Target After Christmas Clearance: 50% Off Ornaments, Decor, Wrapping Paper, Baby Wipes + More

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In addition to the great clearance deals that you can score online at, you may want to make plans to venture out to your local Target store in the near future. Most stores across the country have marked down all Christmas items to 50% off (note that clearance availability and mark downs will vary!) – that means you can save big on ornaments, home decor, wrapping paper, cards and lots more!

In fact, Hip2Save reader, Casey, found the holiday-themed Up & Up wipes pictured above at her local Target on sale for just $0.79. Plus, she used the 5% Off Cartwheel offer and she received 5% off with here Target Redcard for even more savings. If you do find these wipes at your store and they are not marked on sale, be sure to price check them! Also, keep your eyes peeled for the holiday-themed Up & Up Diapers.

And if you’re in need of coffee, you may want to add this deal to your shopping list!

Gevalia Ground Coffee 12 oz $5.79
Buy 2 = $11.58
Use the $2/2 Gevalia ground coffee 12-oz. Target Store Coupon found here
Plus, use the 10% Off Gevalia Coffee Cartwheel Offer found here (will deduct $0.95)
Plus, use 2 $1.50/1 Gevalia Coffee coupons found here
Final Cost $5.63 – just $2.82 each!

(Thanks, Totally Target!)

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  1. J

    Hobby Lobby has Christmas at 66% off….got the huge 100 sq feet of gorgeous wrapping paper for $2.72!!!

  2. Mrs. Waller

    I found some amazing deals at my Target this morning! The Coffee Mate Spice Latte was ringing up at $1.38 and the Eggnog flavor rang up at $1.62. I still had $1/1 coupons left from a while back, in addition to Cartwheel and the $1/3 TQ. Also, Ziploc containers/ bags and Glad containers were $1.49 before coupons! Happy Shopping my fellow Hipsters!

  3. Becky H.

    Gott holiday packaged Reynolds Foil for $0.74 today! Whoop! Clearance and coupon!

    • Joy

      Darn! Forgot to check the foil and I was in that aisle looking at the Ziploc stuff. Why is foil so pricey anyway to begin with? LOL

  4. Angi

    Hi! I bought some gift sets and they came with codes for free celebrity voice ringtones. If anyone wants the codes let me know and include email address.

    • Kristina

      I would like the celebrity ringtones
      Please email

      • Angi

        Just emailed you.

    • Candy P

      I would love the ringtones. So nice of you to share : )

  5. Jane

    Here are some coupon matches:

    Christmas Reynolds wrap $1.49 before $.75 off 1 at

    M&M, Snickers, Hersheys $2.23 before various coupons at and

    Ziploc seasons bags or containers $1.49 before coupons. $1/2 at and $1/2 at

    Here are some cart wheels that match with clearance:

    3 pk Scotch tape $1.50 before cart wheel. 20% off Scotch tape dispenser.

    5% off Ziploc bags and containers

    5% off Hershey bells

    10% off Hershey holiday candy

    10% off M&Ms


  6. Megan

    My Target had the Reynolds Wrap Foil 70 ft in the holiday-themed box for 50% off, but it was not marked so be sure you price check. If you have coupons for foil it makes for a sweet deal. I was able to get several rolls of foil for 75cents.

    • Trinity

      Hi Megan. Can you please tell me where you found your coupons for this? The one on is for heavy duty only. Thanks in advance.

      • Tara

        I found it today on redplum

  7. Ashley

    Diapers and wipes in Christmas colors were not marked fifty percent off, but ARE when you price check them. There’s also a cartwheel offer for both so great deals!

    • hologram87

      I got these this morning too! I saw the display and just thought to scan them since they were holiday packaging. Stocked up on wipes!

  8. Lana

    If you have Ollie’s they are 75% off today.

  9. Angie V

    Does anyone have the DPCI (number next to the item on receipt) for the clearance wipe? Thanks!

    • hologram87

      my receipt says 007070129

      • Angie V

        Thank you so much!

  10. Nancy

    I got the bounty napkins 200 pack for 1.49 so I bought 7 packs and had a coupon for 2.50off 2 bounty and puffs also were 1.49

    • 78Brownie

      I looked high and low for the napkins. No dice ๐Ÿ™ I may check again tomorrow.

    • Maria

      This morning Two TARGET employees were shopping while working and took all the napkins and paper towels, I was so upset, I checked the aisles one more time in case they left anything but they took it all, it was a shopping cart full of them, I know I should have said something to their manager but I didn’t because I was so busy with my kids.

      • Dar

        was this in ct? I saw the same thing.

        • Jane

          This is against Target policy. They should be reported.

          • Carrie

            Good luck notifying Target, they have never cared anytime I have called about anything!

      • tracy

        They mite not have been working.they could have gone in before their shift or after they had worked.they dont have to take off their shirt to shop in the store they work.and also its not very nice to take all of it but they wanted it they took it.just like any non employee would do.they dont have a limit unless it says under the product.they can buy all they want

      • Aly

        They had to have been on break, or just getting off work. I can’t imagine they would shop while on the clock.

        • Ashley57

          I doubt they were working. We used to shop all the time before and after work, plus on our lunch break. Target employees are allowed to buy good deals, the same as anyone else!

          • Maria

            Unfortunately they were working because one of them was stocking a couple of shelves with merchandise and the other after she took the cart came back to help the other lady. Clearly they were working and when I ask her if there was any more napkins she told me no, of course because they took it all, and it was right when Target open at 7 am
            Springfield VA

            • adam

              Allowing employees to wear their work shirt at a company like Target (where employees are recognized by their shirt) is probably not the smartest thing to do from a customer satisfaction perspective. If they are shopping off the clock, I would be miffed if I asked for help and was denied. If they do help, that’s great, but I’m sure that’s against company policy. If I was the employee I wouldn’t want to be bothered while shopping, but would feel obligated to help.

              This is from personal experience while working for another company which employees are recognized by their shirts. We could only buy snacks on break, but could shop at lunch because we were clocked out.

  11. Romi Idaho

    Time to stock up!

  12. 78Brownie

    I went to Target this morning and picked up a bunch of Dixie cups @$1.49 (used my coupon off $1 off 2), Dixie flatware, Ziplock bags $1.49 (used my coupon for $1 off 2), Reynolds wrap (no coupon but it exist ๐Ÿ™ ), Glade Wax Melts $2.54 (used 2 $1 off coupons), Coffee Mate’s Spiced Latte (Cartwheel plus $0.55 off coupon), and a few other Christmas decor & wrap. At the end of my order…my card was declined! I’m like WTF and WTH!?!? I asked her to suspend my order while I called my husband and bank. Apparently, since I went shopping Christmas eve then again today, my card was flagged. Since the breach, my bank decided to step in. I was upset at first (I was embarrassed) but she cleared it and I was able to make my purchase.

  13. Kitty

    Some stuff at the front was 30% off and then 50% off at back of store. Got some Reynolds parchment paper, wrapping paper, Christmas cards for next year.

  14. Karen

    The One Spot at my store was not marked clearance, but everything rang up 50% off.

  15. Pharmchick

    They only had 2 packs of diapers there, but both were my sons current size!! So happy, under 3.50 each with cartwheel. There were also tons of ziploc boxes which I got but don’t know why I got so many lol.

    • Kathy

      Are the diapers and wipes in the baby aisle or are they with the holiday clearance?

  16. Cyndi

    I live about 1hr and 30 minutes away from Target… Did anyone notice if the storage bins were on sale/ clearance? Can someone tell me if they remember how much they cost?

    • J

      I’m pretty sure I saw signs on them for $6 and $7 depending on style….not much help sorry!!

      • Cyndi

        Thank u.. J.
        I was hoping they would be cheaper

        • Mae

          They had clear ones for $4.50… They were med sized

    • pcl

      Yeah , I saw them too. They were the Sterilite 30-gal for $7 . Not too bad for the price.

    • Dani

      If you have a Lowe’s in the area, the ad that I saw yesterday showed 2 18gal for $10…

      • Cyndi

        Thank Dani
        I just brought them at Lowes.I went online and order them to be shipped to the store. They were actually 4 dollars for a 18 gallon bin. I thought it was a good deal. Especially since I would have to buy them either way.. (Moving)

        Thank you

  17. Jennifer

    I got the wipes today. I bought 12 packs of them (don’t worry, I didn’t clear the shelf—they had dozens of packs). They were cheaper than Costco!

    • Kathy

      Are the diapers and wipes in the baby aisle or are they with holiday clearance? I want to send my husband since I just had a baby and need specific instructions. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jill

        The diapers and wipes are in the baby section. Mine were on the end cap. Not marked down but price checked and they were clearance priced!

  18. rosana

    did not go to Target, but i went to Albertson got wrapping paper 90sq for .99 and bags of bows for .49.

  19. Jackie

    Am I the only one holding out for 70% off? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kelly

      I am! You aren’t the only one ๐Ÿ™‚

    • paula

      No, I am, lol:)

      • Rachel

        When do they usually go to 70% off? Last year I missed it because they went earlier than year before. ๐Ÿ˜ž

    • Iza

      Nope! I am ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dayna

      I am as well since there aren’t a lot of items I need/had to have. I went around 10:30 am on Thursday and got a few things, but there were some items that I am hoping are still there for 70% off and if not then oh well!

  20. Jennifer

    Thanks for all the great information!

  21. Destinee

    What’s up with their toys? I thought I saw in the ad all clearance toys would be 50%. But they were all 30% at my store ๐Ÿ™

    • Tara

      30 off everything I saw too..I’m going to hold out for the next markdown

  22. Alison

    I just got back from Target. No more wipes and not a good wrapping paper selection, BUT I was able to score an Elf on the Shelf for $14.97, so I’m a happy camper!!

  23. Julie

    I bought a Starbucks tumbler with free coffee everyday for the month of January for $15.00 rreg $30.00..:)

    • Debbi

      Julie – in Arizona?

      • Julie

        Hi…no I am in CT. They have a Starbucks in some Targets here

  24. Dar

    Other things to look for . Beggin strips and friskas holiday package. Friskas .79 and beggin strips 1.25 used target $1/2 and MC BOGO coupon took off 3.69 so it was a moneymaker.Chinet plates,napkins and cups. Solo cups $1.49 and $1/2 . Ziploc and Glad storage some just plain green or red coupons for ziploc mc and target coupons .2pk bounty ,elf on the shelf stuff (DVD $5) Boxed gifts LED headlamp $2.50.Use common sense if it could be holiday scan it! Have fun and happy shopping!Also check stocking stuffers lots of kids goodies legos,barbies,lasospoosy (sp?) ponies to much to list

  25. Maribel

    I’m super excited about the deals I’m reading about. What’s all the fuss about the Target employees. Maybe the were on break or maybe they were getting off work. The point is that we all like to

  26. Maribel

    Adding to the previous I accidentally sent…. I’m point is that we all want to stretch our money the best we can. We can’t all make it and get all the bargains all the time. Collin and her team like for us to share and help one Another so chill down a tad.

    • Maria

      Unfortunately they were working while shopping one was stocking shelves and the other one came back to help her, I’m not saying because they work there they cannot have deals but when I ask her if there was any more napkins she just said no , she could at least share one or two packs , I used to work retail and when I had found a great deal and a customer will ask me if I had an extra I will share not take it all, I should have said something but I was to busy with two toddlers early in the morning

      • Victoria

        Maria, you are absolutely right to be upset about that. I certainly would of been. Personally, I have found great deals in the past and when asked about if there were more (and there were not, as there wasn’t that many in the first place), I offered one or two. It’s just being compassionate to another person. People are too greedy and self-focused now days. That’s one of the main reasons the world is in such a sad state as it is.

  27. Teri

    Which Scotch tape is part of the clearance? I tried both the 3 and 4 packs with the purple packaging and they were full price.

  28. Mia

    It was a green pack and was a 3 roll with 1 extra bonus roll.

  29. Lisa

    Does anyone have the upc code for the bounty paper towels? I might call a couple targets and see if they have any left!! Never know. Thanks

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