Kohl’s.com: *HOT* Babycakes Cake Pops Maker Only $1.99 Shipped (After Rebate)

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UPDATE AGAIN: This is now out of stock! 🙁

UPDATE: This deal has gotten much hotter as this Pop Maker is now on sale for $14.99 making it only $1.99 shipped after coupon codes and the $10 rebate! Wowza!

Yay! I have another great Kohl’s deals to share with you! Currently, you can snag this Babycakes Cake Pops Maker for only $9.99 shipped $1.99 shipped! Here’s how…

* Add this Babycakes Cake Pops Maker to your cart. It’s on sale for $24.99 $14.99- down from $29.99! This same Cake Pops maker is going for $52.95 on Amazon, so this already seems like a great price!

* Head to checkout and use coupon code SECRETSANTA to score an additional 20% off AND use coupon code XMASFREE to snag FREE shipping. You’ll need to pay $11.99 (+ tax) out of pocket.

* And then you’ll be able to submit for the following rebate here, valid for $10 back on the purchase of this Babycakes Cake Pops Maker through Kohl’s.com! Note that this rebate is valid for purchases made December 11th and 12th only, so you can purchase starting at midnight.

Your final cost (after the rebate) Only $1.99 shipped! This is one heck of a price… especially considering what it’s going for on Amazon. I would also hurry to order, as I am guessing this Cake Pops Maker will sell out quite fast.

* And don’t forget to go through ShopAtHome.com or Ebates.com for 4% cash back.

(Thanks, Romy!)

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  1. Susan

    I purchased one last night at midnight for the $24.99 price, I called and they adjusted down the price to $14.99- yea!

  2. ann

    just went to the Kohls near me and they are marked as $14.99

  3. Erin

    Thanks to all who recommended going to the store! I had my 20% off coupon and got the last two! YIPEEEEEEEEEE! Money is tight, and these will make a great gift for my sister and best friend!

  4. where am I ?

    Collin, They are available again online for $14.99, just ordered

    • where am I ?

      NEVER MIND THEY just sent an email canceling my order 🙁

      • amber kelly

        They cancelled my order too!

  5. Rachel

    Would love to give as a gift but in order to get the rebate you need the UPC from the packaging. I wouldn’t feel right giving a gift with a hole cut out in it. If it was for me this would be perfect!

    • where am I ?

      ask them for it, I do, they throw the box out anyway. Everyone is aleays happy to give it.

    • Heather

      I ran to my local Kohls’ today (before church) and had to have someone go in back to find them, but they had plenty in the back. I grabbed 2 and was sooo happy!!!! Thanks Collin for sharing this tip! Now I have the best gifts for my two sister in laws that love to bake!!! Plus I used my Kohl’s cash on top of the deal!

    • Jana

      I thought about that too – giving a gift w/ a hole cut out of the box. However, I bought the waffle maker online, on Black Friday, when I went to cut the UPC code off the box, I just “scored” it and it peeled right off w/out having to cut the cardboard. Yes, there is a brown square (maybe 1in x 2in) of cardboard showing on the box, but that is better (IMHO) than a hole. So I say go for it! =) Besides, everyone I buy for knows that I didn’t pay MSRP, so they wouldn’t be surprised by me sending in a UPC for a rebate =)
      I bought 2 in the store this AM on my way to church. Then I bought some cake mix on the way home =) Can’t wait to try it!

      • Heather

        thanks for the advice, I’m going to give it a try later tonight! Sure want that rebate!!!

        • Rachel

          Thanks for the advice too! Good idea! 🙂

  6. missvp

    dang I missed it 🙁

  7. Stacie

    this is still available!

  8. Susan

    Called 3 stores in my area (SoCal), all have been sold out since last night. They shouldn’t put it on the weekly ad if there is not enough stock for even the first day of the ad.

  9. Chris

    I just purchased 2 in the store ( southern PA). They had several stacks. Rang up for $14.99 each. Used 20% off coupon. Rebate receipts printed automatically for each. Limit 2 rebates per household. I asked the cashier if there had been a run on these. She smiled and said, “not yet.”

    • Kristen

      We got some in a store as well. We bought 3, but even if the rebate is only for 2 per household, $15 is a great price for these! One is for us, and 2 others for White Elephant gifts at work for my husband and I!

  10. Ashley

    We just picked up 2 in the store for 14.99 a piece! Thanks so much Collin!

  11. Emily

    i went to my store right when it opened – bought one! manager was not happy and it seemed the price is incorrect as he kept telling me over and over again – it’s $14.99 after the rebate – even though it rang up $14.99 before rebate – used my 20% off and I walked out. Hooray!

    • Heather

      no,he is wrong. they ring up 14.99. has nothing to do with rebate.

    • Allison

      he’s not wrong. the sunday paper ad says $14.99 AFTER rebate. They seem to be ringing up wrong in some areas and right in others.. hm.

  12. Sami

    Rang up as 24.99 in my store 🙁 Help

  13. Heidi R

    FYI…not all store are ringing up $14.99…

    Just went to my Kohl’s in South Florida around 1pm est. The display of the pop maker had one of those digital price tags saying it was on sale for $14.99. When I scanned the item it told me $24.99. I showed the manager and he said since the tag said $14.99 that will be the price I will pay at the register. The cashier did a price adjustment. Then I used my 20% off coupon. I got it for $12.71 out the door. Then I will send in the $10.00 rebate.

  14. Tarri

    Shows in stock but when you try to purchase it then it says out of stock.

  15. Sarah

    I went to Kohl’s after church and they had a huge display of them. There were at least 30, if not more. I just got one. It rang up at $24.99 but the electronic tag on the display said $14.99. I told the cashier that and she changed the price, no questions asked. It ended up being about $13.50 after tax and with the 20% coupon, so $3.50 after the rebate. I really debated buying it because a lot of times gadgets like this go unused, but for $3.50, it’s hard to resist, plus there were lots of good reviews on Kohl’s website and on Amazon.

    If you want this, I’d definitely call a local store to see if they still have any.

    If it’s of any help to anyone, the West Town store in Knoxville (TN) was where I went.

    • Amanda

      Same thing happened to me! I picked up 4 (there were tons of them marked at $14.99!), got up front and they rang up for $24.99. And then, when the other cashier went to verify my story, the electronic tag had changed from $14.99 to $24.99! Luckily the manager believed my story and credited me for the $10 each. Making cake balls with the kids right now… SO FUN!

      • Sarah

        I’m glad the manager believed you! I checked out right after 1:00 (like 1:05 or something) and she said that might have been why because the $14.99 price ended at 1:00 or something? I don’t know. Anyway, I’m glad you got your priced fixed too. Have fun with your kids!

  16. erika

    awesome! i saw the advertisement did say $24.99 ($14.99 AFTER rebate), but they are ringing up at $14.99, so I picked one up and had a 20% off discount too!

    wish i would have had the gadget last week for a bake sale i volunteered at!

  17. julie

    Print out the on-line price. Mine rang up $24.99 but I had printed it out from the internet so they honored it. They were so nice about it too:)

  18. nicole

    my kohls honered it no problem ( I have done this in the past) as far as the upc just cut out the upc with an exacto knife or razor ( again I have done this before)

  19. Sami

    What do I need to print out so they would honor this? The website that says is was priced as 14.99. I told the service desk that and they said that was the price after the REBATE!

    • Sami

      I went to the Kohls and brought the online printout of the price. They gladly matched the price for me and the rebate printed out! Thanks for a great gift!! 🙂

  20. Leisa

    Oh man i miss this, would have loved this!

  21. am

    where is everyone gettin the 20% coupon at?

  22. Tiffany

    Same thing happened to me Sami. The lady said it was after rebate te internet price. So they didn’t honor the 14.99. I had the 20% and the 5 off coupon. So I ended up paying 6.50 after the rebate great price anyways!!

  23. Melani

    When I went to our store, the price scanned at 14.99 at the price-check kiosk, and by the time I got to the register, it changed to 24.99. I went home and printed the web page. When I went back in and showed the cashier, she said “oh, I can change that for you!” She was very nice, and the rebate form printed out at the register.


    You can use CHEER20 for 20% off. 😉

  25. Kris

    I just went to Kohls and it was $24.99 and the cashier said that the $14.99 price on-line is what it would be AFTER the rebate. Like Black Friday they list price and price after rebate. Should be interesting if you will be able to mail in for the rebate….as it says cashier recepit. I think Kohls must have made a mistake on the purchase price…it should have said $24.99 and $14.99 after rebate. So you all may have gotten “lucky”.

    • tiffany

      yep that’s what the lady at my store said as well. I had an additional 5 dollar coupon. So when I send my rebate the cake pops would have cost 6 dollars and some change. A little higher than other people but still a great price

  26. Carrie

    Thank you for posting this great deal Collin! And thank you to the people who mentioned taking a print out of the web price to the store! I was able to get the $14.99 at the store and all the staff was super friendly about it! I love Kohl’s!

  27. Blanca

    I just went online and ordered one and it went through.

  28. KimNell

    No one is talking about good receipes or how to use this fun goody maker, is there anyone out there with recommendations? Much appreciated!!

    • Elizabeth Andrews

      check youtube, I found some good decorating tips for them there yesterday, and pinterest has several things recipes for it. I got this deal to give the pop maker to my niece, I think I’ll stick with making them without the pop maker for myself… one less appliance in my kitchen!

      • KimNell

        Thanks my 14 year old baker is gonna love this.

  29. Alicia

    They are back in stock online today at the 14.99 price and you can use the free shipping XMASFREE and the 20% code CC20DEC12 and go through shopathome for 6% cash back.

    • Snappy Dresser

      Yup! Just did the same thing! Yay for inexpensive fun gadgets 🙂

    • Abigail

      I did this earlier as well 🙂 Half expecting them to cancel my order, though. I was kicking myself for not ordering 2 and they immediately said no longer available. When I saw your post, I was all excited. I added it to my cart and entered all of my payment info and then when I submitted my order, it said it was no longer available. Oh well.

  30. KimNell

    I assume Michaels will have the cheapest pop stick when you use their coupon? Any other ideas on where to buy them?

    • jennifer d.

      saw 100 pack at our hobby lobby for $1.99

  31. Kris

    I can’t find them on Kohls website….do a search and they don’t come up.

  32. Jackie

    I tried to do this deal online yesterday, even got up at 3am this morning to see if it was back and it wasn’t. I printed off the website listing and took it in to my local Kohls and they honored it. However, I told my friend this and when she went in they gave her a really hard time about it. She had to call me to get my transaction number just to prove that they had honored it for another customer 30 minutes prior. I am super happy that I finally got it! One for me and one for a gift! 🙂

  33. Jasmine

    If you go to your local Kohl’s store they will honor the online sale price. They will call Kohl’s.com and ask the price then honor it. I just got two and my mother got two as well.

  34. saralema

    I was just able to order this again online!

  35. gabby

    I just order online waiting to see if they cancel my order…

  36. Isabel

    I purchased 2 last week and with 2-$10 coupons and 20% off came to approx. $11.99 wonder if I go to the store and ask if they will honor rebate. Do you think it is worth trying?

  37. Jo

    The online rebate site shows my $20 check was mailed today since I bought two of these. Woohoo!! The site is: https://www.kohls.rebateresearch.com if you want to check on yours.

    • Shawn Pepera

      Just checked and mine is on my way too!!! WAHOO!!!

  38. johnathans_jiggle

    Has anyone received their rebate? Mine said it was sent February 24, 2012, but I never received it…

    • KimNell

      I do not recall, how did you check the status of it?

      • johnathans_jiggle

        Shoot, my comment is awaiting moderation. Here is the direct address–
        kohls . rebateresearch . com (without spaces of course)

        Just enter your —
        Last Name:
        House Number:
        Zip Code:

        Thanks for responding! Please let me know how it goes.

        • KimNell

          Thanks I did check and I got it February 6. I do remember getting it but it took me awhile!

          • KimNell

            PS I hope you get yours too – they will be able to confirm if it was cashed or not.

            • johnathans_jiggle

              Oh thank you! I called today and he confirmed that it hadn’t been cashed out yet and he is sending me a new check!

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