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Shopkick: Possible FREE $2 Target Gift Card

Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here.

Wow! If you’re a Shopkick user, you may have received a text from Target this morning with a link for a FREE $2 Target gift card to be loaded into your app. However, if you did not receive this text, it looks like all new and existing users may be able to follow the instructions below to possibly score the $2 gift card in their Shopkick app.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

*First, head on over here and sign up for the Shopkick app (it’s FREE!). Go here for more details on how the Shopkick app works.

*After signing up, open the browser on your phone and type into the address bar and click on “I have the Shopkick app” button.

*Next, enter your phone number in the box that you used to register your Shopkick account

*Afterwards, you should get a “Success!” message stating that your $2 Target gift card will be available the next time you visit a Target store and open the Shopkick app. That’s it!

Come back and let us know if you’re also able to score this FREE $2 Target gift card! Also, don’t forget that you can snag a Buy 1 get 1 FREE Starbucks hand-crafted hot espresso beverage through tomorrow 9/28. Yum!  Go here for more details.

(Thanks, For the Mommas!)

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Comments 111

  1. JoAnna

    It worked–thanks!!

  2. Kidsallgone

    Collin, When I click on your link, it says “Get a $25 gift card when you download the app and complete your first walkin….” Does that mean I’ll still be able to get the $2 Target card? Haven’t downloaded the app yet.

    • Emily

      Yes, I have had the shopkick app but I hadn’t registered it, I didn’t realize I hadn’t. I registered it and go the $25 offer and then went back to the target thing and it worked too. 🙂

  3. mia

    I tried it and it said I just have to go in the store and open my app. Will let you know if it works!!!

  4. Allyso n

    this worked for me. Now if I could get my app to work when i’m in Target. *sigh*

    • Sara

      That’s the problem I have, as soon as I enter Target, my data service disappears.

      • Brittani

        Not sure if it’s all the Targets, but the one I work at just got wifi thats available to all guests once you’re in the building. So hopefully its at all the stores and it could help with the data problem? 🙂

    • misty

      me too. Normally if i launch the app right by the front door I can get it to work my entire trip. If i wait to launch till I walk inside, its a no go. I think no cell signal is targets idea of keeping us shopping longer since no one can give us a call.

      • Kidsallgone

        LMAO 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • debbie j

          I had that problem with Best Buy, just shut down your phone then turn back on. Should fix the problem

    • allyson

      I am glad to know that Im not the only one that has this problem! So annoying but I keep trying because I do like Shopkick!

  5. Stef

    It worked!!

  6. Ronda

    Yay, it worked! Thanks!

  7. Sarah

    Worked perfectly for me. Thanks so much Collin, I already had my shopping list and coupons ready to go for a great Target trip. Now with this $2 gift card, it might all be free!!! So now its an AWESOME Target trip 🙂

    • Nikki

      Sarah, if you have a quick min-could you share what deals you’re working & the Q’s to match, please? I know alot of us would appreciate the ideas. Thanks!

      • Jill

        Posting the deals with match ups isn’t just a quick post. I would try to look at Collin’s Target match up list and that should help you 😉

      • Sarah

        It is probably only exciting for me cause it’s stuff I need and I have a free product coupon, but I will gladly share…

        Glade Expressions Mist StartKit $2.99 = FREE with coupons below
        – Get Free Refill when you buy starter kit ($1.99) – Target Deal until 10/13
        – $2/1 off Starter Kit from BuzzAgent – MQ
        – $1/1 Glade air care item ETS & 8 oz Aerosol Target Coupon x10/5
        ( here is the post from Totally Target with links to coupons, there is a link to a $2/1 off starterkits MQ if you do not have the BuzzAgent ones – )

        Aussie Shampoo or Conditioner $2.99 (I believe that is the right price) = FREE
        – Free Aussie Product up to $3.99 MQ – I received it in the mail, not sure when but it expires 9/30

        Up & Up Men’s Vitamins $2.99 = $1.99 after coupons
        – $1/1 TQ Up & Up Vitamin

        So if I stopped there and used the $2 Shopkick gift card, everything would be free. I will probably buy ketchup or breadcrumbs (cause I need them), just in case they take $3.99 off my total for the Aussie product instead of $2.99.

        Here are some other coupons that are expiring 9/30 that would pair nicely too…

        FREE Bioré Cleanser, when you buy any Bioré Pore Strip, up to $7.00 from SS 8/12 (exp 9/30)
        – Buy 1 Bioré Deep Cleansing Nose Strips, 8 ct $5.99, regular price
        – Buy 1 Bioré Balancing Cleanser, 6.77 oz $5.89, regular price
        – Buy 1 Select Bioré Strip and 1 Cleanser, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 10/6
        – Use FREE Bioré Cleanser, when you buy any Bioré Pore Strip, up to $7.00 from SS 8/12 (exp 9/30)
        – And use one $2.00/1 Bioré Facial Skin Care item, Target Coupon from Shopkick Mobile App (exp 9/28)
        – Pay $3.99, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card – Final Price: $1.01 Moneymaker, when you buy both
        *** Use the $2 giftcard and pay only $1.99, so it would be a $3.01 moneymaker
        (got that one from KrazyCouponLady –

        FREE Herbal Essence Conditioner (any size up to $6.99) when you buy Shampoo
        Buy 1 Herbal Essences 10.1 oz. Shampoo priced around $2.99
        Buy 1 33.8 oz Conditioner With Pump priced around $6.99
        Use the Buy 1 Shampoo and Get 1 Conditioner or Styler free coupon found in the 9/16 SS
        Final cost only $2.99 total
        *** Use the $2 giftcard and pay only $.99 for Shampoo and a large Conditioner
        (link to Hip2Save where Collin mentions this –

        That’s it from me. I probably didnt lay it out as nicely as Collin does for us (she is so awesome), but I hope it helps. And please anyone share any other scenarios they have come up with.

        And Jill, you where right, that was not quick LoL I started doing it thinking it would be easy, and all I did was copy and paste from other websites. Bless you Collin for doing this for us everyday!

        • Nikki

          Oh Sarah, you a wonderful!
          Thank you from all of us for being so gracious to take the time to post. So sweet of you! Much appreciated 🙂

  8. Andrea

    Worked for me. Thanks! It says I’ll get the offer next time I walk into Target within the next 24 days.

  9. renee

    yeaaah got my $2 target, got my $5 snappy app, and $10 khols card in mail! ready to go shopping! Thank u Collin

  10. Jennie S

    Got it, thank you for the details!!!

  11. Amanda

    where is the address bar on the iphone?

    • Toni

      Just copy the link above and put in the address bar in safari 😉 (the box to the left of the search box)

  12. Kim

    It says I got it, but you have to do the “walk-in” to pull up the actual gift card. I’ve never gotten one of these “walk-in” stations to work before. 🙁

    I’ll try it this afternoon. maybe my luck will change this time.

    • rachael

      just go through Safari.

      • Melanie Reed

        How do you go through Safari on a smartphone?

        • Toni

          You have to use the app to check in, you can use safari to add the $2 mentioned above, but to redeem & check in you use the app 😉

    • Toni

      It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that mine actually checked me in! For the last year it never would, you may want to keep trying and be shocked like I was when it actually works. Now it works every time. Good luck!

      • Melanie Reed

        Yeah. Mine has never worked either for walk-ins. I can scan products just fine!

      • Hollie DeBerry

        Same here. I just quit using it because it never worked. I guess I will have to try it again.

    • Michelle L.

      I finally got the walk-in points to work for the first time last weekend — I had already pulled up the app and clicked on the Starbucks B1G1 Target coupon before I entered the store, then I walked straight inside to the Starbucks and lingered for a minute in line. When I showed the cashier my phone to have her scan the coupon, it gave me the walk-in points. First time it has ever worked for me! Before that, I always felt a little stupid standing around the entrance waiting (unsuccessfully) for the crazy app to register that I had walked in.

  13. Jenn

    Got it! Thanks! Btw….the hot espresso coffee B1G1 can it be a chai tea? I get sick from coffee. Anyone know? Thanks!

    • truthishappiness

      I think the coupon said espresso beverages.

    • Erin

      Funny Starbucks-brewed coffee makes me sick, too, though I can drink at home when I brew it myself.

    • Jenn

      I did call my store and she said come in tomorrow and we will work something out with you! NICE! 🙂

  14. Amanda L. Rouse

    you have to type in the link she mentioned on your phone browser and add you number and it will work.. the first link she posted was to sign up for shop kick if you are not a member yet…

    it worked for me.. now i gotta go to the store to test it… cross your fingers!

    • Kidsallgone

      Ditto 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Michelle

    I have the app already and it worked great, thanks!

  16. Amanda M.

    Awesome! 🙂 Thanks Colin!

  17. Jill

    I keep trying to sign up for this and it keeps saying phone number already signed up yet I never get text messages for deals any ideas?

    • Blondie

      I had the same problem when I tried to access it online, as I’m already a shopkick user. When I went into my phone and entered the http://www.shopkick... address listed above into my web browser, It took me right to the Target welcome screen where you can enter your phone # again, even if it’s already registered, and you will get your $2 under your Mystuff tab, located under your name on the Shopkick app. Hope this helps.

    • kara

      Just go to your browser and type in the web address Colin posted.

  18. sofi

    awesome- thanks!!!

  19. rachael


  20. Kidsallgone

    Can past/current shop-kickers tell us newbies about their points/freebies they’ve gotten in the past, if it’s hard to get points, if it’s worth the time, if the rewards/prizes are good, etc etc etc 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • amy

      I have been doing shopkick since last November. Each day you go into the free app and get points by touching stars that advertise a store nearby. My kids so it for me. Like a game. You can also get points by linking you cards (visa, debit, ect) to the app. You get points at Best Buy, toysrus, ect, per dollar you spend. You also get free scanable coupons for certain stores like Target and Old Navy. I have used my points for Target gift cards, $10.00, best buy. I have enough for $30.00 in gift cards now. Easy for kids and I do not have to do anything but hand over my smart phone.

    • Toni

      Shopkick is my favorite go to app for shopping! I made a purchase with the ‘shop and earn’ at Toys ‘r us and earned $5 back for my purchase. Ou just add your credit card info. The coupons are great on it, and I’ve been redeeming and stacking my earned gift cards with store coupons and have gotten lots of free clothes for my son from Old Navy (download the old navy app to stack deals too)
      The customer service is awesome! I’ve dealt with them a few times and they have been very helpful. If there was a ratings on hip2save I would give it a 5 stars! You won’t be disappointed 😉

    • Jennifer

      I LOVE shopkick. I’ve redeemed for several giftcards, but lately my favorite are the CVS giftcards – I use them to pay for the tax and any total I have left over once all my ECBs are calculated. A $25 gift card will usually last me over a month, so it’s totally worth it!

    • DrLadybug

      Have been shopkicking for 1.5 yrs, and honestly, the only reason I still do it is because of Target. As others have said, reception in stores (esp Target) can be horrible, but sometimes you get extra pts for scanning items, so you’re stuck!! Walk-ins kicks do not always work, and sorry, but I loathe wasting time, even if I’m needing something from that store anyway: my view is that they “lured me in” with promise of points, and it’s compensation for my time and effort.

      Customer service takes a week to respond, so you may be out of luck if you’re close in kicks to a gift card but your walk-in for extra kicks didn’t work. 🙁 Also, they try to tell you they need a receipt to prove you were at the store — this should NEVER be the case!! — it is NO purchase necessary. I send pics of my being there, and it’s sometimes not good enough.

      At risk of sounding too negative, it takes lots of patience and time to deal with shopkick. And, if it doesn’t bother you to not always receive credit for walking in or scanning items, then you’ll be fine. Again, if they did not have Target (which is excellent in my area for accepting coupons), I’d have already canceled my account.

      • Erin

        Funny; I have reception issues with walk-ins at other stores (most notably Best Buy and Macy’s), never Target. It’s not really worth the extra time scanning in my opinion unless there’s super-high scan values. I’m always in a hurry because of my high maintenance toddler.

    • debbie j

      I LOVE Shopkick! It normally supports my Starbucks problem, but recently I use my points and my husbands points to get my son a scooter for his birthday! Use mine for a $25.00 and also a $10.00 from my husband, out of pocket for the scooter was $10.00. Its great because they don’t change their rewards around much so you have time to save for what you want

    • Crystal

      I like Shopkick a lot – I’ve been using it regularly for about 4 or 5 months and I have earned $70 in Toys R Us gift cards so far. I am trying to save them up so that I can pay for most of Christmas with Shopkick. I linked my credit/debit card and so I get points when I shop at Old Navy and Toys R Us – they also offer this with Aerie and a few other stores. They used to offer it with Best Buy also but I have not seen that offer lately. The points add up super quick in my opinion. I personally have only had walk-in kicks not register one time – I emailed customer service and was awarded the kicks once they saw that I scanned something in the store that day.

  21. Kay

    Thanks Collin!

  22. Kan

    got it..thanks

  23. Lauren

    SWEET! I think I’ll go to Target today!

  24. CynthiaL

    Both my husband and I got it! Thank you so much Collin!

  25. des

    Thanks, Collin….planning to use this on Sunday!!!

  26. Alissa

    It did on my phone and my mother’s phone! 😀

  27. Melanie Reed

    Am I the only one who didn’t get a text for the $2 giftcard? I have Shopkick already…can I delete it then sign up again?

    • Emily

      I don’t think that you’ll have to delete it. Did you go into your shopkick account and add your phone number? That’s the step I had not done, my shop kick was unregistered. Then I opened my phone’s browser and went here: and selected the option for already have the app, entered my number and it sent me the text. I opened the app and put the offer in my stuff.

    • Sarah

      If you read the post above, Collin lays out how to get the giftcard even if you did not get the text. I did not get the text, but I followed her steps above and got the giftcard

      • Melanie Reed

        Ha ha, yeah. I skimmed!

  28. Jolie

    Can any one please let me know how to unlock the restaurant card and the target card. I am new to this and would appreciate your help! Thank you!

    • Toni

      Jolie, do you have enough points to redeem for one of these cards? It will unlock it once you have enough points to order it. Is that what you mean?

  29. Bethany

    Wahoo!! It worked (I had the app no text) thanks a bunch!!! The 2$ expires in 24 days plenty of time :)!!!

  30. tammi

    Yeah I too can’t even make a phone call or send a text message at Target ;( it’s a dead zone

  31. Jenn

    Woohoo got it! Perfect because I was heading there today! FYI must walkin within 24 hrs!

    • Toni

      24 days not hours 😉

  32. rosebudds

    Yea! It gave me a notice this morning!

  33. Caroline

    I got it when I walked into Target, but when the cashier tried to scan my giftcard it said the number was invalid. 🙁 emailed Shopkick so hopefully they can fix it!

    • Eve

      Same here.

    • Janell

      I got the same thing. DENIED 🙁

  34. Nine

    Worked for me:)

  35. dana

    yay! got it! Thanks!

  36. Crystal

    It wouldn’t let me use it in store 🙁

  37. ellen

    I love shopkick . I used to not able to check in at target but now i am able to by using their free wifi. HTH

  38. kendall

    thanks collin!

  39. Michele

    Would work in the store when the cashier scanned the barcode. We also tried trying the card number and access number into the computer and the system still said it was invalid. Hmmm… Perhaps I’ll email Shopkick as well.

    • Michele

      Would NOT work….

    • Jenn

      Same here! I have 2 Target GCs and both would not work when scanned or manually inputted. The Manager told me they are no longer accepting shopkick target gift cards because they were scanned bar codes of real gift cards ;( Emailed shopkick and no response yet.. I did check the balance though on the cards and they both have money on them so I dont know what the deal is!

  40. Sarah

    Mine did not work either 🙁 Michele, will you report back if you can on what Shopkick says?

    • Sarah

      I read this suggestion on another blog: Add the Shopkick giftcard to your Target app where you can consolidate all your Target giftcards. I was successfully able to add the Shopkick giftcard to My Target giftcard balance but I have not gone to Target to test it.

      To add the Shopkick giftcard to the Target app – You will need to write down the card # and access # listed under the barcode on the Shopkick app, download the Target app, click on My Target, click on My GiftCards and enter the info from Shopkick.

      HTH and let us all know if you are able to use the giftcard through the Target app.

      • Jennifer M.

        Thanks for this info!! I did that!

  41. Melissa

    Mine didn’t work, either. Cashier just took off $2 manually.

  42. Janie

    Just got my text message & followed the instructions, Yay! Has anyone been successful in using it yet? Maybe it’s so new Target doesn’t have it in their system yet?

  43. Deanna Z

    I just went to Target and they could not get to work either. I guess I will try the target app thing

  44. Delia

    I read on Shopkick’s FB page that B&M (brick & mortar) Target stores are no longer accepting Shopkick giftcards. They can only be used on the Target website.

    • Jenn

      Thanks for the info… The manager also told me they werent accepting the shopkick gift cards ;(

  45. Artemis D.

    Where are the coupons on shopkick? how do I get the starbucks bogo?

  46. Destinee

    This is just way too much work for me…went to Target and the app wouldn’t check me in. I stood at the front forever 🙁 oh well!

  47. Lorna

    i got it and plan to do a shopping trip tomorrow & enjoy my starbucks treat afterwards

  48. amberwaves

    I was able to get the gift card to show up but when the cashier scanned it, it said invalid. She even tried typing it in manually like 5 times and it still wouldnt go through. Then I took it to Customer Service where they did a balance check on it and it also said invalid. I was super bummed!!

    • Joene

      That happened to me too…not sure why.

  49. Kathi Kearney

    I got the app. Target here I come.

  50. missy

    My giftcard was denied- they tried scanning it and typing it in manually. They would not take off $2. waste of time.

    • Samantha

      I agree! Mine kept coming up as invalid, and they would not accept it. I also tried to buy something else, using both a mfr. coupon and a Target coupon, and the cashier said that Target is “no longer accepting a mfr. coupon and store coupon on an item,” and I could “use one or the other.” I have not heard of such a change!! Needless to say, it was not my best trip to Target.

      • Shirl

        I got the $2 gift card and then a few days later got a message that the card was invalid & they were going to give me a credit in my kicks. I have also been told that I can no longer use the Target gift cards in the store. Above there is a post that they can only be used online so I will go check out the shopkick fb page. I have only been kicking for about 5 months and have used Best Buy, Starbucks, Old Navy and until now Target giftcards without any issues. I live in a medium sized town. Went to Atlanta (1st time out of town since using shopkicks) and boy did I earn lots of kicks. It was totally AWESOME!! I have been drinking free Starbucks for several months & have just about earned a gold card thanks to this app!!

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