Victoria’s Secret: Velour Pants & 2 Secret Reward Cards Only $21.98 Shipped + More Deal Ideas

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As I mentioned on Friday morning, if you’re looking for a way to make use of your $15 Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card I posted about here, check this out! Through March 25th, snag 2 FREE Secret Reward Cards with any $10 purchase. Just use offer code SECRETBONUS during checkout. Each card will be worth at least $10, but they could be worth $25, $50, $75, $100, or even $500! The secret reward cards will be valid to use 4/1-4/30 in-stores (excluding outlets), online, or by phone.

Plus, through tomorrow, March 24th, snag an additional 20% off ANY one clothing item and sale clothing items are included! Just use offer code STYLE20 at checkout. So combine these 2 offers to score a very nice deal!  Check it out…

* First, go through for 2% cash back or for 4% cash back!
* Add 1 pair of Velour Pants to your cart on sale for $19.99 (reg. $39.50!) – lots of styles to choose from…

* Start the checkout process and enter the following offer codes SECRETBONUS and STYLE20
If you still have your $15 Victoria’s Secret Reward Gift Card, be sure to apply that at checkout
(Expires 3/31!)

Your final cost will come to $15.99 (+ tax) plus $5.99 for shipping…OR as low as only $0.99 + $5.99 shipping after applying the $15 Gift Cardand that’s for a pair of Velour Pants valued at $39.50 AND 2 Secret Reward Cards that are each valued at $10… possibly more! Wow!

Or, if you are wanting to spend even less money out-of-pocket, you can ditch the Velour Pants and go with this Cotton Ribbed Tank on sale for $15 (so only $12 after the 20% off code!). So you can score the tank for only $12 + $5.99 shipping AND snag the 2 Secret Reward Cards that are each valued at $10 or more!

* Also, don’t forget that Victoria’s Secret is also hosting a Panty Party and offering 7 pairs of Cotton Undies for only $26 when you enter the promo code PARTYON at checkout.

And remember to go through for 2% cash back or for 4% cash back – every little bit helps!

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Comments 75

  1. Leslie

    How would you be able to buy the open back tank or zip mini skirt and get 2 cards? It says you have to spend $10 in order to get them. Do they send them any way? Little lost.

    • Catie

      I had the same question about scenario two also. I didn’t think shipping counted towards the subtotal.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Whoops! You both are correct. I took out those deals and just left in the $12 tank which still makes for a nice deal.

  2. Tomoko

    You can use code: SP1335701 for Free Panty + $10 off regular bra too.

    • Shawn

      I cannot figure out which panties are free?! The code worked and says ‘free panties’ but every panty that I add to my cart, it does not take off the price. Are there only certain ones that are free?

      • Emily

        Shawn, read some of the posts from the last few weeks, it gives you the panty item numbers that were free. It is usually the same ones that they give you free with coupon in the mail. They’re the basic cotton ones in black, nude, light pink or white usually. Search for “cotton panty” and the plain hiphuger, brief or thong are included in certain colors.

    • krizza

      Thank you so much Tomoko for the code! Made it work! Got 2 bra, 1 free panty $20 total then two Secret reward prolly $10 making it FREE. I have to pay $6 shipping tho and tax.

  3. Erica

    I thought your purchase has to be at least $10 to get the Secret Rewards? If that’s true, the last scenario won’t work 🙁

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yep… I just removed those items under $10. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Erica

        Collin, a good replacement deal would be the $10 off bra and free panty – could do a PINK bandeau, nude cotton hiphugger and pay $14.50 + shipping (around $5) and get both rewards. That’s what I did tonight 🙂

        • Tilla Ham

          just so you know, the bandeau’s are horrible. ordered an extra small for my daughter (her normal size would be a small) and after an hour of wearing it, it had slipped down 4 inches below her breasts. Even fitting quite snug, it slips off

  4. Erin

    Got my order from the deals last weekend and no secret rewards card 🙁 I called and they said they would email me one, but that was on Thursday and I still don’t have it. Anyone else have problems not getting their card(s)???

    • M

      It takes a while, I got mine like a week after I called them. But they’ll come 🙂

    • Gina

      Same thing happened to me. I got my order yesterday and was told I would get in it an emai but it would be 5 days or so before I get it.

    • jimena

      i have been waiting for mine after 2 week i actually went to the store but the cashier refused to get me the cards . I called VS and they said they will send it to me . after two weeks waiting. they said today they will re send them but they are suppossed to take 14 days . soo yes! its a long process ;/

    • Kristin

      I got all of my cards that I was supposed to get. And I ordered a few times. That’s a bummer u didn’t get yours…

    • Erin

      Thanks guys! I guess I’ll give it some time, and just call again if I never get anything

  5. Kathi

    Anybody having trouble using ebates or shop at home? I have accounts on both and got an error message through both site’s links…

    • mb


    • Jess

      I’m having trouble with one particular site – Try emailing their customer support; they usually respond quickly, unlike shopathome.

  6. Natasha

    Yay just got another what seems to be almost monthly coupons through mail from VS. One free panty,$10 off bra, and free vs pink/white striped umbrella with $65 purchase 🙂

  7. Karen

    the last time I did the vic secret deal I only received one card not 2.

    • Erica

      Same here Karen (around Christmas time) – I wonder if they’re limited quantity? We should have called to get answers, huh? I will make sure I call if I only get one this time as well.

      • Brooke

        I think they try to be sneaky and give one. I called to complain and I got it right away in my email. They didnt make a fuss about it. Then I ended up returning the item and kept the e- gift reward card!

        • sandra

          Out of 6 similar deals I have done over the past 2 years, only one package had both cards as promised. I personally think VS uses this as a scam.

          • sandra

            As of right now, VS owes me both a $15 GC and a Secret Reward card from the 2 bra promo. They told me they would credit my credit card for the $15 and email me a Secret Reward card. That was 5 days ago, and neither has happened yet. They told me the credit to my card would show up in 2-3 days.

            • sandra

              On a past promo, they didn’t include the second Secret reward card. When I called, they said they would email it, allow up to 5 days. Weeks went by and nothing. I guess I must have the worst luck with VS.

        • Caitlin S

          I don’t think it has anything to do with “trying to be sneaky” I think who ever is packing the orders just doesn’t always pay the best attention. I got my order today expecting 2 rewards cards and there was 3.

          • Annie A.


          • Wren

            I agree, Caitlin. VS could care less about a measly $10 rewards card that isn’t even really cash.

    • Emily

      The 2nd card comes in a little cardboard box inside the big box. It looks like filler. Be careful that you’re not throwing it away!

  8. mb

    i used my 15 gc from promo at store to get 2 lipgloss for under 2 it was just tax i was really surprised to get another secret gc yahoo oan does anymore know how short these r im 5’2 and not sure if theyre to long tia i checked out short and it says its 30′ not sure

  9. Melissa

    I am 5’3 and with flats or no shoes a 29 or 30 inch inseam is perfect.

  10. Nadia

    Do any of you guys know which items are on backorders?

  11. Annie A.

    I ordered yesterday and got a swim top for $19 shipped and two secret reward cards !! At least $20 back. 🙂

  12. mb

    i ended up making two orders one for the pants and one for the matching hoodie after q and 10 we will say gc they outfit will b 4.74 total instead if 80 plus shipping thats awesome just hope i get all cards after reading comments

  13. joanna

    i just bought the modal tank for $10 less my $10 code from the VS magazine, I only paid $7 (shipping + tax). With the bonus secret reward, what a nice deal. thanks!

    • christine

      You won’t get any secret rewards

      • joanna

        my order confirmation said ” 1 xtra secret reward included ” =p

  14. Amanda

    Thanks! I got a bra and panties for me and a PINK hoodie for my daughter for $53 plus the two free secret rewards cards. The reg price of the hoodie alone was $44.50 so I am pleased!

  15. Sally

    I have one $10 VS Birthday Certificate with Angel card purchase only from their catalog, anyone would like to trade? Amazon, Starbucks, etc.

    • CoolSue

      Hey Sally, happy bday to u, I don’t have Amazon/ Starbucks , but only Target gc. Would love to get ur VS code I’d u e not gonna use it. Have a lot of coupons if u want me to mail them to u!:)

    • Leonora

      Hi Sally, I have a Starbucks e-gift card if you would like to trade. Email me at leonora dot com at gmail.


    • Leonora

      Oops, wrong email: leonora dot kol at gmail. Thanks 🙂

    • Michelle

      I have a $10 gc to hot topic if you would like to trade just email me at

  16. Nicole

    I just got the Essestial Bra Top Cami (CL-256943) on sale for $14.50 (11.60 after 20% off.) My total came to $18.64 with tax and shipping and am getting two free rewards worth at least $20!

    • allison a

      I did that too. I love sleeping in them. Plus my free panty with an angel card. 17.59 for both plus reward cards. Nice. Fingers crossed.

      • Sarah

        What is the sizing like? And how much support does the top offer?? (If you don’t mind my asking!) 🙂

        • allison a

          No support – tho I’ve had 3 kids!! I wear a large and I’m a large to medium in most tops. They don’t run small. Hth!

  17. Nikki

    If anyone has a $10 off a purchase coupon code they are not going to use I would really appreciate it! email me at

  18. Nikki

    Dont forget you can get a free no show sexy hiphugger if you use your angel card and code SP1330853

  19. meg

    i can’t get the free panty to work..any idea on which style I can add to get the deal?

  20. Chickey

    Why does it only show one card at check out? I thought it was two.

    • Jasmine

      Did u enter code SECRETBONUS?

    • ina

      i know mine also says 1 bonus card after entering SECRETBONUS

    • Emily

      The first card is automatic, the 2nd card is a Bonus one, so it’ll only say 1 bonus card.

  21. Leonora

    Anyone wanna trade $10 Starbucks gift card for VS $10 credit?

  22. Destinee

    Good luck ladies!!! I got a $500 card last time!!!!!

    • Annie A.

      Did you get your card online ?

    • Kim

      Wow!!!! I figured they didn’t exist!!!! Amazing!

  23. Ashley Grace Wright

    1. I ordered the first time with 2 bras($25 each). Got $15 gc and SR card.
    2. Went to store for sale a few weekends ago for $5 panties, got 3 pairs and had a mailer Q for 1 free Panty, no purchase needed. Spent $15 so used my gc from 1st order and got another SR card.
    3. From my 1stonline order a pair of panties were on back order, got them yesterday and they had ANOTHER SR card.
    4. Still waiting for my next 2 online orders. Right now I have 3 SR cards in hand, 4 more on the way.

    All together I have spent $87.97 for 2 bras, 13 panties, bathing suit bottom,and a bandeu. And gotten a $15 gc and 7 SR cards all at least $10 so $85 at least in gift cards! Leaving me with just $2.97 oop!!!!

  24. Shawn

    Which panties are free with that code, anyone know? The code for $10 off bra + free panty. the code worked for me but I am not sure which panties to add, none of the ones I add are coming off in checkout.

    • Tomoko

      I think you can choose from any $8.50 cotton panty ( Black, white , nude or heather Grey or Light buff ).
      I tried with CL-241-075 Hiphugger Panty and it worked fine. Hope this will help 🙂

  25. Laura

    I went to a Victoria’s Secret in Illinois and got the 7/26 panties AND they gave me TWO rewards cards. I thought it was only online, but the girl gave me two without me asking.

  26. Erin

    I did the vs deal for the bathing suit last weekend and i need a different size. Will the store exchange it for me? Will I lose my rewards cards? What if I have to return it…will they deduct rewards cards? Appreciate any and all help you can offer 🙂

    • Helen

      I would call them. I needed a bigger size and they did the exchange over the phone and gave me free shipping even though I added another item to it. When in doubt,call. I love their customer service. And you don’t lose your rewards,in fact the free underwear were back ordered ,and arrived on Friday with Another SR card in the bag! So I got 3!

      • Erin

        thank you so much for your help, Helen. It never looks quite like they do in the magazine on my body, hehe. 😉 I’ll call them, thanks!

    • Emily

      At Christmas, I bought a sweater that fit awkward and returned it in the store. They don’t credit your account there, they just send it back to the warehouse for free and then the returns center processes it as normal. You won’t have to return your rewards cards and they won’t deduct them. My sweater came with a free scarf and a rewards card. I just returned the sweater and worried about the same thing but the entire amount was returned to my credit card.

      You can’t exchange it for something on the spot in the store, but they can send it back for you with the exchange form and the returns center will process your exchange and send you a new one.

  27. Toni

    So I was going to order panties to use my $15 gift card and receive the two secret rewards cards. My shipping and handling charges came to $10.99 and $3.78 for taxes. Last time I ordered the shipping was $7.99 and it was more than the fee listed here as well. Has anyone else had to pay this much for S&H?

  28. brandice

    Phoey no large ot xtra large in anything

  29. Candice

    I received the $15 gift card from the bandeau deal. Since I’m pretty stocked up on everything (sweats, clothes, bras, panties) I didn’t really want to spend anything out of pocket. I used the gift card to get a super cute clearance Lacie hiphugger panty totally free since it covers shipping and tax too. Can’t wait to see what’s on my secret rewards cards in April!

  30. M S

    Does anyone know if there is a general forum for sharing deals?

    I had been looking for a “ribbon” North Face jacket in my size for weeks. Finally found them this morning at a great price, and wanted to share as I have benefited from many of the great deals on this site.

    25% discount code: RIBBON



  31. kira

    Is it possible to use more than one reward card per transaction once these are received?

    • Elizabeth

      No, you’re not supposed to. That’s what kills the SRC deal for me. If I end up getting multiple SRC then I have to buy multiple items. I don’t need any of the $10 VS items (mainly beauty and panties) so essentially the SRC is just a coupon. ie $10 off a sweater or yoga pants or whatever.

    • Charlette Scarlette

      kira, I was able to during the last SRC promotion over Christmas. I purchased my items online and it treats it just like a gift card. Later I bought stuff in the physical store and asked them about using multiple ones in a same tran- they said they were able to do it & reiterated that they are exactly like gift cards.

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