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Target: *HOT* FREE FoodSaver Sealing System

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Update: It looks like the Target store coupon is out of prints ๐Ÿ™

Wow! The super high value $10/1 Foodsaver Target store coupon available here now has NO exclusions. Yesterday and earlier this morning, a few exclusions were listed, but if you print it now – absolutely none are listed (as you can see from the picture above). So if you do have the Target store coupon with no exclusions listed (I would print ASAP!), then you can score the following *HOT* deal…

First, hop on over to, use zip code 77477 (if needed), then click on the โ€œHouseholdโ€ category to print a $10/1 ANY FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System coupon. Then make sure to head on over to the coupon site to print a $10/1 FoodSaver Appliance Target store coupon. And finally, head to Target with both of these coupons to score the following deal…

FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealing System $19.99
(This product wording comes directly from the FoodSaver site)
Use the $10/1 FoodSaver manufacturer’s coupon found here
Plus, use the $10/1 FoodSaver Target store coupon found here
Final cost FREE!

(Deal and Photo Credit: Wheel ‘N Deal Mama!)

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Comments 280

  1. Carly

    Got my q’s printed, but both Targets in my city are sold out already…

    • Heidi

      Mine wouldn’t print- so if you end up not wanting/using- email me @, please!

  2. LeeAnna

    I have no use for these but was able to print 2 of the Target q (no exclusions)and man q. Email me if you want them!!

    • Jessica

      I just email you my info. Thank you in advance.

    • Willa

      I don’t have a use for them, but since before the year is out I know there will be at least 2 housewarming invitations, 1 bridal shower and 3 weddings. Am going to try to get several to put away for the gifts that need to be purchased.

    • LeeAnna

      Hey all, my coupons have been spoken for! Thanks for all the quick responses!

  3. kt

    Just printed at 5:30 est and the exceptions are back on the coupon

  4. Janina

    The Target in Ellicott City, MD has the foodsaver on sale for $17.99. We also bought extra bags ($8.99) and used both $10 coupons

    • Kelly

      Do the bags count as an appliance?

  5. Jena

    Went to get this in the morning and the cashier wouldn’t let me use my coupons….so we took it off my order, but whe I got home the food saver had fallen into one of my bags! =0 I was surprised, but I did take it back to Customer Service, because I didn’t feel right about it. Now I wish they would have let me get it free with my coupons!

    • Diana

      Jena, even though you didn’t get the item, you didn’t get to use the coupons either so you did the right thing. Integrity like yours is not commonplace today so you should pat yourself on the back. ;0)
      I have found I either score well with Target trips or get totally deflated. They can be kind of picky at times.

  6. Tarri

    still prints exclussions for me

  7. madeline

    I printed it this morning and it had exclusions and then I just printed it again now and it still had exclusions, darn!!

  8. Tina

    Its on sale here in Ca for 17.99 but sold out so I will just wait the Q don’t expire until 5-19-12 I believe Will the adjust the coupon down anyway?

    • Sandy

      17.99 here in Illinois too, none on shelf – got a rain check!

  9. Doreen

    Looks liek the TQ has has limitations again. While this deal got posted, I was at Target. LOL Had to got back there and check out the Easter clearance. It was there yesterday, but gone today. Oh well.

  10. Kristen

    Exclusions are back, dang it!!! Really wanted one!

  11. xvhx

    why does my coupon still say select food saver appliance and it names 3 specific stypes of allpiances? what can i do in order to print out the coupon with no restrictions? can i try a different type of zipcode? if so, which zipcode? id appreciate any help. thanks!

    • Tarri

      there is nothing you can do, for a short while it printed with no exclusions but now does again, they probably figured it out when a slew of them went flying off the shelves.

  12. Ashley

    Target is not letting me pull up any coupons right now.

  13. Diane

    I get that it is no longer available

  14. Kristen

    Anyone have any extra target coupons that have no exclusions? Thanks!!

  15. xvhx

    does any one have an extra coupon with no restrictions theyd be willing to share? i tried printing , but both of mine coupons printed with restriction ๐Ÿ™ please let me know, i’d appreciate it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Emily

    I am also looking for a target coupon with no exclusions.

  17. Kelly

    Doesn’t surprise me they are sold out already. I stopped couponing at target since every time I go they don’t have not a single item in stock. Not worth the aggravation anymore! Hope some of you can score the deal ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. E D

    I can’t get any Target Coupons

    says We’re sorry, this offer is no longer available.

    • Annette

      Me neither! So strange!

    • Lacy

      same here none of the target coupons can even be looked at now!

  19. Heather

    I was able to print a coupon with no exclusions, but my Target would not accept it ( she tried to scan it several times but it said wrong product), so I got it for $9.99, still not too bad. I also bought 2 boxes of bags with a Target & manufacturers coupons. When I checked the receipt, the $10 coupon applied to one of the bags and the $2 applied to the appliance. So I basically got my bags free and paid $17.99 for the appliance, crazy!

    • Annette

      I’ve given up trying to figure out Target receipts, there’s just no rhyme or reason to how the MFR coupons apply sometimes. I just figured that as long as the deduction goes through, it doesn’t matter how it shows up on the receipt.

      I went today to one of the nearby Targets and got the last foodsaver. The MFR coupon went through without any problems, but the Target coupon beeped. The cashier put it through anyway without any question. If they refused to put the coupon through, I wouldn’t have gotten the product.

    • Cathy

      The same thing happened to me here in Orlando, FL. It was because the Target coupon says appliance and this is a vaccum system. What a bummer.

  20. Randi

    I can’t get any coupons to pull up on the target website now ๐Ÿ™

  21. Rose

    Our Target will not let us use the food saver manufacture coupon with the target coupon. The manufacture coupon says may not be used with any other offer. Is this correct?

    • M..

      I am pretty sure that just means you can’t use 2 MQs on one item. Sound’s like another store that need’s to go back to coupon kindergarten.

  22. Beth

    At 4:30 pm today I was able to print 4 Target Q’s with out exclusions and 4 manufacturer Q’s. I also printed a Target Q for buy one pkg of bags get one free. I scored 4 food savers and 2 pkgs of bags for only $1.01 total O.O.P. because my Target allowed overage as the foodsavers were on price cut at $17.99. Whoo Hoo! Gifts for my 2 daughters and me! Happy Birthday to me too! LOL My husband could not believe I did it and saved $96.99 to boot.

    • Annette

      That’s fantastic!!! Good for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Birthday!

  23. tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

    Figures the coupon has reached it’s print limit. I really needed the black one shown, our foodsaver died after 7 years of service 2 months ago, but thanks to everyone who had to bicker over the handheld that most will only toss on ebay or into a drawer and never use it, there are those of us who won’t be able to get the deal and will end up paying full price. These are the people who are no better than shelf-clearers. Yes, I’m upset, many people are. While it’s nice to share deals, it’s rude to ruin things for the rest of us who are trying to acutally save money on items we USE! I’ve been watching for a deal like this since WalMart has the one I want for $143. The one shown at Target is the same one. Fortuately I was able to print the Target coupon with restrictions, but that’s fine, because it’s the one I want.

    For those who printed 2 copies of the coupon and aren’t going to use one, would anyone consider paying it forward and sending me one? I would appreciate it.

    • Amanda

      It’s still showing on under zip 20001

      • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

        Thank you, Amanda, it’s showing under most zip codes, but when you go to print states limit was reached. Last week with the Scrubbing Bubbles $5 was gone so we at least knew it wasn’t available to print. (The $3 was still available) I’m hoping they reset it once Target straightens things out.
        I am thankful I at least have the $10 Target restricted coupons, while it is an expensive purchase, it pays for itself when you’re trying to support a family of 4 kids on a limited income. (Most of my paycheck goes to insurance since I live in MA and we’re forced to take insurance.) So yeah, while saving $20 may not seem like much to some on an expensive purchase, that’s 1/4 of a tank of gas to get to work ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Anne

          have you checked your local target? In mine in Virginia Beach, there were 3 models of the food saver appliance and all of the boxes had a peelie for $10 off. You might just want to check that out and see if you can still score a deal.

          • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

            Oh Anne, Thank you!! That’s good to know too, but it’s a chance ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Annette

      I would have considered sending you my extra one if you hadn’t posted all these rude assumptions about people taking advantage of these deals. True, some people who printed this coupon will probably not take advantage of it, but $10 will not make or break you, especially since you’re considering purchasing something that expensive. If you want something from someone, try asking nicely next time, without complaining like this.


      • Kristen

        do you have the target coupon without exclusions? I would REALLY appreciate it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

        • Annette

          Yes, I do, I have two of them. I also have two MFG coupons. I can send you a set if you’d like.

            • Annette

              I just saw your reply now. Yes, I still have an extra one. Just sent you an email.

          • Alice

            Do you have an extra Target coupon you could spare? I already got the manufacturer one the other day but can’t find the Target one online now. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

            • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

              I have an extra TQ (with restrictions) can send to anyone who needs it (I only needed 1 ~ now watch them NOT have the 3400 series, lol)

      • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

        Thank you Annette, but I wasn’t targeting you or anyone on this site. It’s just my rant cuz it’s literally been plastered all over the internet all morning. This is the third time to count that they’ve offered this deal and each time it’s the same response. SMH. But it’s IS frustrating for those of us who work third shift, and sleep when the rest of the ‘Net is discussing hot deals. By the time we vampires awake, the deals are so bogus that the stores are all pulling them. I ran into this in January with CVS and the skintimate ECB deal. By the time I was able to get even just 1, the company had pulled the deal because people went nuts trying to clear the shelves.
        I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, but again, it’s just frustrating and a rant. I will say that on my way in to work today, our local grocery was giving away 5 shopping carts full of Easter candy and items, and yes, I got 2 chocolate bunnies for my girls, but I didn’t clear the store by taking the entire cart out. I was shocked that it was all of the “employees” who ran over to the carts ON THE CLOCK and started filling bags!!!

        • Annette

          I understand being frustrated. I’ve missed out on so many deals, simply because I was at work and by the time I got home, it was over. I just figure that that’s my luck and I’ll get a good deal sooner or later.

          I don’t like to read all the complaints. If I miss a deal, or two, or more, of course I’m disappointed, even upset at times, but when I’m lucky enough to get in on something great, I am not sorry at all for stocking up. I have three computers and I can print up to six coupons – if the deal if great, I will use all my resources and print as many offers as I can and I figure that it’s none of anybody’s business as to what I do with the products.

          If you still want the coupon(s), I can send them to you. If you’re interested, let me know how I can get them to you.

          • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

            Thank you Annette, I appreciate that!! I’m usually not a complainer, lol, but I have waited 3 months for this deal :/
            I do LOVE that everyone responded good and bad, after all, it’s a social forum ๐Ÿ™‚
            I only have 1 functioning laptop, my other for some reason refuses to print coupons (I think it’s revolting against me!) but I did pick up a refurb HP at BigLots when they did the 20% off a few weeks ago for $30 and it’s the kind that prints from the app. I haven’t set it up yet, still trying to figure it out.
            I usually only print 2 coupons when allowed and have my RSS feeds set up to watch deals, but working kills me. I apologize if anyone got offended by my rant, it wasn’t directed at anyone ๐Ÿ™‚
            If you could send 1 one, I can paypayl you the cost for the stamp (yup, I am a trader too on other forums). I am always writing articles on saving money, so if you ever see my icon, it’s me. (Unless someone grabs it, then I’ll break knees, lol!)
            Eventually I’ll become a “mommy blogger” but I am one who is forced to work in this darn state until we can move.
            Is there a way to contact you without posting my email? As you can see, I don’t mind sharing my twitter account. And thank you so much again, it is really appreciated.

            • Annette

              I’ve never Twitted before, but I tried tonight, I hope it went through OK. Please, don’t worry about the stamp.

            • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

              Hi! I didn’t see it come through.

              After all of this, no worries. I got home and on hubby’s laptop (I was at work earlier (my only second shift after my 4 consecutive 3rd shifts)) and darned if the $10 didn’t print!!!! Totally confused now, unless they reset it. But I don’t think they did.
              I did observe (if you’ve ever used KraftFirstTaste for Q’s) that as long as you click the Q and it goes into a queue, it will print even if it’s reached it’s limit or is no longer available. I’m wondering if this is what happened today? I had a browser window open since 2PM on hubby’s laptop (was with me at work). I had my mother try to print the q for me since I couldn’t at work and didn’t want to risk not getting it. She got the message it reached its limit. I had her try different zips….
              She was able to print me two of the Target ones (again, with restrictions) sooooo I apologize again for riling everyone up ๐Ÿ™‚ with MY rants and I will post tomorrow for anyone who would like a TQ. UGH! My head’s going to explode (all for a darn Foodsaver!!!) going to bed, clear head in the AM!!

              Thank you again everyone!!! I hope this works out in the end!

        • Barb

          I think I have to agree with your assessment that some take advantage and buy into the frenzy just because. It’s not like it’s a $300 item. If someone REALLY wanted one of these, they would be glad to pay $20 after saving up or even $10 with one coupon. Free does not make it a better product. It is a nice deal if one wanted/needed one…but getting multiples and clearing the shelves, not exactly cool and almost always results in stores being disgusted enough to pull the coupon.

          • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

            Thank you, Barb. I actually bought a handheld unit and it worked horribly! We had a smaller unit that used the sealable bags and that was so much better! The 3400 series I’m eyeing does it all!
            FWIW, the Ziploc bags that can be used with handhelds are junk! Within seconds of using them, putting them in the freezer, they filled back up with air. I immediately brought them back to WalMart and got the FS brand. SO much better!!!
            On the shelf-clearer rant, lol, our local Walgreens restricts to 1 per item per week. There are so many shelf-clearers in my area, you literally have to get there at open on a Sunday. They restrict “because the items have to last the week”. LOL! If that were the case, they need to realize that there are over 50,000 families in a 10 mile radius and even if 1 in 1,000 shopped each day, they still don’t have enough product to allow even 3 families a day to get the item.
            But yeah, the frenzy is nuts! I’ve been writing articles relating to this, I follow about 50 mommy bloggers (and only 1 suggests/supports clearing the shelves, so I take her with a grain of salt. Her theory = she’s teaching people to be frugal and stockpile!).

      • Yoom

        Annette do you still have a TQ available. I am will to trade. My email address is Thanks!

        • Annette

          Yes, I do. I sent you an email.

          • rachel

            please if u have any extra target coupon please email me to:

            • maria

              HI! if u still have any extra target coupon please email me too.. i want one.. thanks

    • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

      Meaning the coupon. I see Target removed it from their list, so hopefully someone out there will be a coupon fairy for the one. I hope they reset it, but after this fiasco, probably not ๐Ÿ™

    • Beth

      Yeah about that…..
      1. I did not clear the shelf. Target had plenty in stock.
      2. I plan to give both of my daughters one because they can use them to help them try and save a dollar or two since 1 daughter has 4 children and the other one is pregnant and will need to learn to do what she can to budget. ( I also have taught both my girls to coupon and I’m proud of it. This will benefit them and their families now and in the uncertain financial future. )
      3. My husband cans and this has also helped us save money.
      4. I plan to use mine to help stretch our dollars when there is a great sale something that can be frozen for long term.
      5. Let’s not overreact over this either. I have missed out on more great deals than I care to admit, but who cares really. There is always a chance to catch one another time. Cest’ la vie!
      FYI….I live in taxachusetts and the cost of food here is insane and very hard and challenging sometimes to actually get a good deal!

      • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

        That’s awesome, Beth!!! I wish my area had more people like you. Forget any CVS for a 50 mile radius after Sunday night ๐Ÿ™ I totally agree with food pricing here in MA, and we get gypped on Sunday coupons too. Too many $1/2 when the rest of the country gets $55/1, but we are lucky in some stores that double. We are lucky to have Market Basket and Aldi (just need to know which ones, some are gross, others are wicked clean).
        I’ve yet to try canning, still blanching and freezing. If you can, get to Shaw’s, they have an incredible deal on chest freezers right now! I was able to get one for $99 which did include the $160 in food coupons. I had to budget for 5 weeks for this and was super happy to see the price drop. Of course it was a tad banged up as it was the last one on the floor, but it was still new with full warranty.
        I’ve tried to teach my kids about coupons (the youngest doesn’t care, she’s 6) the older two get it, but only 1 feels confident enough to use them. The middle one just feels better knowing we are doing what we can to save money.
        Big Lots had the Reynolds hand-helds for $3 and they couldn’t GIVE them away!

    • Candice Jaehn

      There were coupons attached to every Food Saver product in my Target! You shouldn’t assume that people get them and throw them onto Ebay or won’t use them. That might happen, but this is just life. If you don’t jump on something when it’s a good deal then you lose out. Goes for couponing or not. I lose out on coupons all of the time because people get to them before I get a chance to print. I went 1 day late for the Easter stuff and it was ALL gone. I could have gotten mad but I didn’t. People got to it before me that’s all. I hope that you can find a coupon and get a great deal on a new Food Saver. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Heather

      I printed this $10 coupon but used it at Walmart to get mine for $9.44 (before this deal was posted, but I didn’t have the target Q anyways) I got one to try out, i would LOVE a foodsaver, but can’t afford/don’t have the space for a larger unit. It’s always a bummer to not get “the good deal” but I don’t think you should speak so horribly of people who happened to get it before you. We’re all out to get good coupon deals, so when you run into an empty shelf, you assume that it was one person, but how many people read this blog? how many people that do live in your area? if everyone took one, a shelf with 20 would go pretty darn fast. It’s ok to be bummed out, but don’t take it out on your fellow couponers

  24. Samantha

    I went to use the coupons with no exclusions at my target. The cashier i had let it go through but the cashier my fiancee had did not.She said it was for the wrong product even though it was an appliance. I just returned the item and got my money back. This makes no sense to me and probably assured that my fiancee will not be helping me during any of my outings anymore( He is embarrassed to use the coupons).

    • CC

      It’s so strange right.. some let it go through while others don’t and it’s all WITHIN ONE store. Anyway, I’m sorry to hear that your fiancee had a difficult time getting the transaction to go through.

  25. Karen

    Target shows no coupon available from their site. Bummer!

    • Amanda

      still showing for me

      • Annette

        It said that for me for a while this evening, but now, they’re back ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep trying.

        • Trinity

          Does it have exclusions again?

          • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

            Mine still showed, but when I went to print it at home (was at work) it printed the bags one. ???

    • Ana

      Same happened to me. It was showing again about 10 mins ago, but now it’s been taken off completely.

  26. Tina

    I guess I was one of the lucky ones who got to print it with no exclusions. Stopped at Target on my way home from work and there was one left on the shelf!!! At the register there was a problem scanning it, it kept saying “item not found”, but the manager came over and pushed it through. I’m excited, I’ve always wanted to try one:)

    • CC

      I did get to print 1 of each as well. I had problems with both Target coupons for the foodsaver as well as the bags (b1g1f). I wasn’t able to use both $2 MQ and b1g1f. I had to choose one or the other for the bags so I just chose to go ahead with the b1g1. I still thought it was a pretty decent deal so I went ahead with it. Also, the woman who rang me up almost didn’t put my coupon through because she said that it may not work because it wasn’t an APPLIANCE item. So, she asked her co-worker what she thought. They were looking at the item back and forth and from back to front. Eventually the other coworker said, “It’s got a cord so it’s obviously an appliance.” As a result, I did manage to get 1 and it was the only one left.

      • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

        Funny what they consider an “appliance”… Anyone who’s had braces and then got a retainer, the “retainer” is considered an “appliance”!. Thank you for mentioning the bags, here they won’t do 2 MQ if it’s BoGo.

        • CC

          It was 1 – $2MQ & 1 Target coupon (b1g1f)… but I wasn’t able to stack them. I had to choose 1 or the other.

          • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

            I just went today to get mine. The cashier did not want to take the TQ (bogo) and MQ ($2) on the bags, said it was 1 or the other. She asked the CS and they must’ve told her she needed to take both, I got 2 rolls of 2 bags for $19.94+ tax. The she wanted to use the peelie instead of my printed ones. Kept my peelies for my next purchase, at WalMart, much cheaper!

  27. Ana

    I was trying earlier to print the coupons and it would show “0” coupons on the website. Then I tried now, and I clipped it, but it didn’t print it. Now it’s gone completely.

  28. sari

    I can’t find it now :(… If anyone has one with no exclusions please email me…. I would be happy to trade.

  29. Tarri

    If anyone has a printed Target $10 coupon, without the exclusions that was not able to use it at their store and are not planning on using it, I would greatly appreciate it. TY

  30. Angie

    I tried around 3pm EST at my local Target and they wouldn’t let me use both coupons. It was a bummer!

  31. LC

    Can someone please help me? I just looked through every coupon on the Target website, and then narrowed it down to “household” as well, and can not find the coupon anywhere. Did it go away? Is it gone now? Can someone please help me get it?

    • Tarri

      It is not on the site now

  32. Brande

    I would also like one if someone got one and isnt planning on using it. (The target one.) Just email me at Thanks in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Ann Taylor

    I didn’t get home form work in time to print one of the Target Coupons. if anyone has an extra one, I’d love to have it. Thank You!

  34. lorelei

    if anyone has an extra target q they’re willing to give up, i’d be appreciative! ashimara@

  35. Ana


  36. Max

    I actually tried mine and I was not able to use it. It kept scanning as peaches so they told me the coupon looked fake and it was messed up. I had to leave the item even though I had called ahead to put it on hold. It was a very irritating trip. I’m calling corporate to see what’s going on. Has anybody had that problem?

  37. ashli

    I would like one of two if anyone has them please email me ahanc ock@ yahoo. com

  38. Bambi

    WOW LOL, just came home from Target and while I was looking for the food saver, there were FIVE other women in the isle with their coupons in hand looking for them too. The store clerk said that they had sold out then all the women started talking about what coupon blogs they used… lol I don’t think I’m going to be able to get in on this deal ๐Ÿ™

  39. rose

    If anyone has the Target coupon they are not using I would love to have it. I just need one. Thank you

  40. Heather Sarten

    I would love one with no exclusions as well, I tried to print it and its no longer on the website. Thanks in advance.

  41. Kathy

    I just tried this in the Sacramento, California area and they would not accept the Target coupon even though my coupon said “$10 off FoodSaver appliance” – no exceptions listed. They said it was a mistake so I left empty handed. I am pretty much done with this store.

    • kim

      will you please mail me the coupon if you don’t use it ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to have it. My email is thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. alyssa

    does anyone have an extra TQ with no exclusions? i would really appreciate it. please contact me at

  43. caroline

    the bar code for the target coupon is the same for the same product. would someone please send me a target coupon with no restriction? thank you so so much!

  44. mandy k

    if anyone has an extra $10 foodsave q that won’t use I’d love one as well. Thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mandy k

      Target coupon that is. Sorry for not clarifying

  45. carrie

    Target removed the coupon from their site, it is no longer available ๐Ÿ™

  46. caroline

    forgot leaving my email:

    please, someone please send me a target coupon. thank you!!

  47. Saver Chica

    If anyone is willing to share a TQ it would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me

  48. Linda A

    if anyone has an extra target coupon, i am willing to trade a manufacture cpn..please email me at

  49. maria

    I would love one with no exclusions as well, I tried to print it and its no longer on the website. Thanks in advance.

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