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Macy’s: FREE $10 Gift Code (Download App)

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Through December 17th, head on over to the iTunes store or Google Play to download this new Macy’s Star Gifts app to score a FREE $10 Macy’s gift code! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

*Download the Macy’s Star Gifts App for FREE (on your mobile phone)
*Once the app has successfully downloaded, open it
(it should look as if you are about to take a picture of something)
*Go to’s Best Brands Catalog (on your computer)

*Point your smart phone towards the second page titled Macy’s Start Gifts App until a red gift box appears (as pictured above). When you see the gift box, simply tap on the gift and a super short video of Clinton Kelly should start playing automatically.

*When the video is finished, you will be able to click “Get your $10 Digital Gift Code Now”. Enter your information and your FREE $10 gift code will be sent to you via text message (mine came instantly).

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Comments 371

  1. LaSHa

    And still waiting! I, too, didn’t get the text for the $10 gift code after watching the video yesterday evening. I guess the early birds do get the worms. I’d be very surprised if I get one. Says it’s verifying my information. WTH.

    • Jai

      mine said the same thing, still no text back.

    • C.

      Early birds got 400-800 dollars worth of worms . They ruin it for everyone . A lot of girls were posting about their $800 shopping spree $300 , $400 . No wonder they stopped it

      • Dayna

        How? There are waaaaaaaay too many comments to go through. I only read some and it talked about converting them to e-gift cards? How were people able to get so much money?

    • Op

      There was actually a glitch in the system that was sending out more than 1 gift card and people would use about 11 or 12 gift cards on one online order, so the app did get put on hold for now

      • Lain

        It wasn’t a glitch, it was just that people were using 12 different emails to get 12 different codes because it was one per email and not one per phone number… I guess they didnt for see the issue with that… You could use up to 5 at a time which is what people were doing but after they caught on they started canceling orders that used more than one gc and voided all the gift cards people tried to use

    • lindsey

      i just got my text last night and sent it like a week ago, give it time. 😉

      • Dayna

        I got one too! I was surprised when I got it because I thought they weren’t going to do it anymore

  2. Amy

    Can someone tell me what to scan?? I’ve “scanned” the whole page 2 and back page, the text area, the image of Clinton Kelley, the image of Clinton Kelley and the other phone picture… Is there sometime to click to “scan” like taking a picture or do you just hold the camera up to one of those things and the magic happens? Thanks in advance for the assistance!!

    • H

      Amy, when you are on the second page of the ad. Hold your phone up with the app open (don’t press anything) and in about few seconds a gift icon will magically pop up and then you will click on that. I hope this helps.

    • Kim

      Amy page 2 see the guy in the phone, ok hold your phone up to that page till it scans a box will appear in your phone click on the box! Watch the vid!

  3. nicole

    I still haven’t got mine, either!

  4. Nicole

    Tried to redeem in store, they didn’t know how to put the gift code in without a barcode. Just gave me $10 off. Good deal when paired with the current 25% off all menswear.


      For anyone who is having trouble with the store unable to put it, I was able to use all of mine at one time just tell the cashier to Push T1 –> T5 —> F10 then enter employee ID and password then enter gift certificate number…

  5. Lain

    got to use $10 gc in store ( had 2 left) I used one per transaction. Mens department had no problem with it, lady upstairs took her about 20 min to get it to work. However the 5 i had that I tried to use online last night were all void today….. all in all I saved $20- didnt get anything fancy, just t shirts and sweater as xmas gifts

    • Kru

      Hi Lain, great you here you were able to use them! For the 5 that you used online, was your order cancelled? If so, any idea why they ended up becoming void?!

      • Lain

        Yes my order was canceled, when I called they said that they would send me one $10 gift card to replace the 5 I had tried to use (wasn’t too happy but what am I gonna do) and I heard rumors that they were voiding all gc that people tried to use online last night, I tested the 5 this morning one at a time online and all of them said “call customer service”, but two of them my grandma had gotten and let me use (hadnt tried to us them online last night) did show up as still taking $10 off transaction… Those are the two I used in store today… Didnt even attempt to use other 5 In store

        • Kru

          Aw man. I only have two giftcards and i tried using them at least 3 times last night because they kept getting cancelled and i had no idea why. I have a feeling they’re probably all void if that happened to you. Thanks for all the info!

          • Lain

            I used 2 in store today but they were ones I never tried to use last night ( I had 7 total given to me by family members) so if u tried to use them last night they were canceled, if u didnt they still work

  6. L

    I used it in the store today along with 20% off Wow pass. But, i did have to fight for it and it did require the manager to override. Something about how i MUST have the actual giftcard. But they text it to you, so with? Anyway, picked up a pair of jeans for my son for $6, so happy overall.

    Also, my husband signed up too and his giftcard hasn’t come in yet. WHen we called customer service, they said 24-48 hours.

  7. sal

    I hvnt received my text code yet. Anyone who tried today and received their code

  8. olivia

    I know it’s a long shot but if anyone has a code that they’re not using, I would be grateful for just one. I missed out on this (I tried to get one last night but I haven’t received a text yet) and I’d love to get something for my mom as a Christmas present. This is the only place my mom buys clothes from!

    • Lain

      Aw 🙁 I would absolutely give u one but like I mentioned earlier all mine got voided!

      • Amanda

        I see that you say your codes were voided, but my store is still taking them. Would you be willing to forward them to me? I figure it’s worth a shot..

      • kassy

        i wouldn’t mind trying the codes out and seeing if they work somewhere else
        i was late to this and didn’t get any codes?:/

  9. jack

    when do these codes expire??

  10. annoyed

    This offer was cancelled because people figured out a way to use multiple gift cards, instead of the “one per customer” that it states, so the whole offer got cancelled.

    Dumb people ruin it for everyone.

    • jack

      how do u know??

    • trippy79

      Not dumb, just greedy but I agree that they ruin it for everyone else.

      • fihsdiufbh

        thank you!

  11. Ella Brooks

    When does my $10 gift code expire?
    Can I use it in the store? Please let me know before I go to the mall tomorrow:) thanks!

    • Rich

      Yes, you can. As I said in an earlier comment, I was able to use 27 codes at once at the store. The cashier has to press either “F1” or “F10” at their register to input the codes. Good Luck

      • fihsdiufbh

        your name should be poor not rich cuz obviously your poor if you have to abuse this GIFT they offer. thief.

        • Jack

          nothing wrong with taking abuse of Macy’s, they sure arent getting any poorer.

        • nia

          I couldn’t get this offer or the one by VS thanks to all the abusers.

  12. Melyvale

    This don’t work I cannot open the app at App Store

  13. Monica

    Is this cancelled? I can’t find the app in the iTunes store… ????

  14. cathy

    I could not find it in the Google Play store today 11/10. Collin wrote that it would last until 11/17. Google search showed Expired notices on other websites. Has this ended?

  15. johnathans_jiggle


  16. Lidia

    I tried using the gift code today along with the $10 off $25 deal and it didn’t work, the cashier tired a few times and the code didn’t take. She kept saying that its the same deal as the $10 off $25 purchase.

    • Leah Gough

      same troubles they have to override the code to get it to work. It was a struggle for 2 shirts and a cute sweater.

    • Leah

      they have to enter it like a gift card code and the last 4 are the pin. They cannot enter it as a promotional code because it isnt. If they try to enter it like that, it will not work.

  17. selina

    I want to Macy’s today and tried to use the gc and the girl made such a big deal and I didn’t get it. Not worth the trouble since it doesn’t have a bar code its hard to use. I am happy for you guys that got it to work.

    • kassy

      if you don’t mind would you be willing to email me the codes i was late to this deal and would love to get my daughter a gift with the codes?

  18. js


  19. jack

    i bought 90$ worth items using 9 GC’s . no problem at all

    • fihsdiufbh


      • jack

        just like u 😉

        • fihsdiufbh

          i didn’t get to do it. you ruined it for the rest of us.

          • jack

            you would have done the same if u got the codes.

    • b

      most people that say that they are just upset because they didnt get the offer..

  20. Amanda

    I got my text right away and went to the store yesterday and tried to use both the 20% WOW pass that was texted to me from a TV add and the $10 GC I got from this deal and the cashier said she didn’t know how to use either one since they were on a text message. I left annoyed because I didn’t understand how she just could scan the coupon on my phone or enter the code they gave me for the GC…I think I will go back and try again and use my GC since my WOW pass have now expired.

  21. Taylor

    Hi everyone!!! If you are trying to buy a giftcard with your giftcard on, buy an 11 dollar gift card with your 10 dollar giftcard (just put the dollar on your credit card). It will get cancelled otherwise, via an email afterwards. And just make sure you do each one in a separate transaction and you will have no problem 🙂

    • Anna

      I did exactly that, before I read your suggestion, and my order was cancelled as well. I wasted $100 worth of codes trying to order things. I even tried ordering a $50 (free shipping) item using just one code , $40 on credit card and that got cancelled too. I’m gunna try redeeming the last one I have in store – otherwise all that time playing the video was really for not.

  22. Christopher Nolan

    I have wasted SO MUCH time on this and didn’t get anything from it! And I didn’t even get multiple gift codes, just wanted a $10 to use for something I have been wanting to get for a long time. Tried to order e-gift card, cancelled. Tried to order actual merchandise, with this gift card AND my credit card.. cancelled twice! And today, the code is no longer valid! Wow.

    I’ll stick with jcpenney and Kohl’s, they send tons of $10 gifts that you can use IN STORE. And they are much cleaner too, Macy’s in Texas is disgusting.

    • kassy

      if you don’t mind would you be willing to email me the codes i was late to this deal and would love to get my daughter a gift with the codes?

  23. Tamela

    I just saw this deal that Collin posted and I can’t find the app. It seems to be gone. Not sure if it’s a glitch of if they had to pull it because of all the people (including many on here) who took “extra” advantage and got so many codes for themselves. I wish people would really think when they do that of how it does hurt others and kills deals that stores offer. 🙁

  24. Leigh R

    Just tried to use my code online to purchase a $10 gift card on their site and it got cancelled. HOWEVER, I just spoke to their customer service and they honoring the codes. Instead of us having to use the code, they will just mail you a $10 gift card to your home. Just a heads up to anyone else experiencing difficulty with this.

    • Crimson

      Is there a website online where we provide the code and get shipped the gift card?

  25. Mee xiong

    It been a week and still no text

  26. Bryanna

    Sorry to be the one to give the news. Macy’s stopped issuing the cards shortly after the release due to people making multiple emails and taking thousands in gift cards. So if you have not gotten one you won’t be receiving one

    • shellybee

      There’s still hope if u haven’t tried yet. Just got one! used valid email. I only got one.

  27. Yeppie

    Yes I used it in the store .. Amazing

  28. Leah Gough

    I went to Macy’s this evening and missed the Veterans day sale coupon. I worked both days during those hours (yep both days) the manager was real nice and let me get the $10 off $25. After I had to almost beg. Then went to use the code and it wasn’t working right. Well the manager nicely overrode that too. What I don’t get is I about had to beg and I read a post about a person using 27 of them. Funny I felt really good when a young girl told me her family forwarded her their codes. lol jokes on me, sure they did.

    • Kb

      My family sent me their codes. It would have been a whole lot easier if I had known I could send multiples to myself but I expected a company that does as many promotions as macys to have their act together. So don’t try to discredit everybody who claims they were getting multiple codes in a legit way. And for the record I haven’t used any of them and probably won’t get to at this point, but considering it took a whole 2 minutes of my time, I don’t care. I just hope macys gets their act together again in the future when doing promotions because this really was a fiasco haha.

      • Icee Free

        Please email me if any are left. Thanks in advance

  29. Tutti

    Nicole why would someone be willing to give you their gift cards?

    • Icee Free

      Well if she is not gonna use them…then why not ask.

  30. Manda

    If anyone has any codes they can’t use I will gladly take them off your hands! Please and thanks a bunch!!🙂

  31. Elizabethd

    Does anyone have any codes that they would like to trade for an amazon gc? If so, please email me at!!

  32. cass

    poo this deal is dead! I was waiting for them to fix it so I could get just 1. I finally got the app and downloaded it and scanned this page because the other catalog is gone that has the star gift pictures. I got it to work watched the video but when I clicked on the get my $10 it said that due to popularity they discontinued it. 🙁 Hopefully there will be another similar deal

  33. Kimberlynn

    Wow don’t know how to used this yet

  34. liz

    Bummer…. i have a code and it looks like i wont be able to use it. 🙁

  35. CoolSue

    18005112752- that’s Macy’s gift card hotline. Call that number and talk to a CS Rep and they would take ur code and ur contact info-and I mean all of them-ur phone, email and home address(!!) and send u a replacement gift card which takes 7-10 days to arrive. Just called ’em for me and my hubby, 1 per person only, so now keepin my fingers crossed that it will come:)) HTH

  36. selina

    I couldn’t use it at the store but I was able to order online. It’s only 10 dollars but I wanted to see if it works so I put 1 dollar on my cc and used 10 gc. I think today is the last day to use it.

  37. amy

    It says that this deal is good through Dec. 17th. I just downloaded the app and tried the steps to get the GC but it’s not working. If someone knows the proper steps to do this, please let me know. Thanks! 🙂

    • Icee Free

      The app no longer works but the codes should be good in store. hth

  38. LaSHa

    I JUST RECEIVED the MACY’S $10 Gift Code.

    On Nov 9th I posted that I didn’t get my gift code after downloading the app, scanning the box, and watching the video. I tried it all again, but nothing. After I went back to the site a fourth time and saw the message that Macy’s had discontinued the promo altogether because of the oerwhelming response, I just knew there was no way.

    SURPRISE!, this morning I got the code! It’s not the fact that I get $10 dollars off. It’s that they actually sent it to me. Way to go Macy’s!

    • Susan

      I just got it as well, and I signed up just once 12 days ago. OK, can we use these online?

    • Kristin

      Rec’d mine too and tried to redeem e-GC but order canceled. Just called Macy’s and they said all the codes have all been cancelled now…no longer valid. = (

      • Icee Free

        I used mine instore.

    • LaSHa

      PLEASE NO!
      I’m still going to try it before the expiration. Fingers crossed X)

      • sal

        I too got it this morning. But i dont see the expiration date? Please let us know if it works for u

  39. Gwen

    Im not finding any star gifts icons on the ad at all. The ad in the link does not have any or any images of Kelly.

  40. cristal

    anyone order online with 2 gc codes at the same time successfully ?

  41. debbie

    I was not able to use it in the store. I used it online but it got cancelled, and to call the number on the email. I called and was told those egift codes (beginning w/ 68…) are no longer valid but will be sending an actual gift card in the mail.

  42. Trina Davis

    I tried to use it online to order a gift card and it says it doesn’t recognize the code. Too much aggrevation.

  43. lic0rice

    Can someone please send me their unused promo-code that wasn’t honored in the store or online for whatever reason? That would be so sweet of you. I want to give my boyfriend a gift but I don’t have even 30 extra dollars.
    I will be able to use it and will be very grateful. thanks

  44. Tarri

    I used mine today in the store with no problems. Thanks.

  45. Kim

    I used one online today with an order and it worked fine!

    • Monica

      During checkout online, where do you put in the code? I tried using mine where it says gift card/e-gift and code won’t fit, too many #’s.

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