarves priced at just $5 and umbrellas priced at just $6, so you could snatch up a $6 umbrella and pay ONLY $2.95 + tax (which includes shipping)!

In addition to snagging some great deals on jewelry, apparel, watches, sunglasses and more, you can also earn Modnique credits by referring your friends. You will get $15 in credits for every friend who signs up with Modnique after clicking on your referral link and making a purchase. You will also get $10 in credits for the friends of your friend who become buyers at Modnique. And if their friends become buyers, you will get another $5 for each buyer connected to you by third degree (check out the picture below for all the details)! You can then use the credit rewards to make a purchase at Modnique!

So if I were you, I’d sign up as soon as you can, then email friends and family your referral link immediately. Make sure to highlight the $10 code in your email, then they can score an amazing deal AND earn you some money to spend on Modnique in the process! 😉

(Thanks, Free Sample Freak!)

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  1. LIsabella

    Ordered at 7AM and just checked my invoice and was charged full price for the rain boots :(. No credit or promo on the order. I’m thinking fluke since nobody else is having a problem. I’ll update with my CS experience.

    • Jannel Oravets

      I just checked and mine shows the same as yours. I am going to have to call also.

    • LIsabella

      CS said they’d apply the 5.00 , but wanted the hard copy of the coupon to give me the 10. I just canceled the order and re-ordered through the site. By then the style I’d originally chosen was sold out in DD’s size, so I got another style that’s just as cute. Overall, I’m happy, not as jazzed to refer this one as Rue LaLa.

  2. Rachal

    I am not happy either! My invoice and email says 4.95 but on my account it says 9.95!

    • savysaver

      Mine too! Have you called CS yet?

      • Beth

        Did you pay with PayPal? I noticed that you cannot use the $5 store credit if you use PayPal.

        • Heather Walters

          there was a little space under where you put the coupon code where it said store credit. I typed in 5.00 and “apply” and it took mine off…. maybe that could be it????

    • Meirav

      My account says the higher amount too, BUT the invoice they e-mailed me AND my credit card company both say I was charged the lower amount, so I think that this is what really counts.
      I hope it will sort itslef out for everyone 🙂

  3. Kim W.

    Thanks! Picked up two umbrellas and the froggie hat set for my on-year-old. Here’s to all the sale sites that seem to be popping up and offering promo credits. Makes for some great Christmas shopping!

  4. Heather

    Thanks so much for posting. I just bought each of my twin nieces the red ladybug scarf – with the $5.00 new customer credit and the $10 coupon code my total came to $4.90. Awesome!

  5. Jaclyn P

    awesome deal & was charged exactly what it said in my acct!! 🙂 I picked up 2 pair of kids gloves that my daughter will use as hand puppets. Paid 4.95!

  6. Shelby

    My Modnique account total is too high, it does not reflect the ” Star ” discount. However, my bank account was charged the correct amount. Hoping for the best 🙂
    Thanks Colin for everything you do!!! I hope you get tons of stuff and money from these sites. You deserve it. You work too hard to do it for free!

    • Martha

      Mine didnt show the star credit but it took $10 off the amount of the item i purchased. It should be fine i wasnt charged extra

  7. Merideth

    What a great deal on boots! Thanks Collin!

  8. Erin Fillare

    love it, got the cow set for my neice’s Christmas gift. 11.95 total and I can cross her off my list!

  9. rada

    just got my son frog scarf and a hat for $4.90 shipped. Thank you so so much Collin!!!!

  10. Julie

    Great deal! Note, though, that shipping for the first item is 7.95 and there is an additional charge of 1.95 for each other item (at least that is how it came up for me). Still… got two pairs of cute mittens for 4.90! can’t beat it!

  11. Danielle

    I am trying to get the audio cd for my son but it has been sitting in someones cart for almost an hour now. Tried to call CS but they don’t open for another hour! How long can someone keep something in their cart?

  12. Deb

    Got the dolphin rain coat and boots for my daughter, shipped, for $21! These are really expensive in stores so this is an awesome deal. Collin should hopefully get credit for me signing up too!

  13. Sabrina

    What does it mean in someone else’s cart? This is happening with almost everything I am trying to buy!

  14. Sarah

    Thanks!!! My daughter just outgrew her rain boots and I have been looking for an inexpensive replacement.

  15. Laurie M.

    Thanks! Got some super cute Fairy rain boots for my daughter. The size I wanted was sitting in someone else’s cart for a while, but I just bought the size up. For $4.95 shipped, she can schlep around in a size too big rainboots until they fit 😉

    • joy

      I got the same ones! I wanted the polka dots but they were not in her size. But she will definately love the fairies! Thanks Collin 🙂

  16. joy

    does anyone know how the sizes on the boots are running? I have a 4 yr old who wears size 12. I’m just wondering if these sizes are american sizes.

  17. Amanda

    For those of you having trouble with the price…It says that the $5 credit can’t be applied towards a paypal purchase. I found that out after the fact :(.

  18. Dana

    I didn’t realize that to get the store credit to apply you have to type 5.00 into the box and say apply. I called them and they are going to refund my credit card! What an awesome gift idea!

    • Neveen

      I placed my order and my total was $2.97 for the Umbrella but the confirmation they send me says $7.95. How did you call their customer service ? I am still on hold and its been 30 minutes ? Thank you

      • anastacia

        i have had the same problem. and the emails to them keep being returned undeliverable?

        • Neveen

          I am still on hold and its been 55 minutes. All the e-mails i sent them returned undeliverable too. How other people are calling them and sending them e-mails ?

          • Melissa D. H.

            I have had the same problem. I tried a different e-mail address that I found and I got that to go through. I am guessing the other address is full.

          • LIsabella

            On hold 30 minutes and counting over here.

          • Neveen

            Update : after being on hold for 60 minutes I got through and FINALLY they answered and they said they will credit back $5 to my credit card so my total will be $2.95 . The refund might take 3 to 5 days to show on your account . What a day .. I wasted 2 hours for just a stupid thing 🙂

          • Melissa D. H.

            I just got through to CS and they told me that the reason that customers were getting a different total when they login is because it doesn’t show the promotions on that order when you go back. She verified that I was going to be charged the amount e-mailed to me, so all is well with my order.

  19. Karen

    bought the little blue corgi umbrella for $3.73!!!

  20. lori

    yahooo…. I finally got it to work! I ordered DD some of the Princess boots… so excited… great gift for under the tree!!!!!

  21. Dianna

    This is the email that I received from customer service (thought you guys would like to read):
    Thank you for your prompt reply. Please be advised that as per our records both the coupon and the Store credit have applied to this order. So the amount that was charged from your card is $5.75. It may be a technical problem that it doesn’t display on your end, we are sorry for that. Just to make sure that you were charged the correct amount, you can check your billing statement.

  22. GINA

    I bought two pais of boots, but couldn’t get an umbrella.

  23. Sandi Smith

    Thank you! I just snagged a beautiful necklace from Boma that will be a fantastic Christmas present, and I got it for practically nothing!

  24. melissa

    Got the fairy-rain-boots for my daughter for her b-day next spring. She’ll love them. For those of you that are having problems w/ the $5 off I noticed you must type in $5.00 in the box above & hit apply-credit button for it to come off the invoice.

    • Leslie

      I saw that too…thank goodness that I figured it out before I hit ‘buy’ !

  25. Janice

    Wow! Thank you ! Got the cute cow scarf for only $2.95 shipped!

  26. Dana B.

    I got diamond earrings for $17 shipped!

    earring sale

  27. Jamie

    Yay!! My son has been wanting an umbrella – got him the cute puppy dog umbrella for 2.95 shipped – awesome for Christmas!! 🙂

  28. Fernanda

    Both codes were applied, but my shipping was $9.90 :(, but still got adorable hats for my twin nephews fon less than 5 bucks…. Thanks Collin !!

  29. etmills

    Thanks! I was able to get my son a GOOD hat & mitten set for the winter for under $5. I usually have to dish out much more for the cheapest price (and quality) I can get. And thanks to a Bizrate survey given at the end of my purchase, I also managed to snag yet another relatively free ($2) year of my husband’s favorite magazine.

  30. Heather Walters

    I have tried to call their 800 number and email them and they aren’t working….. Should I be worried? The number doesn’t work and I get the email returned to me as undeliverable…

    • Ariana

      I also tried emailing…from Outlook @ work the email came back. From my personal Yahoo, I haven’t gotten an undeliverable notice.

    • Dianna

      I emailed them… the emails did return — but somehow…they got my emails and they did respond — Please see my post above from earlier…

  31. Ariana

    I also ordered the dolphin boots. I too had issues with not knowing how to apply the $5 credit. GOSH! I could kick myself for not reading the comments first! I have emailed them to see if they will credit my credit card. $10.92 is still a darn good deal for designer high quality boots! (if that’s what they turn out to be 🙂 )

  32. Sarah

    Yeah! I was just making a list of FREE or inexpensive gifts for Christmas! I was so excited to get the cow mittens and hat! One gift down for my 2year old daughter or 6 yr old daughter! Couldn’t find sizing, but I am sure they will fit one of them! Thanks again! Hope you get lotsa $$$ in credit!

  33. Meirav

    Thank you Collin!
    I purchased my younger daughter cool boots. I wanted an umbrella too, but they were sold out 🙁
    BTW – I also had an issue with the higher amount showing on my account, but I think it’s just a technical error, becasue my incoive and my credit card company both say the correct amount.
    Such a great deal – thanks for sharing !

  34. Leighann

    I tried ordering from them but everything is sold out already. When I found something that wasn’t sold out, I tried to add it to my cart and it said it was in someone else’s cart and to try again later. This happens every single time I try to use one of these discounty type websites. That is why they don’t get more than one visit from me!

  35. geraldine

    thanks colin!! i love that you also get credit for your friends referrals!!

  36. Jamie

    Got my daughter the fairy rainboots (she will be thrilled she’s been bugging me for new ones since she outgrew her last pair and I refused to pay full price for rainboots she might wear a handful of times) I paid with my PayPal credit card and was charged the correct amount at $4.95

  37. Christina

    Thanks Collin, I got the puppy umbrella for my lil guy. thanks again I don’t know what we would do without you, especially me I am a working mom and would never be able to find these awesome deals without you!

  38. Bridget B.

    Thanks a ton! My daughter has been asking for a new pair of rainboots for forever and I’m too cheap to pay that much for play shoes. I got her the kitty pair for $4.95! I wish I would have seen your post earlier to nab an umbrella with it.

  39. Ashley

    Wahoo!! Just ordered the dolphin boots for my little guy! He has been wanting rain boots forever but I just couldn’t justify the high price tag. $4.95 out the door works for me!!! Thanks Collin!

  40. Nootie

    I invited a friend to order something which they did and it is still saying they are still shopping and that has been since about 2 o’clock in the morning….this is aggravating because it hasn’t given me my $15 credit…

    • Dianna

      You will not receive your $15 credit until their item has been shipped.

    • Mimmie

      If you read the rules the item has to be shipped

  41. Brandy W.

    I just ordered the fairy rain boots! How cute!!! My daughter saw them and said, “I want those Mommy”, so I had to wait and recheck until they came available. Keep saying someone had them in their cart and to check back later, well, I went to the store real quick, came back and clicked and got em!!! Yeah!! Thanks for the tip on the boots, my little one really could use some new ones, her feet are growing like little weeds!!! 🙂

  42. Laura

    Whoo-whoo….3 scarves for under 12 bucks. My daughter loves everything that is ladybug and the other 2 will be given away as Christmas gifts-who doesn’t like a cute animal scarf? Thanks!!!

  43. Lorine Edwards

    I got the cow mittens and the frog mittens. it doesn’t get too cold here..but saw someone’s comment about using them as hand puppets! Everything else was sold out pretty for $4.90 for 2 cute pairs why not!

  44. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I just got the pink cat rain boots for my daughter. She will love them. What a great deal for only 4.95 shipped. Thank you Collin!

  45. aubrey

    I was charged full price for the boots- it took off my $10 code but not the credit. It said $4.95 at checkout but now my account says $9.95 for the boots. Boo.

    • aubrey

      I called customer service and they said it would be 24-36 hours before I was credited with the money. On the good side, my wait time was only 18 min:)

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


      We have a glitch on Modnique. Even though the $5 store credit is being applied, My Orders page does not reflect that.

      Please make sure to enter 5 and to click on ‘Apply Credit’ on the last page of checkout.

      Thank you all for buying and sincere apologies for the glitch.


  46. Meirav

    Heads up – I just scrolled down at the modnique website and it has a preview of a disney sale that should start in 1 day and 16 hours. maybe you could use some referral $$ to score some Disney items 🙂

  47. Virginie

    thank you so much for this sweet deal. I have been looking everywhere for months for some rain boots for my daughter but couldn’t find anyone under $10 (even used!). AND here you come… I got her a cute pair with fairy on it. She loves it!! Thanks.

  48. Beth

    How long does it take for the friend referrals to credit?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I am wondering the same thing. It keeps saying “still shopping” and my friend is done shopping and has been for a day!

      • Andrea

        I thought someone posted that you get the credits after their item has shipped.

  49. Jessica

    Thanks for this post, Collin! I just got a stainless steel bracelet for my husband as a Christmas gift – retails at $99, I paid $6.83 shipped with the credits!

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