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Reader Tip: Costco Brand Coffee Roasted by Starbucks = BIG Savings

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Costco Starbucks Branded Coffee

Anyone else a fan of Starbucks Ground and Whole Bean Coffee? Then check out this tip from reader, Lindsay…

My husband and I are HUGE Starbucks Coffee Drinkers and we often buy the 12 ounce bags of Starbucks Espresso Beans at Starbucks for $12.95 per bag – yes, not hip! Anyways, we were telling some friends about this and they mentioned that the Kirkland brand of Espresso Beans at Costco are actually ROASTED BY STARBUCKS! I had no idea this was the case even though it says that RIGHT on the label!

Costco Brand Coffee Roasted by Starbucks

Sure enough, I was at Costco this past weekend and snagged a 2 POUND BAG of beans for $10.59 – that’s less than the cost of ONE 12 ounce bag at Starbucks! So excited that I had to share!

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  1. Wren

    Yep! My husband and I have known this/bought this coffee for years 🙂 we enjoy it.

  2. Anna

    The Costco brand dog food is basically the same deal…it is manufactured by Diamond, but buying the “Costco” brand is far less than Diamond itself.

    • Heather C.

      Great to know! We buy the 50lb bag of diamond for our big dogs!

    • laura

      Be careful of their dog food. We used to buy it for our lab and she got diarrhea almost right away. We finally figured out it was the food. The food is made in China and they don’t have safety standards like the US does. This was about 2 years ago so I would strongly suggest you find out what country it is made in before you buy.

      • Jane

        We buy their brand of dog food and love it. My dog is extremely allergic and has very sensitive skin and the blue bag he loves and he doesn’t have any issues with it. Plus it’s much cheaper then what we were buying 100 dollars almost per bag at a specialty store. =)

        • candy

          Same here. Diamond (costco)changed their formula last year at this time and my dogs got really sick. If you Google costco food there are a lot of terrible reviews. It use to be good now just watch your dog’s health

  3. Laura

    I still can’t bring myself to PAY for shopping. Sams Club or Costco. It would seem they would get more business if they just opened their doors to everyone.

    • Denise G.

      Well they don’t have a problem getting paying customers. The Costcos around here are packed from open to close every day. We were there at 5pm on Sunday and it was a zoo. Most of the time when you sign up they give you offers like a free pizza, pie, whole chicken, and cash cards. It pays for itself almost immediately.

      • Vivian

        …and they pay their employees well.

        • Wren

          They do, Vivian! I used to work for them and they offer excellent health and dental insurance as well as retirement plans.

      • riss

        People in our city calls Costco “the Zoo,” Lol! Always packed, except around 7:30pm till close. The lines are always long at the gas station, unless you go before 8am.

    • Andrea

      I just want to let u know Costco has a lot of perks. For example budget car rental. We rent a van to drive to Florida from Illinois every summer. My husband and dad drive so to add an additional driver is $14 a day. With the Costco membership they waive that fee. Plus u save an additional 13% off the daily rate. When all is done we ended up saving over $200 which more than pays for our membership.

    • Adrienne

      Gotta think big picture. Paying $50 for access to big deals and amazing customer service is hugely economical in the long run. I don’t buy everything at Costco (sometimes it’s better to buy in smaller quantities elsewhere, depending on the item), but overall, our membership serves us very well. We have also used them for travel, glasses/contacts, prescription drugs, photo, and tire services. They’re smart to treat their customers well… because clearly, when they do, people are incredibly loyal and both the company AND the individual benefit!

    • Janice

      We shop at Costco all the time so we get the executive membership which gives us back 2% of our spendings each year. That pays for our membership plus a little extra in our pocket.

    • Melissa

      I love shopping at Costco and know that the savings I get more than cover the annual fee. Yes, it would be nice if I didn’t have to pay for membership, but here are some other benefits of shopping at Costco to appreciate: free samples, exercise while walking around the huge store, and cheap “dates” with your spouse.

      • Vivian

        Lol cheap dates 😂 we use it as entertainment snacks for our toddler

    • ~jenn~

      You don’t have to buy a membership to shop at Sams Club. Just print up (or have customer service print one) a temp pass and shop. Everything will cost 10% more than the price marked and of course you can’t take advantage of any of their instant savings promos. Then you’re not paying to shop there.
      Honestly I wouldn’t have a membership of I hadn’t done the groupon/Gyft deal Collin posted about a few weeks ago. I ended up paying $31 for the year, but got $20 of that back from Sams club (included in the groupon purchase) and another $40 in free food (also part of the groupon). So like you, I don’t care for paying for membership, but if Sams Club is willing to pay me…I’m game. 🙂

  4. Andrea

    Wow that is awesome. I never knew that.

  5. Mona

    Our Safeway/ Randalls in Houston had actual Starbucks for 4,88a 12 oz bag if you bought three. I also had coupons for 1,25 off per bag so the cost was low and I finished up buying nine bags over a period of a week.
    The expiration dates were all 6 months out so I was delighted about this deal. Was alerted to the coupons through this website and thanks a lot.

  6. KP500

    This is the case for most generic brands. I works for a Sales and Advertising company and there is SOOOO much money rolled into name brand advertising and deals with the stores most don’t know about unless you’re in the industry. It’s very cost effective for us to sell our name brand products under a private label without all that rolled in. For example Vitafusion gummy vitamins make the Up & Up vitamins sold at Target. Our local Walmart “Great Value” milk ($2.50/gallon) is provided by Purity Dairy ($5.50/gallon). Private label is typically a great buy if you don’t have sales and coupons for a name brand.

    • Tia

      And Heinz has used their facilities to make Walmart ketchup.

    • Marti

      Foster Farms also packages the Costco Kirkland chicken.

    • MommySpendsLess

      The CVS brand (Gold Emblem) gummy bears were (may still be but I haven’t checked in a while) made by Haribo!

  7. Andrea

    Does anyone know if the same applies for the kirklands ground coffee

    • Dana

      Andrea- I am not sure. But I wanted to let you know that Costco provides coffee grinders for FREE. Mine is near the eating area. I will grind my coffee on my way out of the store. They usually have tape there to help tape your bag back shut.

      • Andrea

        Thank you so much I never noticed that.

    • Julie

      My husband and I drink the ground Colombian coffee from Kirkland in the brown can during the week and we love it. Is very inexpensive, too. On the weekend, we “treat” ourselves with the whole bean Kirkland Starbucks house blend in the green bag that is mentioned above. We also purchase their dog food. And ladies, their giant pink bottle of shampoo that is sulfate free, vegan, and gluten free is WONDERFUL. I’ve read online that it compares to Pureology.

  8. Anna

    Wow thanks for sharing! I had no idea

  9. VS

    My husband is a coffee lover and swears that the House blend Kirkland Sig. brand coffee beans does NOT taste the same as the Starbucks one. I bought a bag of Kirkland one and he returned it after trying it twice. According to him, the coffee is very bitter.

    • Another Michelle

      This is a very interesting discussion. Starbucks may roast the beans, it doesn’t mean they are the SAME beans.

    • Adrienne

      All a matter of taste. I like the Kirkland coffee, but I think Starbucks is generally very bitter. I can only tolerate their blonde roast. To each his own! LOL

  10. Kiruthika

    I love coffee. Which one is good? Espresso or home blend

    • Lauren

      My husband and I love the house blend 🙂

  11. Lauren

    We buy the green bag and love it! It’s the only coffee we buy now. It’s so good and at our Costco only $5 a lb! ($10 for a 2lb bag). Can’t beat that for Coffee roasted by Starbucks!

  12. Natalie

    It is so funny you posted this because my husband recently tried Costco coffee and said it was the best coffee he’s ever had, even better than starbucks!

  13. kelly

    I have been drinking this for years and LOVE it!!!! I actually buy a bag of the regular (green) and a bag of decaf (blue) and mix the beans so it is half caf. Just stocked up today. Better than any Starbucks I have ever had!

  14. Betsy

    We’ve been using that for years too. Unfortunately, Costco no longer sells the decaf beans 🙁 We’re hoping they will bring it back in a few months, as that’s something they do with products, but customer service doesn’t know.

  15. Amanda

    How do you store 2lbs of fresh ground coffee? I usually get the 12oz bags because I know I can finish it within a week or so. I just worry about the freshness of the coffee after exposing it to air from opening and closing the bag.

    • Wren

      I have read that you’re not necessarily supposed to freeze coffee beans 😐 but that’s what we do. And they’re easy to pour even when frozen, and thaw out pretty quickly.

  16. TheirMom Too

    Just an FYI, In regards to Costco… The Top Chews Chicken Jerky treats for dogs (Made in the USA), My Dog LOVES them btw. I did some investigating (lol as I call it) and found out the same company that makes the expensive True Chews is the SAME company that makes the very affordable Top Chews… Which is Tyson Pet!!

  17. Marina

    We have the executive card. Last year we got paid to have a membership. =) Our refund membership check came to $130 something and it cost $110 to renew! Happy Family. We love Costco but I do want to check out a Sam’s Club someday just to see what it’s like.

  18. Danielle

    The best thing about Costco is they have an AMAZING liquor store with prices that are unbeatable. You don’t even need a membership to shop there! The one I frequent has samplings pretty much every weekend and super awesome gift sets for excellent prices. I bought a large bottle of Grey Goose vodka for under $20 bucks. I still have the membership and I save probably hundreds just in the baking aisle alone. And when I am out and about, I go in and get the frozen yogurt as a snack. Super tasty and a quick, inexpensive treat.

  19. casey

    My neighbor has a costco membership. She lets me shop with her now and then. So I get the Costco products and savings without paying the membership. 🙂

  20. Shalene Matteson

    A couple more awesome secrets: the Kirkland Brand vodka is actually made by Grey Goose and the shampoo and conditioner is made by Pureology (my fave!). You’re welcome.

  21. Mike

    We do like the Kirkland (Roasted by Starbucks) Espresso beans but have just experienced an issue with a new bag. The beans appear larger than those of a bag of Starbucks Brand Christmas Blend we have switched to as they do not feed into the automatic grinder of our Saeco Syntia. We also noticed the beans in this recent Kirkland bag are much oilier that usual.

  22. Steven

    I just purchased the Kirkland House blend, whole bean coffee. When I opened the bag I noticed that the beans seemed to me covered with an oily substance. I’m not sure if this is normal for this coffee as this is my first bag. However, when I ground and brewed it, it tasted and smelled very good and did not seem oily at all. Now, when I drink Starbucks coffee it always seems to have a burnt taste to me, but this coffee tasted smooth and very flavorful with no burnt or bitter taste. I like it very much!! If anybody experienced that the beans seem oily, let me know.

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