Target: 3 Better than FREE Packs of Always Radiant Teen Pads After Gift Card (Starting Tomorrow)

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As I mentioned a few times now, starting tomorrow, Target will be offering up a $5 Off a Personal Care Purchase of $15 or more Target coupon! You can clip this coupon in the Target ad OR text CARE to 827438! With that being said, check out this deal you can score on Always pads (in addition to all the scenarios I mentioned in the Target Weekly Deals)…

Deal Scenario:
Buy 3 Always Radiant Teen Pads 28-count $5.49 each
Total = 16.47
Use the $5 off Personal Care Purchase $15+ In-Ad Target coupon (OR text CARE to 827438)
Plus, use the 5% Off Always Pads or Liners Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.82)
And, use three $2/1 Always Radiant or Infinity Pads coupons found in the 7/6 PG
Pay $4.65
Get back a $5 gift card
Final cost – 3 better than FREE packs!

* Remember, this deal doesn’t start until tomorrow, 7/20.

(Thanks, Totally Target!)

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  1. jhnicole

    Woo hoo I don’t have 3 qs but I have 1 2/1 a 2/2 from a box I purchased last yr I also have a 1/1.why am I super excited I have a teen girl and I never find good deals on pads she really likes.thank u! I jus love the deals b2s brings.

  2. shop4mybabies

    wish I had bought papers, need to stock up for 15 and 16 year old girls

    • Adrienne

      Shop4mybabies….email me. I have extra of these coupons.

      • shop4mybabies

        emailed you, thank you, that is wonderful

      • Mari Echeverria

        Hi Adrienne do you happen to any more extras I would really appreciate it my email is

        • Ashley Warnke

          Hey Adrienne do you have anymore. I would really like some. My email is

      • Ashley

        Hi Adrienne,if you happe. To have any extra would you please be a sweetheart and send me some as well 🙂 very much appreciated…

  3. Karen A

    Where is the in-ad Target Q found?

    • Brooke

      Hi, Karen. It will be in tomorrow’s paper in Target’s ad.

      • Karen A


    • Dapper deals

      Or text CARE to 827438

      • Karen A

        When you text CARE, how many times can you use it?

  4. nicole

    These are $6.99 in store

    • M

      For me, in northern California, its 6.79 per package.

    • brandy walker

      they are 6.99 in my store too!

  5. Shradz

    Well. Is target going to do the same thing for this deal as for th Suave deal from last week?

    • Amy

      Could be. My target honored it today on the Oxi but told me that going forward, it’s gift card or qs… My pick but not both.

      • Susi

        What do y’all mean gift card or Qs? Are they not allowing you to get a gift card if your using Qs?

        • cara

          You saying yours wouldn’t let you use coupons while getting gift cards back? And are you saying target q’s maybe ? I was able to get 6 oxi buckets today using 3 manufacturer bogos and still got 2/ 10$ gift cards back.

          • Amy

            That is exactly what I am saying. I know someone else posted something similar as well when Collin had the Suave issue. I asked when it changed, the lead said in the last month or two! They had to do an adjustment on mine since I didn’t have all the qs at the time. I was like… “Well, I will be shopping a lot less then”. I even clarified and she said they hadn’t really been enforcing it but they would on hot ticket items like the Oxi and I am pretty sure she was saying all transactions not just the adjustment she was doing for me. I had someone at another store say they would only adjust the qs if I went back that same day. I think stores in my area are making up rules as they go along.

            • tef

              Mine are. It was a big mess & I called corporate. So maddening.

            • cara

              Wow ! That sucks. Sorry to hear that, I’ve been doing quite a few gift card and coupon combos lately and haven’t had an issue, I wonder if it’s an area/state thing that’s strange.

            • I love shoes

              No offense but many of those leads and cashiers have no clue what’s going on. Every so often you will come across a coupon that’s an exact match, but will not scan easily. Many of them do not take the time to read. Instead they come up with ridiculous reasons why the coupon did not scan. I find some stores (not only Target) take time to educate their cashiers on what to do when a coupon will not scan and some threaten the cashiers about losing their jobs. I asked a few cashiers if they heard about not being able to use a coupon with a gift card promotion. They have not heard anything about not being able to use coupons with a gift card promotion. I’m not sure if they are not aware of it or if it’s just a rumor. If it happens, I will not be disappointed. Target is starting to lose my business. No matter which Target I visit there always two to three (on a good day) registers operating during their busy hours. Most of the time I end up leaving my cart because the lines are just ridiculous.

          • savedbycoupons

            I’m not even bothering with this, as I do not want to be frustrated at checkout. Too many people have had this issue on different sites I follow, so I’m sure it will soon be the new policy in all the stores. Target gives us tons of ways to save and are practically begging for business, so even though I would love to get ALL my stuff for free, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. The $5 off $15, plus manufacturer coupons, is a great deal. Remember, you can also use this coupon in Publix and Winn Dixie stores, if I’m not mistaken.

            • Amy

              I went to a different target today and no issues. I also live in the land of Publix so I can always go there. I wish Publix was everywhere. Lots of stores would probably need to change their tune if that was the case.

  6. Claudia

    Not sure if it’s a silly question, but what is the difference between totally teens and regular?

    • Antamom

      I have these. They seem to be thinner. But they also have designs (stars and hearts and such). And it also comes with a “what you should expect –with having our monthly friend”. So def good for teens starting off.

      • Claudia


    • Hope

      I wondered the same thing

    • Nicole

      The pads are narrower for smaller bodies.😀

  7. moba

    may be its smaller??i don really know but it may also be just new names to sell more

  8. Maureen

    Is it just teen or all always infinity large pack?

  9. Bee

    Can we use more than 1 5 off 15 in one transaction or you have to do separate transactions

    • Mia

      separate transactions HTH

    • Nancy

      You definitely have to do separate transactions, I found out the hard way, I was only able to use one 🙁 I even asked the cashier and he didn’t know.

  10. Mels

    this was 6.99 at my store!! blahhh 🙁

    • Stephanie

      Same here in midtown Atlanta

  11. Diana

    Is $5 off $15 working today? Anyone tried?

    • Kari

      The coupon said I didn’t have enough purchased. The cashier read it and pushed it through. So be prepared for that!

  12. Avilove

    What’s the difference between regular pad n teen pads?

  13. Amy

    Does anyone have extra coupons that they won’t be using?! I have 3 girls and me too. Plz email me at


    Thanks again

    • Jeannine

      Amy, while I don’t have any extra manufacturer’s coupons, I wanted to clarify that you can both text Target to get the $5 off of a personal care purchase of $15.00 or more as well as print this coupon by accessing Target’s weekly ad online. (As with all Target coupon’s, you can print this coupon two times from each unique IP address.) Assuming you have a family member with a smart phone, you could also ask him/her to text Target to request this offer. Simply text ‘CARE’ to 827-438. Hope this helps.

  14. Kelly

    So only a teen can wear these???

    • Maureen

      Yes, it’s the rules!

      • Jen

        That gave me a good chuckle!

    • Maureen

      And only a teen that is Always radiant at that! 🙂

      • tilla ham

        lol well that rules out my teens

        • brandy walker

          lol!!! mine too Tilla!

  15. ihearthip

    ok for a tampon these are pretty cute 🙂

  16. Julie

    is there anywhere online to find the $2/1 coupon? I want to stock up on these for my HS classroom without spending a lot. Thanks!

    • Dollbaby's mom

      That is very generous and thoughtful of you.

  17. Dapper deals

    Any one have extra coupons they can spare. Contact me via ! Thanks!

  18. Tiara

    Any extra coupons!? We are having our 5th daughter. I would love to get a few really cheap.

  19. Kari

    These were $6.99 at my store. Also, I had trouble getting the $5 off $15 to work with the tampax. My cashier pushed it through

    • Ina

      I had the same issue.the cashier didn’t want to push it thru so I went to the customer service and accepted it there.

  20. Trisha

    I have only one $2 off coupon from P&G insert. Can I use it for all 3 teen pad packets?

    • dealhousewife

      no. i manufacturer coupon per item.

  21. Jennifer

    If anyone has extra $2/1 coupons, please send them to me. I would really appreciate it!

  22. Kristen

    I HAD A MAN! Argue with me what feminine care products were! Lol apparently that’s for wipes not for “tampons” when really I had wipes. I was like is this guy really going to argue with me what feminine care products are?? I think I know!

    • Kristen

      I meant I was buying the always pads. Yeah, pretty feminine if you ask me lol

    • Amy Mac


  23. dealhousewife

    The cheapest were $6.99 at my store too…. 🙁 (MI)

  24. savingwithshell

    They were $6.99 at my store in Baltimore. But I will try the one that is about 15 mins the other way. They always have cheaper prices than the other one. Like Oreo’s 2.99 at the Baltimore Store and 1.99 at the County store.

  25. Ashley M.

    Where is this~And, use three $2/1 Always Radiant or Infinity Pads coupons found in the 7/6 PG

  26. Marie

    Hi everyone! Be prepared that the cashier may have to manually put in the $5 of the three select items. Also, my cartwheel for 5% had to manually be put it. After all discounts and the gift card toward the next purchase I paid $1.49 a box. ( I didn’t have all the coupons. Still an AMAZING deal. )

    • Amy Mac

      My cartwheel worked, but yes the $5/$15 was a beeper AGAIN! All these threshold coupons that have been putting in the ads and none of the barcodes work! I wish they would get it together. On that note, the $15/$50 for pet stuff worked just fine.

  27. Kimberly

    The large boxes of Always pads and Tampax tampons were all $6.99 at my Target. I had to go to customer service because apparently they are having issues with the $5/$15 store coupon. The customer service rep was very nice about it and helpful. I bought two boxes Always Infinity pads and one box of the Tampax pearl tampons (3X$6.99=$20.97-$5/$15 store coupon=$15.97-$6 (3 $2/1 coupons from PG)=$9.97 oop plus I did receive the $5 giftcard for buying 3 products-so when you consider the gift card its like paying $4.97 for three boxes of product (about $1.66 per box) which is still a great deal to me!

  28. Taylor

    So can I do this deal then do it a second time and pay using the gift car from the first trans????

    • Amy

      I did the deal twice since there were two of us. We went to the “problem” Target (see my posts from last night) tonight since I saw the 7th Gen cartwheel after I got back from my 1st Target trip and we like those products. I did a deal, passed the card and my phone to my husband and he was able to do the deal with coupons, cartwheel and my GC I had just received. Now apparently the deal with coupons and GC affects only BOGO qs with GC deals. Dollar off qs continue to be accepted with GC deals. OMG.. There is a no end to the “let’s invent the rules issues”. Sigh…

    • Jen

      I’m pretty sure u can. I’ve used the gift cards I’ve received from my first transaction on a second transaction right away:)

  29. Jen

    I had the same prob today with getting the $5 off:( 2 ppl including cashier and a lead just said it’s not going through and didn’t give me the $5 off. And since I had my 6 mo old with me I didn’t argue and just left it. I’ll try again this week without baby:) and talk to a manager if I have to!

  30. j.s

    I tried this deal today, Unfortunately , I WAS TOLD THAT IF THERE IS A 5/15,00 WE CANNOT GET THE GIFTCARD. They said its either one or the other. Too bad i was really bummed

    • Angela

      That’s not true! You can do both! I did multiple transactions at different targets with the 5/15 and mq

    • Marlene

      I don’t understand because they have a picture of the pads in the paper next to the 5off 15 coupon and it’s says receive 5 gc when u purchase 3 select pads plus at my target they were sold out of everything

    • Trish

      my store wouldn’t let me do it, either! boo hoo!

  31. Conswalla

    I bought the Always Liners double pack. There are 100 liners in the double pack. They’re $5.49/each and the $5.00 off $15 went through with no problems. I used (3) $1.00 off coupons and paid 8.50 OOP and got back $5.00 in gift cards.

  32. Anna

    Did the deal today got a few kinds of pads since I haven’t used them in ages but remember the new infinity ones are amazing for after childbirth and not feeling like I had a diaper on. I’m going to throw a few in for a bringing home baby kit

  33. nickfeuy

    I had trouble wit my personal care coupon wouldn’t take it. Was a lil upset

  34. Jo

    I can’t find the coupon for pg on their website and I don’t get the paper. The website for always was not helpful because you have to order on line. Suggestions please.

  35. Trish

    My store will not allow the $5 gift card and the $5 off $15 coupon. They made me choose one or the other. Such a bummer when I see that other stores are allowing people to use the $5 coupon and get the $5 gift card as well. 🙁

    • mel

      I didn’t do this deal, but when I was checking out, the customer ahead of me bought 6 (3 pads, 3 tampons), the register prompted her 2 GCs, she used the $5/15 from the paper (which beeped, but the cashier manually took $5 off), then used her coupons. I don’t understand why they are not allowing it. It’s not like you can use the $5 earned GC on -THAT- transaction. It seems that since the $5/15 is a beeper, cashiers are making stuff up, b/c it doesn’t have anything to do with the GC promo.

    • cara

      Did this deal today, used 3 manufac. $2/off 3 tampon boxes, got the 5$ gc back and the 5$off/$15 cp beeped but as others have had, my cashier just manually overrode it. Looks like some are manually doing this and some are refusing to allow the cp with the gc, just depends on where you go or the cashier you get, very frustrating.

    • AnJo

      I got the $5 off and received the $5 gift card no problem at my target. That’s so weird how they wouldn’t give it to you. My target even has both of the offers side by side in the aisle pretty much telling you to do it. I guess all targets are different ;(

  36. Kathy

    Does it beep if it’s the printed coupon from the target website?

  37. sonia

    I want to know is target gift card have no expired right? Since kohls’ 10 cashback has limited time to use it

    • johanna

      i spoke with the manager in kohl’s and she told me that kohl’s cash back don’t expired, i use last week some cash back from december 2013.

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