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Target: *HOT* Deals on Epic DVD or Blu-ray After Price Match & Rebate (Print Your Coupon Now!)

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As I mentioned yesterday morning, released a high-value coupon valid for $5/1 Epic DVD or Blu-ray. If you’re looking to snag this movie at an amazing price, check out how you can snag a *HOT* deal at Target after Price Match, coupon and Mail-in Rebate.

As I’ve mentioned before, Target will price match an item on – you’ll just need to show the price on your mobile device or bring in a printed page showing the current price. Before you head out, be sure to print the Holiday Price Matching Policy and keep it with you when shopping. Even better, you can use manufacturer’s coupons in addition to getting the price match.
$5.00 off Epic on DVD or Blu-ray
Epic Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy $9.96 (after you price-match to’s online price!)
Use the $5/1 coupon found here
Final Cost $4.96! AWESOME!

Epic on DVD $7.48 (after you price-match to’s online price!)
Use the $5/1 coupon found here
Final Cost $2.48!

NOTE: prices can change at anytime so I encourage you to head to Target sooner than later to ensure you snag these *HOT* prices!

And, these deals get even sweeter as there is a $3 mail-in rebate found here valid for purchases made through December 31st. Just be sure to hang on to the Proof of Purchase tab from the DVD or Blu-ray and your original sales receipt. This rebate will make the DVD purchase essentially FREE and the Blu-ray purchase under 2 bucks!

(Thanks, Having Fun Saving!)

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Comments 110

  1. Sara

    Could you do this at WalMart also??

    • Jessica

      I hope so because that’s my plan!

      • megan

        their policy says they don’t match internet pricing.

    • Michelle W

      Walmart won’t price match online sales.

    • Stacia

      I did this deal at Walmart today without any problems

  2. Shari

    Smurfs2 comes out today. Anyone see a coupon??

    • Shari

      Found a 10% off cartwheel for Smurfs2

    • Ritz

      If u rent smurf2 from redbox, you get a 5 buck coupon

      • asw0627

        How do u get the coupon? Email?

  3. Happymama

    Oh thanks Colin! I’m SO greatful you posted Target’s holiday price match policy!!

  4. Patti

    Amazon has Epic for Prime members at $7.48 right now for Prime members. I printed my page showing I have a Prime membership. I’m going to go to Target and see if it works. I hope to get the movie for $2.48 after coupon. I also hope to get my 5% with my Red Card. I hope it works, my Target can be really picky.

    • Stephanie

      Just be careful. One of the exclusions is paid memberships: “Paid membership club or paid loyalty programs (e.g. prices that require a club or loyalty card that is associated with a membership fee).”

    • Courtney

      when target price checks they look to see if it’s really sold by Amazon by the prime being on there.

      • nicole

        Good luck I had a terrible experience with my target today trying to get this… left empty handed. They say its a clearance price on Amazon and won’t honor it.

        • Casey

          My experience wasn’t teribble but the customer service cashier had two other people “verify” the coupon was valid. I had to do, two separate transactions in order to use both coupons. Felt like a criminal. Sheesh

          • asw0627

            I know what you mean. My cashier stared at my coupon so long and read it word for word to make sure it was valid…like I had just handed her a suspect $100 bill!

    • Patti

      I took a copy of my Prime Membership and I can’t believe they honored the price from Amazon. It was only $2.88 with tax and I used my Red Card.

    • Kris

      Where is the discount for prime members on Epic?? I dont see it,

  5. Brindha

    I already bought a bluray from amazon . Can I send the amazon shipment slip with price and get the mail in rebate or is it for instore purchases only?

  6. Suzanne H

    Are you able to use a coupon with a price match? I tried once and my Target said they would not combine the offers (even though I argued that they will be reimbursed for the MQ)!

    • LisaR

      That is why I have almost stopped shopping at Target!! I was at CS for almost 45 min over the summer, for scanning/ coupon error!! My mom even stopped getting her scrips there b/c they were always blaming the Dr. office on refill issues and she switched to Walgreens, and has not had a single problem!!

    • Kim

      I did it with a Lego purchase about 2 weeks ago. I did a online price match and used a Target coupon for $5 off. Hope that helps.

      • Laney

        I tried to price match a Razor scooter at Target 2 weeks ago & use a Target coupon. Customer service wouldn’t let me use a coupon with a price match. I used the coupon instead because it was higher value. Not sure if this applies to manufacturer’s coupons or not.

    • Courtney

      I think you can use a manufacturer coupon but not a target coupon on price match.

    • CM

      I was able to price match, use a MQ and a target coupon. I price matched the Little People Disney Princess Castle about 2 weeks ago at Target. It was going for $24.99 at Walmart online. Then I used a MQ for $10 off. Three days later, I remembered that there was a Target coupon for $5 off on Little People items over $19. I called customer service at the Target where I made the purchase and they said they would give me the $5 off. ( I had 3 days from the date of purchase for a price adjustment.) I showed them my receipt and gave them the Target coupon. They gave me $5 cash back. No hassle.

  7. tanya

    Anyone try this at Walmart?

  8. Jill

    Hi there. Just checked Walmart coupon rules. No ad match on internet pricing.

  9. Rh

    Anyone know if croods is still on sale at Wal mart?

    • Samantha

      I think it was part of their Black Friday sale. I’m pretty sure it ended on Sunday.

      • Courtney

        the widescreen is on for $7.48.

    • KAsia

      Yes it it. I bought it yesterday for $9.96

  10. frecklelily

    I had already bought Epic on Amazon, so thank you for the $3 rebate.

  11. Myranda

    Does anyone know where the Croods is on sale? I have a $5 coupon for that as well, thank you!

    • Marcie

      The Croods DVD is only $7.48 at Walmart! I price matched it at Target this morning and paid $2.48!

      • Casey

        Darn! Wish I would have seen this prior to leaving there! Guess I have to go back. Hah

  12. Kathy Waycaster

    I just did this deal at Target in Memphis, TN. The lady at the Customer Service desk really did not want to do it. She acted like I was stealing. If Target does not want to honor the Amazon Price Match then don’t – but please have a better attitude about it when a legitimate deal with MQ works. ( I realize not all Target stores are like this) On, the bight side – I got Epic for $3.04 with my Target Red Card and it is on my Grandson’s Christmas list 🙂 Collin and Hip 2 Save staff, you are awesome!!

  13. Lori list both Epic and Croods (widescreen dvd) for $7.48. So i don’t know if you can show Walmart that it’s cheaper on their website to get price match.

    • wanna

      Walmart stores don’t match it happened to me. I just don’t like walmart at all…. ; (

      • Courtney

        but target will match Walmart online

  14. Kim

    Thanks so much Collin, Just went to Target and got 2 Epic movies with no problem.

  15. RB

    Just got Epic with no problem at target. She checked my phone to make sure it was sold by amazon, but then adjusted the price and took my $5 with no issue. So excited….thanks collin!!

    • Michele

      I had no issue either! Worked great!

  16. stephanie

    Left emptyhanded… was told they wont take a coupon with an online pricematch because Amazon does not take online coupons.

    • Stephanie

      As an update- I returned this evening with coupons and policy in hand. However, the lady at customer service didn’t even need the policy, she scanned, updated price, and applied coupon. My conclusion is that it isn’t even some store policies, but it is whether the individual is a) willing to just take your word for it (or maybe they are knowledgeable of the policies), or b) if they are just not willing to try anything beyond a standard sale.

  17. Stephanie

    I just went to target and they said they can only price match ONE item. I asked when that started an she said it has always been their policy. I have price matched multiple times for 2 items and never had a problem… She then looked it up and said its part of the cyber Monday week long sale because there is a banner at the top of the amazon page. The lady finally honored the deal for one. At to make people feel bad about following your store policy…

    • Vic

      Per policy you can pricematch online items only one per customer. But from a regular ad, there are really no limits unless you’re using mq (the regular coupon policy applies)

  18. megan

    Got it in the DFW area this morning no problem.

  19. Julie

    No problem price matching but would not accept coupon. Was told its one or the other. Even had them check with manager. This is Nor Cal.

  20. Lc

    Worked beautifully! 3 DVDs for 6.00 oop- one free after rebate! Planning on giving other one as a gift 🙂 love u Collin!

  21. Lc

    I meant 2^

  22. Anne

    Went this morning horrible experience trying to price match epic.they told me because it said prime next to it they could not price match, and said that when it says prime that is a third party sellers and they will not price match. Called customer servo and they said I could do it. Went back into the store and they still did not want to. But they called the reference number and was told to give to me. Not sure I would try that again. They acted like I was wrong.

    • CGY

      Anne, glad your call to Customer Service resulted in your getting it for the Amazon price. I even spoke with a supervisor who still insisted that the price was the Amazon Prime price. I do not have a Prime membership and was able to put it in my Amazon shopping cart and go to the checkout page and the price remained the same. The supervisor said she could not add it to the shopping cart to verify this, so she also refused to honor the store policy. She asked me why I didn’t just purchase it from Amazon when I told her I was able to add it to my cart online. I explained I was planning to use a MQ (which I couldn’t do online), but I added that I might just go ahead and purchase it anyway at this price.

  23. megan

    if stores are giving you a hard time about it saying Prime then just sign out and then show it.

    • Anne

      This was on the store iPad. She didn’t seem to understand that you can get that price without having prime.

  24. Charm

    I work at Target and they will not price match anything till Dec. 5…..bummer!

    • Casey

      Please provide the link where this is stated. According to the online price match policy…it says will not price match through Dec 2. I was able to price match this morning, along with others. It seems stores can make up their own rules. In which case I say, why have a policy?

      • Casey

        P.S After I re-read my comment it sounded snarky, didn’t mean to come off that way. My point was it is interesting the policy states one thing but stores do another.

    • Venessa

      Where does it state that? I am looking right at the Holiday price match policy and the only thing that excludes from price matching is: “price matches for prices offered Nov 28-Dec 2nd by Target, and they also accept a coupon on a price match too. I hate that Target employees make up their on coupon policies as they please. They need to train them better.

    • CGY

      Hmm…the price match policy on the Target website clearly says it excludes price matches offered Nov 28 through Dec 2–not Dec 5 as you have said. Sounds like the information you were given at your store is incorrect.

  25. Cheryl

    Price match worked for me at my Target today and I was allowed to do the coupon. The girl was helpful but amazed at the price and checked it twice to make sure I wasn’t doing something crazy.

  26. barbie

    Def at ymmv deal. It took 30 minutes at my Target & required 6 people to look the deal over & pick it apart. First they limited to one per person. Then insisted it was a Amazon clearance price so no price matching. The manager finally said to do it. Then they didn’t want to take the coupon because Amazon doesn’t take coupons. Finally got it for $2.93 including tax, but what an ordeal!

  27. APS

    Worked for me in Austin in no time. No questions asked! I bought a dvd and blue ray for only $7.65! Now I’m going to submit my $3 rebate! Yay!

    • sandra

      I’m in Austin too! Just came back from doing this deal. Worked like a charm!

  28. Lori

    I went to target twice today for the movies. Did epic the first time and cross the second time. Spent 12.41 on 4 movies with tax!! I was told a couple weeks ago the price match is considered a store coupon so they will not stack a target coupon with a price match but they will take a manufacturer coupon with a price match.

  29. Kristin

    Worked for me with no problems in Modesto, CA this morning. Thank you posting the deal!

  30. Sally

    Thanks Collin!!! My nieces will be sooo excited! Target gals in Mishawaka, IN were very nice about it.

  31. Rachael

    The Croods is 7.49 on amazon too!

  32. Megan

    Colin, where in the target price match/coupon policy does it say that I am allowed to use a MFQ on this Amazon price match? I sent my husband to pick it up this morning and they gave him the price match, but wouldn’t let him used the coupon. How can I go back and prove that I am allowed to use it??

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Megan!

      Click on the link here to go to Target’s Holiday Price Matching Policy. Then click on the “Can I use a coupon when price matching?” link to find all the details. The policy specifically states that a guest can use coupons when price matching per Target’s normal coupon policy and manufacturer coupons will be applied after the price match is made.

  33. Lindsey Dumas-Bell

    Toys R Us is price matching this season and they will match to Amazon. That might be another option.

  34. Jennifer Olson

    Thanks so much, Collin! I just got back from Target and had no issues at all. They looked up the price right at the customer service desk and took my coupon without any hassles!

  35. ashley

    I want to try these but have been having so many issues with target lately I’m sure customer service would be bad AGAIN! I’m a huge target shopper but have found the last few weeks to have gotten some bad service. Cartwheel and price match deals have been denied several times for various reasons which weren’t outlined in the policy. Ughhh

  36. Kim

    My experience with this was not pleasant but I came out with 2 DVD’s. I showed the person at the customer service desk the Amazon price on my phone. She pulled out a tablet, pulled up Amazon and found the DVD. The first one in the list showed it at 9.96. She scrolled through the whole list, selected one and said,” this one is priced at $21 and it’s not sold by Amazon”. So I showed her my phone again and emphatically stated that this one is sold by Amazon and it’s 9.96. So she went back to the list of DVDs and opened up the one priced at 9.96. On her tablet it said “$9.96 and free shipping with orders over $35” And she says I can’t have that price cause I’m not buying $35 with of items. So I stated to her that it’s FREE SHIPPING with orders over $35. I can still get the movie for $9.95 if I want to pay shipping. And I’m not asking her to ship it so that is inconsequential. Finally she concedes and rings me up. 2 – movies for $9.96 each. Then I hand her 2 coupons for $5 off each movie. She took the coupons with equal disdain as matching the price. That kind of attitude makes me want to use all my free time harassing them for price match deals.

  37. Megan B

    Woot! Just got it at Orem, UT Target. No Problem! I did take a copy of the amazon page, showing it was $9.96. But they just looked it up on their own machines. And told me they’d honor it, I’m so glad the Amazon price was the same when I went. THANK YOU!!! (after using Red card my total was $5.38)

  38. Lenay

    I was able to get it with no problem at Target in Central IL. Thank you so much for the heads up. It makes me happy that I can get fun things for my boys without breaking the bank 🙂

  39. Carrie

    Can you print multiple coupons?

  40. Leta

    My target wouldn’t price match, it’s still considered “cyber Monday.”

  41. Samantha Morse

    Man, I felt like garbage today! I brought the dvd up to the customer service desk and asked to price match with Amazon, the lady I wasn’t even working with chimed in and said they wouldn’t be price matching Amazon because of the lightning deals and I explained this was a regular price drop, so the gal I was working with looked it up on their ipad or whatever and finally found it, but was snippy with me when I tried to give her an option to find it faster(it literally took her 5 minutes…)and then once she priced matched I pulled out the coupon and she did this smirk/short laugh(like really you want MORE of a discount?) and HAD to ask a THIRD person if they could even use the coupon and that third person was like “Ummmm…”SMH so I tried to state that their corporate policy allows for a coupon on a price match and the third person I swear gave me the stink eye and said “We have to see if it’ll work” well scan the DANG coupon lady! So the lady I was working with finally scanned it and it went through no problem, I paid but I was pissed at that point for both of them making me feel like crap, and I usually have no issues with this Target so it was kind of a slap in the face.

    Moral of the story is be wary when doing this deal!

  42. rensee

    target in houston wouldnt take it said amazon prime is third party of amazon. has to be amazon only walked out empty handed she also handed me corporate # and store # to call 🙁

  43. nicole

    It almost does not sound like it is worth the hassle to save some money. I know its five bucks but dang. I was going to try it till I read how much trouble people are going thru.

  44. axhilli

    Thanks I got 2 movies one to keep at home for us and another to give to as a Christmas gift. Also I had no problems I think someone was in there price matching earlier. They asked me the price I saw on amazon they found it for the $7.48 price and took my coupons.

  45. CGY

    This is what I call a Bad Day for Couponing. I just need to vent a moment. I, like quite a few others posting here, had numerous Target associates looking at my printout and the Amazon website on their iPad and they refused to honor it because they said it was an Amazon Prime price. I’m not an Amazon Prime member and was able to add it to my shopping cart and even went to the Checkout page just to be sure that was the price I would get it if I had purchased online. Spent 20-30 minutes waiting for them to sort it out only to be told they wouldn’t honor it. I had planned on purchasing several other items but left them there in frustration. Returned home–double-checked the price and then called Target Guest Services. Spoke with two people who told me it was an Amazon Prime price. I explained again that I did not have a membership and was able to put it in my Cart and go to the Checkout page where the price remained the same. (Besides all of this, I still do not see where it shows this is an Amazon Prime price–when I look at the site I see “$7.48 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35). If this were the AmIazon Prime price, it wouldn’t have anything about a minimum for free shipping as Prime members get free shipping. So, now I’ve spent another 30 minutes between explaining all of this again and waiting on hold with Guest Relations on the phone. All this wasted time to get a free DVD. I expect to invest some time in working out these deals, but it is so frustrating to have store policy printed out (and almost committed to memory) and in hand, printouts of other store pricing, making sure I have my Cartwheel items loaded, etc.) only to be refused. When these deals work, I’m excited about getting something for free or at a very good price, but when you have to go through all of this hassle and you are made to feel like you are doing something wrong despite trying to follow the store policy to a tee, it just doesn’t seem worth it. I’ve had numerous problems with my local Target store in the past 6 months with mobile coupons, the gift card deals and cartwheel not working as they should due to local store error and associates and even managers not being educated on store policies and programs. The result has been LOTS of wasted time. I’m a hopeless optimist, though, and I keep returning to my local Target even after numerous bad experiences. It’s nice to save the money when it works, but I wonder how much all the wasted time would be worth if I had to put a dollar amount to it. Sorry to go on and on. Just needed to vent. 🙂

  46. Manuela

    Awesome I am going to this tonight 🙂 Thank you so much fingers crossed they will play nice at Target otherwise I will take my business to Walmart..
    I also saw that they have World War Z for $7.99 3 pack (blu ray, DVD and digital copy) I am going to try to price match that as well. Woot Woot

  47. Jacque

    I was pretty leery of this deal but went ahead & tried it. No problem at all!!! The target girl just looked it up & said “we can do that” then scanned my other items & I handed her my coupon & she looked at it a sec & scanned it, done. So excited about this deal & might try the Croods one too(fingers crossed).

  48. Alyssa

    My TRU store did this for me with no hassel! Simply looked at Amazon online, price matched it and took my coupons for 2 Epic DVD+Blurays. Unfortunately, they were out of the Croods DVD.

  49. Shawna

    This deal at my Target was easy peasy. They looked up the Amazon price and said “no problem.” I got two Croods and two Epic dvds. $12.61 out the door. Thanks for the post!

  50. Bob

    Thank you to the op on this deal. Grabbed the last copy of the Croods off the shelf (Moore, OK store) along with Epic, took them to customer service to price match. They checked Amazon and lowered the price then took the coupons off. Great deal! 🙂

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