15 Tips to Save BIG at the Movies

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[Updated: April 2019]

If you love going to the movies as much as I do but dread the expensive admission prices and concession costs, here are fifteen “HIP” tips to help you save BIG on movie entertainment…

1.) Save $2-$4 Per Ticket at Warehouse Clubs

Costco Movie Deals[6]

If you have a Costco or Sam’s Club membership, you can save a few dollars per movie ticket when you buy the bundles in-store or online. Costco sells a 4-pack of Cinemark Theatres Platinum Supersaver Movie E-Tickets (valid for ANY movie at ANY time) for $33.99 delivered – just $8.50 per ticket!

Considering that you can use these tickets to see an Adult Evening movie which costs around $10-$12/each at the Cinemark box office (will vary by region), you’re saving an average of $2-$4 per ticket and the E-Tickets have no expiration date!

2.) Go on Discount Days or for Early Showings

Save at the Movies

If your movie theater offers a discount for purchasing tickets on a particular day, grab the family and head to the movies! As an idea, AMC offers $5 Ticket Tuesdays where tickets are just $5 every Tuesday with your AMC Stubs membership. Plus, on Tuesdays, get a cameo fountain drink & popcorn for $5!

Also, Cinemark offers various Discount Days (will vary by location), as well as other discounts for military, seniors, students, early bird options and more. And, Regal Cinemas offers Value Days where you can enjoy discounted movie ticket prices (excludes holidays and opening days for new movies).

3.) Sign Up for Loyalty Programs

If you like saving money on movie tickets and/or concessions, it’s definitely worth signing up for your theater’s loyalty program! Here are a few loyalty programs for popular theaters across the country:

Whenever you sign up for the free Regal Crown Club, you’ll be able to earn points towards free movie tickets or concessions. Plus, members can get 25% off candy on Mondays and 50% off popcorn on Tuesdays with paid admission (scroll down to the bottom of the page for more details).

Or, become a member of AMC Stubs Insiders Rewards program (it’s free!) and you’ll be able to take advantage of $5 Ticket Tuesdays, a free large popcorn on your birthday, a free refill with large popcorn purchase, a $5 reward every time you reach 5,000 points, exclusive offers and more.

If you’d rather, you can get AMC Premiere perks like free size upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks and earn points 5x faster than Insiders (100 points per $1 spent) – all for just $15 a year.

Prefer Cinemark? Sign up for Cinemark Connections and you’ll get exclusive savings at the concession stand, early access to advance tickets, be able to enter contests and sweepstakes plus more!

AND, now Atom Tickets has also introduced a new Loyalty Program (free to join) where you can score a FREE Standard Movie Ticket (up to $20) when you buy tickets to four different movies.

4.) Scout out the Daily Deal sites

A few times a year, Groupon offers discounted vouchers for Fandango movie tickets. The discount is usually a percentage off the ticket price or a flat rate price for two tickets to a specific movie. Just keep in mind that convenience fees still often apply, but the voucher often can be applied towards this fee.

5.) Find a Discount or Dollar Movie Theater

Dollar Theaters

Instead of seeing movies when they are first released, consider finding a Discount or Dollar Movie Theater in your area (such as Starplex Cinemas) where you’ll be able to score deeply discounted movie tickets. You may also be able to score inexpensive concessions.

6.) Watch for Fandango Promotions

Fandango often offers discounts whenever you pay with VISA Checkout and use an applicable promo code (such as this recent Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, this $14 off 3 movie tickets promotion, and this $10 off 2 movie tickets promotion). Although Fandango tacks on a convenience fee, you can still save a few bucks when purchasing tickets during a promotion.

7.) Sign up for Mobile or Email Coupons

Sign up for Cinemark’s Weekly Email, and enjoy free Weekly Concession coupons along with Featured Films, Events, Contests and Special Offers. Then just redeem on your smart phone or by printing your coupon. You can also download the FREE Cinemark Theatres app for iPhone and Android that allows you to purchase movie tickets, find showtimes, and use CineMode to earn rewards for being courteous during the show.

Also, be sure to follow your favorite movie theater via Facebook or Twitter as you can occasionally find coupons for Concessions or possibly other special offers!

8.) Save with MoviePass

If you see 2-3 movies per week, consider signing up for a subscription to MoviePass, a monthly service that provides unlimited access to movie screenings in your area with no blackout dates – and is available for all major movies and all major theaters (with over 3,700 theaters and more than 33,000 screens)! The cost is just $30-$35 per month based on your location.

There are a few catches to the service, such as you can’t see more than a movie a day, you can’t see the same movie twice, and you can’t see any 3D movies. However, if you see a couple of movies every week, you’re bringing the cost down to under $5 per movie, which is an awesome price! If you’re on the fence about MoviePass, you can sign up for a FREE two-week trial to see if it works for you.

9.) Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

Raise.com sells discounted gift cards to hundreds of businesses, including all of the major movie theaters. Also, eBay.com, Newegg.com, Groupon, or Amazon occasionally offer up discounted movie theater gift card deals. Also, select grocery store chains (such as Kroger or Safeway) offer gift card discounts whenever you purchase the gift cards at their store or load eCoupons to your loyalty card.

10.) Redeem credit card perks

Call your credit card company to see what promotions are available. As an idea, Chase Freedom and Citibank Rewards offer Regal gift cards available for purchase with your rewards points. Also, certain credit cards offer bonus points for purchases at “entertainment” vendors, which often includes movie theaters.

11.) Watch for Free Movie Ticket Offers on Products

You can often find FREE movie ticket promotions advertised on products all over your local grocery store – on select movies, food products, and more…so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these promotions whenever you shop.

Also, Costco, Best Buy (in-stores and online), Walmart, Amazon, and Target often have promotions or peelie offers that advertise FREE Fandango or Movie Cash whenever you purchase those specially marked or advertised movies!

12.) Buy Your Tickets in Bulk

Purchase your tickets one or two at a time and you’ll pay full price. Purchase them 25 or more at a time, and you’ll pay a lot less. Get the details on bulk ordering for AMC, Cinemark, or Regal on their websites.

13.) Cash in Your Rewards Points

Disney Movie Rewards, Pampers Gifts to Grow, and MyCokeRewards are just a few of the programs that allow you to cash in your rewards points for free movie tickets or concessions. Check through the rewards catalog of every rewards program you belong to, and you should find opportunities to earn free movie tickets.

14.) Get Free Advance Screening Tickets

Gofobo (go here for a recent promotion) and Universal Screenings (go here for a previous example) often offer up FREE advanced movie screening passes for select cities – no purchase required. You may be asked to create an account or log in with your existing account in order to reserve your passes. Also, keep in mind that these passes are claimed quickly and are on a first come, first serve basis. You may also be able to check out Advance Screenings for other offers in your area.

15.) Enter Various Sweepstakes


Feeling lucky? Be sure to enter all of the great instant win games and sweepstakes that are posted on a regular basis on Hip2Save. For example, in this recent roundup, you could enter a couple sweepstakes for a chance to win Fandango gift cards, Hollywood Movie Money Certificates, and more.

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  1. Tara

    Here is the best tip: take your kids to the Dollar Tree to buy candy before the movie instead of buying the expensive candy at the theater! πŸ™‚

    • kellsian

      Do you eat the candy before the movie? Or, are you sneaking it in? Because, if it’s the latter, you do realize you’re setting an example to your children to break/ignore the rules, right?

      • M

        Several movie theaters allow outside food/drinks within reason now (at least in my area). I would take this so seriously…

      • P

        Some theaters don’t even have this in their policy. Mine doesn’t say anything about bringing outside food.

      • User836

        It’s being smart I don’t see anything wrong.. Ha

      • Victoria

        No, I’m not setting an example to break the rules. However, I am not paying $50 for junk food when I go to the theatre. I will buy popcorn and a drink, as I realize why theaters have to charge that much, but I am also not rich and will bring in the same candy they sell for $5 each, for one or two from the Dollar Tree. You think that is wrong? Well, then don’t do it yourself. But don’t tell someone they are making a bad example to their kids because that is what YOU think. Maybe that is the only way that a family can bring their child(ren) to see a movie in an actual theatre. Ladies (or gentlemen), if you paid for your ticket to see a movie and are on a tight budget–then by all means, bring a box of candy or two into the theatre. And don’t let ANYONE make you feel bad about it.

        • Kathy


          • R

            Amen? Are you religious? If so, you should know better. That’s stealing, when you take food into a place that doesn’t allow outside food or drinks to be brought in. Yes, when you eat foods they sell, you are stealing business from the. Little do you likely know, or care, that movie theater makes a small percentage th first two weeks of a movie’s release. Like 10%. I know; I’m in the industry. So for your comfort in the AC, or heat in the winter, use of their bathrooms, and a hopefully clean chair to sit in, they’re likely getting $1 in revenue from a $10 ticket. And they have employees’ wages to pay while you’re ther for two hours or so, cleaning up after you spill popcorn and drinks, so it’s presentable for the next show’s customer. Eat before you go, if you’re not buying concessions, since the prices are too high for some people, and just enjoy the experience of seeing a movie in a theater. End of rant.

        • kellsian

          I certainly never meant to accuse Tara, or anyone, of being a bad parent. We’ve all set a poor example to our children at one time or another. Ever yelled out an expletive? Ever had pizza for breakfast? Perhaps it is only MY opinion that those two things would be a bad example to show our offspring, but I always thought it was a general lesson in life that breaking rules were a bad thing. Perhaps anything that can be justified can be done, but then where does it end?

          Obviously, if your local theater allows for outside food/drink, then please disregard this matter entirely. But if the theater has signs posted, as mine does, in plain sight that no outside food/drink is allowed, then I would hope our society has enough integrity to follow the rules as they are, instead of picking and choosing which ones fit their budget. Again, where would it end? It would certainly help everyone’s budget if we could make copies of IP coupons, but that would be wrong. As is sneaking candy into theaters.

          My local theaters do not allow outside food or drink, hence the reason for my initial comment to Tara. It didn’t occur to me that there were far more accommodating theaters out there. For those of you who have them, congrats! For those of us that don’t, we suffer with high priced candy in the concessions. It’s not like we need candy anyway.

          I stand by my belief that breaking the rules is bad. If I’m wrong to point that out, so be it. But again, I never intended to say anyone was a bad parent.

        • R

          Here we go . . . . . I knew someone was going to say something like bringing in food. And right off the bat, that’s what someone does. Little do most people know, but theaters charge a lot for concessions for a reason: they don’t make anything off the movie tickets you buy. Well before a movie is booked, it is negotiated with a distributor. Disney is the worst to negotiate with, because whatever they say, goes. And they typically give the theater nothing to 10% for the first weeks of a movie’s release. An independent company, however, may be glad to even have their movie shown, and may give a much higher take of the box office sales. As a movie stays in theaters, longer, the theater does start gradually getting a progressively higher take of that ticket sale percentage.

          So for example, if you go see a Disney movie, they’re likely making anywhere from $0.00 – $1.00, based on an assumed $10 ticket, just for example purposes. That doesn’t pay for your comfort (seat, A/C, heat), electricity to watch the movie, not to mention using their facilities. No, you don’t have to purchase anything, and that’s your prerogative. But just because you don’t agree with their prices, doesn’t mean you can sneak in what you want. If some of what these other subscribers are saying is true, about allowing that kind of a thing, then that’s fine, although I’ve never heard of that.

          Bottom line: they make their money from concessions, to pay those employees to sell you your ticket, or transfer it to one from a Fandango purchase, or these other conversions, not to mention running the place, AND making a profit. Got a problem with ticket prices? Use of of these fine, previously suggested options as often as you can. Otherwise, complain to Hollywood, and those actors making $20-30 million a movie.

          Someone at that theater should direct you to your auditorium, too, and typically tears your ticket. Someone cleans up after the people before you (or they should), and after you, if you make a mess and leave it, or accidentally spill something, somewhere, because you certainly don’t do it. (I’m speaking about the mass moviegoer.)

          If you have to have something, I see no harm in asking for a “courtesy cup” so you can get water. Or, do as we do: eat before we go. Yes, the smell of the popcorn can be tempting. Carmike Cinemas has what is called Stimulus Tuesdays, after our “Stimulus Packages” we got from the government, years back. It’s $2-2.50 popcorn, drinks, and candy. That’s reasonable, although I admit some may still disagree. They even have a huge, refillable bucket you can purchase and refill the rest of the year for $4.50. Super Bargain matinees are only $5.75 at Carmikes, for shows that start from 4-5:30, I believe.

          • Karla

            We have a Carmike Cinema too! I love going when it’s the Super Bargain matinee. I love the popcorn so to me, I’ll get it regardless of the price.

      • Tara

        Well Ive never seen any signs posted on the theater doors, and I have never seen an employee physically walk around checking what anyone is eating so in my opinion it is teaching my children to save money so we are able to do more fun outings together as a family. If I am a bad parent for that, so be it.

        • Renee

          You so did not understand the reasoning behind this commentary. No one is calling you a bad parent. The above comment explained explicitly why concessions are so costly and why movie theaters don’t allow outside food/drinks.

    • Julie

      I can’t do that anymore!! Because of the recent shootings, my theater has security going through every single purse, bag, etc. so we can’t take anything in anymore. πŸ™

    • km

      taking your own snacks into the theater is like taking your own beverages into a restaurant; they are in business to sell and make a profit

      • M

        True. But, again, there are several theaters that allow this. So it doesn’t automatically make the person doing so a “thief” as insinuated above.

        • kellsian

          I think it’s wonderful that some theaters are allowing outside food/drinks. Unfortunately, the theaters in my area do not. They have also instituted/enforced a bag check policy due to the recent shootings. Although, they’re looking for weapons. Not Twizzlers.

          If it’s allowed, then obviously, one isn’t “sneaking” it in, and therefore my first comment wouldn’t apply to their situation. If, however, it is against the theater’s policy to bring outside food/drinks, then I would think, ethically, one shouldn’t encourage someone to ignore the rules.

          Theater prices are wildly marked up. But just is every theme park and such. In a country where a television is present in nearly every household, it seems people forget what an “event” going to the theater used to, and is suppose to, be. After all, it’s not “fast food”. One shouldn’t compare their prices to such establishments as McDonalds or Chick-fil-a.

          BTW, thank you for your response to my comment.

      • Courtney

        Well I also think it’s a bit unethical for them to mark up popcorn over 1,000% with an average of 1,275%. Fountain drinks are ridiculously cheap too so paying $5 for your 20 oz. cup full of ice is making them around $4.88 including cost of cup, straw and lid.

        • brindha

          I agree courtney…. I can understand mark ups but it’s ridiculous in a theatre…. πŸ™

        • dealgirl

          It’s not unethical for them to mark up the price of popcorn that high and here’s why: movie theaters make their money from their concessions, not from ticket sales. If they didn’t sell concessions at such a high price, they would not make enough money to stay open. It works the same way at music venues, the majority of ticket sales go to the artist, not the venue, hence the high concessions. Businesses are in business to make money.

          • Courtney

            That just changes my annoyance from the theater to the entertainment industry. I think considering movie sales are up and the salary of the stars, you think they could offer a better profit margin for the theater.

          • Nell

            This is exactly right. I worked at a theater in college, and have worked in the entertainment industry for years. The sky-high admission price nets virtually nothing for the venues.

            If we restructured the entertainment industry, a lot would change worldwide. No one deserves to make millions of dollars for a few months work. Even a year’s work, in all honesty. And films should not cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make. I have a degree in theatre, so this is not a respect issue–it’s an issue of priorities!

            • kellsian

              Well said, Nell!

      • P

        But seriously, $7 for a popcorn is a bit excessive. Especially since I know how cheap popcorn kernels are.

    • Gege1804

      Lol too funny. Yep I would do the same if I had kids. It would be a bad thing if they were selling the candy normal pricing and u were buying elsewhere, but they are not. Carry on my friend.

  2. Tiffany

    Good tips. My all time favorite tip is to check the rules, but MANY theaters actually will allow food and drink into the theater. Our local theater is a Goodrich Quality Theater and there whapge states food and drink is permitted in the lobby and that foods similiar to what you an purchase can be taken into the auditorium.

    • Nell

      Ours is also a Goodrich and I had no idea they allowed! I will check our theater’s local rules.

      I love their toddler policy! If you choose to leave because your child isn’t cooperating–full refund so you may return another time, and not disrupt anyone, but still have your children get acclimated to movie theaters.

  3. Terri

    My favorite saving tip when I have a larger group of kids, which it seems I always have extras with me…. Buy the large popcorn – that one with the free refills — bring extra bags or ask for the cardboard drink containers. Fill each child’s box with popcorn and then turn around and have it refilled. Popcorn for all for around $8.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great tip Terri! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Tina Matteson

      We do this too!

  4. Suzanne H

    I love Raise and CardCash for buying discount cards. I use a credit card that offers 5% cash back (I pay it off each month) to buy the cards. Then I try to use them for discounted showings like matinees to stretch the balance further. I feel like I am double dipping getting the 5% cash back on my credit card + getting the discount on the card value! Sign up for emails to get notified of extra % off deals.

  5. Sandy Rahlfs

    One of the best suggestions is to win tickets on local radio stations, newspapers, etc. Then combine it with gift cards and specials.

  6. Catie

    How does movie pass work exactly? Is it scanned when you buy tickets? Any reviews?

  7. Just Me

    Sneak in your own refreshments hahahahaha

    • Just Me

      Ok before all the you’re cheating comments…. My theater has a refillable popcorn bucket. Not sure if it’s a real deal $7 up front and $3 every visit. We use that. Or sign up for the weekly email. Usually free popcorn or drink with the purchase of the other

      • Catie

        I use the refillable bucket as well and am able to apply coupons to the bucket, so I might get a popcorn and drink for $3.50. I think it’s a pretty good deal

      • Victoria

        Thats what I do, I buy the largest (and refillable) popcorn and drink and then sneak in the candy. I know that the theatre makes most its money off of concessions, so I’m sure to purchase the main items from them and then save my wallet some by going to the Dollar Tree for the same candy. It’s a win, win.

  8. The Frugal Ginger

    I always follow my the movie theater’s Facebook page. They will usually post special offers and discounts on concessions. I have gotten popcorn and drinks for only $1 when they have the coupons available. It sure beats paying $10 for a popcorn!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  9. Lisa

    I love the AMC Stubs rewards. We frequently go to the movies and get a lot of rewards. The $12 fee pays for itself almost instantly.

    • Lisa

      Lisa, I agree as well. I try to watch AMC as they typically have some sort of a special (I think like around $8 or $9) for renewal. We don’t go to the movies but a handful of times a year and have more than got our money back for the stubs rewards program. Plus, if you do like Collin suggests and buy the AMC gift cards, you can pay for your renewal using that. Good suggestions!

  10. mamasweetpea08

    AMC stubs is $9 right now for a limited time. Also, with AMC stubs fandango fees are waived so if you’re one to purchase through fandango often, an amc stubs may be worthwhile

    • Kim

      Thank you!!! I’ve been waiting to renew since August. I even emailed them asking if there would be a promo soon since I’ve never paid the full $12… They said no. Lol glad I waited!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! Thanks for letting me know! πŸ™‚

  11. JeN

    Here in NY, every person that registers for the IDNYC program (ID for residents of NY) and gets the ID card has a 1 year membership at memberdeals.com which includes discounts for local attractions such as Broadway shows, Atlantic city tours and more+, museums , hotels sporting events , theme parks AND MOVIES! This last one allows you to buy Regal Print-at-Home tickets for $8.50 each (regular price $14.00+tax) and can be used for ANY screening, ANY TIME + NO EXPIRATION DAY( and you can buy 20 tickets per day). What is funny is that not all NY residents register for this benefits even tough it’s absolutely free. OR most of the people who are already registered DON’T KNOW they have this benefits for 1 year because they didn’t READ the booklets that come with the card. here is the link https://www.memberdeals.com/nycgov/index.php?cm_account=login And that’s how I save on movie tickets any time, any day! =)

    • JeN

      Oh AND you can show these tickets to the front desk, choose your movie and time , they will print your tickets and ADD the points of every ticket to your Regal Rewards card =)

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great tip! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Anikka

    Marcus Theaters (most locations) have $5 Tuesdays. 3D movies are a little more but still much cheaper than normal. Also if you are a rewards member you get a FREE (it’s a small size) popcorn on tuesday (you have to use your rewards card when you purchase the tickets and then you get a corresponding number of free popcorns)

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  13. veronica

    AMC just started doing customer appreciation day so if you have a Stubs card on tuesdays you get $8 tickets all day. It’s like paying matinee pricing all day!!!
    Also depending on the AMC location, they team up with neighboring restaurants where if you go purchase an entree you can get discounted movie tickets ranging from $8-10. My local AMC teamed up with the Applebee’s and Chevy’s that are across the street so it works perfectly for a date night. Technically, you’re supposed to order an entree, but many times if you’re nice to your server they’ll give you the tickets even if you order just an appetizer. I’ve also seen Johnny Rockets offer the discounted movie tickets as well.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great deals on tickets Veronica! Thanks for your feedback!

      • meg

        Oh man…I miss chevys after moving back to texas…

  14. dealgirl

    I also wanted to add that when you see an item for sale that offers a free ticket to a specific movie when you buy X amount of product, you can actually use the ticket to any movie. I have done this a bunch of times with Kellogg’s products and when you print the ticket it says good for any movie. πŸ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh cool! Good to know!

  15. carrie96

    Where we live you get free movie tickets for donating blood. If you watch for the right times you can usually get two tickets for donating.

  16. Erica

    I live in Las Vegas and get free movie tickets in a casino whenever I want. πŸ™‚ It only happen because my hubby goes to a casino near home once a week to play at the craps table. He earns points at his casino reward’s card for this and also the employees know him because he is a frequently player. πŸ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  17. Jessi

    Dealflix! You can buy tickets to movies at a discounted price — so buyer a 10.00 ticket for 5.00. Then you have a 10.00 value to use at the theater on tickets or food. My movie theater tickets aren’t 10.00, so I always have a couple of bucks left over from my 10.00 credit to use at the concession stand. Especially great for non new releases and matinees.

  18. daniela

    Kerasotes in Secaucus, NJ has free popcorn Tuesdays and if you join their version of AMC stubs you eliminate online ticket fees. They have a fantastic matinee price for $6.42. And my favorite thing is their reserved seating. I log on from home, pick my seats and walk right in to my numbered recliner like I was at a concert. This is really helpful for big name movies like Hunger Games and I am nervous about showing up and not getting a seat.

  19. Sarah H

    If you leave near a college, you may be able to see some classic films or even recent releases super cheap! My son’s college has the BEST film program (including showing Nosfaratu with a live organist!), and the community is allowed to attend.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That’s awesome Sarah! Thanks for sharing.

      • R

        Collin – You must not have any Carmike’s where you moved to, from Jacksonville. They have two theaters there, now, one of which they say does enough business to be in the Top 10 in the company. Carmike does $5.00 tickets ALL DAY on Tuesdays, with $2 small drinks and $2 small popcorns. $3 med., $4 larges on Tues. Other days, from 4-5:30, all tickets are $5.50. And they too have a refillable bucket program for $20 upfront, filled, and $4 refills. They usually discount the upfront, around August-Sept., for about $10. Large drinks can be shared with accompanied guests, with free refills, and you can ask for “courtesy” cups to share the large drink with you family. Yes, it’s about $6-7 for a large drink. But with free refills, when shared, with that $4 bucket refill, $10 isn’t bad for the whole family’s concessions. We can do without candy, keeping ourselves honest, and eating dinner, beforehand. Thanks for the post. People are people.

  20. Cheryl

    Great tips! I have received many free tickets from the movie theater rewards program which I bought the tickets to earn the rewards using discounted passes through AAA or the coupons from the Entertainment book that you posted the $5 deal for. Thanks!

  21. Melissa Simpson

    Join AMCStubs now for eight dollars, join Bing rewards, set it as your search engine and get to gold status. About 15 points a day on bing rewards plus extras most days leads to being able to get a $5 fandango card at 475 points, use it towards AMC tickets via fandango website and even when using a gift card, through fandango, AMC stubs membership will take off fandango convince fee and amount of tickets including gift card used will count towards AMCStubs rewards. Every 100 dollars equals free ten dollars on your AMCstubs card towards tickets and/or concession. Concession purchases count toward AMCStubs reward dollars 100 dollar amount to get free ten dollars as well. It helps a lot. πŸ™‚

  22. Emily

    I work at the megaplex theaters at Thanksgiving point and while some of our concessions are marked up and it would be easier to buy dollar store concessions we do have a pretty good variety and all right prices. In all fairness we do have mega tub’s which are $29 and then three dollars for every bill which does save you a lot of money because it seven dollars for a popcorn tub that is in plastic and refillable isn’t and a mega mug which is $15 a dollar 50 refill every time I think that’s fair no not every Policy is perfect but theaters don’t profit off tickets mostly just concessions

  23. Anita

    I’ve saved a lot of money on movies using https://www.dealflicks.com/. Use my referral Coupon Code RF5HZBJUD7 to save 20% on your first order. Tickets can be significantly discounted to begin with, especially if the movie has been out for a few weeks, plus Dealflicks frequently offers discounts on their Dealbucks, making for some really good movie and snack bar deals!

  24. Tina

    Just be careful that you don’t let AMC Stubs rewards expire. They email you a month before it expires and never again so you have to be aware of it. I stop in and buy a $10 gift card almost immediately after I find out about the reward just to avoid losing the reward money.

  25. Cheyenne

    Collin Drive in movies are the most savings for my family. For 3 of us we pay 18 for 2 movies and you can bring in your own food and drinks and since your in your own car you dont have to deal with talkers or cell phone users!

  26. Sonya

    Don’t forget AAA sells discount tickets!!!

  27. Julie

    I love that tip Tara! My favorite tip- have your 13 or 14 yr old spill a little drink or food down the front of their shirt…and say you need one child ticket…lol

  28. Stach

    Yum, pizza for breakfast πŸ™‚ nothing wrong with that!

  29. Connie

    If you are ever worried about your integrity just ask the manager of you can bring in outside food and drink. Mom they say yes you are good to go. If they say no then you know where you stand..

  30. Renee

    If you don’t already know, Carmike Cinemas is being bought out by AMC Theaters. It is on the Carmike website, just in case you haven’t seen it. This should happen sometime before the end of the year, with all the changes beginning in 2017. At my local theater, the manager told me they probably won’t change out the signage since it is expensive (thousands of dollars). Plans have not been finalized, but they will be converting to the AMC Stubs Program.

  31. Dee

    Showcase cinemas also has a rewards program where you get points for each ticket or concessions item purchase. When you hit a certain level, you start getting free rewards like a movie ticket, popcorn, drink, etc. They also have bargain Tuesdays with $8 tickets all day.

  32. Sjea

    Wow, this is a great post. Thanks for the behind the scenes reason why the conscession prices are so high. It does makes sense and I agree, why do actors make millions of dollars? Anyways, these days with free theater membership programs and matinees there are plenty of ways to save money going to the theater. Thanks for all the info everyone!

  33. Malinda Sanchez

    Personally my husband and I go out to eat and then go to the movie and don’t buy the food or drinks there. We don’t bring any with us or sometimes we eat at home and then go.

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