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Target: Black Friday 2-Day Deals (11/25-11/26)

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Alright, so here is a rundown of my favorite Target Black Friday deals! Please note that Target stores across the country will open their doors on Thursday, November 24th at midnight. Also, these Black Friday deals will be valid through 11/26 only.

You can head on over here to preview all of the Target Black Friday 2-day deals. Don’t forget that you can also enter the Target 2-Day Sale Sweeps on Facebook to possibly win a $25 Target gift card!

Here are my favorite Black Friday Deals…


WESTINGHOUSE 46″ 60Hz 1080p LCD HDTV $298
Save $200 – lowest price of the season!

Buy 8 GB iPod Touch (Doorbuster Deal) $195 = $40 Target gift card
Use the 10% off Apple iPod Target store coupon found here (will deduct $19.50)
Pay $175.50
Get back a $40 Target gift card
Final cost only $135.50!
** Smokin’ HOT price with $40 gift card and 10% off code!

8 GB iPod Nano $129 = $15 Target gift card
Use the 10% off Apple iPod Target store coupon found here (will deduct $12.90)
Pay $116.10
Get back a $15 Target gift card
Final cost only $101.10!

Nintendo 3DS Bundle with Super Mario 3D Land Game $179.99

Xbox 360 4 GB Game System $139.99

Buy Select Game = $10 Target gift card
*Just Dance 3, Wii or Xbox Kinect $39.99
*Zumba on Wii $39.99
*Zelda Nintendo DS $39.99
*Rayman on Wii $49.99, on Xbox or PS3 $59.99
*Skyrim on Xbox, PS3 or PC $59.99

$3.99 DVD Deals
It’s Complicated
The Blind Side
Pulp Fiction
New Moon
The Hangover

TomTom Via 1505 M GPS $89
Use the 10% off TomTom GPS Target store coupon found here (will deduct $8.90)
Final cost only $80.10!
** This is currently selling for $114.99 on Amazon.

Philips 9 inch Dual Screen DVD Player $99
This is currently priced at $129.71 on Amazon.

Sony Blu-ray Player $79.99

iTunes $25 Gift Card only $20


Razor Barbie or HotWheels Folding Scooter $20
This is a really great price for these scooters, as they are usually priced around $40+!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Table $26.99
This is currently priced at $37.49 on Amazon.

Preschool Mega Bloks 80-pc bag $10
Use the $3/1 Mega Bloks Red or Pink 80 piece bag coupon found here (must sign up to access coupons)
Final cost $7!
** Great buy, as these normally retail for $20+!

Scrabble Flash, Simon Flash, or Yahtzee Flash $15
Use the $5/1 Facebook coupon found here
Final cost $10!

My First Disney Princess Doll & Toddler Dress Gift Set $19.99
*HOT* Price, as I posted this online deal here – which made these $24.99 (and I thought that was a great price!)


Mr. Coffee by Keurig $79.99 = FREE $30 Target gift card
Final cost $49.99!

Oral-B Professional Care Electric Toothbrush $34.99
Use the $10/1 coupon found in the 10/16 SS
Final cost $24.99!
** Or instead you can choose to submit for the $20 rebate – which will make your final cost just $14.99! Note that you cannot combine the coupon and rebate offer.

Aerobed 14 inch Queen Air Bed $49
Use the 15% Off Coleman or Aero Airbed Target store coupon found here (will deduct $7.35)
Final cost only $41.65!
** Great price!! Over $50 off!

Merona Sweaters, Womens $12
Use the $4/1 Women’s Sweater Target store coupon found here
Final cost $8!

Gilligan & O’Malley 2 pc Sleep Sets $10
Use the $3/1 Women’s Sleepwear Target store coupon found here
Final cost $7!

Womens or Kids Fleece Hat & Gloves or Mittens Set $3
Use the buy 2 get 1 FREE Cold-Weather Accessories Shopkick App Target Coupon
Final cost $6 for 3 sets – $2 each!

** A HUGE thanks to Totally Target for the help with these deals… and if you want to see even more Target weekly deals, make sure to head on over to Totally Target!

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Comments 54

  1. iPod virgin

    Can someone tell me what it means when an iPod touch is a generation? What “generation” would this one be? How much off retail does that seem? Thanks so much!

    • Zack

      The generation is basically how new the model is. It is always rising by 1 number as a new model comes out. Like, the huge, original iPod is a 1st generation. The most recent iPos touch is the 4th generation. Most retail stores only sell the most recent generation. If you are looking to get one for super cheap, check ebay for older generation models. It looks like with the iPod touch though, that the prices are very close, so you might as well get a 4th generation.

      • Jessica

        is is how new they are.
        1st generation is a touch but a thicker model same with 2.
        3rd generation is a touch with a thinner model than 1st and second.
        4th generation is the thinnest model and it has a front and back camera.
        hope that helps!

  2. Hilary

    Also, if I shop with my Red Card, will that give me an additional 5% off? Just wondering.

    • Shannon

      Sure will!

  3. Jenn

    Just as a reminder to my fellow Bay Staters, the earliest store openings in Massachusetts are different. Most malls aren’t opening until 4am. ALL Wal-Marts are opening at 4am. Best Buy, Toys R Us, Macy’s, Target and Old Navy are opening at 1am. No midnight openings in Massachusetts!

    • Shelly

      Thanks for keeping us Beantowners in the loop !!

  4. Rebecca

    I am not seeing a $3 coupon for the 80 piece mega blocks….I only see one for the 100 piece tub! 🙁

    • Casey Gwynn Parker

      Me either! 🙁 HELP!

      • Deedee

        Once you sign up, you should receive an email. In that email there is a link to confirm. Do that. Then also in that email is a link to your $20 in coupons. Click on that. You’ll get to choose two coupons from each row. Then they will either email those or give you an email to download from the website, that’s what I did. It downloaded a pdf with all the selected coupons. Just print the page(s) you want. They are huge coupons. I don’t know how to make them any smaller :(. HTH and was not too confusing.

        • Ashley

          How long does it take to get an email back? Its been a few hours for me and I still haven’t received my coupons. 🙁

        • Rebecca

          Thank you SO much for letting us know! I never thought to look in the email! Now…just waiting for my email with the coupons! 🙂

          • Deedee

            You’re welcome! It didn’t take long at all, so maybe check your spam folder?

  5. rebekah desloge

    does anyone know if the electronic deals(like the xbox 360) will be available online at midnight? trying to make my plans accordingly…

    • Zack

      I hope so! I don’t think the doorbuster iPod one will be, so that would be a bummer! That deal is unbeatable, but I’m not waiting in line!

    • michelle

      I have a question. I am looking for a good price on games for the dsi xl. What is a good price and where is it? Any recommendations for great games for a 7 year old girl? Thanks soooo much for any help!!!!!

      • andrea

        I think the dsi xl plays the regular nintendo ds games, does it not? I have had very good luck getting games cheap on Amazon. My niece just turned 8, and she likes the Imagine games (Imagine Ballet Star, Imagine Fashion designer, and a whole bunch others) as well as the American Girl games. I can often get games for $10 or less (or a little more if it’s one they really want) on Amazon. You can type in their search bar thing “Nintendo DS games under $20” and it should pull up a whole list.

    • Alissa

      I just picked up two Razor scooters tonight @ Walmart for $19.98 I don’t have to go out on Black Friday now.

  6. Vivi

    I have a feeling that using coupons on black Friday is going to be a HUGE hassle…I’m crossing my fingers is won’t though.

    • Susan

      I did pretty decent coupon shopping last black Friday and I had no problem at all (other than a few glares and sighs behind me)! HTH! 🙂

  7. Maryam

    Will all these deals be online too? I have been waiting forever for an iPod touch. This is a really, really good deal. I want it! Not sure if I’m going to be waiting in line though.

    • paulette

      Not 100% sure but I think any deals that include a free gift card you only get it in the store.

    • Jeannie G

      the iPod touch 8gb iPod touch is LIVE as of early Thursday morning, at Target with the $40 gift card. 🙂

  8. Shanna

    I was wondering if anyone knows how you know if the same deal is being offered online?

  9. Dawn

    Ok…need some help please! I noticed a link for Shopkick App (for hat and mitten set) so I decided to look into it. I just got a new android so I’m really excited to try it out. As far as I can tell, there is a spot to enter your friends reference promo code to earn 50 points for being new. Since I didn’t do this using a friends link….I just did it on my own so I don’t have a promo code to enter. I googled shopkick promo codes and came up with tons of codes. I tried them all and every one says “That didn’t match a valid promo code. Want to get your new user bonus? Ask you friend to send you their invitation link”. So here is where I’m stuck! Any helpful suggestions from my fellow couponers????

    • Andrea

      My code is Finch1784. You might have waited too long to enter it. 🙁

  10. Andrea in target coupons there is a $5 disney princess toy coupon any toy over $19, would that work with the My First Disney Princess Doll & Toddler Dress Gift Set? I hope so b/c that would be super sweet!

    • Deedee

      It expires 11/23/11, or else it would have worked. I hate that I there’s no way to tell when it expires until you print it out, or else I wouldn’t have. Bummer 🙁

  11. Kathie M

    Does the 10% of copon on the i-Pod really take off $19.50 since there is a gift card offer? When I use my 5% off it always takes off the value of the gift card first then takes off the percentage. If that is the case it would only take $15.50 off. Still a good deal though!

    • Natalie

      Where is the ipod coupon? I can’t see it!!!

      • tresa

        I don’t see it either!

  12. Erica Mc.

    My shop kick cpn is buy 2 get one 50% off the cold weather accessories…just fyi. check before you plan your budgets.
    PS: I need a side kick promo code too….can’t find one that works and I didn’t get any pts for signing up and downloading the app. (I have a android).

    • Andrea

      My code is Finch1784.

      • Amy

        Try mine- 100 kicks for both of us! Mustard683

  13. Lisa

    Does anyone know about the iPod deal? Do they do like wal-mart where you have to get the ticket in order to get that deal a certain number of hours before or something? I really want to get that iPod for my Husband but I am so scared I won’t be able to get one for some reason!

    • meg

      My daughter and I did the Black Friday Ipod deal last year at our Target north of Atlanta. We got there about an hour before the store opened, like 3 or 4 am, and were a couple hundred people back in the line. In the store, they had several separate lines set up, depending on the items you wanted – we had no problem getting two – they had cases full of them. Good luck!

  14. usafsam

    Many stores are doing online same price as store sales at Midnight so those who hate crows do not have to go out or those of us who work in retail and can’t go store to store. Thank goodness.

  15. melanie

    I purchased the apple ipod a few days ago when they offered a $20 GC. I used the 10% coupon, $15/$150 mailer and got it for $140, I didn’t dare wait til BF. 😉

  16. Michelle

    The coupon for the ipod is gone. Does anyone have the online code for this coupon?

    • justin

      did you get a coupon? if so could you please forward?

  17. Anitra

    Does anyone have the iPod coupon code for online? They have removed the coupon from the target site. Thanks!

    • justin

      did you get the coupon? if so could you please forward?

  18. Krista

    My coupon for the ipod at 10% off (from mailer) says valid in store only 🙁

    • gina

      Could you please post a scan of your in-store coupon? I didn’t get it printed online before they took it down today:-( Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

      • justin

        did you get a coupon, if so could you forward

        • julie

          Can someone forward me the ipod coupon!?!

  19. Jodi

    Can someone also please forward me the ipod coupon????

  20. Roxanna Butkus

    I just received a free Tranformers DVD when I made a purchase at Target.

  21. Kathy Rasmussen Landgren

    Does anyone have the coupon code for the TomTom on sale at Target? I couldn’t find the coupon.

  22. Mom22

    YIPPEE!! Got my new Ipod today. I was nearly bouncing in the air :))) I hear the coupons were for PRIOR to Thanksgiving.

  23. Rebeca

    Couldnt find the $3 for Mega Bloks 80 piece, is it gone?

  24. Natalie

    Does anyone have the ipod coupon? I’d love a scan. This is the one and only thing my daughter really really wants for Christmas. My e-mail is

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