Amazon: *HOT* Remote Controlled Helicopter Deal

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Do you still need a deal for the kid man in your life? Well, check out this *HOT* deal on Amazon. Currently, you can score this Remote Controlled Helicopter for ONLY $27.70– down from $129.95! Plus, this items ships FREE with Super Saver Shipping and has VERY positive, almost all 5 star reviews!

I just snatched one up for the hubs and no, he does not read my blog! 😉

(Thanks, Hot Coupon Mommas!)

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  1. Tracie

    I keep reading posts that talk about swagbucks, what are they and how can you get them? I do most of my x-mas shopping on Amazon and would love to make the deals even better. Thanks for this post, my son was just saying he wanted a remote helicopter last week…the Christmas shopping is now underway!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Just go to and register. Download their toolbar for searches. You get swagbuck codes for searches, watching videos and they post special codes almost daily. It only takes 450 swagbucks to earn a $5 Amazon e-gift card.

    • Lori

      Swag bucks are awesome! It’s an online search engine that rewards you points (or swagbucks) for searching through them instead of like google and what not. There are other ways to earn as well, such as surveys, polls, shopping, etc but searching is the main thing. It’s totally free with no catch. As you earn points you can cash them out for prizes-the best one probably being the $5 amazon gift card. I’ve earned about $100 worth of gift cards and have already purchased a couple Christmas gifts through there for free! Also, if you refer friends you get more swagbucks. There are other gift cards as well like Starbucks and Paypal, but overall the amazon is the best bang for your swagbuck. Sign up!

      • Tracie

        Thanks for the information, I truly appreciate it!!

        • Lori

          Also, if you are on FB there is a Swagbucks page that is very helpful if you have questions when you are first starting out.

  2. Brittany D.

    Thank you so much Collin!! My hubby had one of these (a cheaper model) and it broke, he has been wanting another one ever since! I snatched up one for him for Christmas!!

  3. Tami

    Thank you so much for posting this!! My 12 year old just told me he’d really like a “nicer” remote controlled helicopter, but I knew they could be very expensive. I hope it’s a good one!! 🙂

  4. Tara

    Great deal, but it can only be flown indoors. My hubs likes to take them outside! Thanks for the deal though.

  5. Samantha

    This was discussed on another blog. That price is largely inflated. It retails for $29.99 at all other sites that offer it. It is not being sold by Amazon but through amazon so when a few people called Amazon to complain they were told that the seller could put any price they wanted to on it. And if the list it that way then it will do exactly what it is doing and grab your attention.
    All that said, however, the reviews on it are amazing so your really not waisting your money if it was something you wanted anyway. But if you got it just b/c you thought it was a HUGE discount then sorry….

      • momwhocares

        It’s still cheaper because of the free shipping and its less than the price on the website – so not feeling to bad. My hubby willl love this and I am sure I’d pay over $30 after taxes in the store for this. I have been wanting to get this for my hubby an dput it off – thanks for reminding me!

  6. Turboturtle_8

    Well after seeing this isn’t as GREAT a deal as first glance will let you believe, I have a bit of buyers remorse. Of course I can’t cancel since it is being prepared to ship. On the other hand, my sweet son will love this and the reviews are great…so I don’t feel too bad. This is going to be his “big” gift and he going to be just as happy, regardless of it not being a GREAT deal. His happiness is priceless. 🙂 Thanks Collin for bringing this product to my attention even if it wasn’t $100 saved.

    • Darcie

      to anyone who feels like they aren’t getting as good a deal as originally thought:
      if you bought this heli because you know someone who will LOVE it, then this is a great deal! If you bought this because you thought it was a steal, then it wasn’t a great deal.
      as long as you have someone to give this to who will appreciate it, then you don’t have to feel bad that it wasn’t an awesome deal.
      moral of the story: don’t buy something just because it is a steal. buy something for a great deal that also you know someone will love.

      • Turboturtle_8

        I agree, I don’t buy things just because it is a good deal. My son will love this and he has been asking for one since he had an Air Hogs that died before he ever really got to enjoy it and I got the run around from Toys r Us. I simply was of the mindset that it was like getting a better quality product for the same price or better. The “you get what you pay for” mentality without actually having to “pay for” it. Haha But after reading the reviews I still feel good about my choice to pick this “deal” up.

  7. Sandra

    They talked about this very same thing on the Early Show this morning. How that was being sued for this. Standard practice across the board it seems.

  8. Joelle

    We have had 3 helicopters like this and they have all broken in the first couple of days. The body of the helicopter is made out of styrofoam and there is an on/off switch set inside. The tiny switch breaks off and then it is useless. It is fun and it works, but it is not child friendly (or clutzy mom friendly) so be warned.

    • Kate

      Thank you…I was going to impulse buy and I am glad I waited to read. I had a feeling that was an inflated retail price….if you click on SYMA brand under description on Amazon you can see other helicopters same brand for cheaper. Something tells me they are overstocked on these.

    • momwhocares

      Read this review this guy talks about that and says this one is actually durable:
      “I ordered this helicopter along with 3 other helicopters. 3 from Syma and one off brand helicopter. I ordered multiple helicopters because the only ones I have flown have been 2 channel and if one broke I would have backup. I ordered the Syma S107 and S105 at the same time, and the S107 arrived first and the S105 arrived the next day. On my frist flight of the S107 I was suprised how stable and smooth the flight was. The box says 14 and up but I think anyone could control this helicopter. It goes up, down, left, right, forward, and backwards, all at a balanced speed thats good for indoor flight. It is not too slow to be boring or too fast that you can’t controll it. The trim button on the controller is pretty much not needed because it does not spin out of control. I still havnt adjusted the trim after about 20 flights. Also, both Syma helicopters are VERY durable since they are made of metal and hard plastic. ”

      go here and scroll down to read the rest of his 5 star review on this:

  9. eddygeddy

    I told my hubby about this deal. He flies “real” rc heli’s and our boys have several “toy” ones. After researching it, he decided to get one anyway, even though it’s not as incredible a deal as Amazon is making it sound. He said it’s still way better than the ones our boys currently own and it’s a fair price. Any boy will still love this heli!

  10. eddygeddy

    By the way, hubby also says that this heli is not the styrofoam kind. It’s the lightweight plastic kind. Very child friendly.

  11. Monique

    I got one for my husband and dad…they both had cheaper models that broke. I am happy with this!

  12. Cass

    I just bought it for my son’s 5th birthday. Thank you for this post! I will be the coolest mom on the block! 🙂

  13. Niki

    Last time I was at the mall they sell it for $39 + tax. It might be different model or whatever (but it looks very similar)
    I snag one for my 9 yrs old nephew. I am hoping he will like it. It’s a christmas gift.

  14. JEANIE

    I did check this on other sites …. it does sell for less than 29.99 on most sites….even as low as $22….and Amazon did sell it for a little over $18. On one site it recommends buying ‘upgrades’ for it … I don’t know….I think I’ll wait … this might go down even lower on price. ;0)

  15. Lynsey Nolan

    My father in law owns a hobby shop and he just old me that he sells this model, year round, for $17.99. I wouldn’t jump on this deal too fast.

  16. Susan

    There is a review on amazon that includes a video. I was laughing while watching it because it was really cool to watch this helicopter fly inside a living room and my husband was calling out from the other room to see what was so funny! I had some amazon $ from swagbucks so I went ahead and splurged!

  17. Cyndie

    I almost snagged this for my 8 yo autistic son. I know he wants it to crash so I am not buying it. Looks like u need to buy replacement things too.

  18. louise

    ah well… just cancelled my order 🙁

  19. Wendy

    My cousin bought one of these for her husband at a state fair for $50. It has been so much fun and well worth every penny. My hubby flies it everytime we go over to their house, so I snagged him one (actually a different, cheaper model, $16) for Christmas! They crash all the time and keep on flying…they seem indestructable. I was planning on this for a Christmas present anyway (at a higher price), so this seems like a steal to me!

  20. dolly

    I bought this right away seeing it. Did i made a mistake or is pretty good deal am confused after all your reviews just suggest me what to do? either cancel and wait for a lower price or proceed and buy this.

    • momwhocares

      I was wondering that too – others here say you can get it for less – maybe or maybe not – that is the thing about the holidays – some deals get better, some get higher.

      My hubby wanted to get the polar express train for years and we keep putting off until closer to christmas when we rmember and the price goes way up 🙂

      So, the closer to the holidays prices on high demand items tend to go up – unless its included in a special or black friday thing. So, I just bought this as the price with shipping is still cheaper than from the product manuf. website.

      • dolly

        Even am confused!!!!!!!!!!

        • dolly

          My friend bought this for 5k in australia which is $100. It is sensitive that if it touches the wall it will not work so take care. I thought this was a good deal and bought this.

  21. Erin

    Thank you everyone for the posts. Just cancelled my order. What a mess.

  22. LaToya

    Just cancelled mine too – – will I get to still use my $10 from Swagbucks again though or are they lost even though they weren’t used?

    • Theresa

      Was thinking the same thing. I have no idea 🙁

  23. Gina

    How do you cancel your order?

    • Kelly

      I’m curious how people are canceling their order as well. Mine went straight to shipping.

    • Kelly

      Follow up: I called Amazon again (first to discuss the list price and basically got no where) and told them how unhappy I was with the pricing and that I wish to cancel my order. I didn’t expect them to be able to do it since it went straight to processing & shipping but the rep was able to expunge the order. He sent me a cancellation confirm via email. I used some SwagBucks credits for my order so those were instantly credited back to my account. The rest, the rep said should be credited back to my credit card within 2-3 business days.

      So if you’re looking to cancel the order, don’t do it online, call Amazon and speak with a rep to cancel the order.

  24. ang f

    My husband is going to love this! We have looked for the last few years but have never found a good deal till now…thanks! The best part is he will have no idea I found it!


    Just got mine in the mail today. Its made out of metal not styrofoam.

  26. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Thank you for posting this! My son is really into helicopters right now and this will be the perfect gift! Even if its not a steal, it was free shipping and it really flies, unlike all the helicopter toys at the store that just sit there for the same price. 🙂

  27. Kelly

    I called Amazon to inquire about the list price and the rep rattled off a bunch of sites I’d never heard of that had it for a list price of $130 like Amazon. Truth be told, after 2 hours of digging through Google, I have no clue where the Amazon rep is coming up with that number and those sites. Nothing I’ve found said it’s listed for $130 so that’s a bunch of baloney. The closest I came to a list price was from what seems like the manufacturer’s website:

    List price for that model is $59.99 so at $27.20 it is still a decent saving.

    Despite stellar ratings at Amazon if you read carefully, people are saying you only get MAYBE 10 minutes of flying time on a 45 minute charge up. So if you’re buying it for a young kid who doesn’t have the patience for that kind of a time investment vs return, be aware.

  28. Kt

    Here is one more present marked off my list! Thanks so much Colin…you are saving my lil family lots!!!

  29. Brandy

    Thank goodness I checked other sites to get the real original price of this!! I couldn’t find it for over $30 anywhere!! Not such a great deal if you were only getting it because of the supposed price drop!!! Hubby would have liked it, but just not a great deal!!!

  30. Angela

    Love this deal!! I really wasn’t going to get my man-child aka husband much for Christmas. He’s getting a new iPhone in January for Birthday-Christmas combined. This will definitely make him happy. Something he will never suspect that I will buy him since he usually gets pj’s and movies. 🙂

  31. Angela

    Reading a lot of the comments now and lots of people canceling, I can understand where you are coming from. But I did not order just because the list price was listed so high. I think it will still be fun for hubby. 🙂 I’m going to go ahead and get it still. Problem with things being lower for awhile, that may be the case. But not everyone wants to wait too long to shop either. I found just going to Target in the middle of the day on Wednesday was horrible … and it’s not even after Thanksgiving yet. ugh! I am avoiding the stores if I can!

  32. justmeagain

    I think people are canceling their order because this is not a deal. This is the normal price for this toy.

    • Kelly

      You’re right, it’s not as good of a deal as initially thought. And I did cancel my order, not only because it wasn’t a great deal, which, after all, isn’t that what all readers of this blog are after? But also because it was an extremely dishonest way that Amazon and their third party seller are doing business in this case. I canceled my order largely based on principle. They’re basically advertising that the helicopter is 79% off when the reality is, it is not even 10% off the actual price. Now picture that kind of a deal at a brick and mortar store. Say a salesman told you right to your face that they’re running a 80% off sale when in fact things are ridiculously marked up first, then marked back down to make the sale and price more appealing and things aren’t even 10% off their true price. (And yes, that does actually happen with many merchants, but they don’t do it as blatantly.) There’s currently a lawsuit flying at accusing them of the same dishonesty.

      If it was something you were shopping for to begin with, and you saved yourself a little over $2 in the deal, great! A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Bravo! (Although searching for the manufacturer of the helicopter, it links for it to be sold at $19.99, and others on here have mentioned a similar price for the copter.) Did I want the helicopter? Yes. Did I need it? No. Would my family and I have really enjoyed it? Absolutely, but I’d rather do without than to essentially reward dishonesty with my hard earned money.

      I think this incident was an eye opener for me in that I can no longer trust Amazon’s pricing. It wasn’t like it was $10, $20 or even $50 over the actual price. We’re talking $100 over the actual price. To the average consumer, that’s a significant amount of money and markup. If Amazon continues to offer legitimate deals, I will give them my business, but in this case, I felt no need to give them my hard earned money when they are tricking consumers. Despite the hassle of canceling my order, I am, however, grateful for this learning experience. I now know better than to trust Amazon’s list price any more and will have to make the extra steps to research further. Amazon is no longer my one stop shop & research resource. It’s a shame.

  33. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    These are so much fun – I bought 3 last year on a black friday deal for my hubby and 2 boys and they played with them all christmas day. As some people have mentioned they are a fragile toy and the tiny on/off switch can break if you’re not super careful, and then they are junk – 2 of mine are now, but my hubby and boys are asking for another one this year. It just wouldn’t feel like christnas without one or three, lol!!! $27 isn’t the very bestest of the best prices – I paid $15 last year, but if I can’t find them for that cheap this year I will certainly be willing to pay $27 So, with that being said, everyone that purchased one for their hubby will have a happy hubby, & kids too!! It’s one of those gifts that you can’t go wrong with. 🙂

  34. AnnaMae

    We’re so bummed. We got our helicopter and it doesn’t work. 🙁 Back to amazon it goes.

  35. M. Howell

    I bought one of these helicopters for my husband. He has E-Flight and many other more expensive brands. I have read some negative comments about these helicopters, but personally my husband thinks this is one of the easiest to fly and user-friendly helicopters out there for the money. The only thing about it is it’s made for flying indoors only because the wind could catch it outside and carry it away very easily. It would be a great present for your husbands or even teenage boys. For the money, you can’t beat it.

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