Walgreens: *HOT* FREE Well Beginnings Baby Wipes (After Points) + Awesome Diaper Deal

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Walgreens shoppers! As you may have noticed when browsing the weekly deals (which start tomorrow, 12/7), there are some AWESOME deals to be had on Well Beginnings Diapers and Baby Wipes! Well, the baby wipes deal is actually even sweeter than I thought due to an overlapping monthly deal. Check it out…

Well Beginnings Wipes 64 or 72 pack, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (12/7-12/13)
Plus, buy 1 package = 1,000 Balance Rewards points (= a $1 reward) – valid through 12/27
Deal Idea
Buy 2 Well Beginnings Wipes 64 or 72 pack 2/$4
Minus the Buy 1 Get 1 Free = $2 for both
Pay $2
Get back 2,000 Balance Rewards points (= a $2 reward)
Final cost – FREE wipes after points!! 😀

Also, check out the deals you can score on diapers tomorrow…

Well Beginnings Diapers 23 to 50 pack, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
Deal Scenario
Buy 2 Well Beginnings Diapers 23 to 50 packs $8.79 each
Total after the Buy 1 Get 1 Free = $8.79 for both
Use the $1.50/1 Well Beginnings Diaper coupon found here (limit 1)
Final cost – $7.29 for two, just $3.65 a pack for these highly rated diapers!

Diaper Stock up Scenario:
Buy 8 Well Beginnings Diapers 23 to 50 packs $8.79 each
Total after the Buy 1 Get 1 Free = $35.16 for eight
Use the $1.50/1 Well Beginnings Diaper coupon found here (limit 1)
Pay $33.66
Get back $5 Jingle Cash (for spending $30)
Final cost $28.66 total, that makes each pack $3.58!

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Comments 82

  1. Beth

    Are you able to buy 4 wipes and get 4000 points or is it just limited to 2. Thanks

    • taya

      i would also like to know if there is a limit..

    • holly

      There’s no limit on receiving points (but receiving RR is a different story)

      • Kris

        What is the limit on receiving the $5 off $30 purchase?

    • april

      you get 4000 points for 4. i bought 10 today 🙂

  2. ish


  3. Beth

    Just a warning – I had bought some if these wipes and opened them and they smelled terrible. I turned the stack of wipes over and there was yellow stuff growing on the bottom. I called the company and found out they had recalled their wipes for bacteria growing on them. I would hope they would’ve fixed the problem now…but just in case you buy these and notice a nasty smell…beware!

    • Shannon

      There was a recall on many brands of store wipes a few months back. I hope they’ve corrected the issue by now and pulled any in store recalled packs because they have always been great. But I agree, steer clear of stinky for sure.

    • Julie

      Yes, do not buy these wipes. They have been recalled and when I used them on my grandson they gave him blisters!

      • Kris

        Walgreens told me they recalled the ones that were bad, which I believe were the unscented and pulled them from the shelves. They are still selling the other kinds likethe ones with aloe or scented because those aren’t bad….that’s what they told me a couple of weeks ago.

  4. Jess

    Has anyone had balance reward points just disappear from their account? I could have sworn I had about $17 and they just went poof.

    • Gina

      Call customer service, they will tell you if they have been used. love my family and they all know I coupon and collect. They also love to use my points at walgreens and Kmart… Ended up changing my zip code for Walgreens and removing my phone number at Kmart. LOL

    • GMJ

      Prob not the issue if you’re a regular Walgreens customer, but did you earn or use points at least once within the prior 6 months? If not, they go away. I lost some points that way when I quit couponing at Walgreens before and after a new baby for several months. As long as you earn or use points at least once every 6 months they don’t expire for 3 years, but you lose them if you don’t.

    • Melissa

      Were you purchasing an item that you were to receive an RR from? I was told that you can’t use points to purchase items like that and it will show no points.

      • mel

        @Melissa, you can use BR (Balance Rewards) towards RR (Register Reward) promos. You can use RR’s on BR promos. What you cannot do is use earned BR points towards a BR promo. With that said, that does not appear to be Jess’s issue, as she stated her earned points just disappeared. Likely culprit is due to non-activity or possibly someone else using her card/phone #.

        @Jess, if you log into your BR acct, you can see your points activity and where the $17 went. Either they were used by someone else (and it’ll give you date, store # and breakdown of items) or removed due to non-activity. If it’s non-activity, I would call CS, they might reissue them as a courtesy. If someone else used them, IDK what CS can do about that.

        • Lori

          Thanks Mel for clarifying. I asked the cashier and she told me if I used my RR to pay for the wipes I wouldn’t earn the BR. I thought she was wrong, but didn’t want to risk it. I wish the cashiers were as well informed as the readers on this site. Oh well, I’ll know for next time!

  5. Christina

    is there any restriction on number of wipes you buy ?

  6. Deb

    So just one Walgreens coupon will apply to all the diapers just like those in-ad coupons?

    • GMJ

      No, this is a manufacturers coupon with a limit of 1, so you will only get the $1.50 deduction once. Only the store coupons work that way.

      • Kris

        Isn’t it one coupon off per diaper package? My Walgreens lets me use one coupon for each package of diapers I get and haven’t had any problems with it.

        • christina

          one q per item paid for. since its bogo, you are only paying for one package. so only one q is allowed.

  7. Laura

    Not sure where to post this but I got a $15 off of 50 to Sephora that I’m not going to use. Heres the info if someone wants it, just leave a post so people know it’s used 🙂

    GIFT CARD #: 6104812776022112
    PIN #: 96893339

    • Colleen

      I used it – thanks SO MUCH!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  8. kawis32

    What is the quality of the walgreens diapers, better or worse than up and up brand from target?

    • Jen

      Love these diapers! Made
      By the same
      Manufacturer as Huggies! I prefer Pampers Baby Dry for overnight but they are comparable to Up and Up or Huggies!

    • Amy

      I LOVE Walgreens diapers! I stock up whenever they run bogo deals. I have used them with 2 boys- no leaks, rashes, or any other problems.

    • Sarah

      i prefer these over up and up

    • Sb

      I’m surprised at the positive reviews. I prefer Huggies or up and up… I feel the Walgreens diapers have changed more recently.. They leak and irritate my children’s bums! I personally will not be buying these anymore 😕

    • Cindi

      Up & up diapers are actually chlorine and latex free – I emailed the company a while back to verify claims made on targets website and they confirmed, so now i LOVE up & up diapers for how well they work and what they keep out of their diapers!

      • Jennifer

        Are they chlorine free or elemental chlorine free? There is a difference.

  9. Adrienne Jaynes

    Are these deals happening tonight, sat? You know how their deals start on sat sometimes?

    • rashelle

      sales do not start now until 12:01 on Sunday mornings. I work at Walgreens and it changed in June/July. I can’t remember which month. Stores are not even supposed to hang up sale tags for Sunday until after the store closes on Saturday night although some stores don’t follow that guideline.

  10. northerngirl92

    Not sure where to post this but I got a $15 off of $50 to Sephora that I’m not going to use. Here’s the information if someone wants it, just leave a post so people know it’s used 🙂

    GIFT CARD #: 6104912776022112
    PIN #: 96883339

    • Maddie

      thanks so much!! I used it! 🙂

  11. northerngirl92

    oops sorry info about sephora posted twice

  12. Sharon

    Does limit one on the diapers coupon mean that link only allows one print, or does it mean only one coupon per transaction at Walgreens? or one coupon per 2 packs because one is free? Confused…? I’ve stocked up every time that coupon resets waiting for a sale like this…but hoping I can use 1.50 off on each pack… Is that not

    • Charisse

      The coupon language specifies one per purchase AND per customer. The per customer limit is why they only have one listed in each scenario.

      • Kris

        Doesn’t “per purchase” mean one per package? I’m conused too.

    • Maddie

      They will scan fine. So it’s up to your discretion to go by the fine print.

  13. Jen

    Anyone know if it will work for training pants? We are at the end of the diaper phase. Thanks!

    • bobbi

      I’d guess they’re on sale too. I don’t like the pull ups as much as their diapers tho, unless they’ve changed them recently.

    • Kristen

      It has in the past.

    • Sue

      tried this am, not working on pull ups

  14. jill

    Im confused- if i buy four packs of wipes ill pay 4$ correct? and receive 4$ in reward points. If I then buy four more packs and redeem the 4$ in points will those next four be free? instead of receiving points the second time around just redeeming them? This is really confusing to me.

    • Monica

      If you redeem points in a transaction, you can’t earn points from that transaction . So, you are correct 😊

  15. jill

    If I get reward points is that the same as RR? If I get the reward points can I use a RR printable to pay and still get the points earned?

    • Livvy

      RR’s have expiration dates, but points don’t. That’s the main difference. If you pay with points, you won’t receive points for that transaction. You CAN, however, pay with RR’s and still get your points. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Kevin

        Balance Rewards points expire if there is no activity on the card/account for 6 consecutive months. Points also expire on a rolling 3-year basis since the start of the program. They are scheduled to expire in September of 2015 (3 years after the program started).

        This is according to the Balance Rewards consumer relations.

  16. bridgettenwilburn

    On the coupon, doe the “one coupon per purchase AND per customer” mean you can only use one $1.50 coupon the entire week or just during that visit to Walgreens? Sorry–not trying to be dumb, just new at this.

    • Andrea

      Just that visit

  17. Melissa

    BTW, that coupon has reset, b/c I printed it a few weeks ago twice and was able to print another just now.

  18. Emily

    Warning! my experience with these diapers was horrible. My little guy doesn’t really have a problem with any disposable, but this are very cheap and do not stay on very well or snuggly. We also had quite a few leaks.

    • Livvy

      My experience has been the complete opposite. They’re the only diapers that don’t give my daughter a horrible rash and they never leak. They’re the only diapers I’ll buy.

      • Emily

        Diapers are just like clothes. Some fit some bodies when they don’t fit others. They didn’t work for us, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work for others. Just didn’t want someone to be surprised if they don’t fit. I had a terrible time keeping the front part of the diaper below the velcro tabs they would pull down as soon as I fastened them. They was my biggest issue with them.

  19. JasmineJ

    If you are concerned about the quality (which I’ve used them on 3 babies and loved them!) You can purchase a 2 ct. Trial package for $1 (includes 8 ct. wipes) to test them for your self. 🙂

  20. Vivienne

    I have multiple “Well Beginning” diaper coupons. Can I a coupon on each diaper pack or only one if I want to do the Jingle Cash scenario? Thanks!

    • Livvy

      They will scan with no beeps, but legally, you shouldn’t because the fine print says to use only one.

  21. Mar

    If youre a balance rewards member, check your digital coupons. I found one that gives you 2,000 points for making a $10 purchase or more if you clip it to your card

    • Melissa

      Were did you find this? I can not find it but I’m probably not looking in the right place. Thank you.

      • Mar

        You have to login your account online and click on paperless coupons. They different types of balance points coupons rewards there

        • Melissa

          Thanks. I did look there but didn’t see it. Thanks for answering.

          • a friend

            The coupon mentioned (and others like it), only shows up on the full site/desktop view and not the mobile view. If you’re using a mobile device, Walgreens allows you to select the full site option. HTH! 🙂

  22. Akiko

    Hmmm.. On my area, I can’t get any deals of 1000 points though…. Hmmmm

    • Akiko

      pheww…. As Collin mentioned, I was able to get 2000 points at the end.. but 2/$5! Our Walgreens seems like more expensive then the others like Collin’s.

      • Jeanie

        Ours was $2.59 a box. B1G1

  23. Kris

    I want to get the wipes and the diapers deals and was wondering if I could do one transaction for the wipes and then do a 2nd transaction for the diapers and use the register rewards from the wipes or the diapers or will that go through that quickly? Also, if I am able to do that and thr RR is taken off the diapers will that change the total where I would need to buy more than 8 packs of diapers to reach the $5 reward or $30 coupon? I hope this makes sense because I’m confused myself. I never know if they are going to not give me that $5 off $30 for using my manuf coupons or register rewards. Thanks

    • Livvy

      You will receive points for the wipes (no RR’s), but nothing for the diapers—they’re just B1G1 free, no points or RR’s. I bought my wipes and used Black Friday RR’s to pay. Received my points with no issues at all (they show up immediately). Then, in a separate transaction, I bought my diapers and used my points (from the wipes) to pay for them. Worked beautifully.

  24. jillian

    So if you buy the wipes and get the $2 in rewards can you use that towards diapers in a separate transaction?

    • Faith


  25. Pam

    thank you so much for posting this! My church is collecting both wipes and diapers this morning for the area women’s shelters! Great way to roll some RRs and help out the community.

  26. jennifer

    I bought the wipes and got no points. Not sure why. Is this regional? I also don’t see it in my local ad

    • Karen

      I bought the wipes got the points but it wasnt B1G1

    • 1luv

      It’s not listed in the paper, but it was listed on the blue tag in the store. Also, my store had them listed at $1.99 , in addition to bogof. So $2 for both. Plus you get 2000 points for buying two.

  27. Tong

    Hey I want to make sure a clarity that I buy 4 diaper and 4 diaper free or buy 8 diaper and 8 free diaper, Which one? Total is over 30 dollars. Will get receive 5 RR back.

  28. Christina

    i purchased for more than $30 , got jingle cash which says $5 off on next purchase of $30 …. i was assuming RR of $5 to purchased for future purchase with no minimum ….Logically speaking its like $5 for $60 purchase 🙁

    • Anju

      thanks i just read the fine print ..

      When can you redeem Jingle Cash?
      You can use Jingle Cash on a qualifying purchase of $30 or more made in the following weeks:
      Jingle Cash earned from 12/1—12/7/13 can be redeemed 12/8—12/14/13
      Jingle Cash earned from 12/8—12/14/13 can be redeemed 12/15—12/21/13

  29. diane

    have anyone opened the wipes yet?

  30. Lindsey

    Thanks for the great deal scenario Collin! 🙂
    The wipes aren’t BOGO at my location (I’m in New York) but they were on sale for $1.99. I ended up purchasing 4, but didn’t get any points. However, after speaking to the manager of the store, he told me that if you redeem points on the purchase, you can’t earn points. So he cancelled my transaction and I repurchased the items without redeeming points and the 4000 points showed up! So for those of you who didn’t receive points, it might be because you redeemed points on your purchase. Hope that makes sense!

  31. Kate

    Went to my store early Sunday and they only had 3 packages of wipes on the shelf. UGH. I asked when the next truck comes in, so I may go and look on Tuesday. I was able to purchase the diapers I wanted.

    I asked the cashier about Jingle cash as I had a $5 Q from last week and if I could use it and still get Jingle cash. She said, “yes”. Wrong you can’t use Jingle cash and get Jingle cash, so the manager was sooo nice and gave me a $5 gift card. Woo Hoo no expiration.

  32. Aris

    I bought a few of this yesterday. Later to find that this could be the baby wipes that could be infected with bacteria, so I did some investigation and found that they are made from two different companies, Nutek Disposables, Inc and Rockline industries…only the ones from Nutek Disposables are infected not the other company so check manufacture on the pack, thankfully the ones I bought are not from Nutek … but here is the link of all the recalled lot #’s from Nutek


  33. w

    my store would not do BOGO(even though it was in ad) since you got points back…:O(

  34. Jeanie

    I was at my local Walgreens last night and though they had B1G1 on the wipes with the 1,000 reward pts. These wipes were not 2/$4. They were priced at $2.59 a box. Didn’t matter anyway because they were all out of these wipes. They also had a box that were $1.99 and get 1,000 reward pts. but they were not part of the B1G1 deal.

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