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Don’t Forget! Huggies Rewards Members MUST Submit Codes By Tonight at 11:59PM CST

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Huggies RewardsHuggies Rewards Members! As I mentioned last month, Huggies Rewards is making a change to their program –> you’ll soon earn points by submitting a photo of your receipt instead of entering codes. This change won’t cause you to lose any of the points you already have in your account BUT you will need to submit all codes you have by tonight, June 26th at 11:59PM CST, so that you don’t lose those points.

Hip2Save reader, Angie, just sent me an email with the picture above. She submitted all her codes yesterday as she had 900 points stored away in one of her drawers. How many points do you have?

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Comments 130

  1. Jessie

    I have a code of anyone wants it!!

  2. Tammy

    thanks for the reminder Collin…I think I got all mine entered last week.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad to hear it Tammy! YW!

  3. Cbeths

    I buy so any diapers in advance. This disappoints me. I have a 5 month old and I do think want to open every box of huggies I have to get the codes. I keep them sealed I. Case I need to exchange for a different size later. I wish they would run both ways (code and receipt) together for longer. I probably have 9 boxes of huggies I don’t want to open.

    • Melony

      I’m the same way! I have probably 20 bags of diapers for my 9 month old that I’m not going to open because she just went to size 3 and I had to exchange 3 bags of size 2. I’m not opening them in case I have to do the same thing with the next size.

      • Deanna

        Actually you can lift up the plastic carefully and shine flashlight down on the side of the code. Thats how I was able to enter all of mine without opening the packages!

  4. Amy

    I just entered all my points for packs that were opened so far. Been saving them for 12 months. I had enough for a pack of diapers! Ughhh I spent so much time on this for something I can get for 2.50 when the deals come around.

    • Jennine

      Right, not always worth the Time put in. Your time is precious, and worth something!

    • Melloddie

      I know what you mean. The rewards arent really any good. I entered my remaining points in yesterday, 5 codes that took forever because the site was sooooo slow. So frustrating

    • CJ

      Yes, I stopped bothering to enter my codes about a year ago because it didn’t seem worth the effort.

  5. JEBG

    Ugh! I have diapers stocked up for the next 9 months but don’t want to open them in case of needing to exchange. Grrrrr!

  6. Wren

    I knew you’d remind us, was just thinking about this the other day. Thank you! 🤗

  7. Cortney

    I worked on entering my codes yesterday. It waaaaaas soooooooo slow! 😩

  8. Angie

    Not a fan of the new points available only with receipts. Do I have to ask guests at a baby shower to give me their receipts?

    • CJ

      Kellogg’s Family Rewards did the same thing awhile back….moved from codes inside products to you submit your receipt & I really dislike the program now. As a busy mom of 3 it’s much easier for me to stick the codes in a drawer & enter them when I have time than remember to scan or send a photo of my receipt (which is usually crazy long by the way), making sure to do it according to all of their specific instructions & within the allotted time frame.

    • Autumn

      I thought this was a really great question, and Huggies didn’t have an answer for it on their website. I asked on their Facebook page, and they confirmed that as of right now, there is no way to earn points for diapers that are gifted to you, and gift receipts are not accepted. I agree codes are so much better. I thought that for Kellogg’s, and I think so even more for Huggies.

      • Brittany

        I like doing receipts better for Kellogg’s… I could never read all of the code letters on packages and was always having to re-enter. It was annoying.

  9. Laura

    I had so much trouble trying to enter codes last night I gave up. I may try again today, but for what little you get for them it’s not worth me stressing over if it doesn’t work!

  10. Krista

    I’m just a couple codes away from 1,000 points! If anyone has any codes they will not be using PLEASE send them my way!!

    • Heather C.

      I have a few I think… Email me at alaynasmommy25(at) P.S… Your name was going to be my name before my parents desided on Heather Lee, instead of Krista Lee! 😉

  11. Court

    I wonder if the prizes will be any better than before? I would be happy to take any codes off anyone’s hands. You could even take a pic of the codes so you don’t have to type them out. Thanks!

  12. CrescentCityCurly


    Please note when used.

  13. CrescentCityCurly

    Free code #2: XRRQX-XNLCR-FFSKM

    Please note when used.

  14. CrescentCityCurly

    Free code#3: GKTCM-RJLKH-SDGTH

    Please post a note when used.

  15. Jess

    I gave up on Huggies and Pampers rewards a long long time ago. The websites were always down or not taking my codes, and in the end, I’d buy hundreds of dollars worth of diapers (couponing even), and get a code for a free shutterfly calendar or something worth about 10 – 20 bucks. IMHO, not worth my time. Unless the program has changed, I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends 🙁

    • Reyna Rangel


      I definitely I agree with you. Hopefully, this program is better and offers more rewards for less points.

    • m

      I agree too. I have had points in my account from 2009 and could never find anything to redeem them on so they kept rolling over. Kept hoping they would have something worthwhile to redeem them on. Then, last month they disappeared without any warning and I was left with a zero balance. Apparently, they changed their policy so that points expire after a year of inactivity. I emailed them and never heard anything from customer service so I guess they don’t care.

    • Sue

      I got a really cool trike for my daughter off pampers a few years ago. I have never gotten anything good from huggies. I had no clue they were getting rid of the points on packages. I wish they were doing what kelloggs did. But I do not have time to take a pic of my receipt? who has time for that? really?

  16. CrescentCityCurly

    Free code#3: GKTCM-RJLKH-SDGTH

    • Melloddie

      Someone used all of them and didn’t bother to notify so others don’t have to waste time🙁. Thanks anyways though 😊

  17. Kristy

    I have three codes from large Amazon packs. Will trade for Kelloggs or Coke.

  18. Shannon

    Thank you for this reminder! I had a little stack of codes and I know I would have forgotten to enter them.

  19. sharon

    all the codes have been used by someone about FYI

  20. Jenny

    This new method seems cumbersome and I have to agree. I’m done!

  21. Laura

    I applied all the ones I had not added yet and just donated all my points to help diaper babies in need. ❤️

  22. Laura

    Thank you for the reminder! I had seven codes to enter and would hate for them to go to waste.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Laura!

  23. Lolita

    Thank you!! Somehow I had missed any notices of this previously so I would have lost my points (now I have to go find them lol)!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  24. debra

    Am i the only one who hates these sites going to receipt pics? Hate Kelloggs now. I lose out on so many points now. I find it a huge hassel taking pics of receipts and submitting.

    • Sue

      you are not the only one! I hate this “new improved” system.

  25. Lisa

    Thanks for the reminder! I cashed in a few weeks ago and got a $25 amazon card I can use at Christmas. Also I think the potty chairs and stools are a good reward. I have received both. I would prefer I use my points towards them instead of buying those items at the store.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! You’re welcome Lisa!

  26. tammy

    Will not let me enter my codes. Keeps saying site is down.:(

    • Amanda

      Same here, it figures that on the last day the site isn’t working… hoping they fix it soon or extend the deadline!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I’m wondering if it is due to the traffic to the site today, maybe wait a moment and try again as I am seeing it to work for me as I click through. Hope this helps!

  27. biscotti

    I have 14 huggies codes. looking for $10 in rewards or gc to walmart, target, amazon, gymboree or Kohl’s. biscotti 27 @ gmail. com.

  28. Brandy

    Ugh….just ANOTHER rewards program sending their customers up the DATA MINING river. It’s a million dollar industry…they will get way more money from us by learning our shopping habits and brand preferences (to use in marketing strategies) than they will EVER give out in “rewards”. I have 25000 KFR points stored (from before the change) and WILL NOT ever upload a receipt. I’ll do the same with Huggies now. Such a shame that knowing our diaper preference and participating in the program to start isn’t enough anymore.

    • Brittany

      That’s true… Guess I hadn’t thought about it because normally when I get diapers and wipes that’s the only thing on my receipt!

  29. Bobby

    I have 10 huggies codes. Let me know what you have to trade. Please no shutterfly. Thanks.

    • Bobby

      All my codes have been given away.

    • ❌Fran


    • ❌Fran

      Bobby thanks so much for your kindness.
      Your a great person!! Have a great night.

  30. krishna

    I am 20 points away from gymboree gift card if anyone has few codes please email me krishna07891 at gmail dot com

    • Bobby

      Do you still need codes and if so how many?

  31. J

    I am a few point short from my goal if anyone has few codes to spare before they expire today my email

    • Bobby

      Do you still need codes and if so how many?

  32. Karen

    I have 10 codes for Huggies if anyone has pampers codes to trade!

  33. Nina

    I have 17 codes if anyone wants to trade. I am looking for $10 rewards/gc kohl’s, target, amazon, etc. Pls. email at

  34. Krista

    Still just a couple codes short of hitting my 1,000 point goal! If someone could PLEASE help me out! I really want to redeem my points for a box of diapers!

  35. sabrina

    is anyone having a problem uploading theres? It keeps saying I have to update my profile and when I do it says there site is down.

    • 2016year

      Yes. I cannot enter the codes because the site is down

      • Kim Tenny

        Huggies….really now….fix site or extend deadline.

  36. Aris

    I have 12 huggies codes. Looking for $10 in rewards or gc to walmart, target, gymboree, amazon , gap or kohl’s.

    • Kelly

      They had a $10 Gymboree coupon in the rewards for 250 points!

      • Kelly

        NM I just checked it’s 500 points for a $10 gymbo gift card.

    • Aris

      Correction: 20 huggies codes

  37. kp

    Code: Ncwxn-pscfs-tjldq

  38. Kelly

    I did this last week. I had so many codes I saved it took me hours to enter all of them. I waited so long to enter them that my kid isn’t even in diapers anymore. Lol

    • ❌Fran

      Still looking for codes. Let me know how many you have and what you want in trade.
      Extradry777. @.

  39. Sarah Langston

    I can’t get the website to load. It’s stuck on having me update my profile! ARGH!!!!

  40. Suzanne

    Oh darn! Says the site is down right now 🙁
    Thanks for heads up. Hoping its up soon, I have a ton to enter!

  41. Iuliia

    Agreed! Hunted down all of my codes and can’t enter them bc site is down and wants to update my profile which does not need any updating! They just must extend the deadline! What a bad bad business!

  42. ❌Fran

    I been using it with little trouble. When it stops working I’ve gotten out and off all websights.
    Then went on yahoo typed in huggies then signed back in. Then it worked again. Hope this helps.

    • ❌Fran

      Still looking for codes. Let me know what you have and want??

    • puchi

      Kelly, thank you. yahoo trick worked for me. Thank you

      • puchi

        sorry not kelly. Thank you Fran

        • ❌Fran

          You’re welcome 😊😊

  43. Meliza


    • andrea

      used by someone

  44. Arisbel

    I have 20 huggies codes, looking for $10 in rewards or gc from target, walmart, gap, gymboree, or kohl’s. Thanks

  45. Arisbel

    I have 20 huggies codes, looking for $10 in rewards or gc to walmart, target, gymboree, amazon, gap, or kohl’s. Thanks

    • Arisbel


    • Arisbel


  46. andrea

    anyone have any codes they want to share please? i need about 50 points to get the gymboree $10 reward. Thanks so much in advance (:

  47. Allison

    Heres a code if anyone wants it. Please post after using:


    • H

      Used thanks

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