Target: *HOT* Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy or Sis ONLY $4.17 + More Toy Deals

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Check out the *HOT* toy deals you can snag with the new Target store coupons

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Sis $15.19 (Thru 10/12) – reg. $22.99!
Use the $5 off Laugh & Learn Love to Play Sis Target coupon found here
Plus, use the 10% Off Fisher-Price Baby Toys Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $1.02)
And, use the $5/1 Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy or Sis coupon found here
Final cost $4.17! What a rockin’ price! πŸ˜€

Fisher-Price Rockin Tunes Giraffe $35.99 (Thru 11/2)
Use the $5 off Rockin Tunes Giraffe Target coupon found here
Plus, use the 10% Off Fisher-Price Baby Toys Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $3.10)
Plus, use the $5/1 Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe coupon found here
Final cost $22.89!

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm $33.99 (Thru 10/26)
Use the $5/1 Little People Farm Target coupon found here
Plus, use the 10% Off Fisher-Price Baby Toy Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $2.90)
And, use the $5/1 Little People Animal Sounds Farm coupon found here
Final cost $21.09!

Fisher Price Imaginext Rescue City Center $44.99 (Thru 10/26)
Use the $10 off Imaginext Rescue City Center Target coupon found here
Plus, use the $5/1 Imaginext Rescue City Center coupon found here
Final cost $29.99!

Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Batcave $34.99 (Thru 10/26)
Use the $5 off Imaginext Batcave Target coupon found here
Plus, use the $5/1 Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave coupon found here
Final cost $24.99!

*Be sure to print all these awesome toy coupons now, as the popular coupons will likely not last long!

(Thanks, Totally Target!)

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Comments 104

  1. Tarri

    To bad it is not for the boy puppy to. I only have boy nephews.

    • Lisa

      It’s for the puppy (boy) or sister (girl)… Go get them my son loved it and stuffed animals are better brand new/clean

      • ferann

        The Target coupon is only for the girl.

        • SaSweigard

          I was able to use it for the puppy/boy at my Target… it’s worth a try

    • Jayden's mom

      i have a boy…my target in New Jersey took the target coupon for the Laugh and Learn puppy (boy)….

  2. Amy H

    I bought it last week before the Target coupon came out. I guess I will try to return it and re-buy it to save $5.

    • M

      Just go to customer service and gell them you have a missed coupon. They should give u the cash back

      • Amy H

        Ok. Thanks. I will try that.

      • San

        Does it really work? I too bought it last week. Let me try and thanks for the tip.

      • Kelly

        Target now has a 3 day missed coupon policy.

        • Melissa

          i just tried to apply a missed coupon yesterday (a day after original purchase) and they wouldnt let me. πŸ™

  3. Cindy

    Thank you! That’s two gifts out the way πŸ™‚

  4. Melissa

    Yet another reason to make me wish we had a Target! LOL

  5. Meghan

    I find it interesting Target doesn’t sell the Little People Barn (at least not online), but have a coupon for it. They only sell the Barn Apptivity which you have to have an iPad for. Maybe it’s something they sell in stores but not online?

    • Meghan

      Never mind, I just realized I was only looking in the 12-24 month toys.

    • Katrina

      I found the barn online. And it says it’s available at my local store.

  6. dwilson19

    yay! I got a couple of these puppies earlier this year or last year for 5 bucks and have already used them for baby showers. time to stock up again πŸ™‚

  7. Holly

    Also, ya’ll can check stock online. I noticed the Play Pup (blue ears) are sold out in my immediate area.

    Luckily, I have no babies/toddlers to gift. But it would be a nice donation.

  8. Anne

    I bought the barn on Amazon a few weeks ago when it went on sale for $28.99. I wish I had wanted. I am totally going to get the puppy for my daughter though.

  9. 1shianne

    How do we get the boy puppy for the same price? The Target coupon is only for the girl.

  10. Robyn

    OMG I want to get that for my daughter thanks πŸ™‚

  11. Sarah

    When I search for the girl one on targets website it says it’s not sold in stores…. Is that correct?

    • El

      I saw it in store today. Caught my eye because it had a special “hot toy” display.

      • Kim

        You saw the sis one?

        • jenny

          the sis one is at my store in Nashville. Call your store to check.

    • Sherry

      I noticed the same thing Sarah. It appears the Target coupon is only good on the “sis”, but that isn’t sold in stores. Collin?

      • Devin

        They are not available in all stores. The ‘sis’ should be available in stores in the next couple weeks. Print the coupon now and wait for it to be availabel in stores. Call before you go and ask if they are available yet.

    • Kim

      I just found the same thing!! I’m bummed.

    • Sportmom3

      It’s sold in stores. I just picked one up yesterday. I’m REALLY sad now! I could have paired it with the target coupon too!

      • Mrs. Waller

        I bought mine last week! I called my store though and they said that I can return it tomorrow and buy it again with the Target coupon! Woo hoo!

        • Sportmom3

          YAY. Thanks Mrs. Waller. I’ll see if I can do that too!

    • Tara

      I did the same thing but yes it is sold in the store but they were out, had lots of the boy

    • jack

      i saw both puppy and sis at store today

    • Ani

      Just a thought, but if it were only sold online, there probably wouldn’t be a printable coupon. I banking on the stores having them! πŸ™‚

  12. Rebe

    Is anyone having issues printing Target coupons? My printer leaves part of the page blank and just half a coupon. Sometimes makes noises like printing them but then I get partial pictures. This is the only site I have issues like that πŸ™

    • Ashley

      I can not print from the target site at all. Every time I try it freezes up my entire computer and then shuts my internet down πŸ™

  13. laura

    I don’t understand. I don’t see any of these choices under the cartwheel app.

    • T

      Search for Fisher Price in the cartwheel app, these are fisher price toys πŸ™‚ HTH

      • laura

        Thanks, but it’s still not there.

        • Jen

          It’s there. Look under toys. It’s 10% off Fisher Price toys. The pic is of a rattle.

  14. Amy H.

    Sweet! I have a $5 Target gift card (got free when I bought three packages of Always pads). So I can get this for my daughter for free!

  15. Amy J

    Hmmmm, my son had a laugh and learn puppy when he was little but never took to it. It became more decoration than anything. :0(

    • Beth

      mine either. he opened it the night of his bday party & never touched it again. off to the goodwill it went.

      • Cannielle

        Me 3. It was her 1st B- day gift from DH’s best friend, DH tried really hard for her to like it but she just didn’t care at all.

  16. Tara

    Went running to Target! They were out of the sis but let me use the coupon on the brother, but had to manual deduct the $5. I would ask the manager if the cashier won’t push it through..great deal I got two!! πŸ™‚

  17. Alyssa

    So it’s only for the girl toy? That stinks.

    • Tara

      Yes, technically….when they scanned the coupon for the boy it did say no item available but they let me use it since they were the same price and basically the same toy….all you can do is ask.

  18. Sarah

    Are people finding the actual Sis one in store or just the pink version of the one pictured. They are different items and Target online is showing Sis isn’t sold in stores (but the pink version of the one above is). I’m so confused…

    • Alla

      I just noticed that too and am not sure if I should print the coupon or not and if my store will honor it for the pink one with blue ears cuz the coupon is for the sis which is the pink one with pink ears. My store is hard to use coupons in and managers are rude. Dreading to do this deal but it’s a really good one πŸ™

      • Jen

        The Target coupon is for the Sis not the boy or girl one. On it says the Sis is online only but some say they have found it in store. Go to your Target and see if they have the Sis. If they do you can get the deal. If not you can try to see if they will let you get the boy or girl with all the coupons.

  19. Kristen Emma

    Got the sis in store. Used red card for additional 5% off and cashier took off additional 10% BC it had a dirt mark on it and was last one in stock somehow wound up paying 3.26. WOW

  20. Kristen Emma

    Oh and it was the sis one. Not the all pink one.

  21. Amy

    I can not get the target coupons to print. The “catalina savings printer” will not down load. Any ideas?

  22. megan

    are you interested in a book exchange? Its a great way to build his or her reading library! its very simple. when you receive a letter from me you then send it to six of your friends. in turn they will send it to six of their friends. each mommy buys six books for a child higher on the chain than her own child. then, you receive 35 books total for your own child! these should be age appropriate and it will be a great way to add to your child’s library without breaking the bank. this has been going for a few years and was just sent to me from a friend who has done it before and it was amazing to get 35 books in the mail! it should take about 2 weeks to get your first books, then around 6 weeks to get all of your books. please feel free to send me an email at zoewilson77@yahoo(dot)com, im sure this would be fun for him or her! Ill be sending out some holiday themed books! also this isnt spam i promise, a friend of mine has done this before and loved it!

  23. Jen

    How would this work? The FP coupon is for the boy or girl but the Target one is for the sis. So you can only get the sis? I can’t get the boy one for $4? Hip you lied!!!

    • Carla

      I really hope saying ‘you lied’ was in a sarcastic fashion. If not, no need to be nasty. Sometimes it’s better to go with the philosophy of “if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all”.

    • Lindsey

      It says right here:

      Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Sis $15.19 (Thru 10/12) – reg. $22.99!
      Use the $5 off Laugh & Learn Love to Play Sis Target coupon found here
      Plus, use the 10% Off Fisher-Price Baby Toys Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $1.02)
      And, use the $5/1 Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy or Sis coupon found here
      Final cost $4.17! What a rockin’ price! πŸ˜€

      No one lied.

    • Jen

      No one lied?! Check the picture! It’s of the boy puppy with a price tag and a coupon. Why take a pic of the boy puppy if you can’t use this deal with it?

      • Elizabeth

        That’s the coupon. You CAN use that one on the boy one. You just can’t use the target q on the boy one. Had she taken the picture with the Target Q instead, then it would be misleading…

        Love all the deals, Collin!

      • Jen

        Oh and I can copy and paste too. Look at the top line again.

        Target: *HOT* Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy or Sis ONLY $4.17 + More Toy Deals

        • Sammi

          Wow, you are being quite ugly. I can’t believe that someone would be so rude to her after all the work that she puts into this blog and into helping us save money every day.

        • Susan

          Get a life

          • Susan

            Sorry, Sammi–that was to Jen!

        • SaSweigard

          My Target let me use BOTH coupons on the puppy… maybe you should try. Just an idea instead of lashing out… or buy the ” Sis”and then exchange it for the puppy one… tadaaaa

          • Christine

            I went to my Target this morning and purchased two boy dogs with the coupons. Our store didnt have the girl dog nor a space on the shelf. Had no problems. The cashier was great:)

  24. Holly

    Cartwheel has been having issues tonight. I haven’t been able to access it! Err!

  25. Lori

    Collin thanks for the deal.But seeing the deal title I thought the deal is for puppy also.

  26. Joan

    I too bought one last week before the Target coupon. Going to get another one this week for part of a baby shower basket I am putting together!

    Thanks Colin for all of your dedication and work! πŸ™‚

  27. Christine

    They let me use the Target coupon on the boy puppy. It came up “no item found” but the cashier just pushed it through. My cartwheel actually took off $1.52 plus with my redcard it was only $3.49! I hope it doesn’t end up driving me crazy, it wouldn’t stop making noise in the store πŸ™‚

  28. Leah

    Thank you. I am buying one for a baby shower I have coming up and another for Toys for Tots. If you can’t use this item, consider Toys for Tots. Makes for an inexpensive donation to help make another child’s Christmas better.

    • Christine

      Also consider a local charity. We donate toys to a charity that gives to families that make to much to get any kind of assistance and not enough to make ends meet:)

      • Jamie

        This is such a great point. Many charities only give to families that have already qualified for many other kinds of assistance (‘unfortunately there is a lot of double dipping done’), and many families in need fall through the cracks and can get no help, and are denied because they ‘make too much.’ Any help or good deed is great, but always great to think about where your donation will make the biggest difference!

  29. Sherry

    I was concerned because the Target site said “Online Only”, but took a chance over lunch & went to my local Target (I’m in NC). They had “Sis” on the shelf! Awesome deal – thank you so much Collin! Another Christmas present down!

  30. Lisa

    Darn, full price at my Target πŸ™

  31. Kara

    The Target coupon beeped on the Little sis dog toy. Also, I noticed the Cartwheel coupon didn’t deduct from Little People Farm.

    • Clare

      The same happened to me with the Cartwheel coupon. It did not deduct from the Little People Farm, which was a little disappointing! But the other coupons worked, and that was a huge help.

  32. Kendra

    Is anyone else having trouble with cartwheel taking the 10 percent off the farm and giraffe. It took it off the laugh and learn puppy but wouldnt work for the other two.

    • Amy H

      I bought all three also. The cartwheel only worked on the puppy.

    • Lisa Randle

      I had the same problem…cartwheel is not working in those 2 items for me as well.

  33. amy

    do you know if Target will give you a rain check if they are out on the shelf?

  34. Jennifer

    Thank you! I got a Christmas gift for my daughter!

  35. Kim

    Thanks Collin!! Got one for toys for tots! I’m so thankful to you for all the money you save me.

  36. Happymama

    They were all out at my Target too, amy. I’m going to call tomorrow to see when the truck comes in.

  37. Alla

    I saw them online and wanted to check if they had it in my store and they said online only so I decided to go and check them at the store and luckily they had few on the shelf. The sis ones were right in front so I got 2. The only thing is that my 4 years old was with me and he was so excited to get it hahahahahahaa. I explained to him that these are for babies and we should give one to his cousin and keep one in the gift closet but he doesn’t let it go. LOL…

  38. Christi

    These weren’t marked down at my target but they still rang up for the sale price. They only had to boy but they still took the target coupon without any problems! Yay!

  39. Pharmchick

    I wish my store had the animal farm..

  40. Nik

    do you know if Target will give you a rain check if they are out on the shelf?

  41. Barb

    I got the last puppy at my store and the cashier took the coupon with no problem! Collin, you rock for saving me so much $!!!!

  42. Becky

    does anyone have extra imaginext coupons from they would share? I will pay postage!
    rebeccay104 at

  43. Christina

    Is it possible to still get the manufacturer coupon if it is no longer online?

  44. Jenn

    Looks like there are no more coupons, am I looking in the right spot, under Toys and Games?

  45. Laura

    Same here if anyone printed off any extra imaginext batcave coupons I will pay for postage.. email please

  46. sara

    went to target today to buy a puppy for my unborn child. the shelf had 4 girl puppies and 2 boy puppies. but i used both 5.00 dollars off and the 10% cartwheel and it actually took off 1.52 instead of 1.02. so the puppy cost about 3.67. I used my target debt card as well. thank you for sharing this deal.

  47. Rachel

    Booo! there are no more manufacture coupons. If anyone printed extras please email me! I would love this for my son and can pay for postage for you to send! Thanks!

    • Ape

      I can’t find the manufacture’s coupon either. πŸ™ Any advice on where to find it? Thank you

  48. Avi

    I tried to print manufacturer coupon for puppy but i couldn’t see the coupon. Can any one tell me from where i get that coupon? I tried
    I need it for my 10 month old baby.


  49. Liz Inglett

    Looks like the coupon isnt available anymore…am i not seeing it on

  50. Kami S

    I just went and bought the Laugh & Learn Puppy and the Target I went to wouldn’t take the $5.00 web coupon also so I ended up having to pay $9.76 instead.

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