YoYo.com: *HOT* $10 off ANY Toy Purchase (New Customers) = Free Toys (Just Pay $4.99 Shipping)

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UPDATE: From reading the comments, this code appears to no longer be working. πŸ™

IMPORTANT NOTE – The code listed below is valid for new YoYo.com customers only! Also, if you have previously purchased from any of Soap.com’s partner sites (Soap.com, Wag.com etc,), this code will not work for you.

Currently, YoYo.com is offering up $10 off ANY $10 Toy purchase when you enter the promo code YOYODEC during checkout!   That means you should be able to snag a FREE toy or two… you’ll just need to pay shipping costs, which are a flat-rate of $4.99 for orders under $49.

I spotted several LEGO sets and many other items in the Sale Section priced under $10 and was actually able to snag 2 LEGO sets for my boys completely FREE…just paid $4.99 shipping!  There are a lot of items on sale priced under $10, so be sure to take some time to browse around!

Come back to let us know what you goodies you score!

(Thanks, Tam!)

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  1. Sabrina Lucas

    Wow!! Got the same deal you did.. and it is shipping ups ground to arrive tomorrow. Holy Moly! Thanks for all you do to help us out!!

    • Christy G.

      I know, my order shipped within a couple HOURS of being placed! LOVING this company and I will definitely be back. The prices were good (on lots of their Lego sets) even w/o the discount, so quite impressed!!!! Love it!

      • Jana

        It is amazing! What a great toy site! My order will be here tomorrow too! I’m so impressed!

  2. Janet

    Thanks! I got a star wars lego set for $5.79 that Walmart sells for $12. Another item I can check off the wish list. πŸ™‚

  3. Michelle

    Collin, you (and Tam) are wonderful!! I was finally able to get the WWE wrestling toy my son asked for, which is sold out everywhere!! I added the Rubie’s “Mouse” costume to my order to get the free shipping (I’ll put that in my daughter’s dress up bin) and my order came to $0.68!!!!

  4. Susan

    Thank you Collin! You rock! I was able to get a Hexbug Nano for my son’s stocking free (and with free shipping because I also got the rubies spider web…I put it away til next Halloween). The whole purchase was FREE and it will be delivered tomorrow!!! I am excited!

  5. Ashley57

    I think all the free shipping items are gone…darn! Let me know if anyone finds anything else!

    • M

      Try Rubies Spider Web — just worked for me!

    • axhilli

      Try the devil 3 piece accessory kit

      • Ashley57

        What did you guys do? It tells me both of those are discontinued.

        • axhilli

          They are there I just checked make sure to increase it to one because it says zero. Rubies Devil- 3 Piece Halloween Accesory Kit

          • Ashley57

            Thanks for checking. I just gave them a call because I was so curious! The item is only in stock in one of their warehouses, so there is only one region of the country that can still get it for free. I feel better πŸ™‚ LOL

  6. Bobbie

    5 bucks for Candyland, delivered to my door, in 2 days! AMAZING-thanks Colin!!

  7. Melissa

    Just got an email telling me that my order has already shipped.

  8. Michelle

    Thanks!! Just ordered a Ninja lego set and a Melissa & Doug harmonica. Only paid the $4.99 shipping! Great!!

  9. helen

    Thanks. I was able to get some toys for 7 cents

  10. Robin

    I am excited! I got some megabloks for the baby for christmas for 5.49 and it paid with pp! Thanks so much!

  11. blyane

    Awesome, thank you! Purchased the face paint w/free shipping!! My total was zero, gotta love that πŸ™‚

    • Ashley57

      It tells me it was discontinued? Did you get that message?

      • blyane

        No, I didn’t get that message…was it the rubies face paint?

        • Ashley57

          Yeah…this is so odd. I am wondering why I get that message and other are able to order. Strange.

  12. wildharemom

    ordered crayola pip squeaks mix ’em markers and a baby einstein bendy ball for a little over $6 with shipping. putting the markers in one of the pencil cases i ordered from artscow. Great deal all around! thanks

  13. Angie

    Got two fireman hats, one for my son and one for Toys for Tots, for FREE with FREE shipping. Thanks!

    • Emilytwinmom

      That was really nice of you πŸ™‚ My twins are almost four, and this week we told them (the little kid version) of what Toys for Tots is and they each picked out two toys to buy and put in the bin. I have no clue if they got the real idea, but they knew they were buying presents for other kids who don’t have presents!

  14. Leah

    With that coupon code, it says it’s only valid for existing customers only…:(

    • kim

      That just happened to me also – was checking these comments to see if anyone knew what the deal is….

      • Kristen

        Ditto. And apparently I am an existing customer since it said my email was already registered. Yet the code did not work for me. What’s up?

        • JenS

          Yes, it makes no sense! I was an existing customer, and the code did not work for me. So I tried creating another account under my husbands name, and it gives me the same error! What’s going on?

      • Jessica

        Happen to me too πŸ™

    • Kristen

      Same thing happened to me too….

    • Tanya

      Yes, Leah, I got the same thing too! Looks like we missed out!

  15. Jennifer

    It’s not working for me, am I doing something wrong? I signed up as a new user, but the code is saying it’s only for existing users. Any suggestions?

  16. ANNA


  17. Nanell

    I signed up and when I entered the code it said, β€œThe promotion code yoyodec is only valid for existing customers.” Bummer I was excited to get a deal on the Lego’s my son wanted.

  18. Kathy

    Says for existing customers only

    • Lora

      said the same for me

  19. sarah brushaber

    say exisiting customers only which is funny I have an acct??? set up one for hubby and it still wouldnt work:(

  20. Bianca Walters (@Bdacey)

    I think it just started doing that!! I had the code in and it was working, went to change my order and now it doesnt work!!! Argh!! : (

  21. Rebecca

    Thanks Collin! I got a Baby Alive doll for $14.98 shipped to my door! πŸ™‚

  22. Annalisa Thaler

    Tells me it is for existing customers only

  23. Bianca Walters (@Bdacey)

    You can enter ALIC2666 and get 20% off but not as good as the $10.00 off.

  24. livelaughandlovetosaveDanielle

    It now says that the code is only avail for EXISTING CUSTOMERS????

  25. Karen

    Why does it keep saying the code is only available to exsisting customers? I’m signed in.

  26. gaynor

    I just put the word HOLIDAY in the code …cuz I have seen that code on like 20 other websites and it gave me $2.00 off of $10~ LOL Not big enough savings for me… but i think it’s funny that a random word worked! LOL

    • Linds

      HOLIDAY gives 20% off AND Free Shipping – which is a savings of about $5 unless you order over $49 worth of items. Not too bad of a deal, but you’re right, its not 10 bucks πŸ™‚

  27. Jennifer

    Deal info is now crossed out – think we missed it. Oh well, it’s ok to let a deal go by every now and then. I’ve gotten plenty thru this site – thanks Collin!!

  28. Nicole

    YOYONOV worked for me!

    • Heather

      Yes! It worked. Thanks, Nicole!

    • Annalee

      Thanks! Worked for me too!

      • Danielle

        darn, didn’t work for me πŸ™

    • Hayden

      Thanks so much for posting this! I had an existing Soap.com account, and this one worked for me! I added a ‘fireman’ hat and got free shipping too!

  29. Sara

    It told me the code is only valid for EXISTING customers. I thought it was for new customers????

    • Ana

      same here…

  30. Marcie

    I ordered a while ago, but was able to combine:
    $10 off YOYODEC code
    $10 off code for wag.com (that was mailed to me)
    and a 15% off code on soap.com

    I got-
    one 7 lb bag Friskies dry Cat Food (wag.com)
    one four pack of Duracell Batteries (soap.com)
    one beyblade (yoyo.com)

    for $4.39 shipped!!

  31. Elena

    I emailed customer service and apparently the code is now only valid for select existing customers, or at least that is what I was told by them.Oh well.

  32. cindy

    Thanks everybody. I was able to get both of my kids little smocks that I have wanted for a long time and I added face paint and my total was $2.04. I thought I missed it but I logged in with my existing account and it worked.

  33. Kendra

    Did anyone have any issues just registering? As soon as this was posted I went to the website, chose a toy, put in the code and went to check out. It then sent me to register so that I could complete my order. I have tried putting in my info at least half a dozen times and after clicking on “Create New Account” it would just show me the same page with all of my info gone…and of course now the offer is gone. ???

  34. Helen

    Mine said it was only for NEW customers and someone in my household already used it,huh? I’ve ordered once before from them but never used any of those codes or my new email address,weird.

  35. Crystal

    I opened a new account with my husband’s email and also got the message that the code was for existing accounts only. So then I logged into my account, which I had previously created with soap.com and the code worked with no issues at all. Maybe it just doesn’t work on accounts newly created?

  36. Destiny

    I was having an issue with the code and called and they just added a $10 credit into my account!!!!

    • Kayli

      I did the same. They said the code is supposed to still be valid, so I’m assuming they’re going to fix that problem soon.

  37. Destiny

    My friend tried to use this code too and it wouldn’t work, when she called they told her it was for existing diapers.com customers only and there wasn’t anything that they could do to help.

  38. Briana

    I called about a half an hour ago, and they said they were so sorry and that the code is supposed to be working. They gave me a $10 credit which was applied instantly. πŸ™‚

  39. felicia

    i ordered yesterday, & just got my shipment! awesome! thx for the deal:)

  40. Tina

    FYI, I did a quick search and saw that someone recommended using YOYONOV if the YOYODEC didn’t work (it worked yesterday when I tried, but then I got interrupted and didn’t place the order and today, the DEC no longer worked)…I just tried the NOV one and it took the $10 off!

  41. Eva

    yep YOYONOV did work πŸ™‚

  42. Kendra

    I’m so frustrated with YoYo.com. After everything happened(seebelow), I contacted customer service through email and they told me that the code was only if you were a Soap.com customer and in lieu they would give me 10% which is .97 cents. I tried the YOYONOV and that says it is only for current members but I finally registered through Diapers.com. I wrote them back and told them that I knew for a fact that new customers recieved the $10 off and I hoped to have the same offer to me after all of the issues especially. The CSRep told me that the 10% that was offered to me is a “great and viable alternative”. Really? πŸ™

    Kendra says:
    December 1, 2011 at 9:13 pm EST
    Did anyone have any issues just registering? As soon as this was posted I went to the website, chose a toy, put in the code and went to check out. It then sent me to register so that I could complete my order. I have tried putting in my info at least half a dozen times and after clicking on β€œCreate New Account” it would just show me the same page with all of my info gone…and of course now the offer is gone. ???

  43. livdavis

    My package arrived today!!! That was quick!!
    Thank you Collin!

  44. Kendra

    This is the last correspondence that I received from YoYo.com. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Dear Kendra,

    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the YOYODEC promotion to you as this code is for customer’s who have placed an order with Soap.com. Was this code found on a blog? We had numerous calls regarding this promotion that came from blog posts and other online sources but it is not valid for all customers unfortunately. I am so sorry you received this information. The reason the code disappeared after you registered is because the system noticed you were not a Soap.com customer.

  45. gabby

    Had to come back and comment I got this deal and its already here today!!! Thanks Colin

  46. Niki

    Omg, i got my order today and I am so unhappy about the amount of packaging! I bought a small box of legos barely bigger than my hand, and the devil headband accessories kit. They shipped it in a huge box that you could literally put a carseat in, and tons of those air pocket things for cushioning! Such a waste!! I am furious this company runs there business with no regard for the environment!! Did anyone else have this happen?! I’m seriously disgusted, because they probably make thousands of shipments like this…that can really add up…

    • KeeshKeesh

      I got the same thing. I had one small item in a huge box with a ton of air filed plastic. Very wasteful. Onto of that they shipped my orders separately so I should be getting another huge box today.

    • Schwaanky Marcie

      Hey, I’m not complaining. FREE box to wrap Christmas Presents in!! Yay!

  47. Niki

    Even if you are going to recycle it, ITS STILL WASTEFUL ON THEIR PART!! I think everyone should complain. It was a great deal, and I am grateful for it, but that doesn’t give them the right to be irresponsible. We only have one planet, and so many resources!! Its not like there’s a shortage of small boxes available to this company. I wish more people cared!!

  48. Nanell

    Go back and try it again. I got that error the other day and came back today and it worked. And I opend my account the other day after this deal was posted.

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